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90 Brilliant Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes To Remember

90 Brilliant Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes To Remember

If you hate playing games and being fake, then you’re going to like what you find in this article. I’ve rounded up the 90 most inspiring don’t play games with me quotes to remember and live by!

Top Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes

1. “Don’t play games if you can’t afford to lose.” — Germony Kent

Don’t play games if you can’t afford to lose

2. “I like to have fun, but I don’t play games.” — Yolanda Foster

3. “I am a tambourine. Don’t put me aside Till the fast dancing starts. Play me some all along. Help me with these little sounds.” — Rumi

4. “Talk to the guys that ain’t doing nothing, don’t talk to me. I just want eight guys out there with me who want to play.” — Shaquille O’Neal

5. “Say what you want, but don’t play games with my affection. Take what you need, but don’t leave me with no direction.” — Michael Jackson

Say what you want, but don’t play games with my affection

6. “Everything is very black and white for me. I don’t really like playing mind games.” — Zayn Malik

7. “I do not play games. There is no time for that. When I get through with work, I don’t want anything that requires the working of the mind.” — Albert Einstein

8. “Don’t play games that you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them.” — Tony Hsieh

9. “There is a difference between fair game and playing games.” — Hillary Clinton

10. “I’m very simple. I don’t play games, and I cut off for good those who try to play them.” — Kirsten Hill

I’m very simple

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Motivational Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes

Next up is a collection of motivational quotes you’re really going to love. Check them out!

1. “Before you start messing with me, know that I don’t play games. I win them.” — unknown

Before you start messing with me, know that I don’t play games

2. “I would never censor something to please someone. I don’t play games.” — Joyce Tenneson

3. “Treat me like a human, and I’ll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game, and I’ll show you how it’s played.” — unknown

4. “Don’t play games with me! You just killed someone I like, that is not a safe place to stand! I’m the Doctor, and you’re in the biggest library in the Universe. Look me up.” — Steven Moffat

5. “Evidently, you can dress me up, but you can’t cover my scars” — Donna Cooner

Evidently, you can dress me up, but you can't cover my scars

6. ”I don’t want to just play the same thing. But with The Red Road, no one has ever seen me like that. No one really even knows that I smile, have a personality, and have a sense of humor.” — Jason Momoa

7. “When I step onto the court, I don’t have to think about anything. If I have a problem off the court, I find that after I play, my mind is clearer, and I can come up with a better solution. It’s like therapy. It relaxes me and allows me to solve problems.” — Michael Jordan

8. “It’s really simple. I don’t play games, and I’m not afraid to say it. If you’re going to be involved in this project, you’ll have to be honest and upfront. No excuses. No apologies.” — unknown

9. “I’ve always been attracted to women who are assertive and have confidence – qualities older women possess. They’ve been on the Earth a little longer. They’re more seasoned. They don’t play games. They know what they want, and they’re not afraid to tell you.” — Taye Diggs

10. “Good news is I’m smiling. The bad news is it’s the kind of smile that you should fear.” — unknown

Good news is I’m smiling

11. “One cannot have “success” in poetry. If I wanted to be successful, I’d have become a lawyer.” — Cate Marvin

12. ”When I’m on stage, the songs that we’ve chosen to play from the back catalog are things that still resonate with me and matter to me. And the songs that I couldn’t be a part of, we don’t play anymore.” — Trent Reznor

13. “Men like women who are fun to be around, who are kind, intelligent, honest, and who don’t play games.” — Jeanne Phillips

14. ”If I haven’t played with a player before and I don’t know anything about them, the more they tell me about themselves, the better I will judge how they think and how they play.” — Daniel Negreanu

15. “Don’t play with me, I’m not a game to be played by kids. You better prefer upgrading yourself.” — unknown

Don’t play with me, I’m not a game to be played by kids

16. “If you have the opportunity to play this game of life, you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed.” — Kanye West

17. “You’ll get the straight facts from me, no chaser. Some people have a problem with that, but I don’t have time for games.” — unknown

18. “Never idealize others. They will never live up to your expectations. Don’t over-analyze your relationships. Stop playing games. A growing relationship can only be nurtured by genuineness.” — Leo Buscaglia

19. “Do not play mind games. That is how you will lose someone fast and hard. If you mess with their mind, you will never have their heart.” — Madalyn Beck

20. “Genuine self-acceptance is not derived from the power of positive thinking, mind games, or pop psychology. It is an act of faith in the God of grace.” — Brennan Manning

Genuine self-acceptance is not derived from the power of positive thinking

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Don’t Mess With Me Quotes

Below you’ll find some really powerful don’t play with me quotes to show you’re not one to be messed with.

1. “Don’t play that game with me, Acheron. Tell me what I need to know! (Xypher) Nice tone. We should rent you out to record Halloween albums. (Acheron)” — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Tell me what I need to know

2. “I heard you are a player. Nice meeting you. Well, I am a coach.” — unknown

3. “Daisy, you’re too damned innocent to understand the danger you’re in. It’s taking all the self-control I’ve got to keep my hands off you. Don’t play games with me, sweetheart. It’s too easy for you to torture me, and I’m at my limit.” — Lisa Kleypas

4. “Players must play their game with fellow players, so don’t play with me. It’s not considered safe for the players to challenge the creator of that game.” — unknown

5. “Mind games do not make me believe you are mysterious or interesting. Mind games do make me believe you are a waste of my energy, and a waste of my time. ” — unknown

Mind games do not make me believe you are mysterious or interesting

6. “I don’t play golf competitively. I tell everybody that I cheat so they won’t gamble with me. That’s why you can’t watch football. Everybody’s gambling. They don’t want to watch the game; they watch the spread.” — Jack Nicholson

7. “Do a favor for me, please. Take a selfie. Then send it to me. I am playing cards, and I’m missing a joker.” — unknown

8. “Then I’ll just tell you that it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Blame is just a way to keep score, and adults don’t play games like that.” — Tommy Wallach

9. “Don’t play with me, I’m not the game where you’ll end up happily.” — unknown

10. “Do what you really want to do. Don’t play their game! Don’t do what they want. Find your own way.” — Johnny Depp

Do what you really want to do.

11. “I’m like a chameleon. I can kind of change and get my game going to whatever the situation is. If I play well, which I don’t think I’ve even reached yet at all in this tournament, it’s really hard for anyone to beat me.” — Serena Williams

12. “I’m not playing your games. You were wrong.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “You want to know what I’ve learned? I don’t win by playing your games. I win by making you play mine.” — Penelope Douglas

13. “Don’t play with me. You’ve only seen the pleasant sight of this game, believe me! You can’t handle the worst!” — unknown

14. ”I think I’m true to myself – you hear that actors have like plans. I’m gonna do this type of movie, then I’m gonna play this kind of character, and that’ll get me from A to B. I’ve never done that. I honestly just follow my gut, and I don’t think you can go wrong with that.” — Toni Collette

15. “If I have to chase and fight for your attention, eventually, I won’t want it anymore.” — Will Smith

If I have to chase and fight for your attention, eventually, I won’t want it anymore

16. “Don’t waste my time by playing games, and I won’t waste yours. Let me know if you’re serious about doing business, and we can talk.” — unknown

17. “Don’t play a game with me. Whether I win or lose, I know how to end it, and that will disappoint you.” — Dorji Wangmo

18. “You don’t have time to play games. You have the destiny to fulfill. Be bold and take control of your own life.” — Joel Osteen

19. “Don’t ever play with someone’s feelings. You could win the game, but you could lose that person forever.” — Frank Ocean

20. “Remember, I am noticing every moment of your actions. So, don’t fool me. When I speak out, you will become a fool.” — unknown

I am noticing every moment of your actions

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I Don’t Play No Games Quotes

Being fake doesn’t require strength. On the contrary, it’s a sign of weakness. Being honest, authentic, and true to oneself – that’s the real strength.

Take a look at these profound don’t play with me quotes to lift you up and inspire you.

1. “Your status can’t ever match my status. Neither on Whatsapp nor in real life.” — unknown

Your status can’t ever match my status

2. “I don’t play games with people’s lives like you do.” — Simone Elkeles

3. ”I don’t just play the trumpet because it’s something that resonates with me: I play the trumpet because I realize it’s a means to help free a lot of people that ain’t free.” — Christian Scott

4. “Don’t play games with those who once taught you the rules to be a player. You’ll end up stressed.” — unknown

5. ”I don’t care what you play, where you’re from, who you produce. It depends on what you’re doing when you’re with me. That’s what counts. I don’t prejudge anything or anybody.” — Ziggy Marley

I don’t care what you play, where you’re from, who you produce

6. “If you have time for games, then this is not the right place for you. Because I am strict and straight, I don’t deal with shady people, and I take every word for what it means. I play no games, I am down to earth for business.” — unknown

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7. “My dad always told me to play hard and know that the people you’re competing with and against are working just as hard or harder. So don’t let them out-work you.” — Tim Hudson

8. “I don’t like doing interviews. I’m not pretending to be some super neurotic, hiding in my closet. I could care less about anybody knowing who I am, but I realize this is part of the game. Maybe if I really hated this whole public thing, I would go do plays in Hoboken.” — Jared Leto

9. “Even if you say you “don’t play games,” that is a type of game – it is the “I don’t play games” game.” — Aziz Ansari

10. “I am not a game. Don’t play with me. Don’t mess with my head, or you’ll see I can do better than you.” — Alexis

I am not a game

11. “I’m probably the worst at games. I don’t really like computer games either. And when I lose, I won’t go again but just say I don’t want to play anymore.” — Yoseob

12. “I hate games. If you are not going to marry me, then let us go our separate ways. Why should you toy with my heart and down the line you drop me.” — unknown

13. “We go out and work hard. We play this game with emotion and love. Coach always says, ‘Emotionally, physically, mentally – come to the field prepared.’ Because if you don’t bring that to the field, you’re going to get beat.” — Laura Berg

14. “Oh how I hate mind games… the aggression, the silent treatment, or the “poor me” people of the world… If you have something to say, then please say it… If you did something wrong, then accept the blame… Don’t turn it around to anyone else…” — unknown

15. “I don’t enjoy other people’s dramas, and I don’t enjoy mine.” — Ali MacGraw

I don't enjoy other people's dramas, and I don't enjoy mine

16. “I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living.” — Richard Branson

17. “I don’t think we have any choice. I think we have an obligation to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a different game, and to play it better than anyone has any right to believe is possible.” — Seth Godin

18. “I don’t want to lie to people about how I feel, think, or what I want. Sometimes, people find that annoying, but the thing is I don’t like playing games.” — unknown

19. “Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don’t you? Just tell me so I can get over you.” — Kirsten Dunst

20. “I prefer to have honest enemies rather than having fake friends.” — unknown

I prefer to have honest enemies rather than having fake friends

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Inspirational Don’t Play Games Quotes

I’ll finish off with a list of inspirational don’t play games with me quotes. Have a look!

1. “Eve, it’s my fondest wish to do just that.” — J.D. Robb

Eve, it’s my fondest wish to do just that

2. “I actually don’t play any new video games except ‘Call of Duty.’ I’m addicted to ‘Call of Duty.’ It’s the only game I need.” — Deron Williams

3. “Don’t play the ignoring game with me because I don’t lose.” — unknown

4. “I don’t walk into a room with an authoritative stance. I tend to be a little more submissive, even though I think I have a certain amount of strength. So, it’s tough for me to play authority without feeling uncomfortable.” — Kristin Kreuk

5. ”It’s over now. He said what he had to say, I said what I had to say. Don’t play with me. Seriously, don’t play with me.” — Shaquille O’Neal

He said what he had to say, I said what I had to say

6. “Don’t play games with me. I’m silent, but don’t give me the reason to let me show my wild side.” — unknown

7. “I’m never going to be comfortable being squished into a box, and that’s why it’s been weird in Hollywood, they don’t know what to do with me because I can play the game up to a point, but then I can’t at all.” — Minnie Driver

8. “I’m too old for mind games, too tired to pretend, and too wise for lies. So don’t play games with me.” — unknown

9. “The challenge is not to be perfect … it’s to be whole.” — Jane Fonda

10. “Game over. I’m sick of these games. I don’t want to play games with anyone anymore. I’m done with all that.” — unknown

Game over

11. “You are trying to take my mind off the coming announcement, and I appreciate it, but all that alphabet soup stuff confuses me. You do realize that I am a very natural blonde, don’t you?” “You don’t get to play that blondie card with me, darlin’. I already know how smart you are.” — Carolyn Brown

12. “The truth is, I’m pretty tired of people pretending to be something they are not. Games won’t get us anywhere.” — unknown

13. “I don’t play games. I ran away from home because my Dad bought me an Xbox.” — Adrien Broner

14. “I say what I mean and mean what I say. It doesn’t go over well with everyone, but it saves time. I don’t have time for games.” — unknown

15. “It takes more than some mind games, a couple of parlor tricks, to get under my skin.” — Triple H

It takes more than some mind games, a couple of parlor tricks, to get under my skin

16. “Being aware is being aware of one’s own mind and the games it plays on itself.” — Robin Macnaughton

17. “I hate that aesthetic game of the eyes and the mind, played by these mandarins who “appreciate” beauty. What is beauty, anyway? There’s no such thing. I never “appreciate,” any more than I “like.” I love it, or I hate.” — Pablo Picasso

18. “I’m a busy person. If you aren’t serious about getting results, let’s not waste each other’s time, I don’t play games.” — unknown

19. “Even a good player will someday become a better player. It’s called karma.” — unknown

20. “I just want an honest relationship. No fake love. No lies. No mind games. No cheating.” — unknown

I just want an honest relationship

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To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and all the don’t play games with me quotes I picked.

Stay blessed and true to yourself.

Until next time!

90 Brilliant Don’t Play Games With Me Quotes To Remember