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100 Unique, Sweet, And Funny Nicknames For Virginia

100 Unique, Sweet, And Funny Nicknames For Virginia

Things and people come and go, but nicknames stick with us for a long time.

To make sure you choose the best one for your little baby girl named Virginia, here’s a collection of the loveliest nicknames for Virginia anywhere on the web!
Choosing a nickname that will perfectly match the person and their character requires some serious research. Nicknames tend to stick with us for a long time, so it’s important to bear a nickname we can be proud of.

In this article, you’ll discover a bunch of amazing nicknames for Virginia you’re bound to fall in love with. The only problem is that you may get confused about which one to choose.

Before we start exploring all the exciting Virginia nicknames, let’s first talk about the origin and meaning of this beautiful name.

The Origin And Meaning Of The Name Virginia

The origin of the name lies in the old Latin word virgo, which can be translated to “a maiden”. Although its root is linked to this old tradition, the name itself didn’t exist until the late 16th century.

And it all started with the queen, who decided to stay unmarried.

Queen Elizabeth I, opposing the customs of the time and expectations of everyone around her, decided not to marry, and stayed single happily ever after.

Although her marital status didn’t necessarily imply The Queen remained a virgin, she was given the nickname Elizabeth The Virgin Queen.

When the first English child was born in North America, her parents decided to name her after the Virgin Queen. No, she was not named Elizabeth; she was named Virginia.

She was not the only one being named after the queen. Mother of states, the U.S. state of Virginia, was also named after the Queen.

Now that we’re done with this mini history lesson, you’re ready to start exploring the nicknames.

Let’s begin!

Top 20 Nicknames For Virginia

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When it comes to nicknames for Virginia, there are plenty of interesting variants. All of them are equally interesting and beautiful.

I’ll start off with the ones that are the most popular. Let’s have a look!

1. Virgie

2. Ginny

3. Ginger

4. Gigi

5. Gina

6. Ginia

7. Nia

8. Virg

9. Vinnie

10. Vig

11. Vivi

12. Nini

13. Virgy

14. Vina

15. Virgo

16. Virginie

17. Gia

18. Jinny

19. Gianna

20. Geena

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Cute Nicknames For Virginia

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If you’re a proud parent choosing a cute pet name for your precious little girl, you’re gonna need something truly special.

Luckily, I’ve gathered loads of incredibly cute nicknames for Virginia I’m sure you’ll love.

1. Angel

2. Gin

3. Jinny

4. Viggy

5. Jenna

6. Gugu

7. Genny

8. Jenny Bean

9. Yawnie

10. Vinnie

11. Baby V

12. Giggly

13. Virgine

14. Angie

15. Viggie

16. Gummy Worm

17. Dingle

18. Virgly

19. Vig Pig

20. Minion

Lovely Nicknames For Virginia

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Another way of showing affection is by choosing a lovely nickname for those you deeply care about.

Below you’ll find a collection of sweet and lovely nicknames for Virginia to showcase your love and melt every Virginia’s heart!

1. Vanilla

2. Violet

3. Vibey

4. Fig

5. Gee

6. Neena

7. Figgy

8. Niggy Piggy

9. Gina

10. Vacky

11. Nigi

12. Vingy

13. Ivy

14. Jinia

15. Vi

16. Vexy

17. Vinnie The Pooh

18. Gene

19. Viscy

20. Gem

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Cool Nicknames For Virginia

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If you want to make sure your Virginia has the coolest nicknames of them all, take a look at this list of cool nicknames for Virginia.

1. Verg

2. Ginata

3. Goe

4. Grace

5. VG

6. Rigel

7. Rive

8. Irgie

9. Lady V

10. Ainie

11. Ginge

12. Vugu

13. Virginija

14. Vamp

15. Varga

Unique Nicknames For Virginia

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Nicknames are not only for showcasing affection, they can also put emphasis on a person’s unique personality to make them stand out from the crowd.

Finding a nickname that is unique and catchy can be a tricky task, but with this collection of unique nicknames for Virginia, it has just gotten so much easier.

1. Viola

2. Vera

3. Vervy

4. Geenia

5. Viree

6. Virgenya

7. Maryland

8. Rive-y

9. Nirvana

10. Ginella

11. Renée

12. V

13. Gania

14. Viggly

15. Ani

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Funny Nicknames For Virginia

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Nothing beats a funny nickname. Here’s a selection of some really funny nicknames for Virginia you should check out.

1. Veggie – a healthy lifestyle is her passion…

2. Nugget – …while we can’t say the same for this one.

3. Dingle – Virginia who loves to mingle.

4. The Old Dominion – did you know that this is a state nickname for the state of Virginia? Could be an interesting nickname idea for a Virginian girl named…Virginia.

5. Genius – a cute little smarty.

6. Nemo – forever lost.

7. Woolf – we can tell who her favorite writer is.

8. Vienna – if she mistakes Australia for Austria.

9. West Virginia – If she’s from North Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, this is a nickname for her…not!

10. Geeky – she wears glasses and looks super smart.

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Famous People Named Virginia

Do you know any famous people named Virginia? There are plenty of popular and well-known Virginias, and here are just a few of them:

1. Virginia Mayo – a beauty with incredible talent for dancing.

2. Virginia Madsen – if you enjoy watching scary things, you must check out Swamp Thing. Virginia Madsen is in it!

3. Virginia Woolf – I don’t think that this one needs much of an explanation.

4. Virginia Wade – although she retired a long time ago, if you’re a true tennis fan, I’m sure you know her name very well.

5. Virginia Ruano Pascual – another tennis player on this list.

6. Virginia Grey – well-known face of Hollywood, who has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows.

Middle Names For Virginia

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Now that you have all these beautiful nickname ideas, don’t forget to think of a nice middle name too!

Here are some beautiful girl names that can serve as great middle names for Virginia.

1. Kristie

2. Mae

3. Kasey

4. Ivy

5. Nadia

6. Azaria

7. Diane

8. Janay

9. Eden

10. Clara

Final Words

I hope this collection of lovely nicknames for Virginia helped you choose the perfect one for your beloved Virginia.

Until next time!

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