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Ultimate List Of 100 Cool & Cute Nicknames For Anthony

Ultimate List Of 100 Cool & Cute Nicknames For Anthony

You know how they say, every person deserves a cool nickname. So let’s talk about some fancy nicknames for Anthony.

This long-time popular name comes from ancient Greek and Roman cultures — from the family name Antonius in the first case, and the famous general Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) in the latter.

Its meaning is debated, some tie it to “priceless one”, while others claim that it means “highly praiseworthy.”

When speaking of nicknames, I bet every Anthony likes to be attributed with the most common variant — Tony, because of all those Italian gangsters from the movies.

But forget about the mafia now, let’s get to some whole different nicknames for this guy!

Top 10 Nicknames For Anthony

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When it comes to choosing names (and anything else in life) we all have different tastes, right? Well, these are my favorite Anthony nicknames!

1. Antonissimo

2. An-Fun

3. Antóin

4. Iron Man

5. Anthonyfinch

6. Tony Stark

7. Anto

8. Antwan

9. Tono

10. Anchovy

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Cool Nicknames For Anthony

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Let’s spill the tea and reveal some of the coolest nicknames for Anthony that everyone’s going to love!

1. Anth

2. Thanos

3. Antoine

4. Antonii

5. Antonius

6. Antonin

7. Tony Hawk

8. Ant

9. Antin

10. Tim

11. Tee

12. T-Bag

13. AJ

14. T-Rex

15. Anton

16. King Tony

17. Niel

18. Thones

19. Nat

20. Tone

Cute Anthony Nicknames

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If you need this nickname for that bundle of joy you gave birth to, your adorable nephew, or any other Anthony that is as cute as a button, below you’ll find the sweetest pet names for them!

1. Tonito

2. An-Toney

3. Tone-Tone

4. Little Anthony

5. Nino

6. Antho-pico

7. Anny

8. Antonissimo

9. Antomini

10. Andy

11. Nini Poo

12. Priceless

13. Hon

14. Antun

15. Thon Cakes

16. Antolicious

17. Thoncules

18. Thankony

19. Thoney bun

20. Nini

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Creative Nicknames For Anthony

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It’s always a good idea to step away from common and popular nicknames and get a little creative. Here are some more original alternate monikers for Anthony!

1. Big Tuna

2. Anakin

3. Toine-Solo

4. Twan

5. Antonello

6. Andre

7. Ani-Gma

8. Antal

9. Andon

10. Anthee

11. Thonus

12. Angelo

13. Antonella

14. Mara-Thony

15. Tiger Ton

16. Ant-Man

17. Antha

18. Thunderbirds

19. Actor

20. T-Cunning

Funny Nicknames For Anthony

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Why don’t you jazz up the bond between you and your Anthony by getting him one of these silly pet names?!

1. Pepper Toni

2. Rantony

3. Giant-Hony

4. An-Dummy

5. Irony

6. Toothpick

7. Tony Flex

8. Sentimony

9. Funny-Money

10. Stoney

11. Tony Thunder

12. Nona-Bear

13. An-Funny

14. Punny

15. Antennae

16. T-Pony

17. Man of Thrones

18. Phoney

19. Aunt Tony

20. Toes

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Variations In Different Language

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Many names in the English language have origins and variants in other languages. Anthony is no exception. Check out what people from around the world call this guy.

1. Antonio — Spanish, Italian

2. Antoniy — Bulgarian

3. Antoon — Dutch

4. Anakoni — Hawaiian

5. Antek — Polish

6. Antonios — Greek

7. Toni — Swahili

8. Antanas — Lithuanian

9. Antonijs — Latvian

10. Antônio — Portuguese

Famous People Named Anthony

Sir Anthony Hopkins

This name is very common among celebrities and influential people such as actors, musicians, athletes, and others. Here are some of the most famous ones.

Sir Anthony Hopkins — A Welsh actor known for his role as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs

Anthony Jarrad Morrow — US professional basketball player

Tony Stark — the name of the popular Marvel superhero Iron Man

Anthony Joseph Kiedis — lead singer, musician, and lyricist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers band

Tony Hawk — famous skateboarder, the first one to land his famous 900°

Anthony Braxton — US jazz musician

Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua — professional boxer from the UK

Anthony Cornelius Hamilton — US R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer

Anthony Burgess — English writer and composer

Anthony Bourdain — A famous US celebrity chef

To Conclude

I searched the web up and down to gather the best nicknames for Anthony so you wouldn’t have to invest your precious time into long research.

I hope you picked the perfect one.

Which one is it? Do share with me in the comments section below!

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Ultimate List Of 100 Cool & Cute Nicknames For Anthony