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80 Stunning Nicknames For Cecilia To Make Her Feel Loved

80 Stunning Nicknames For Cecilia To Make Her Feel Loved

If you’ve been having a hard time choosing the perfect nickname for a lovely girl named Cecilia, this little guide through the best nicknames for Cecilia will make it easier for you!

Top Nicknames For Cecilia

smiling woman with long brown hair (2)

1. Cece

2. Celia

3. Cecelia

4. Celie

5. Cecil

6. Ceci

7. Cecily

8. Lia

9. Cici

10. Cilia

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Cute Nicknames For Cecilia

smiling woman with tied hair

If you’re searching for a baby girl name for a little girl, you’ll be thrilled with the next section.

I’m bringing you some of the cutest nicknames for Cecilia anywhere on the web!

1. Cici

2. Sissy

3. Cissy

4. Cee

5. Clio

6. Chloe

7. Cleo

8. Cilla

9. Calia

10. Caila

11. Cole

12. Cicily

13. Cicy

14. Ceese

15. Ciel

16. Calli

17. Sille

18. Baby C

19. Cecillia

20. Clay

Cool Nicknames For Cecilia

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Next up is a collection of cool nicknames for Cecilia. You’ll notice some of them are actually boy names.

Don’t let it scare you; if you want a cool nickname that sounds powerful, these might be just perfect!

1. See-Lee

2. CC

3. Ceceli

4. Calleo

5. Caylie

6. Cloie

7. Caleb

8. Cal

9. Cally

10. Caylina

11. Cloey

12. Célia

13. Cayla

14. Ceci

15. Chole

16. Calil

17. Callee

18. Caeley

19. Chloee

20. Chloé

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Unique Nicknames For Cecilia

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Here are some unique nicknames you won’t often hear, which makes them special!

1. Cael

2. Chase

3. Calina

4. Cecel

5. Cashel

6. Chael

7. Khloe

8. Cena

9. Cailee

10. CeeCee

11. Chella

12. Coli

13. Colio

14. Ciela

15. Corey

16. Cecley

17. Cayley

18. Calin

19. Caela

20. Caillou

Funny Nicknames For Cecilia

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I didn’t forget the funny ones too! Below you’ll find the funniest nicknames for Cecilia there are. Have a look!

1. Garfunkel

2. Ceceroni

3. Ciceron

4. Chess

5. Cale

6. Caesar

7. Ceiling

8. Celissandre

9. Silly Celly

10. Cilly

Famous People Named Cecilia

Cecilia Roth

If you happen to be a The Office fan like myself, Cecilia definitely rings a bell. The daughter of the two most prominent characters of the show (after Michael, of course!) was named Cecilia, making all The Office fans crazy about that name.

If you did not see The Office (like, seriously?), here are some other famous people named Cecilia you might have heard about.

1. Cecilia Bowes-Lyon – Prince Harry is the most famous prince in the modern world, and this lady was his great-great-grandmother.

2. Cecilia Cheung – not only she has a beautiful voice, but she’s also an amazing actress.

3. Cecilia Bartoli – talking about beautiful voices, this lady has one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard.

4. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin – it took scientists years to agree that her ground-breaking scientific conclusion was actually correct.

5. Cecilia Roth – an extraordinary actress with roles in many successful movies, one of which is Todo Sobre Mi Madre.

6. Cecilia Peck – she definitely inherited charisma and talent from her father.

7. Cecilia Nilsson – if you’re familiar with Swedish cinematography, you know who I’m talking about.

8. Cecilia Ekelundh – Cecilia is quite a popular name in Sweden, that’s why there are two Cecilias from Sweden on this list.

Middle Names For Cecilia

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This article wouldn’t be complete if I left out the middle names. So here are some of the best middle name ideas that make perfect pairs with the first name Cecilia. Check them out!

1. Cecilia Harlyn

2. Cecilia Clara

3. Cecilia Iris

4. Cecilia Miriam

5. Cecilia Adley

6. Cecilia Yvaine

7. Cecilia Kinley

8. Cecilia Daisy

9. Cecilia Ivy

10. Cecilia Beatrix

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked my collection of nicknames for Cecilia. If you have more exciting ideas you’d love to share, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Until next time!

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80 Stunning Nicknames For Cecilia To Make Her Feel Loved