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70 Loveliest Nicknames For Ava You Can Think Of

70 Loveliest Nicknames For Ava You Can Think Of

If you know a girl with the beautiful name Ava, you have probably thought about what nickname would suit her the best. To help you choose the perfect nickname, I’ve collected the 70 loveliest nicknames for Ava that are both cute and interesting.

Top 20 Nicknames For Ava

These nicknames are pure classics. Simple, beautiful, and widely popular.

1. Aveline

2. Avis

3. Avalyn

4. Vivi

5. Avi

6. Avelina

7. Aves

8. Avaline

9. Aviva

10. Evelyn

11. Avah

12. Vi

13. Avs

14. Aviva

15. Avie

16. Avlyn

17. Vivelyn

18. Av

19. Eva

20. Avice

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Cute Unusual Nicknames For Ava

If you’re thinking “outside the box” and want something unusual, this cute name list will offer you exactly that.

These cool nicknames are cute yet out of the ordinary. You can use them as baby names, but they can also be the perfect nickname for both a little girl and a grown woman.

1. Aevey

2. Anais

3. Avary

4. Avster

5. Va

6. Avia

7. Birdy

8. Ave

9. Avory

10. Princess Ava

11. Avalon

12. Awe

13. Aviline

14. Lady A

15. Avalee

16. Avici

17. Avy Boo

18. Ace

19. Ava Wavy

20. A-Baby

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Funny Nicknames For Ava

A good nickname should be both cute and funny at the same time. Here’s a list of nicknames that are funny and interesting, and some of them can be used as boy names too!

1. AvaCorn

2. Avenger

3. Ava Wava

4. Flava

5. Avalable

6. Ava Bean

7. Ava The Lava

8. Avocado

9. Bava

10. Agava

11. Avacado

12. Avaleigh

13. Ava Informer

14. Ava Quaver

15. Avalanche

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Middle Names For Ava

Ava is an exceptional baby girl name, so it requires a middle name of the same quality. Here are some ideas for the perfect middle name to go well with the name Ava.

1. Maria

2. Lynn

3. Nicole

4. Rose

5. Claire

6. Frances

7. Zoe

8. Jade

9. June

10. Sophia

Famous People Named Ava

Ava is an exceptional name, so it’s interesting that there aren’t many famous people who share it. As for me, this only adds more charm to the name and makes it more unique.

1. Ava DuVernay – a well-known name in the film industry. Producer and writer nominated for four Golden Globes and two Academy Awards.

2. Ava Gardner – famous Hollywood beauty. She was not only an actress, but a singer too. You should put her movie The Barefoot Contessa on your watch list, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Ava Michelle – Ava Michelle is a young woman who is quickly becoming popular in the entertainment industry. Her most notable work so far are the movies Tall Girls and Tall Girls 2.

4. Ava Jerome – if you watched General Hospital, then this name is familiar to you. Ava Jerome was wonderfully portrayed by Maure West.

5. Ava Helen Pauling – she didn’t win a Nobel prize like her husband Linus Paulling, however, her work as a human rights activist was notable and very important.

To Sum Up

Choosing a nickname for Ava can be a tricky task.

The name itself is very short, making it more challenging to play around and create a nickname aside from the standard ideas like Avy, Vivi, or Ave.

I wanted to create a list of nicknames with both standard and unusual pet names. The idea is to add more charm to the already fantastic name Ava.

I hope you liked this article and enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As you see, I can’t hide the fact that Ava is my absolute favorite name!

What name would you want me to write about next? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

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