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40 Fabulous Nicknames For Adelaide You Should Try Out

40 Fabulous Nicknames For Adelaide You Should Try Out

Adelaide is a name of German origin meaning “noble” or “noble-natured”. If you need some good nicknames for someone carrying this lovely name, here are 40 most beautiful nicknames for Adelaide you should definitely try out!

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Top Nicknames For Adelaide

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To start off with, I’ve chosen the top 10 nicknames for Adelaide that are most often used.

These ideas are perfect if you want to play it safe and choose a nickname that is bound to impress.

1. Addie

2. Adele

3. Ada

4. Della

5. Adie

6. Adeline

7. Adela

8. Ade

9. Delly

10. Dalia

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Cute Nicknames For Adelaide

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Next up is a collection of cute nicknames for Adelaide. If you’re looking for a nickname that will match the cuteness of your baby girl, you’re going to like these baby names.

1. Elle

2. Ellie

3. Delli

4. Dolly

5. Addy

6. Delia

7. Madeline

8. Didi

9. Dia

10. Maddie

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Cool Nicknames For Adelaide

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If any of the previous nickname ideas didn’t tackle your fancy, here’s something that may will. Take a look!

1. Heidi

2. Adelais

3. Adelheid

4. Adelajda

5. Addison

6. Dell

7. Dale

8. Dells

9. Leia

10. Alina

Funny Nicknames For Adelaide

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Here’s something special you don’t want to miss; funny nicknames for Adelaide!

1. Laidy

2. Adelicious

3. Laida

4. Little Addie

5. Lol

6. Ads

7. Anda

8. Lady

9. Lady Didi

10. Ant

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Famous People Named Adelaide

From royalty to celebs, Europe to Australia, Adelaide is a popular name choice among many people. Here are some well-known people named Adelaide.

1. Adelaide Kane – if you’re a fan of history TV shows, I’m sure you didn’t miss the one where she portrayed Queen Mary.

2. Adelaide of Saxe-Meinginen – the name didn’t start with her, but she for sure inspired many to use it.

3. Adelaide Clemens – Australia-born actress who lives on the other side of the world now.

4. Adelaide Dutcher – a doctor known for her immense tuberculosis research contribution.

5. Adélaïde Leroux – if you’re familiar with french cinematography, you probably know her name.

Middle Names For Adelaide

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To make this article complete, I prepared a list of girl names that would make a wonderful middle name to the given name Adelaide. Check them out!

1. Adelaide Emily

2. Adelaide Rhea

3. Adelaide Rosalie

4. Adelaide Eve

5. Adelaide Alice

6. Adelaide Rose

7. Adelaide Charlotte

8. Adelaide Blake

9. Adelaide Jade

10. Adelaide Devi


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Adelaide is a charming name that’s an excellent choice for a baby girl.

To make sure you choose an equally stunning nickname, explore this list of nicknames for Adelaide. I’m sure you’ll find something that will impress you.

Until next time!

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40 Fabulous Nicknames For Adelaide You Should Try Out