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130 Powerful Health Affirmations For A Healthy Lifestyle

130 Powerful Health Affirmations For A Healthy Lifestyle

Striving to improve our health is something we all must be committed to.

And while we should give our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle by simply living healthily, there are some different steps we can take to improve our well-being.

Those are health affirmations for physical, mental, and emotional well-being, that we should incorporate into our daily routine to set up a foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Below you’ll discover the best list of positive affirmations about health I collected from various online sources to help you live a better life and stay healthy.

Let’s have a look!

10 Best Health Affirmations

1. “My body is a vessel of wellness.”

woman doing yoga image representing the best health affirmation

2. “I am vigorous, energetic, and full of vitality.”

3. “My positive thoughts and actions renew my health and body.”

4. “Every day is a new day full of hope, happiness, and health.”

5. “I love my body for everything amazing it can do!”

6. “I am at peace with my body, heart, mind, and soul.”

7. “I am a friend to my body.”

8. “My wellness is a priority to me.”

9. “My lifestyle is healthy and happy.”

10. “My body is a powerful machine.”

My body is a powerful machine

Daily Affirmations For Good Health

1. “I am worthy of good health.”

I am worthy of good health

2. “I am feeling freer and healthier.”

3. “I am now in control.”

4. “I am feeling better.”

5. “I have a loving relationship with my body.”

6. “All is well in my world.”

7. “I trust the world will help me live my best life.”

8. “Every day is a gift.”

9. “I see the good in myself.”

10. “I treat myself with kindness.”

I treat myself with kindness

11. “I am resilient.”

12. “I am blessed.”

13. “I treat my body with care and love.”

14. “I love the body I was born with.”

15. “My mind is a friend to my body.”

Morning Health Affirmations

1. “I wake up refreshed and energized.”

I wake up refreshed and energized

2. “Today I will focus on what makes me feel good.”

3. “I let go of negative self-talk.”

4. “I embrace every bit of my body.”

5. “I am grateful for my body.”

6. “I start my day with a positive mindset.”

7. “I invest time in nurturing both my body and mind.”

8. “I love and respect my body.”

9. “I choose nutritious foods that fuel my body.”

10. “I am open to new ways to improve my health.”

I am open to new ways to improve my health

11. “I focus on what brings me happiness.”

12. “I listen to what my mind and body need.”

13. “Today I will make good choices.”

14. “My body is healthy and strong.”

15. “I am full of energy and ready for the day.”

Powerful Affirmations For Health

1. “With every passing day my body is becoming more energetic, more healthy.”

With every passing day my body is becoming more energetic, more healthy

2. “I am my greatest well-wisher.”

3. “I am treating my body as a temple.”

4. “I lovingly do everything I can to assist my body in maintaining perfect health.”

5. “I am always happy, hale, and hearty.”

6. “My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.”

7. “I am grateful for my health.”

8. “My body is nourished.”

9. “My food choices are balanced and healthy.”

10. “I live a healthy lifestyle.”

I live a healthy lifestyle.

11. “I take things slowly when needed.”

12. “My health and well-being journey is unique to me.”

13. “I set healthy boundaries.”

14. “I feel better every day.”

15. “I deserve to feel healthy.”

Positive Affirmations For Health

1. “I set healthy boundaries.”

woman exercising image representing positive healthy affirmation

2. “I radiate positive vibes.”

3. “I am thankful for everything my body provides.”

4. “My body listens to me.”

5. “I make time to do the things I love.”

6. “I love moving my body every day.”

7. “I deserve to feel great each day.”

8. “I listen to what my body is telling me.”

9. “My body feels good and I radiate good feelings.”

10. “My body is perfect the way it is.”

image of a girl doing yoga representing positive affirmation on health

11. “It feels good to take care of myself.”

12. “Resting my body is my birthright.”

13. “I deserve to live a long, healthy life.”

14. “My body loves and protects me.”

15. “Wellness is the neutral state of my body.”

I Am Healthy Affirmations

1. “I am healthy, optimistic, and happy.”

I am healthy, optimistic, and happy

2. “My health cannot be taken from me.”

3. “My health is improving every day.”

4. “I make time for self-care.”

5. “My immune system is resilient.”

6. “My body is sacred and I will take care of it.”

7. “I exercise to honor my body’s strength.”

8. “I am grateful for my life force.”

9. “I am kind to my body.”

10. “My immune system is strong and keeps me safe.”

My immune system is strong and keeps me safe

11. “I eat food to nourish and celebrate my body.”

12. “I lead an exciting, healthy life.”

13. “My body is always working for me.”

14. “I sleep soundly and peacefully.”

15. “I am well in mind, body, and spirit.”

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Mental Health Affirmations

1. “I feel calm and peaceful inside.”

I feel calm and peaceful inside

2. “I am freeing myself from stress.”

3. “I release tension whenever I exhale.”

4. “I give myself permission to feel this way without judgment.”

5. “My body is calm.”

6. “I welcome a sense of calm into my life.”

7. “I am more than my thoughts.”

8. “Letting go of worry is becoming easy.”

9. “Only good things await me.”

10. “I appreciate the goodness in my life.”

I appreciate the goodness in my life

11. “I find more and more to be grateful for.”

12. “I choose peace.”

13. “I am balanced.”

14. “I value myself.”

15. “I release all tension in my body.”

Healing Affirmations For Health

1. “I have faith in my own healing.”

I have faith in my own healing

2. “I am in charge, I now take my own power back.”

3. “I am thriving in my healing journey.”

4. “I heal quickly and easily.”

5. “I am proud of myself for making it so far.”

6. “I am open to new forms of healing.”

7. “It’s okay. Everything will be fine.”

8. “I will get through today.”

9. “I can feel the shift towards peace.”

10. “I listen to the intuition I have about my healing.”

I listen to the intuition I have about my healing

11. “The peace that I need is inside me.”

12. “My body is healing.”

13. “I’m loved. I’m important. I’m unique.”

14. “Nobody can help me achieve peace but me.”

15. “I am supported and loved during this healing process.”

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Health Affirmations For Strength And Confidence

1. “I’m filled with strength.”

I’m filled with strength

2. “I am brave.”

3. “I can overcome any obstacle.”

4. “I am strong and healthy.”

5. “I love myself unconditionally.”

6. “I have the power to create the life I want.”

7. “I can persevere and stay strong.”

8. “All problems have solutions.”

9. “I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals.”

10. “I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.”

I am fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire

11. “I am capable of handling anything.”

12. “I know that problems are temporary.”

13. “The power is in my hands.”

14. “With every breath, I feel stronger.”

15. “I deserve to feel confident.”

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To Conclude

These health affirmations can go a long way toward improving your health, the quality of your life, and your overall well-being.

Reinforcing wellness in your life, they are a powerful tool to motivate you to keep believing in yourself, thus boosting your self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem.

Until next time!

130 Powerful Health Affirmations For A Healthy Lifestyle