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90 Adorable, Unique, And Creative Nicknames For Hannah

90 Adorable, Unique, And Creative Nicknames For Hannah

You need a unique nickname for Hannah, but you cannot think of any other than Annie, Anna, or Anne?

Don’t worry! The good news is whether you want something sweet, badass, creative, or even funny, my list of nicknames for Hannah has it all!

Before we start, here are some interesting facts about this lovely name.  

Coming from the Hebrew name Channah which translates into ‘grace’ or ‘favor’, Hannah appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name of Elkanah’s wife and the prophet Samuel’s mother.

Since the Puritans began using this name in the 60s, its popularity has continued to rise, especially in 1998 and 2000 when it was ranked the second most popular name in the US.

But we won’t further go into statistics, let’s instead jump right into what you’ve come for — the best nicknames for your Hannah!

Top 10 Nicknames For Hannah

a beautiful girl with long blond hair

Thanks to the almighty internet, there is a plethora of endearing nicknames to be found for a girl named Hannah. Here are my favorite ones!

1. Anaïs

2. Honey

3. Annick

4. Hannele

5. Anuki

6. Juana

7. Hanniel

8. Nayah

9. Hanaki

10. Quanna

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Cute Nicknames For A Girl Named Hannah

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Lots of us love giving a cute nickname to our kids, significant other, family members, and friends. Check out these adorable pet names for Hannah!

1. Hani

2. Harnie

3. Nini

4. Hanchi

5. Nana

6. Nanny

7. Hannahbee

8. Hammy

9. Lil H

10. Hun

11. Hanababes

12. Hannah Love

13. Hanny Pants

14. Hanny Toodle

15. Hanita

16. Hanny Nannany

17. Hannah Bear

18. Hannah Hunnie

19. Hannah Panda

20. Hanni Bunny

Cool Nicknames For The Badass Hannahs

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If you need some cool nickname inspo for Hannah who’s tough and savage, I’ve got you covered!

1. Hanno

2. Hansky

3. Hazza

4. Nans

5. Hannik

6. Ganna

7. Hanja

8. Hannahgail

9. Hanneza

10. Nanner

11. Han

12. Hannie

13. Hannibal

14. Miss Montana

15. Hannoy

16. Hanners

17. Hanakin

18. Hannae

19. Han Han

20. Hannah Spanner

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Getting Creative With Hannah Nicknames

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You want a pet name that is sweet, but also creative and unique? No problem, here are some great ideas!

1. Han Solo

2. Nah-Nah

3. Hannah Lou

4. Annabelle

5. Hurricane Hannah

6. Han-a-land

7. Hanka

8. Hanavarna

9. Hannable

10. Hannanas

11. Hannah Storm

12. Hanna Belle

13. Hannie Frannie

14. Hana May

15. Hanalou

16. Hattie

17. Hanna Shea

18. Hannah Bug

19. Hannalisa

20. Hanani

Silly Nicknames For Hannah

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Why don’t you add an extra element of fun to identifying the Hannah in your life with the following examples?!

1. Haha

2. Hannah Banana

3. Hamster

4. Hannahesthesia

5. Hannaconda

6. Hansbonanas

7. Hanky

8. Hannalia

9. Hula Hoop

10. Ham Sandwich

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What People Around The World Call Hannah

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And here’s what people from other countries call this girl!

1. Ann — English

2. Anica — Slovene, Croatian, and Serbian

3. Johanna — German, Dutch

4. Chana — Hebrew

5. Hana — French

6. Hanne — Scandinavian, German, Dutch

7. Ana — Albanian

8. Hanna — Icelandic

9. Hania — Polish

10. Anna — Italian

Most Famous Hannahs

Hannah Hart

These are the most famous ladies named Hannah in the world of entertainment!

Hannah Montana — the name of the main character of the popular Disney live-action comedy series (portrayed by Miley Cyrus)

Hannah Hart — YouTuber and comedian from the US

Hannah Abbott — a character from the Harry Potter franchise, a Hufflepuff student and Harry’s friend

Hannah Dakota Fanning – US actress best known for her role in The Twilight Saga

Hannah Baker — star of Netflix’s popular show 13 Reasons Why

Wrapping It Up

I’m sure my collection has provided you with a whole lot of cool nicknames for Hannah.

Try out a few combinations and pick the one that sounds best for your Hannah based on her physical traits, her personality, or simply your connection to her!

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90 Adorable, Unique, And Creative Nicknames For Hannah