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70 Warmest Happy 71st Birthday Wishes For A Special Day

70 Warmest Happy 71st Birthday Wishes For A Special Day

Turning 71 deserves an extra sprinkle of magic. It’s time to unleash the balloons, bake a cake, and get ready for a celebration like no other!

In this article, I’ve compiled a treasure trove of 70 warmest happy 71st birthday wishes to make this milestone birthday unforgettable. So sit back, relax, and get ready to shower your favorite 71-year-old with love, kindness and a touch of playful humor.

Let’s make this birthday the best one yet! Let the festivities begin!

10 Best Ways To Wish A Happy 71st Birthday

1. “May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy 71st birthday!”

May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day

2. “Happy Birthday! God made you precious, and you’re loved in every way.”

3. “Happy 71st birthday to the most precious person in my life. Your love and wisdom have made our lives truly blessed. May this day be as special as you are.”

4. “Happy 71st birthday to the rock of our family. Your wisdom, love, and guidance have made us stronger. May this year bring you immense happiness, good health, and endless blessings.”

5. “Happy Birthday! Focus more on the wonderful memories and less on your grey hair!”

6. “Wishing a very happy 71st birthday to the person who means everything to me. Your presence in my life is a gift beyond measure. May this day be as wonderful as you are.”

7. “Happy 71st birthday! Now you can sit back, relax and happily enjoy your achievements, it’s time for you to watch your kids work hard.” 

8. “Happy birthday to the most beautiful flower in the world. You always keep looking young and beautiful.”

9. “Anyone of your seniority is more than worthy of respect and admiration, but not everyone of your age is as truly inspirational as you are. Happy 71st birthday!”

10. “No matter how old you grow, your soul is ever-green. Happy 71st birthday to the loveliest person I know!”

Birthday Wishes For Parents & Grandparents To Express Gratitude

1. “You’re my first teacher and my inspiration. Thanks, mom/dad, for encouraging me in all my work. Happy birthday!”

2. “Happy 71st birthday to the most amazing [Mother/Father/Grandparent]. Your unconditional love and selflessness have shaped who I am today. May this day be as beautiful as you are.”

3. “Thanks for always rooting for me and never losing hope in me. You are my favorite human. Happy birthday, mom/dad.”

4. “You’ve always been the anchor of our family and I know we would be lost without you. Wishing you a happy 71st birthday.”

5. “Happy 71st birthday to the best grandma/grandpa in the world. Your love, wisdom, and kindness have made our family stronger. We are forever grateful for all you do.”

6. “Another year of your infectious smile, kind heart, and unwavering positivity has passed! May we have many more years ahead with you, in good health, good spirits, and good company. Happy birthday!”

7. “Happy 71st birthday, mom/dad! You’re the strongest, most inspiring person I know, and I will always look up to you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me throughout my life – here’s to many more wonderful years together!”

8. “No love in the world can overshadow the love you have given us. It is you who taught us that true love is always unconditional. Happy birthday!”

9. “Wishing a very happy 71st birthday to the most wonderful parent/grandparent. Your unconditional love and belief in me have given me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Thank you for everything.”

10. “Best wishes to my role model. Keep inspiring us in your 70s as you have done all your life!”

Best wishes to my role model. Keep inspiring us in your 70s as you have done all your life

11. “Your love and support have given me the strength to overcome any challenge. Thank you for being my constant source of inspiration.”

12. “Happy 71st birthday to the most influential person of my life. You have always guided me in my way. You’re a wonderful mother/father.”

13. “Happiness is when you turn into seventy and your family toddlers arrange a surprising party for you. Best wishes, grandma/grandpa!”

14. “I am grateful for every special moment I had growing up. Those memories I will cherish forever. You were and continued to be the most amazing mom/dad in the world. Happy birthday.”

15. “You have always been a truly inspirational example to me in everything you’ve done. Congratulations on your 71st birthday!”

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Spouses

1. “So you’re getting older? To me, you still look like the young lady I fell in love with! Happy birthday, my beautiful wife.”

2. “On this special day, I want to shower you with love and appreciation for being an incredible [husband/wife/partner]. Your love continues to light up my world. Happy 71st birthday, my love.”

3. “Happy 71st birthday to the one who has filled my life with endless love and happiness. Your love is the greatest gift I could ever receive. May this year be filled with blessings and dreams come true.”

4. “Very few people meet their soul mates, but I have been fortunate enough to marry this special someone! I hope you have a beautiful birthday. Happy birthday, dear!”

5. “Like many great things in life, the older they get the more beautiful they become. That is certainly very true of you, my dear. It’s a pleasure to be wishing a happy 70th birthday to such a wonderful woman today.”

6. “I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive life partner like you, sweetheart! I wish you true happiness on your birthday, and always!”

7. “Happy 71st birthday to the one who holds my heart in their hands. Your love fills my life with purpose and meaning. I am forever grateful to call you mine.”

8. “Thank you for going through life with me. Waking up to your gorgeous face reminds me of my blessings. Happy birthday to my best friend.”

9. “You’re the sunshine on a cloudy day. You brighten my life and we’re so blessed to have you as my forever companion. Happy birthday, honeybun.”

10. “Happy 71st birthday to the love of my life. With each passing year, my love for you grows deeper. You’re my forever and always.”

11. “To my beloved spouse, happy 71st birthday! Your love has filled my life with happiness, and being by your side is the greatest privilege. I cherish you today and always.”

12. “I’m so lucky to have a husband like you. Each day with you is a gift. Wishing you the best birthday.”

13. “Can’t really trust numbers anymore, because at 71, your cheeks are still soft in my hands. Happy 71st birthday, my woman and my everything.”

14. “My love, as you turn 71, I want to express how blessed I am to have you by my side. Your love has brought me immeasurable joy and happiness. Happy birthday, my soulmate.”

15. “Not many people get to experience the kind of love we possess. We’ve been through thick and thin together and our love still growa. I love you. Happy birthday!”

Inspirational 71st Birthday Wishes For Loved Ones

1. “Today marks your 71st birthday and there’s still no sign of you slowing down yet! Here’s to another decade of living life to the fullest!”

Today marks your 71st birthday and there’s still no sign of you slowing down yet!

2. “You are my hero, my inspiration, my mentor. I wish you a very happy birthday to kick off an even better year!”

3. “Happy 71st birthday to my beloved [Name]. Your vibrant spirit and youthful energy inspire me every day. May this year be filled with love, laughter, and dreams fulfilled.”

4. “Celebrate your birthday like a Rockstar! Exactly like you’ve celebrated your eventful life — with enthusiasm, excitement and thrills. Happy 70th birthday.”

5. “Happy 71st birthday to my beloved [Name]. Your grace, strength, and resilience inspire me endlessly. May this year bring you good health, happiness, and all the love you deserve.”

6. “Warm wishes on your 70th birthday. I am both envious and proud of you at the same time. With how well you use your time, keep your body and mind fit and take care of those around you, you are a true role model for all 70-year-olds!”

7. “You have taught me so much through the years I have known you. You have taught me about strength, will, and ambition, too. I hope you have a wonderful 71st birthday with lots of love. I hope you receive may blessings from up above.”

8. “Happy 71st birthday to the most beautiful soul I know. Your compassion, generosity, and love know no bounds. May your birthday be filled with sweet moments and cherished memories.”

9. “Dad/mom, you’ve been an inspiration to me throughout my life. Wishing you a very happy 70th birthday! May God bless you with many happier and healthier years!”

10. “Happy birthday, dear! As you celebrate this magnificent milestone remember that you’re not 71 years old, you’re 71 years young!” 

11. “Today, we celebrate 71 remarkable years of your life filled with love, compassion, and wisdom. Happy birthday, dearest [Name]. You are an extraordinary soul, and I’m forever grateful to have you in my life.”

12. “Happy 70th birthday! You deserve all the happiness and joy! You’ve won many people’s hearts in these 70 years! Now, it’s time for you to cherish the best wishes received from loved ones!”

13. “At 71, you can experience each day with the ones you love watching them grow and make you laugh. Have a fabulous birthday, my dear friend.”

14. “Having you in my life has brought me untold joy. I hope that on your 70th birthday you have even more fun and enjoyment as you’ve bright to me. Happy birthday.”

15. “Happy birthday to you, my dear! On your special day, I have to say that there aren’t many 70-year-olds like you. You have truly mastered the art of growing older with such beautiful elegance. May you have a blessed birthday this year!”

Funny Birthday Wishes For A 71-Year-Old Celebrant

1. “Turning 71 is like reaching Level Expert in the game of life. Keep leveling up, you seasoned pro!”

2. “Happy 70th birthday to you, my dear! There’s no gift greater than that of what you already have, as you have the fabulous secret to staying young!”

3. “Happy 71st birthday! Just remember, age is a high price to pay for maturity. But you’re doing great!”

4. “I can’t believe you’re 71! You don’t look a day over 70! I’m only joking with you, you’ve never looked better! Happy birthday!”

5. “Happy 71st birthday! Remember, age is just a number, but wrinkles are real. Embrace those laugh lines!”

6. “I was going to get you a cake with 71 candles but realised at your age trying to blow them all out might not be a good idea!”

7. “Happy birthday! Remember, be nice to your kids because they are the ones who will choose your rest home.”

8. “You’re a grown-up. You’re smart. You’re classy. You’re far too open-minded to be minding a present from me. Happy birthday2

9. “Don’t stress about your eyesight failing as you get older. It’s nature’s way of keeping you from shock when you go by a mirror.”

10. “I’m looking forward to growing old with you. Oh wait, we’re already there. Happy birthday!”

11. “Congratulations, you were born many years ago. You created history!” 

12. “I know you don’t like attention on your birthday. I just wanted to send you a quick birthday message to cheer you up by reminding you that, thankfully, there aren’t many left.”

13. “You have experienced a lot. If there is something to learn, you have learned it. The key now is trying to remember it all!”

14. “Once you get to your age, you get to decide what to do on your birthday. You want to sit around all day and watch bad reality TV? Do it! You want to stand on your front porch and yell at kids? Knock yourself out. It’s your birthday. You do you.”

15. “A very happy birthday to someone who is now taking drugs on their birthday for actual serious medical reasons.”

Wrapping It Up

I hope this collection of heartfelt happy 71st birthday wishes has inspired you to create the most joyful birthday cards for your dear celebrant.

70 Warmest Happy 71st Birthday Wishes For A Special Day