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90 Wonderful Nicknames For Leah You Will Absolutely Love

90 Wonderful Nicknames For Leah You Will Absolutely Love

If you’ve been searching for some good nicknames for Leah, this wonderful list of awesome ideas is exactly what you need!

Let’s jump right in!

My Favorite Nicknames For Leah

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1. Lele

2. La-La-Leah

3. Lee-Bee

4. Lia

5. Lay Lay

6. Lil Leah

7. Liah

8. Leah Loo

9. La

10. Lilo

11. Lenea

12. Lola

13. Lee Boo

14. Leo Leah

15. Leah Banana

16. Leah Loo

17. Leah Bear

18. Lea

19. Leya Heya

20. Lee Lee

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Similar Names For Leah

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Similar names with the same meaning are excellent options.

While baby names like Leah are lovely in their own right, there are alternative names for Leah with the same meaning that are also lovely. Here are several variations for Leah:

1. Aadina

2. Adine

3. Emmie

4. Lina

5. Seri

6. Treslyn

7. Adylee

8. Breelee

9. Jaley

10. Lola

11. Mia

12. Lily

13. Leslie

14. Lina

15. Layla

16. Lydia

17. Shaleigh

18. Laura

19. Lila

20. Leanne

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Leah Name Variations

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The name Leah has a lot of different language and origin alternatives.

Every name has its origin, and here are a few spelling variants of them:

1. Lea — Hebrew/Old English

2. Lia — Hebrew

3. Liah — Hebrew

4. Lee — Hebrew/Old English/English/Irish/Scottish

5. Leatrice — Hebrew

6. Leia — Hebrew

7. Liya — Hebrew

8. Leo — Latin

9. Leif — Scandinavian

10. Lilah — Hebrew

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Middle Names For Leah

Both middle names and full names can easily become nicknames for Leah. Middle names with a matching first name sound incredibly appealing and complement each other.

Middle names have become increasingly popular in the last few centuries, so here are some Leah middle name ideas that go great together:

1. Rose

2. Mae

3. Aubrey

4. Olivia

5. Brianna

6. Eloise

7. Xenia

8. Hope

9. Grace

10. Shay

11. Zoe

12. Iris

13. Jade

14. Giselle

15. Joy

16. Marie

17. Anne

18. Michelle

19. Rue

20. Paige

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Sibling Names For Leah

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Here are some brother and sister names that go well with Leah. These all work well whether you have an older or younger Leah.

Sister Names For Leah:

1. Abigail

2. Rachel

3. Rue

4. Chloe

5. Eve

6. Naomi

7. Mia

8. Eva

9. Jesslyn

10. Perrie

Brother Names For Leah:

1. Tristan

2. Harry

3. Chris

4. Keanu

5. Malachi

6. Ezekiel

7. Ezra

8. Blake

9. Liam

10. Theo

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Biblical Names Related To Leah

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Leah is a famous biblical name, so here are some other names from the Bible with connections to Leah:

1. Rebecca

2. Rachel

3. Priscilla

4. Abigail

5. Naomi

6. Dinah

7. Sarah

8. Mary

9. Hannah

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Famous People Named Leah

There are plenty of famous people named Leah.

Many people give their baby girl names after some of these celebrities.

Here are a few notable celebs named Leah to get you started:

1. Leah: Featured by the American actress Bailey Skodje in “The Crossing.”

2. Leah Shaw (played by Lynn Collins): Side character in the American television series “The Walking Dead.”

3. Leia Organa: Main character from the “Star Wars” movies, played by Carrie Fisher.

4. Leah Clearwater: This “Twilight Saga” character is considered to be the best acting performance of Julia Jones.

5. Leah Berman: Famous American mathematician.

6. Leah Findlater: A scientist exploring the interesting interactions between humans and computers.

7. Leah Horowitz: This little girl never dreamed of becoming a famous singer while spending her childhood on Staten Island.

8. Léa Seydoux: Paris-born actress. Famous for the movie “French dispatch.”

9. Leah Applebaum: A talented voice actress who became a popular Broadway star.

10. Leah Bracknell: (1964–2019), British actress born in England. Best known for her role in the soap opera “Emmerdale farm”.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right nickname is more difficult than it first seems. I hope this post helped you select the ideal nickname for the Leah in your life.

I gathered only the most wonderful nicknames for Leah that I could find, and each one is unique, lovely, and adorable in its own way.

Now you must choose which nickname best represents the spirit of the person you are selecting it for.

Until next time!

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90 Wonderful Nicknames For Leah You Will Absolutely Love