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130 Absolute Best Nicknames For Julia To Show Affection

130 Absolute Best Nicknames For Julia To Show Affection

There’s no name that speaks more of love and romance than the name Julia. In this article, I bring you the 130 most beautiful nicknames for Julia to match the energy of this exquisite name!

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Top Nicknames For Julia

1. Julie

2. Jules

3. Lia

4. Yulia

5. Juliette

6. Juliana

7. Juls

8. Jove

9. Giulia

10. Julietta

11. Jully

12. Juliet

13. Julianne

14. Julieta

15. Yulia

16. Juli

17. Lianna

18. Lee

19. Jul

20. Junee

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Lovely Nicknames For Julia

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Next up is a selection of the loveliest nicknames for Julia I could find. You can go with a variant very similar to the original name, like Juulia, or choose something unique like Jewel. Whatever your choice is, you won’t make a mistake with one of these awesome nicknames!

1. Juulia

2. Julsie

3. Juanita

4. Yulu

5. Jewel

6. Juana

7. Junia

8. Jili

9. Julianna

10. Jola

11. July

12. Jolene

13. Joa

14. Lila

15. Ji

16. Lil J

17. Jio

18. Yolsie

19. Janri

20. Junie

21. Juny

22. Jes

23. Jel

24. Lu Lia

25. Jubilee

Cute Nicknames For Julia

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If you’re searching for a cute baby name for your baby girl, you’ll love these awesome ideas!

1. Juliebean

2. Julitta

3. Juju

4. Jyni

5. Lulia

6. Julieth

7. Lu Lu

8. Baby J

9. Jewlie

10. Julan

11. Bubbly Julie

12. Juna

13. Loo Loo

14. Rosie

15. Jones

16. Liliana

17. Jiliana

18. Jiggly

19. Joleyat

20. Vili

21. Julinja

22. Lene

23. Jil

24. Juniper

25. Zulia

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Cool Nicknames For Julia

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If you’re looking for something cool instead of cute, I’ve got that too! Check out this collection of cool nicknames for Julia.

1. Xulia

2. Jay

3. Iulia

4. Julcia

5. Uli

6. JJ

7. Liane

8. Jujube

9. Julian

10. Julerz

11. Jaz

12. Jay Jay

13. Yula

14. Juno

15. Julene

16. Julcia

17. Juliya

18. Lisie

19. Jena

20. Julyet

21. Julz

22. Lady L

23. Juri

24. Justinie

25. Miss J

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Unique Nicknames For Julia

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If you like to experiment and try unconventional things, these unique nicknames for Julia are perfect for you.

1. Julija

2. Coolia

3. Jupes

4. Judith

5. Ailuj

6. Jovita

7. Julerz

8. Ulyana

9. Giulietta

10. Zoya

11. Jude

12. Just

13. Hulia

14. Una

15. Jolie

16. Nina

17. Juliska

18. Yolanda

19. Judeet

20. Jalia

21. Jela

22. Lios

23. Leana

24. Jocelyn

25. Julisandre

Funny Nicknames For Julia

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Even if you didn’t plan to go with something funny initially, you should definitely check out these funny nicknames for Julia. They’re absolutely hilarious!

1. Julicorn

2. Junami

3. Julius

4. Jupiter

5. Jealous

6. Junebug

7. Jurce Lee

8. Jay Day

9. Lazy Lee

10. Yolo

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Famous People Named Julia

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the American actress from the legendary movie Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts. However, there are loads of other famous people named Julia! Read on to find out more.

1. Julia Almeida – a stunning beauty with numerous roles in Brazilian soap operas. When she’s not acting, she’s running a successful lifestyle magazine with her spouse.

2. Julia Roberts – a talented actress and one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with a smile even Mona Lisa would be jealous of.

3. Julia Houston – what do Grace Adler and Julia Houston have in common? Debra Messing! Both characters are portrayed by Debra.

4. Julia Chang – if you ever played Tekken, you know who she is.

5. Julia Crichton – another Julia who is not quite real…

6. Julia Perez – she was an extraordinary woman with many talents, who sadly left this world at the age of 37.

7. Julia Louis-Dreyfus – one of the 90s most famous comedy series owes its success to this charismatic actress. Can you guess what series I am talking about?

8. Julia Stiles – you know her from various movies and TV shows; I would pick The Lake as my favorite one.

9. Julia Ormond – if you’ve watched The Walking Dead: World Beyond, I’m sure you know her. I don’t know if you like her, but you can’t forget her, that’s for sure.

10. Julia Voth – an actress who served as inspiration for the character from the famous video game Resident Evil.

Middle Names For Julia

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Last, but not least, here are some pretty girl names that make lovely middle names for the first name Julia. Check them out!

1. Julia Lilly

2. Julia Eva

3. Julia Nicole

4. Julia Tessa

5. Julia Camille

6. Julia Grace

7. Julia Gianna

8. Julia Pearl

9. Julia Quinn

10. Julia Reese

Final Words

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That was all for today’s article. I’m sure you found at least a couple of options you liked from among all these wonderful nicknames for Julia.

Don’t be in a hurry to choose immediately, though! Play with the nicknames, try different options, and even try to come up with your own unique version using these ideas as inspiration.

Have fun, and let me know what your final decision is in the comments section below.

Until next time!

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130 Absolute Best Nicknames For Julia To Show Affection