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Nicknames For Short Girls: 170 Awesome Nicknames Ideas

Nicknames For Short Girls: 170 Awesome Nicknames Ideas

If you are in need of some great nicknames for short girls, then you have come to the right place!

If you have a short girlfriend or best friend, I have loads of great ideas for you – just make sure she is ok with the nicknames you choose for her.

Some people are really sensitive about their height, so make sure your friend, best friend, or girlfriend is comfortable with it.

Shorty is definitely a nickname for short girls you are familiar with, but it’s a universal nickname people around the world frequently use.

I decided to dig through the Internet and collect all the best nicknames for short girls from many different websites!

I hope this will help you find the perfect nickname for the beloved short people in your life!

Top 20 Nicknames For Short Girls

short woman walking and carrying a bag

Here are the top twenty trending nicknames for short girls.

1. Baby Girl – Cute small friend

2. Baby Doll – Baby dolls are little, charming, and harmless

3. Ankle Biter – If your short friend is pretty annoying

4. Knee High – For your low and short friends

5. Kiddo – Usually used for young children

6. Armrest – A classic nickname for your short friends

7. Bite Size – A nickname for a short person

8. Little Miss – A very cute person

9. Midge – A nickname you can use for a short friend you are very close with

10. Lowrider – Means that your short friends are closer to the ground

11. Shortcake – Your small and lovely short friend

12. Hotcakes – A hot and cute little friend who is also short

13. Little Lady – Very popular and cute nickname for short girls

14. Sweet Pea – Adorable nickname for your short friends

15. Wee Bit – Cuteness that comes in limited portions

16. Chipmunk – For your joyful friend with a bright personality

17. Munchkin – Inspired by the small and beautiful munchkin cats

18. Mini Muffin – Charming little girl

19. Snuggle butt – Adorable and sweet short girls

20. Mini Me – Delightful shorties

Cute Nicknames For Short Girls

woman in beige outfit standing on a log

This list is full of cute names and sweet nicknames for short girls! Enjoy!

1. Pixie

2. Sugar Plum

3. Nugget

4. Bun Buns

5. Cutie Pie

6. Cupcake

7. Little Girl

8. Pinky

9. Pumpkin

10. Teeny

11. Goober

12. Ducky

13. Pee Wee

14. Small Fry

15. Short Stuff

16. Thumbelina

17. Cutie

18. Eye Candy

19. Sweetheart

20. Sugar

21. Queen

22. Hottie

23. Peaches

24. Sparkles

25. Foodie

26. Soulmate

27. Sunshine

28. Khaleesi

29. Popsicle

30. Honey

31. Treasure

32. Bambi

33. Fluffy

34. Butterface

35. Lucky Charm

36. Chubster

37. Cutie Patootie

38. Smallie

39. Funny Hunny

40. Nemo

Cool Nicknames For Short Girls

short woman walking through a field

I handpicked all the best and most amazing cool nicknames for short girls right here!

1. Small Bite

2. Rock Short

3. Itty Bitty

4. Stumpy

5. Short star

6. Lil Angel

7. Tinker Bell

8. Half Pint

9. Firecracker

10. Pipsqueak

9. Tiny Temper

10. Min Star

11. Moon Star

12. Rudy

13. Teddy

14. Chiby

15. Oompa Loompa

16. Sparky

17. Foo Foo

18. Smurfette

19. Black Sheep

20. Hot Wheels

21. Bella

22. Toots

23. Goldie

24. Shirley

25. Sista

26. Temple Smitty

27. Champ

28. Kitty

29. Tiny Thing

30. Mini Star

Creative Nicknames For Short Girls

young woman with glasses smiling

Most people get bored hearing the same nicknames over and over, so here are some creative nicknames for short girls you can use to break the boredom!

1. Lil One

2. Chickie

3. Little Lamb

4. Biggie Smalls

5. Wee Lassie

6. Elfie

7. Doll face

8. Powerpuff

9. Claws

10. Lunar

11. Shrimp

12. Landai

13. Shawty

14. Cuddle Monster

15. Anakin Shortwalker

16. Danny Devito

17. Micro

18. Hobbit

19. House Mouse

20. Vegeta

21. Booster

22. Teddy

23. Choti

24. Santa’s Little Helper

25. Goofball

26. Zozo

27. Fritzy

28. Gemini

29. Rebel

30. Smiley

31. Ebb

32. Pea

33. Lava

34. Bam Bam

35. Butterbean

36. Minx

37. Danzy

38. Pop

39. Lava

40. Short star

Funny Nicknames For Short Girls

woman walking across the street

These funny nicknames for short girls will definitely make you and your buddies laugh.

This is the list of the most hilarious nicknames for short girls, enjoy it!

1. Single Scoop

2. Poodle

3. Wee Man

4. Tot

5. Goldie

6. Little Wonder

7. Wolfy

8. Gangster

9. Sweet Thing

10. Sony

11. Halfie

12. Minion

13. Ickle Bickle

14. Buddy

15. Elfie

16. Tootie

17. Kitty

18. Alf

19. Gandhi

20. Little Giant

21. Shrimp

22. Jelly Bean

23. Bee

24. Pint-Size

25. Little Miss

26. Baloo

27. Stripling

28. Tinkerbell

29. Sneezy

30. Gremlin

31. Dwarf

32. Moonshine

33. Little Red Riding Hood

34. Black Lotus

35. Lil Leprechaun

36. Giggles

37. Chromie

38. Cuddle goblin

39. Cuddly Wuddly

40. Toddie

5 Tips For Creating The Best Nicknames For Short Girls

portrait of a woman walking down the street

I’m sure this list helped you a lot, but there may still be some of you who want to know how to create a perfect nickname for their short besties by themselves.

I am going to reveal the best tips and tricks for creating the best nicknames for short girls.

This can sometimes be a sensitive matter, so coming up with a nickname may be quite challenging.

You must ensure that the name doesn’t upset the person you are giving it to, while also making it amusing.

Use Other Languages To Create A Nickname

A great piece of advice is to pick nicknames from different languages.

Spanish, French, Italian, and Irish offer loads of cool, creative, and good nicknames that aren’t offensive, but might be if you translated them into English.

Names like Bella and Bonita are always welcome.

So, for instance, if you need cool nicknames for Isabella, then you might consider Belita or Sabelle.

Or, if you need some catchy nicknames for Danielle, you may call this girl Delle or Lil D.

As with any relationship, knowing a person’s limits and how far they’re willing to go with certain things is critical.

In this situation, it’s how accommodating they are when it comes to specific nicknames.

Choose Nicknames Based On Physical And Emotional Traits

Just because you have a short buddy doesn’t mean you have to base your nickname on their physical characteristics.

If you can’t come up with a nice name for your child or your short friend based on their height, don’t dwell on it too long.

Drop the concept and come up with another.

You can always get ideas from your friends’ best qualities, areas of expertise, or any other positive physical or emotional aspect.

For example, if you want to create some nice nicknames for Lauren, you might consider pet names such as Lollypop or Queen L.

There are several options available, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one!

Respect Their Boundaries

Even the most taunting nicknames won’t bother the greatest of friends, and you’ll be able to call them practically any nickname you can think of.

If you’re not that close, however, your choices are more restricted, and you must be very careful about what name you choose.

When it comes to your children, feel free to tease them, but don’t harm their feelings, especially if you have a sensitive youngster.

If you’re the aunt or uncle, it’s your obligation to offer your nieces and nephews slightly sarcastic nicknames!

However, some people have extremely short temperaments and are sensitive to nicknames that make fun of their appearance or character.

For instance, if you’re thinking about nicknames for Emma, you wouldn’t want to call her Emmy Lamey, or anything similar, because it is obviously offensive.

In this scenario, it’s best to just skip the whole thing because it’s not worth the hassle and arguing.

Don’t Use Height In A Dismissive Sense

You should never mention their size in a negative way. My greatest piece of wisdom is to avoid utilizing any direct allusion to size in the nickname.

While some of the nicknames and baby names listed above do this, it is typically in a lighthearted and amusing manner.

Short stack, Runt, and Pixie are examples of classic nicknames, although not all of them will be welcomed.

A nickname associated with a cute short character, such as Tinker Bell or one of the Power Puff sisters, is the perfect example of this guideline.

It conveys the message while praising the individual by comparing them to some of pop culture’s most recognizable personalities.

The Heart Of The Nickname

Context is crucial when it comes to finding new nicknames.

For example, calling someone a firecracker may give them the impression that they have a short fuse and will explode at the slightest provocation.

But after you explain to them why you picked that particular nickname – because they have a fiery personality – it will be valued much differently.

Avoid using such nicknames in instances you can humiliate a friend or family member in public.


This article was about the best nicknames for short girls. I hope you enjoyed it and that you found the perfect nicknames for your short friend or girlfriend!

If you’re going with this theme to choose a nice nickname for your short friend or child, follow the tips and tricks listed above to pick one she’ll definitely love.

Just keep in mind that you should try not to offend your friends with nicknames.

Until next time!