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Nicknames For Emma: 150 Amazing And Cool Names

Nicknames For Emma: 150 Amazing And Cool Names

If you’ve been looking for some great nicknames for Emma, then don’t go anywhere because you’ve come to the right place.

You probably have a friend, girlfriend, or family member named Emma and want to give her a cool nickname, or maybe your name is Emma and you are wondering what nicknames exist for your name.

Either way, I’m sure you will like this large collection of nicknames for Emma I prepared just for you!

In addition to the cool nicknames you can find in the article, I have also made a list of middle names that sound good with the name Emma, ​​as well as a list of celebrities who share this beautiful name.

But first, we will read more about the meaning of the name and its origin.

Let’s get started!

Meaning And Origin Of The Name Emma

The name Emma is often said to be an English name, but it actually has roots in Old German.

Its meaning is “whole” or “universal.” It’s one of the most popular girl names in western countries, and parents are giving their baby girls this name more and more these days.

It’s likely that a huge contribution to the popularity of this name was made by Emma of Normandy, who married the English King Aethelred II.

The name became very popular in England after that. It was the third most popular name in America in the 19th century, but its popularity has declined over time.

It was not until the end of the 20th century that its popularity began to grow again, so much so that in 2008 the name Emma became the most popular name for girls.

In addition to America and England, this name has experienced great popularity in other Western countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece, the Netherlands, and even the Scandinavian countries!

10 Best Nicknames For Emma

nicknames for emma

Let’s start this collection off with what I think are the best nicknames.

1. Emmi

2. Emmy

3. Eminem

4. Em-Mem

5. Emmylou

6. Emer

7. Emmalyn

8. Ermen

9. Emily

10. Emmah

Cute Nicknames For Emma

Here are some cute nicknames! A few of them could be used as baby names.

1. Emma Shmemma

2. Em-Gem

3. Emberley

4. Emy Emu

5. Ermalicious

6. Mooma

7. Emmaliya

8. Emmybug

9. Emma Bear

10. Mma-Mma

11. Emmabelle

12. Emmeleia

13. Ema-rald

14. Emulette

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Adorable Nicknames For Emma

pretty young woman putting make up

1. Em Care-Bear

2. Emu

3. Emma-Wemma

4. Wemmy

5. Jelly-Ems

6. Emmy-lou

7. Em Fuzzy Bear

8. Emma- Boo

9. SugarEms

10. Em-J

11. Emalinda

Short Nicknames For Emma

1. Emie

2. Emy

3. Emzy

4. Mae

5. Ima

6. Em

7. Mma

Funny Nicknames For Emma

smiling woman posing on the street

1. Emmax

2. Emms

3. Emer

4. Emmagame

5. Emsy

6. E-meal-a

7. Emayonnaise

8. Emmi

9. Em-Em

10. Memma

11. Emushka

12. Emme

13. Emmaphrodithe

14. Emmy

15. Emmorrhoids

16. Emmaman

17. Emmany

18. Irma

19. Mister-Emma

20. Emmie Stinkie

21. Emoji

22. The Emmys

Creative Nicknames For Emma

attractive woman posing with hat

1. Em&M — she hides her sensitive, soft side.

2. Emma-Dilemma — smells like Libra.

3. Ema-Emo — a good nickname for a teenager going through an emo phase.

4. Emmie Stinckie — smells like cinnamon bun. (and you can’t stand cinnamon smell).

5. Emmy Lamey — she is lame, but who are you to judge?

6. Emmagram — for a girl who is obsessed with her Instagram photos.

7. Emmax — way out of your league.

8. EmmaPet — if she reminds you of a Muppet, or you want her to be your pet. I don’t think she will like this nickname. Could be a great pet name, though.

9. EmmaCunniff — just another interesting nickname.

10. Ahh-mma — she is very vocal.

11. Emoji-Emma — for a girl who is obsessed with emojis and keeps sending them to you all the time.

12. Emmaphrodite — she is otherworldly (birth-place: Venus).

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Cool Nicknames For Emma

happy woman walking and talking on the phone

1. Emmazing — she is A+ in everything she does.

2. Enigmma — not even a psychic can read her mind.

3. Emergetic — works 10-hour shifts and still has more energy than you.

4. Emmariah — if Eminem and Mariah had a child, this would be its name.

5. Emmette/Emmet — this is an actual Hebrew name, but it sounds good as a cool nickname and it means “universal” and “truth”.

6. Emmers — another cool nickname that sounds good.

7. Emmeline — this one likes designer clothes.

8. Emita — Emita chickita; she’s way more dangerous than she seems.

9. Emanuelle — sounds French, nice nickname for your friend who is obsessed with Europe.

10. Emmagency — you can call her anytime, she will always picks up the phone.

11. Emanem — tough lady, you don’t want to mess with her.

12. Em Universe — she lives in her own fantasy world.

13. Emma Stone — this is actually the name of an American actress, but it could be a cool nickname for your girlfriend who has blonde hair and is pretty.

Unique Nicknames For Emma

happy young woman texting at home on the couch

1. Emmelyn

2. Emmaleigh

3. Emerence

4. Ermintrude

5. Lady Emergetic

6. Emmie

7. Emmagination

8. Emmallion

9. Em-press

10. Enama

11. Emmina

12. Miss Emmazing

13. Emma-Lee

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Middle Names For Emma

happy woman sitting on the floor with mobile phone in hand

1. Rose

2. Natalie

3. June

4. Rosalie

5. Harper

6. Olivia

7. Felicity

8. Reese

9. Juliet

10. Josephine

11. Charlotte

12. Victoria

13. Coralie

14. Whitney

15. Aubrey

16. Sophia

17. Anna-Maria

18. Alexandra

19. Marissa

20. Penelope

Variations Of Emma

smiling woman talking to man outdoor

1. Emmalyn — English

2. Gemma — Italian

3. Irma — German

4. Ada — German

5. Esme — French

6. Ima — Dutch

7. Eliza — Hebrew

8. Ema — Spanish

9. Thea — Greek

Famous People Named Emma

1. Emma Appleton — the Witcher fans know her very well.

2. Emma Andijewska — a very talented Ukrainian artist who wrote poetry, novels, and even painted. She was born in 1931, which means that she is now 91 years old.

3. Emma Anderson — rock music enthusiasts will recognize this name as she is the singer of the band Lush. In addition to singing, she also writes songs and plays the guitar.

4. Emma Richter — one of the most notable paleontologists, who has made a great contribution to science. She was originally from Germany.

5. Emma Ania — a former professional athlete, more precisely a sprinter who competed for Great Britain. She had a notable appearance at the Beijing Olympics when she and her teammates reached 4th place in the relay race.

6. Emma Watson — English actress you most probably know as Hermione.

7. Emma Ahuena Taylo — she was a senior Hawaiian political official as well as a cultural historian, fighting for the rights of women in Hawaii to be able to vote.

8. Emma B. Alrich — a well-known journalist and author from the USA who lived and worked in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

9. Emma Adbåge — a popular Swedish author who writes children’s books and illustrations.

10. Emma Asp — former Swedish footballer.

11. Emma Whitcomb Babcock — she was a famous person a century ago in the USA, more precisely she was the author of many famous magazines at that time.

12. Emma Asson — she is known to older generations as an Estonian politician and as the first woman to be elected to the Estonian parliament. She advocated for the improvement of education and gender equality.

13. Emma Roberts — a familiar face from the TV screen, especially to audiences in the USA. She became famous after starring in the movie Blow, even though she was still a little girl at the time.

14. Emma Atkins — if you watch soap operas, this name is familiar to you.

15. Emma Adler — 19th century Austrian writer and journalist.

16. Emma Samms — an actress from England, but who built her career in America. She had a notable role in the soap opera General Hospital

17. Emma Ankudey — only the biggest boxing fans have heard of his name. She is a former boxer who comes from Ghana and she represented her country back in 1972 in the Summer Olympics in Germany.

18. Emma Thompson — she is known to the public as a British actress and scenario writer. She is currently 62 years old and many say that she is one of the best actresses of her generation.

19. Emma Donoghue — Irish novelist.


What a great collection of nicknames for Emma! I hope you liked reading it as much as I liked writing it! You won’t have any trouble honoring your favorite Emma with a new nickname now.

However, it’s important to be careful when choosing a nickname, as your Emma could be a sensitive person and might not like the name you have chosen for her. So pick wisely.

If you have any more suggestions for nicknames, contact me and I will be happy to update this list.

Until next time!

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Nicknames For Emma 150 Amazing And Cool Names