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260 Angel Quotes That You’ll Find Mesmerizing And Inspiring

260 Angel Quotes That You’ll Find Mesmerizing And Inspiring

Whether you seek some inspiring words or wish to explore the wisdom associated with angels, this collection of angel quotes will help you find everything you were looking for!

My Favorite Picks From Angel Quotes

1. “For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” ― Brian Weiss

For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans

2. “Nobody’s perfect. We’re all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels.” ― Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horses

3. “The treachery of demons is nothing compared to the betrayal of an angel.” ― Brenna Yovanoff, The Space Between

4. “Love is a dangerous angel.” ― Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat

5. “God will reward you,’ he said. ‘You must be an angel since you care for flowers.” ― Victor Hugo

God will reward you,' he said. 'You must be an angel since you care for flowers.

6. “We all are men, in our own natures frail, and capable of our flesh; few are angels.” ― William Shakespeare, Henry VIII

7. “They were on the side of the angels, even if the angels weren’t entirely sure that this was a good thing.” ― John Connolly, The Reapers

8. “I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity.” ― William Blake

9. “Every angel is terrifying.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke, Duino Elegies

10. “If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” ― Tennessee Williams, Conversations With Tennessee Williams

If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.

Inspirational Angel Quotes

1. “Once, my mother told a whole host of angels that she’d rather die than go back to a man she didn’t love.” ― Brenna Yovanoff, The Space Between

Once, my mother told a whole host of angels that she’d rather die

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2. “Saint Anthony said, in his solitude, he sometimes encountered devils who looked like angels, and other times he found angels who looked like devils. When asked how he could tell the difference, the saint said that you can only tell which is which by the way you feel after the creature has left your company.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

3. “Bottom line? As much as you

wanted someone to change and believed they could, they were in control of their life. Not you. And you could throw yourself against the wall of their choices until you were black-and-blue and dizzy as hell, but unless they decided to take a different road, the outcome wasn’t going to be what you wanted.” ― J.R. Ward, Crave

4. “I have spoken here of heavenly help, of angels dispatched to bless us in time of need. But when we speak of those who are instruments in the hand of God, we are reminded that not all angels are from the other side of the veil. Some of them we walk with and talk with—here, now, every day. Some of them reside in our own neighborhoods. Some of them gave birth to us, and in my case, one of them consented to marry me. Indeed heaven never seems closer than when we see the love of God manifested in the kindness and devotion of people so good and so pure that angelic is the only word that comes to mind.” ― Jeffery R. Holland

5. “When angels’ tears flood the earth, the gates of hell shall see rebirth. When the demise of angels doth impend , the human boy shall meet his end.”― Alexandra Adornetto

When angels' tears flood the earth, the gates of hell shall see rebirth.

6. “Living close to the ground

Is seventh Heaven ’cause there are angels all around

Among my frivolous thoughts

I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts

Wake me if you’re out there.” ― Owl City

7. “Two or three angels

Came near to the earth.

They saw a fat church.

Little black streams of people

Came and went in continually.

And the angels were puzzled

To know why the people went thus,

And why they stayed so long within.” ― Stephen Crane, The Complete Poems of Stephen Crane

8. “I’m beginning to believe that there are angels disguised as men who pass themselves off as such and who inhabit the earth for a while to console and lift up with them toward heaven the poor, exhausted and saddened souls who were ready to perish here below.” ― George Sand, George Sand: A Biography

9. “Destiny was a machine built over time, each choice that you made in life adding another gear, another conveyor belt, another assemblyman. Where you ended up was the product that was spit out at the end—and there was no going back for a redo. You couldn‟t take a peek at what you‟d manufactured and decide, Oh, wait, I wanted to make sewing machines instead of machine guns; let me go back to the beginning and start again. One shot. That was all you got.” ― J.R. Ward, Crave

10. “I never fell. I don’t care what they say. I’m still doing my job, as I see it.” ― Neil Gaiman, Murder Mysteries

I never fell. I don't care what they say. I'm still doing my job, as I see it.

11. “The world is filled with human toxins — not the darkness that we all occasionally crave, but actually people who are so unwilling to bask in the angelic light that is offered us all that they grow poisonous — and you can pray for their eventual recovery and healing. And sometimes those prayers will be answered. But sometimes these individuals have been vaccinated against goodness and against angels and they are so unwilling to give an inch to their God that often they never (and I use this expression absolutely literally) see the light.” ― Chris Bohjalian, Secrets of Eden

12. “I tell my girls when you have done everything humanly possible, when you have fought with everything in you for something you truly believe in and it is still out of reach, it’s time to become a feather. Let the wind guide you for a while….” ― Susan Goldsmith

13. “Darkness as well as light. Or do I mean darkness, another kind of light? Lucifer would say so, and I have a weakness for fallen angels.” ― Jeanette Winterson, Art and Lies

14. “Angels are released by Speaking positive confessions 

and demons are released by negative confessions.” ― Shaila Touchton

15. “Angels only care about what you look like on the inside. A pure heart is the vessel that contains a soul’s true beauty.” ― Molly Friedenfeld

Angels only care about what you look like on the inside.

16. “But the living are wrong in the sharp distinctions they make.

Angels, it seems, don’t always know if they’re moving among the living or the dead.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

17. “Math is the language of the angels. With it, angels play the Music of the Spheres. Can you hear it?” ― Jack Tanner, Angels Are Real

18. “Wind carries our hopes on the wings of angels.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

19. “An angel dropped down is not yet the fallen angel” ― Tamerlan Kuzgov

20. “Angels should never be afraid to spread their wings.” ― Minoaristw

Angels should never be afraid to spread their wings.

21. “Time is a long sunrise where we wait for our haloes.” ― Kelli Russell Agodon, Dialogues with Rising Tides

22. “If you like comets, you should like fallen angels. The fallen angels were the ones unafraid to love, unafraid to fall, ready to burn.” ― C. JoyBell C.

23. “The pen.

To child – a toy.

To youth – a curiosity.

To mature – a pen.

To intelligent – the tip of a spear.

To creative – an arrow.

To angels – music.

To god – a sun.” ― Monaristw

24. “Sometimes life gives you angels in power suits and shoulder pads when angels with wings desert you without a by your leave.” ― Kiran Manral, More Things in Heaven and Earth

25. “Her eyes were dancing like those of angels.” ― Guillaume Apollinaire

Her eyes were dancing like those of angels.

26. “In pride some angels lost a glorious relationship and became demons. In humility some humans will gain a glorious relationship and become angels.” ― Vincent Okay Nwachukwu, Weighty ‘n’ Worthy African Proverbs – Volume 1

27. “Humans strive for love – it is the one thing they give the most and yet fear they receive the least.” ― Jessica Shirvington, Empower

28. “When it comes to emotion, the angels of heaven triumph over the hosts of the earth. In other words, the mind dominates over the body. When there is love faith creates a home.” ― Alan Maiccon

29. “I mean, angels are unresponsive. They mind their business — which is as it should be.” ― Elizabeth Knox, The Vintner’s Luck

30. “One-winged angels, she thought. Perhaps that is what love makes us. To fly, we have to embrace each other.” ― Angela Panayotopulos, The Wake Up

To fly, we have to embrace each other.

Short Angel Quotes

1. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” ― Alexander Pope, An Essay On Criticism

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

2. “Rejection is an opportunity for your selection.” ― Bernard Branson

3. “Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light? Or just another lost angel… City of Night? ” ― Jim Morrison

4. “Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace.” ― Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

5. “Poets are damned… but see with the eyes of angels.” ― Allen Ginsberg

Poets are damned… but see with the eyes of angels.

6. “We be light, we be life, we be fire! We sing electric flame, we rumble underground wind, we dance heaven! Come be we and be free!” ― Kate Griffin, A Madness of Angels

7. “When the devil waged war in the heavens, even angels had to fall.” ― Roshani Chokshi, The Silvered Serpents

8. “We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” ― LeeAnn Taylor

9. “There’s no such thing as coincidences, only incidences with a twist.” ― Leanore Elliott, The Beholder

10. “He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels.” ― Henri Michaux, Darkness Moves: An Henri Michaux Anthology, 1927-1984

He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels.

11. “The sin both of men and of angels, was rendered possible by the fact that God gave us free will.” ― C.S. Lewis

12. “If then we have angels, let us be sober, as though we were in the presence of tutors; for there is a demon present also.” ― St. John Chrysostom

13. “Angels have very nasty tempers. Especially when they’re feeling righteous.” ― Clive Barker, Mister B. Gone

14. “In the stillness of headstones,

Darkness is my blanket.

And forever is my song.

In the arms if stone angels, I’m not afraid.

Because finally and completely,

I belong.” ― Jordan Dane, In the Arms of Stone Angels

15. “Sometimes an angel is found in the dark.” ― K. Webster, Alpha & Omega

Sometimes an angel is found in the dark.

16. “On a wing and a prayer.” (After being asked how the angels make love in Milton’s Paradise Lost).” ― Benjamin R. Smith

17. “That was all I wanted!” whispered Polly, in a tone which caused him to feel that the race of angels was not entirely extinct.” ― Louisa May Alcott, An Old-Fashioned Girl

18. “Fiction is like wrestling with angels-you do not expect to win, but you do expect to come away from the experience changed.” ― Jane Yolen, Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft

19. “It is difficult to shock an angel, yet I have done so. I could never believe it.” ― Stephanie Cotsirilos, My Xanthi

20. “No one is only good or only bad. We have a bit of both inside of us all.” ― Erica Crouch, Ignite

No one is only good or only bad. We have a bit of both inside of us all.

21. “It’s when we touch that I feel the presence of angels.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

22. “Authors are angels in disguise that create the wings they need to fly.” ― Emily R. McCormick

23. “Did angels have wings, or did they have the power of flight, which was then represented by ancients in terms of wings? No one having an out-of-body experience has wings. They are not needed for flight.” ― Steve Madison, Ultrahuman

24. “Heaven’s an observatory from which we peer down on the high drama of your everyday lives. You are entertaining the angels, unawares.” ― Mary O’Connell, Living with Saints

25. “Angels abound within the happiness of our mind.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

Angels abound within the happiness of our mind.

26. “her angel eyes

saw the good

in many devils” ― R.H. Sin, Algedonic

27. “You don’t want to be righteous. You want to be just good enough to keep the company of angels and just bad enough so the devil isn’t out to get you.” ― C. JoyBell C.

28. “Angels come in different shapes, and I don’t think that there is a queen inhabiting the earth except you, my wonderful beauty” ― Majed Alaa

29. “For some families you are an angel only when you work like hell.” ― Tamerlan Kuzgov

30. “Mothers are angels with gentle wings and fragrant hearts.” ― Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Mothers are angels with gentle wings and fragrant hearts.

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Sayings About Angels That Are Beautiful

1. “Sometimes there are moments in your life when your friends do more than just walk with you; they become angels that carry you and protect you with their wings.” ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

they become angels that carry you and protect you with their wings

2. “Beautiful men and women with distorted shadows came and scorched their handprints onto doors before vanishing skyward, drafts of heat billowing behind them with the whumph of unseen wings. Here and there, feathers fell, and they were like tufts of white fire, disintegrating to ash as soon as they touched the ground.” ― Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone

3. “For the first time in forever, he was stunned to silence. Not by her words, but by the tenderness in her hands, the worry in her eyes. He was an archangel. He’d been wounded far, far worse and shrugged it off. But then, there had been no woman with sun kissed by the sunset and eyes of storm gray to tear into him for daring to get himself hurt.” ― Nalini Singh, Archangel’s Consort

4. “The hand on my hair moved to my back, and I realized someone was singing softly. The voice was familiar, and something about it made my chest ache. Well, that was to be expected. Angels’ songs would be awfully poignant.

“‘I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you…'” the voice crooned.

I frowned. Was that really an appropriate song for the Heavenly Host to be–” ― Rachel Hawkins, Spell Bound

5. “Heroes are like angels, they’re all around us… we just don’t always stop to notice …” ― Nanette L. Avery

Heroes are like angels, they're all around us

6. “When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.” ― Mary Baker Eddy, Poems by Mary Baker Eddy

7. “Love, Mercy, and Grace, sisters all, attend your wounds of silence and hope.” ― Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

8. “Be content not with your lot in life but with being here in the flow of life. The glories of creation are in your very cells; you are made of the same mindstuff as the angels, the stars, and god himself.” ― Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life

9. “The sun’s rays have vision and give us vision. However, it is the birds’ eyes and the two invisible angels by your side that record everything. Nothing goes unnoticed throughout the universe. Wherever there is a vibration, there are eyes and ears. Some energies don’t need ears or vision to see or hear, they can feel what is in your heart and tap into all your sins and fears.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

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10. “I now know that I was in the presence of the only angels we are ever likely to make the acquaintance of: teachers blessed with the love of small people who are trying to find their place in the world.” ― Ted Kooser, Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps

I now know that I was in the presence of the only angels

11. “It happens like this.

“One day you meet someone and for some inexplicable reason, you feel more connected to this stranger than anyone else–closer to them than your closest family. Perhaps this person carries within them an angel–one sent to you for some higher purpose; to teach you an important lesson or to keep you safe during a perilous time. What you must do is trust in them–even if they come hand in hand with pain or suffering–the reason for their presence will become clear in due time.”

Though here is a word of warning–you may grow to love this person but remember they are not yours to keep. Their purpose isn’t to save you but to show you how to save yourself. And once this is fulfilled; the halo lifts and the angel leaves their body as the person exits your life. They will be a stranger to you once more.

It’s so dark right now, I can’t see any light around me.

That’s because the light is coming from you. You can’t see it but everyone else can.” ― Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure

12. “He has a beauty to him that is not quite angelic, a quality that’s both ethereal and dark. (Jonathan)” ― Helen Boswell, Mythology: The Wicked

13. “A person who goes in search of God is wasting his time. He can walk a thousand roads and join many religions and sects–but he’ll never find God that way. God is here, right now, at our side. We can see Him in this mist, in the ground we’re walking on, even in my shoes. His angels keep watch while we sleep and help us in our work. In order to find God, you have only to look around. But meeting Him is not easy. The more God asks us to participate in His

mysteries, the more disoriented we become, because He asks us constantly to

follow our dreams and our hearts. And that’s difficult to do when we’re used to living in a different way. Finally we discover, to our surprise, that God wants us to be happy, because He is the father.” ― Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

14. “After studying the various forms of Angels and angelic beings, that has always existed across many cultures and biblical texts, I have found them to be even more divine and beautiful than what I have previously known.” ― Robin S. Baker, Esotericism With an Unconventional Soul: Exploring Philosophy, Spirituality, Science, and Mysticism

15. “The day you were born the angels whispered, “She is going to love him until the day she dies.” ― Amanda Mosher, Better to be able to love than to be loveable

She is going to love him until the day she dies.

16. “Angels, I am now convinced, inhabit people temporarily, such that a person can then do a good deed for another at precisely the moment required. When that is done, the angel flits off somewhere else. Why else would they have wings? Occasionally, however, in order to achieve whatever they deem needs to be done in a timely manner, angels will occupy the most unlikely of beings, and, I suspect, derive a degree of mischievous pleasure in the process.” ― Harry Bucknall, Like a Tramp, Like A Pilgrim: On Foot, Across Europe to Rome

17. “They’re not human, but they’re not exactly alien either. They’ve probably been with us from the beginning; we just haven’t had a reliable means of detecting them until now.” ― Cliff Jones Jr., Dreck

18. “There is one kind of laugh that I always did recommend; it looks out of the eye first with a merry twinkle, then it creeps down on its hands and knees and plays around the mouth like a pretty moth around the blaze of a candle, then it steals over into the dimples of the cheeks and rides around in those whirlpools for a while, then it lights up the whole face like the mellow bloom on a damask rose, then it swims up on the air, with a peal as clear and as happy as a dinner-bell, then it goes back again on gold tiptoes like an angel out for an airing, and it lies down on its little bed of violets in the heart where it came from.” ― Josh Billings

19. “If you need some change and some clarity, go to your altar.” ― Robin S. Baker

20. “Music is truthful… Music attracts the angels in the universe.” ― Bob Dylan, The Essential Interviews

Music is truthful… Music attracts the angels in the universe.

21. “Do you believe in angels?” I blurted…

“Yes, I do, most assuredly. They are invisible, of course, but we humans know them as thoughts.” ― Alan Bradley, The Golden Tresses of the Dead

22. “Balance of emotions is what is important… and remembering to laugh at oneself.

Alan Watts used to say that angels, like Daoist Immortals, can fly because they take themselves lightly!” ― Kenneth S. Cohen, The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing

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23. “An Angels dance is unrehearsed when they come into our lives. They look over us, fix, and adjust things that we are attempting to adjust. Their divine intervention is warm and many times exciting, when we feel their light upon us; we know this special help was meant to be. In Jesus name. Amen.” ― Ron Baratono

24. “Not all angels have wings. Sometimes we need to walk the earth to become human.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

25. “Good women are the angels who inspire us to do our best, because they always do their best.” ― Gift Gugu Mona, Woman of Virtue: Power-Filled Quotes for a Powerful Woman

Good women are the angels who inspire us to do our best

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26. “Angels are beyond us. They’re creatures that biology doesn’t apply to. They don’t love humanity at all. They just love God.” ― Thomm Quackenbush, Flies to Wanton Boys

27. “The stars, like candlelights of the angels, chose not to hide that night, and watched over our uncertain sleep.” ― Milan Sime Martinic, Ironway: Watching Over Benjamin Hill 

28. “And thus the lovers lie side by side. Peace hovers about their abode, smiling angelic figures (with whom too they have affinity) look down upon them from the vault above, and what a happy moment it will be when one day they awaken again together.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities

29. “She looked up out of her voice and saw the angel.…and the entire message had no words. The entire message will be only the beat and direction of time. Yes is Now.

The angel who says, “It’s time.”

“Is it time?” she asked. “Does it hurt?” He will have the most beautiful face she has ever seen.

“Oh, babe.” The angel starts to cry. “You can’t imagine,” he said.” ― Denis Johnson, Angels

30. “mind the angels my love

mind also those words

dragging across our lips” ― Alejandra Pizarnik, The Galloping Hour: French Poems

mind the angels my love mind also those words dragging across our lips

Angel Quotes That Radiate Calmness And Healing

1. “Even when muddy, your wings sparkle bright wonders that heal broken worlds.” ― Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

Even when muddy, your wings sparkle bright wonders that heal broken worlds.

2. “HOW ANGELS SLEEP. Unsoundly. They toss and turn, trying to understand the mystery of the living. They know so little about what it’s like to fill a new prescription for glasses and suddenly see the world again, with a mixture of disappointment and gratitude … Also, they don’t dream. For this reason, they have one less thing to talk about. In a backward way, when they wake up they feel as if there is something they are forgetting to tell each other. There is disagreement among the angels as to whether this is a result of something vestigial, or whether it is the result of the empathy they feel for the Living, so powerful it sometimes makes them weep. In general, they fall into these two camps on the subject of dreams. Even among the angels, there is the sadness of division.” ― Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

3. “and the creation, in the world and above the world, that once was at variance with itself, is knit together in friendship: and we … are made to join in the angels’ song, offering the worship of their praise.” ― Gregory of Nyssa

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4. “The Angel said, ‘Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong, and the one who is filthy still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous, still practice righteousness.” ― Anonymous

5. “When we are touched by something it’s as if we’re being brushed by an angel’s wings.” ― Rita Dove

When we are touched by something it's as if we're being brushed by an angel's wing

6. “I know exactly what Einstein meant when he said, “Dancers are the athletes of God.” You three look like angels. I can’t wait to see you dancing in the Christmas concert.” ― Kirsty Murray, The Secret Life of Maeve Lee Kwong

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7. “In the old days there were angels who came and took men by the hand and led them away from the city of destruction. We see no white-winged angels now. But yet men are led away from threatening destruction: a hand is put into theirs, which leads them forth gently towards a calm and bright land, so that they look no more backwards; and the hand may be a little child’s.” ― George Eliot, Silas Marner

8. “…God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgement… -2 Peter 2:4” ― The Bible

9. “The Enochian Jews believed that humans could become angels. This conversion process was known as “resurrection”. When Enoch was transformed into an angel without dying, that was his transfiguration, that was his “resurrection.” The first Christians imagined that resurrection took place before their physical death and involved being taken up into the presence of God, i.e. becoming angels. Is that not the true meaning of the Rapture? Resurrection was a mystical experience, an enlightenment, an epiphany, an ascent to the throne of God and thus to the presence of the divine, and a transmutation into a son or daughter of God. So, resurrection did not originally mean reanimation after death. It meant being born again, being entered by the Spirit and raised up to an indestructible life … during life.” ― James Axel

10. “We are angels just like the rest of our brothers and sisters.” ― Jay Woodman

We are angels just like the rest of our brothers and sisters.

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11. “A human body is but a chrysalis. The human – the true human – is destined to undergo a complete metamorphosis and emerge with wings … as a radiant angel. You yourself are part of the Divine Experiment.” ― Jack Tanner, The Angel Experiment

12. “It’s said that people are made of stars. In fact, they are made of angels. Angels are the authentic “star beings”. Stardust is angel dust. The whole universe has been sprinkled with it. The archetypal medium of angels is light, the electromagnetic spectrum. Light is the living, mental essence, overcoming darkness (matter).” ― Jack Tanner, Angelism: The Religion of Angels

13. “The higher forces that guide our lives are not always gentle, but their intention is ever to instruct.” ― Sol Luckman, Cali the Destroyer

14. “Sometimes in pursuit of the Gods… we fail to acknowledge the Angels amongst us…” ― Rishabh Dubey, Krikos: The Vertical Horizon

15. “In times of emergency, the holy angels provide divine aid.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

In times of emergency, the holy angels provide divine aid.

16. “You are loved by God and angels. You are loved by people in this world and in the world beyond. They—we—are rooting for you, so stand up and keep working things out.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year

17. “Angels are those who show us every good thing in the midst of bad circumstances.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year

18. “Angels exist among us, and though they cannot step in to live our lives, they can minister, encourage, and lovingly bolster us.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year

19. “The angels rejoice over one sinner who repents than ten thousand who are righteous.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

20. “May the angels be your sacred companion.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

May the angels be your sacred companion.

21. “The word “angel” comes from Latin and means “messenger”, which is what we become when the Angelic Forces within us empower the Angelic Forces in others.” ― Charbel Tadros, The Destined Journey

22. “Even in the wake of tragedy, we could not have felt more amazed had we been visited by an angel that Christmas morning. When the angel met the shepherds in Bethlehem, the shepherds “were sore afraid.” When I was a child, that phrase had always seemed odd to me…but now that I have thought more deeply about these words of scripture, it seems to me that the angels must have been more like our Christmas weasel: glorious in purity, strength, and holy perfection.” ― Sy Montgomery, How To Be A Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals

23. “He flew above the city with only one goal in his mind, to approach God.” ― J.S. Milik, Heaven’s Blade: When Destiny Calls

24. “Angels keep weeping in her soul;

For the way they couldn’t save her from herself nor the devilish things she does unwillingly love…” ― Samiha Totanji

25. “Angels are attracted to humanity whenever you reach out to your Soul when you pray or meditate, when you are open to the world of Spirit and quiet your mind.” ― Genevieve Gerard

Angels are attracted to humanity whenever you reach out to your Soul when you pray

26. “11:11:11
When you see 11:11, it is a spiritual message to remind you that you are the creator of your own reality and you need to take responsibility for it. Your current situation is the result of your past thoughts and actions. By taking a proactive approach, you can become aware of what you think, what you say, and what you do in order to completely take charge of your life.” ― Kianu Starr

27. “You’ve managed to unlock the door to the library – now it’s time to learn how to read.” ― Olga Gibbs, Heavenward

28. “Inside of my soul they lay

One twisted devil and hundreds of angels pray.

So whenever my devil sings its gloomy song through my mind,

Those angels gather and whisper through my heart;

Prayers of hope and peace that my soul rises upon the highest sky…” ― Samiha Totanji

29. “The angels rejoice over a sinner who repents than ninety-nine who are righteous, who do not need any repentance.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

30. “The footprints of an Angel in your life are Love.” ― Genevieve Gerard

The footprints of an Angel in your life are Love.

Guardian Angel Quotes

1. “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” ― The Holy Bible: King James Version

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers

2. “Dear Child,

Sometimes on your travel through hell, you meet people that think they are in heaven because of their cleverness and ability to get away with things. Travel past them because they don’t understand who they have become and never will. These type of people feel justified in revenge and will never learn mercy or forgiveness because they live by comparison. They are the people that don’t care about anyone, other than who is making them feel confident. They don’t understand that their deity is not rejoicing with them because of their actions, rather he is trying to free them from their insecurities, by softening their heart. They rather put out your light than find their own. They don’t have the ability to see beyond the false sense of happiness they get from destroying others. You know what happiness is and it isn’t this. Don’t see their success as their deliverance. It is a mask of vindication which has no audience, other than their own kind. They have joined countless others that call themselves “survivors”. They believe that they are entitled to win because life didn’t go as planned for them. You are not like them. You were not meant to stay in hell and follow their belief system. You were bound for greatness. You were born to help them by leading. Rise up and be the light home. You were given the gift to see the truth. They will have an army of people that are like them and you are going to feel alone. However, your family in heaven stands beside you now. They are your strength and as countless as the stars. It is time to let go!


Your Guardian Angel” ― Shannon L. Alder

3. “And while Luce dreamed below of the most glorious wings unfurling-the likes of which she’d never seen before-two angels in the rafters shook hands.” ― Lauren Kate, Fallen

4. “Ellie, you need to understand,” he said softly. “I exist only to serve you and fight by your side. Whether that fighting is to preserve your life or to make sure you smile, that is what I am built to do. You’re all I have, and I will watch over you forever.” ― Courtney Allison Moulton, Angelfire

5. “You fainted and I caught you. It was the first time I’d supported a human. You had such heavy bones. I put myself between you and gravity. Impossible.” ― Elizabeth Knox, The Vintner’s Luck

You fainted and I caught you.

6. “I couldn’t have dreamed you into existence because I didn’t even know I needed you. You must have been sent to me.” ― Kamand Kojouri

7. “But his eyes say what he can’t. I see it, clear as day, even if she doesn’t. He’d give up his wings for her. All she’d have to do is ask.” ― Lisa Desrochers, Personal Demons

8. “Are you coming with us?”

He looked down at me, his eyes a cool mint green. He seemed to have calmed down since Cadan left.

“If you wish.”

“I would feel better if you were close,” I whispered. “Cadan freaked me out.”

“Then of course,” he said. “I’ll follow you anywhere.” ― Courtney Allison Moulton, Angelfire

9. “Angels around us, angels beside us, angels within us. Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed. Their wings wrap gently around you, whispering you are loved and blessed.” ― Angel Blessing

10. “The perplexity, the potential— God’s own crucible was not for angels.” ― Johnny Worthen, Beatrysel

The perplexity, the potential— God’s own crucible was not for angels.

11. “I live in a world without magic or miracles. A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I am pressed so hard against the earth by the weight of reality that some days I wonder how I am still able to lift my feet to walk.” ― Katja Millay, The Sea of Tranquility

12. “It takes four angels to oversee an apocalypse: a recorder to make the book that would be scripture in the new world; a preserver to comfort and save those selected to be the first generation; an accuser to remind them why they suffer; and a destroyer to revoke the promise of survival and redemption, and to teach them the awful truth about furious sheltering grace.” ― Chris Adrian, The Children’s Hospital

13. “What is it?” she asked.

“I’m looking for your wings. You are my guardian angel, aren’t you?”

“I’m afraid not,” she replied, her cheeks dimplingwith a wry smile. “There’s too much of the devil in me for that.”

“Just how much devil,” I grinned, “are we talking about here?” ― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

14.  “The twin guardian angels whose eyes and hands and wings had focused protective attention on the souls that lay there no longer faced each other. They stared blindly into a random middle distance. The scroll they held between them proclaiming eternal resurrection was broken in two.” ― Clare Morgan, A Book for All and None

15. “We all long for a guardian angel in our lives. The luckiest among us call that angel mother.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year

We all long for a guardian angel in our lives.

16. The panic as I drowned in your love which I thought would have died from years of neglect. But came out only stronger like the wrath of God raining down on me. A guardian angel pulling me out of a burning wreck.” ― Austin-Alexius Klein, Harm Unlimited

17. “…and just for a second, she could have sworn she saw a shadow or something standing next to him, watching her as well.” ― John Pease, Ezekiel’s Eyes

18. “If I’m an archangel, you can hide under my wing

until the sun

comes up” ― Andy Seven, HSTQ: Fall 2020

19. “We all long for a guardian angel in our lives. The luckiest among us call that angel mother.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year

20. “The best company is to be guarded by angels.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

The best company is to be guarded by angels.

21. “When we die, we go into the arms of those who remember us.” ― Rosie Malezer, Change Your Name and Disappear: A terrifying true tale of survival

22. “I’m a guardian angel. I’m condemned to share the responsibility for my ward’s life, and therefore the ultimate course of the progression of the human species. So you see, while I’m here I cannot change my conduct, I cannot choose for myself, and every movement I make sends millions of tiny aftershocks across the present and future of every living human.” ― E.A.A. Wilson, Ascension Denied

23. “Inviting angels into your life builds a stronger connection between you and God.” ― Maria G. Maas, Angel Practitioner Handbook

24. “When I was about seven or so, I heard about guardian angels, how everyone’s supposed to have one. Only I heard it garden angel. And I thought of Beulah’s angel in the dead garden. I knew she was my garden angel.”

Cutter’s hands fluttered over the statue, her touch reverent, light, brushing off leaves, stroking the stone face, like feeling the forehead of a feverish child. Moving closer, Elizabeth saw that Beulah was not in despair after all. She was just waking up, maybe, shaking off an afternoon doze, one arm thrown over her face, a dimple in the elbow of a plump arm, her mighty wings curled around her body like wilted leaves.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of her before exams, my driver’s test, job interviews, even when Gran died. I close my eyes and picture her and I know things will be all right. At least they seem better.” ― Mindy Friddle, The Garden Angel

25. “The higher forces that guide our lives are not always gentle, but their intention is ever to instruct.” ― Sol Luckman, Cali the Destroyer

The higher forces that guide our lives are not always gentle

26. “The Christians quite literally demonised the daemon. It’s a tutelary spirit – though it can also be something of a trickster – Christians call it a Guardian Angel. You might say it’s an ally. An inner ally.” ― H.M. Forester, The Imaginal Veil

27. “As much as we don’t want to except it, there is a time limit to the best life God tries to offer you. When you disrespect it, push it away, play games with it, deny it, ignore it, are casually indecisive about it or hold it like a last resort, God gives it away to someone else that will cherish it more.” ― Shannon L. Alder

28. “If you’re treating people poorly then you’re not emulating God’s love. God always resides with the broken hearted.” ― Shannon L. Alder

29. “Once again I realized: the aura of Indigo does not save and does not protect. It can become a magic carpet, turn into seven-league boots or a heavy cross – but it’s not a guardian angel to deflect troubles with its thin hand.” ― Vadim Babenko, Semmant

30. “I’ve lost a guardian angel and gained a muse.” ― Jae T. Jaggart, Cash: Angel, Demon, Rock Star

I’ve lost a guardian angel and gained a muse.

Deep And Philosophical Angel Quotes

1. “Why does she have wings?’

So she can fly.” ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

So she can fly.

2. “What does Éloa mean?”

He narrowed his gaze, answered her literally. “It’s the name of an angel.”

Penelope tilted her head, thinking. “I’ve never heard of him.”

“You wouldn’t have.”

“Was he a fallen angel?”

“She was, yes.” He hesitated, not wanting to tell her the story, but unable to stop himself. “Lucifer tricked her into falling from heaven.”

“Tricked her how?”

He met her gaze. “She fell in love with him.”

Penelope’s eyes widened. “Did he love her?”

Like an addict loves his addiction. “The only way he knew how.”

She shook her head. “How could he trick her?”

“He never told her his name.” ― Sarah MacLean, A Rogue by Any Other Name

3. “Some of the most beautiful things worth having in your life come wrapped in a crown of thorns.” ― Shannon L. Alder

4. “When once we quit the basis of sensation, all is in the wind. To talk of immaterial existences is to talk of nothings. To say that the human soul, angels, god, are immaterial, is to say they are nothings, or that there is no god, no angels, no soul. I cannot reason otherwise: but I believe I am supported in my creed of materialism by Locke, Tracy, and Stewart.

{Letter to John Adams, from Monticello, 15 August 1820}” ― Thomas Jefferson, Letters of Thomas Jefferson

5. “Angels had fallen, men have sinned. It does not mean that God has failed.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Angels had fallen, men have sinned.

6. “But I’m a bad priest, you see. I know–from experience–how much beauty Satan carried down with him when he fell. Nobody ever said the fallen angels were the ugly ones. Oh, no, they were just as quick and light and . . .” ― Graham Greene, The Power and the Glory

7. “A God who could make good children as easily a bad, yet preferred to make bad ones; who could have made every one of them happy, yet never made a single happy one; who made them prize their bitter life, yet stingily cut it short; who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave is angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice, and invented hell–mouths mercy, and invented hell–mouths Golden Rules and forgiveness multiplied by seventy times seven, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people, and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes, yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man’s acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself; and finally, with altogether divine obtuseness, invites his poor abused slave to worship him!” ― Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger

8. “He had no faintest conception till that very hour of how they would look, and even doubted their existence. But when he saw them he knew that he had always known them and realized what part each one of them had played at many an hour in his life when he had supposed himself alone, so that now he could say to them, one by one, not ‘Who are you?’ but ‘So it was you all the time.’ All that they were and said at this meeting woke memories. The dim consciousness of friends about him which had haunted his solitudes from infancy was now at last explained; that central music in every pure experience which had always just evaded memory was now at last recovered…He saw not only Them; he saw Him. This animal, this thing begotten in a bed, could look on Him. What is blinding, suffocating fire to you is now cool light to him, is clarity itself, and wears the form of a man.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

9. “How come when mortals want things, their only option is to make a deal with Hell and sell their soul? Why can’t they make deals with God in exchange for good behavior?”

It was another of those rare moments when I’d surprised Carter. I waited for the glib answer I’d mentioned to Seth, something along the lines of goodness being its own reward. The angel considered for several seconds. “Humans make those deals all the time,” he said finally. “They just don’t make them with God.”

“Then who are they making them with?” I exclaimed.

“Themselves.” ― Richelle Mead, Succubus Heat

10. “I don’t believe in angels and I have trouble with the whole God thing. I don’t want to say I don’t believe in God but I don’t think I do. But I believe in people who do.” ― Billy Connolly

I don't believe in angels and I have trouble with the whole God thing.

11. “I daresay it seems foolish; perhaps all our earthly trials will appear foolish to us after a while; perhaps they seem so now to angels. But we are ourselves, you know, and this is now, not some time to come, a long, long way off. And we are not angels, to be comforted by seeing the ends for which everything is sent.” ― Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters

12. “I would not have a god come in

To shield me suddenly from sin,

And set my house of life to rights;

Nor angels with bright burning wings

Ordering my earthly thoughts and things;

Rather my own frail guttering lights

Wind blown and nearly beaten out;

Rather the terror of the nights

And long, sick groping after doubt;

Rather be lost than let my soul

Slip vaguely from my own control —

Of my own spirit let me be

In sole though feeble mastery.” ― Sara Teasdale

13. “There will be no solution to the problems if people think that they are angels and others are devils.” ― Kamaran Ihsan Salih

14. “But I’ve looked devil in the eye and

I saw heaven

I felt safe

I felt home

And I wonder

if he was coward enough to hide beneath his demons

or that I have been blind ;

too blind for love that I did sing all my angels to sleep….” ― Samiha Totanji

15. “One must learn to tolerate and live with the silence before one is ready to talk the talk of the angels. ” ― Donna Goddard, The Love of Devotion

One must learn to tolerate and live with the silence

16. “It is to my comfort that I entertain stories of ghosts, of discarnate spirits, of angels, of relatives returning to this realm to speak to us… speaking to us in our thoughts and in our dreams. I take comfort in these because no matter how advanced we humans may be… no matter how civilized, how cultured, there will always be some aspect of the spiritual realm that not even the greatest living genius can truly comprehend or explain.” ― Gerald Maclennon, Wrestling with Angels: An Anthology of Prose & Poetry 1962-2016 Revised

17. “Allah created angels with reason and no desires, animals with desires and no reason, and man with both reason and desires. So if a man’s reason is stronger than his desire he is like an angel, and if his desires are stronger than his reason, then he is like an animal. The motive of religion is strongest in controlling and defeating the whims and desires. This level of control can only be achieved through consistent patience. When whims and desires prevail, the religious motive is diminished.” ― Ibn Al Qayyim

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18. “Angels are messengers, passing on messages from the other side. Or are angels thought forms? Do people project their own angels? Angels are the ultimate astral visitors. They are designed for OBEs. When you have an OBE, you have temporarily become an angel, freed from your physical chains.” ― Jack Tanner, Ghosts Are Real

19. “Everything that is tearing us down today will become a memory, and this memory will be shared as an anecdote or a story or a poem or a play or a warning. It will be shared with another human being, who will then understand that he is not alone in his sadness. This is why we show up for others and tell our tales and listen to others. The great congregation meets daily, and you are someone’s angel today. (In an Interview with James Grissom)” ― Tennessee Williams

20. “What is a man but something between a demon and an angel?” ― A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

What is a man but something between a demon and an angel

21. “What can I tell you further? I once lived among humankind, and found them in their generality to be cruel and cold, and yet could mention the names of three or four that were like angels.

I suppose we measure the importance of our days by those few angels we spy among us, and yet aren’t like them.” ― Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture

22. “It is never a good idea to cause pain to angels.” ― Tade Thompson, Rosewater

23. “Before the body softens; and the world of this, nothing shall be taken away. Do not promise to make the richest flowers. More will their love give. Before the clouds move. Before the rivers make waves in the sea, the angels will bless you. Angels that walks in our dreams. On the way to heaven. At the request of the night to hold it. You were one of the choices. That at the request of the day brought from there.” ― Alan Maiccon

24. “Angels have no interest in being worshipped themselves. They are totally absorbed with God, and all they would have us do is join them in adoring Him.” ― Philip Graham Ryken, Galatians

25. “Some ghosts are women.
Not angels, but ghosts.” ― Anne Sexton

Some ghosts are women. Not angels, but ghosts.

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26. “Angels don’t live in hell “

He whispered

“And devils are not welcome in heaven though, but I found a way to let you in “

She said out loud

“It’s all about effort “the sky ended their argument.

And she won again …..” ― Samiha Totanji

27. “Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not. Seek to build not destroy. Bring My people home.


By your shining example. Seek only Godliness. Speak only in truthfulness. Act only in love.

Live the Law of Love now and forever more. Give everything require nothing.

Avoid the mundane. Do not accept the unacceptable. Teach all who seek to learn of Me. Make every moment of your life an outpouring of love. Use every moment to think the highest thought, say the highest word, do the highest deed. In this, glorify your Holy Self, and thus too, glorify Me. Bring peace to the Earth by bringing peace to all those whose lives you touch. Be peace. Feel and express in every moment your Divine Connection with the All, and with every person, place, and thing. Embrace every circumstance, own every fault, share every joy, contemplate every mystery, walk in every man’s shoes, forgive every offense (including your own), heal every heart, honor every person’s truth, adore every person’s God, protect every person’s rights, preserve every person’s dignity, promote every person’s interests, provide every person’s needs, presume every person’s holiness, present every person’s greatest gifts, produce every person’s blessing, pronounce every person’s future secure in the assured love of God. Be a living, breathing example of the Highest Truth that resides within you. Speak humbly of yourself, lest someone mistake your Highest Truth for boast. Speak softly, lest someone think you are merely calling for attention. Speak gently, that all might know of Love. Speak openly, lest someone think you have something to hide. Speak candidly, so you cannot be mistaken. Speak often, so that your word may truly go forth. Speak respectfully, that no one be dishonored. Speak lovingly, that every syllable may heal. Speak of Me with every utterance. Make of your life a gift. Remember always, you are the gift! Be a gift to everyone who enters your life, and to everyone whose life you enter. Be careful not to enter another’s life if you cannot be a gift. (You can always be a gift, because you always are the gift—yet sometimes you don’t let yourself know that.) When someone enters your life unexpectedly, look for the gift that person has come to receive from you…I HAVE SENT YOU NOTHING BUT ANGELS.” ― Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 2

28. “They believed in angles and alchemy and the devil, and they believed that the universe followed precise, mathematical laws.” ― Edward Dolnick, The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World

29. “I have this notion that maybe this world is the hell of the angels. That maybe we’re creatures with angels exiled in our souls, banished to this godawful existence, howling in despair…and all those beautiful dreams we have are only the ravings of those angels, their screams in our animal minds.” ― Jeff Fields, A Cry of Angels: A Novel

30. “All of the demons, are angels, that someone chose not to love.” ― C. JoyBell C.

All of the demons, are angels, that someone chose not to love.

Famous Angel Sayings

1. “God created many races wilier than men.
But it doesn’t mean angels higher than us.” ― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

God created many races wilier than men.

2. “I have a need of angels. Enough hell has swallowed me for too many years. But finally understand this–I have burned up one hundred thousand human lives already, from the strength of my pain.” ― Antonin Artaud, Lettres à Génica Athanasiou

3. “They say love is blind…but it isn’t. Love is perfect sight. Love is the ability to see a person, I mean really see him-his strengths, his weaknesses, his flaws, all his past triumphs and mistakes-and view that person not as the world says you’re supposed to see him, but as you see him-as that special someone you know you will always embrace, body and soul, no matter what anyone else says or thinks

I know I can’t tell anyone what I’ve been through. I know they wouldn’t understand. They don’t see him the way that I see him. All they know is the legend, the darkness. They don’t know the inner beauty, the warmth and the joy more intense than anything I ever thought was possible to experience.

They don’t know the truth behind the name.

My angel.

My only.

Lucifer.” ― Marlon Pierre-Antoine, Wandering Stars

4. “It’s too cold outside

For angels to fly

An angel will die

Covered in white

Closed eye

And hoping for a better life

This time, we’ll fade out tonight

Straight down the line” ― Ed Sheeran

5. “If the bards of old the true has told

The sirens have raven hair.

But over the earth since art had birth,

They paint the angels fair.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Emily’s Quest

If the bards of old the true has told The sirens have raven hair.

6. “The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearth-stone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. –as quoted in THE RIVER OF WINGED DREAMS” ― Abraham Lincoln

7. “I suppose that nature works on such a hopeful basis that we believe against ourselves that things will be as they ought to be, not as we should know that they will be. Transcendentalism is a beacon to the angels, even if it be a will-o’-the-wisp to man.” ― Bram Stoker, Dracula

8. “Angels may sing when bombs fall for those who pray, but when the war is over and peace reigns, it is the devil who howls.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

9. “Trust is the angels smiling when I’m crying because they see the other side of the world I haven’t come around to yet.” ― Helen Edwards, Nothing Sexier Than Freedom

10. “The mask of a devil is the face of an angel.” ― Tamerlan Kuzgov

The mask of a devil is the face of an angel.

11. “In a world without magic, there’s only action and chaos. Perhaps there’s some pattern so vast we can’t see it, like a giant universal machine we are all a part of, but actions are its fuel, actions steer it. God may exist. Angels might be real. Energies beyond the physical may take part in the actions of men, but nothing preordains to such a degree that we cannot determine our futures through the actions we do or don’t take.” ― Garten Gevedon, Dorothy in the Land of Monsters

12. “The pen, a feather plucked out of an angel’s wings” ― Soroosh Shahrivar, Letter 19

13. “I was only going to say that heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart with weeping to come back to earth; and the angels were so angry that they flung my out into the middle of the heath on the top of Wuthering Heights; where I woke sobbing for joy. That will do to explain my secret, as well as the other. I’ve no more business to marry Edgar Linton than I have to be in heaven; and if the wicked man in there had not brought Heathcliff so low, I shouldn’t have thought of it. It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him: and that, not because he’s handsome, but because he’s more myself than I am. What ever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same; and Linton’s is as different as a moonbeam from lightning, or frost from fire.’

Ere this speech ended, I became sensible of Heathcliff’s presence. Having noticed a slight movement, I turned my head, and saw him rise from the bench, and steal out noiselessly. He had listened till he heard Catherine say it would degrade her to marry him, and then he stayed to hear no further.” ― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

14. “Most demons are fallen angels.” ― Peter Tieryas, Cyber Shogun Revolution

15. “No matter how one feels about the existence of God, I like to believe there are angels.” ― Jeffrey Fry, Distilled Thoughts

No matter how one feels about the existence of God, I like to believe there are angels

16. “Babies are born as angels.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

17. “All my life, I knew angels were the ones who were supposed to protect us. But… a demon? Why would he protect me?” ― Despoina Kemeridou, Mark of a Demon

18. “The angels always and again appear as the executors of recompense.” ― Mother Alexandra, The Holy Angels

19. “Be filled with the spirit of christmas. Be touched by angels of love.” ― Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

20. “Children are little angels” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Children are little angels

21. “Every snowflake

is a glass bell

pressing my heart

to hear the soul of the earth

and I can’t help but to weep

for its beauty

has the profundity

of angels as they speak.” ― Carolyn Riker, My Dear, Love Hasn’t Forgotten You

22. “Perhaps there were some angels watching over him; sometimes they turn up on the wrong side.” ― Olga Tokarczuk, Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead

23. “The angel was not light or dark, but something else entirely. An angel, he knew in that moment, was not corporeal. It was ancient Aramaic translated into binary as transcribed to a Japanese scholar. It was the spot in a solar flare seen from feet away. The images of angels were the shadows cast by their fire.” ― Thomm Quackenbush, Flies to Wanton Boys

24. “..scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” ― Dr David Livingstone

25. “We are all angels” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

We are all angels

26. “There’s not a lot in this world as motivational as a firm belief in an unbending universal morality which just happens to place you on the side of the angels.” ― Jeff Mach, There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord

27. “I glared at Collith and wondered if God had created his angels beautiful for practical reasons, rather than aesthetic ones. A beautiful thing was much harder to destroy than an ugly thing.” ― K.J. Sutton, Fortuna Sworn

28. “As happens in times of despair for the noble and true—so, never for me—an angel came.” ― Cassandra Clare, The Red Scrolls of Magic

29. “Knowing the people does not mean giving an adjective to everyone such as good, bad, selfish, selfless, honest or liar because every person is a combination of the opposite qualities in different proportions. You will never find anyone a complete angel or a devil, as angels and demons, both together, make up a person’s personality.” ― Awdhesh Singh, 31 Ways to Happiness

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30. “Parents are not bestowed with angels to cherish, but unripe fools to correct” (Proverbs 22: 15)” ― Royal Raj S

Parents are not bestowed with angels to cherish, but unripe fools to correct

Funny Angel Quotes

1. “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.” ― Ed Sheeran

It's too cold outside for angels to fly.

2. “You do realize this makes your wings even more unique.”

“Are you saying you shot me as a cosmetic procedure?” ― Nalini Singh, Angels’ Blood

3. “And second, keep in mind that you are a weapon. In theory, when you’re done with training, you should be able to kick a hole in a wall or knock out a moose with a single punch.”

“I would never hit a moose,” said Clary. “They’re endangered.” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

4. “Gabriel.
This has to be his fault, somehow. I’m going to track him down, pluck out his angel feathers, and stuff a pillow with them.” ― Lisa Desrochers, Personal Demons

5. “Luce blushed. “Then what kind of angel are you?”

“I’m sort of in between gigs right now,” Daniel said.” ― Lauren Kate, Fallen

Then what kind of angel are you

6. “He smiled. “we go inside.”

“I’m going to get tetanus in there.” I grumbled.

“Don’t go rolling in piles of dirt and rusty nails and you’ll be fine.”

“You’re an ass.” ― Courtney Allison Moulton, Angelfire

7. “I hoisted myself onto my elbows. “Yeah, well, if I ever come back as a Grigori, then I’ll kick your ass.”

“You’ll come back, and you’ll be a Grigori.” He spoke with such certainty it made me smile. “I doubt very greatly, however, that you’ll kick my ass. But me and my ass will enjoy your efforts.” ― Jessica Shirvington, Embrace

8. “This is not some silly game…This is life and death Angels and demons.” ― Melissa de la Cruz

9. “Dean, you’ve been to Hell, I started the Apocalypse, and we’re supposed to be possessed by an archangel and the devil. Now you’re being skeptical?” ― Keith R. A. DeCandido, Heart of the Dragon

10. “It is indeed a mistake to confuse children with angels” ― Douglas Coupland, Hey Nostradamus!

It is indeed a mistake to confuse children with angels

11. “The remnants of my dress hung like tentacles and from my back arched a pair of towering wings, feather-light but suggesting enormous power. My hair streamed behind me, and I knew that the ring of light around my head would be brighter than ever.

“Holy crap!” Xavier blurted” ― Alexandra Adornetto, Halo

12. “Oh No! My wings are effed up!” ― Tammara Webber, Between the Lines

13. “First rule of Angel Club, you do not talk about Angel Club.” ― Cynthia Hand, Hallowed

14. “So you’re an angel, fine, that’s terrific. Now give me back my shadows. (Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel)” ― Peter S. Beagle, We Never Talk about My Brother

15. “All thoughts are alike the moans of a worm stepped on by the angels” ― Emil M. Cioran, Pensées étranglées – Précédé de Le mauvais démiurge

All thoughts are alike the moans of a worm stepped on by the angels

16. “We’re not exactly heavenly angels. More like prison inmates with wings.” ― Keri Lake, Somnium

17. “She hadn’t planned any of this, but her thoughts ran away with her, and she hated how pathetic she must sound. Poor little human needed the big bad angel to rescue her. Yuck.” ― India Drummond, Ordinary Angels

18. “If the world thinks we’re heading straight to Hell, we might as well enjoy the journey there. I’d rather dance with the devil than sing with angels. Wouldn’t you?” ― Kerri Maniscalco, Capturing the Devil

19. “Angels have to part too. Don’t they?” ― Shireen Ayache, Card of Truth

20. “Beat an archangel, divert war, save our souls. Simple as that?” ― A.J. Hackwith, The Library of the Unwritten

Beat an archangel, divert war, save our souls. Simple as that

21. “Your friend Mr. Madison once wrote that if men were angels there’d be no need for government. Remember, when you go to Washington City, that there’s no place for an angel in the capital.” ― Stephanie Dray & Laura Kamoie

22. “If I’m an angel, I’m the angel… of death.” ― A.D. Aliwat, In Limbo

23. “an’ when angels want to breed, they lay eggs in human guts which grow until they burst through their chests, and the baby angel claws its way out.’

‘That’s aliens,’ Wheedle said.

‘You sure?’

‘It’s your favorite movie.’
‘Angels. Aliens. Easy mistake,’ Bladder said.” ― T.C. Shelley, The Monster Who Wasn’t

24. “…the number of angels who can dance on the head of a pin depends entirely on the dance.” ― Tanya Huff, The Wild Ways

25. “If angels could get jet lag, they’d need a lot of frequent flier miles.” ― Melanie White

If angels could get jet lag, they'd need a lot of frequent flier miles.

26. “Angels only take themselves seriously when they’re playing poker with the devil.” ― Shannon L. Alder

27. “Angels are like friends with wings, but sometimes the feathers get ruffled.” ― Unknown

28. “I asked the angel for a favor, but she said, ‘Sorry, I’m on a coffee break.’ Angels run on caffeine, you know.” ― Unknown

29. “Angels may be celestial beings, but they still struggle with parallel parking.” ― Unknown

30. “Angels must be good at math; they always have their angles covered.” ― Unknown

Angels must be good at math; they always have their angles covered

Final Word

I hope that these comforting angel quotes have inspired you to think more gently and deeply about yourself and your surroundings.

I have enjoyed collecting them from various online sources, and have myself felt more inspired when I was reading about angels. I hope that you will, too!

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260 Angel Quotes That You’ll Find Mesmerizing And Inspiring