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80 Super Cute Nicknames For Andrea That Work Wonderfully

80 Super Cute Nicknames For Andrea That Work Wonderfully

Hello there, my fellow nickname researchers!

I’ve rounded up 80 unique nicknames for Andrea even the toughest critic will like, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Andrea is such a beautiful name, and despite how it may seem at first, this name has plenty of space for being creative and coming up with lots of exciting pet names.

Before we get into the list of Andrea nicknames, let’s talk about the origin and meaning of this beautiful name.

The Origin And Meaning Of The Name Andrea

When the name Andrea comes up, I immediately think of Anne Hathaway and the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, in which she majestically played the role of Andy Sachs.

I imagine all Andreas to be that lovely.

But not every person named Andrea is female. In the United States, Andrea is mainly used as a girl name, while the male version is Andrew. In other parts of the world, Andrea is a Unisex name that can be both a boy name and a girl name.

One example of Andrea being used as a male name is an Italian singer with a stunning voice, Andrea Bocelli.

The name’s origin is in the Greek word ‘andrós’, which can be translated to ‘manly’. The original name from which it originated is Andrèas. Even though Andrea means ‘manly’ in its original Greek form, many believe that Andrea in its feminine form actually means ‘womanly’.

Top 20 Nicknames For Andrea

I’ll start off with the 20 top nicknames for Andrea. They are short and easy to remember, which is why they’re the popular choices.

If you want something simple as a nickname for the given name Andrea, these are the ideal options for you.

1. Rea

2. Andry

3. Ann

4. Anne

5. Andy

6. Drea

7. Andre

8. Anny

9. Dre

10. Dee

11. Andreana

12. Andrèas

13. Andie

14. Andrel

15. Dede

16. An

17. Andra

18. Andria

19. Andreya

20. Dree

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Unique Nicknames For Andrea

Every name can be played with to create a unique version. Check out these cool nicknames for Andrea designed for all the creative souls out there.

1. Rhea – she’s a true goddess.

2. Andrienne – Andrea with a touch of french.

3. Andrya – an unusual name that adds a bit of magic.

4. Ondria – may seem weird at first, but give it a chance.

5. Anders – a nickname I would personally choose for my boyfriend.

6. Dira – smarty.

7. Nea – one of the most beautiful nicknames for Andrea.

8. Ananda – a person with a higher level of consciousness,

9. A-Girl – it’s definitely a girl.

10. Aarju – she always gets what she wishes for.

11. Anda – lazy like a panda.

12. Andriana – another lovely variant of the name Andrea.

13. Andhera – inspired by Bollywood movies.

14. Dreena – cheeky Andrea.

15. Anea – short version of the name for short girls.

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Cute Nicknames For Andrea

If you’re choosing a pet name for your baby or your romantic partner, you want something both cute and affectionate. I think you will be pleased with these lovely nicknames.

1. Andreita – little girl Andrea

2. Andee – when you want to show an extra level of affection.

3. Bunny – could be used as a pet name for a baby girl, or you can use it for your girlfriend and even add ‘Playboy’.

4. Addie – just perfect.

5. Dee Dee – one ‘Dee’ is cute, but ‘Dee’ twice means she’s super cute.

6. Ree – simple and effective.

7. Renny – cute and girly nickname.

9. RiRi – a girl from Barbados.

10. Angie – inspired by The Rolling Stones.

11. Annie – are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?

12. Anna – for the girl with outstanding beauty.

13. Angel – she has the purest heart.

14. Andranetta – she’s rich and classy.

15. Andry Baby – another sweet baby girl name.

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Funny Nicknames For Andrea

To think of a funny nickname that’s a bit teasing, but still gentle and loving, can be a real challenge. These funny nicknames for Andrea are playful and humorous, just how they should be!

1. Andronicus – inspired by William Shakespeare.

2. Anduin – a nickname that would fit a person who is a fan of World of Warcraft.

3. Pandora – she knows secrets that could seriously damage people’s lives.

4. Android – she wouldn’t give up her Android phone even if you gave her an iPhone 13 for free.

5. Ahn-Dray – unconventional nickname for an unconventional person.

6. Andros – the boss.

7. Dora The Explora – she’s curious and full of life.

8. Antique – she’s in love with all things vintage.

9. Ant-rea – a good nickname for an Andrea who is hard-working.

10. Andromeda – she’s not a star. She’s the whole galaxy.

Famous People Named Andrea

Let’s take a look at some famous people with the given name Andrea!

1. Andrea Barber – when she’s not in front of the camera making people laugh, she’s behind the camera or working as a writer.

2. Andrea Russett – after gaining fame on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube, she started her music career.

3. Andrea Bocelli – a man with an angelic voice who will make you cry out of pure joy while listening to him.

4. Andrea Pirlo – after finishing his career as an active sportsman, Pirlo is now a soccer coach.

5. Andrea Anders – American actress known for her roles in the TV shows ‘Joey’ and ‘Better Off Ted’. Also known for her relationship with Matt LeBlanc.

6. Andrea Cagan – the author of many best-selling books, like ‘Awakening The Healer Within’ and ‘Memoirs of a Ghost’.

7. Andrea Bowen – do you remember ‘Desperate Housewives’? She played the role of the daughter of one of the housewives.

8. Andrea Corr – musician from Ireland, one of the members of music band The Corrs.

9. Andrea Allan – an especially popular actress during the ‘60s and ‘70s.

10. Andrea Solari – famous Italian painter from the 16th century.

You can use these celebrity names as inspiration to develop new interesting nicknames. For example, Solari could be a fun nickname for an Andrea who loves to draw.

Middle Names For Andrea

When choosing a middle name, you want something that fits the first name well. These name ideas would make a beautiful middle name for the first name Andrea.

1. Roselin

2. Yasmin

3. Myra

4. Ivette

5. Alice

6. Mae

7. Zoe

8. Nicole

9. Ruby

10. Marie

Final Words

Choosing a nickname has never been easier now that you have all these great nicknames for Andrea!

My advice is to keep in mind that the person (in this case, Andrea) should like the nickname too. There’s no point in giving them a name that will make them upset.

Go through the list once more (or even a few more times) and choose wisely.

If you come up with any new and exciting nicknames, please share them in the comment section below.

Have fun, and talk to you soon!

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