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80 Inspirational Confidence Affirmations To Empower You

80 Inspirational Confidence Affirmations To Empower You

Our self-belief has a major impact on our self-esteem.

I believe that changing the way we see ourselves and trust our abilities can help us combat negative self-perceptions and replace them with positive thoughts.

This is to be achieved by positive self-talk composed of powerful confidence affirmations to create a positive mindset and build higher self-esteem.

Yes, short positive statements and encouraging words of affirmation to self can make a huge difference in challenging our low self-esteem and improving our self-image.

Below you’ll read the most positive affirmations for confidence which I collected from various online sources.

Let them fill you with positive vibes and become your daily routine or your go-to list whenever you struggle with feeling confident in yourself!

10 Best Confidence Affirmations

1. “I radiate with confidence; people around me can feel it.“

image of flowers and a lady holding her hat representing best confidence affirmation

2. “I wake up each morning feeling confident and empowered.“

3. “I can do amazing things.”

4. “I release negative self-talk and do not need validation from others.“

5. “I am creating my dream life every single day.“

6. “I accept myself just the way I am.“

7. “I breathe in confidence and exhale fear.“

8. “I am stronger than my fears.“

9. “I am in full control of my life.“

10. “I am becoming the best version of myself.“

image of flowers and a blonde lady with a hat representing best affirmation for self-confidence

Powerful Affirmations For Confidence

1. “I can overcome every obstacle that comes my way.“

image of flowers and lady in white jacket representing powerful affirmation for confidence

2. “I believe in my abilities.“

3. “I am a unique and special person.“

4. “I can face every challenge.“

5. “Self-deprecation isn’t something I need.“

6. “I am in complete control of my emotions.“

7. “I can express my true self.“

8. “It’s okay to leave my comfort zone.“

9. “My mood doesn’t depend on other people’s opinions.“

10. “I am grateful for my journey.“

“I am grateful for my journey.“

Self-Confidence Positive Affirmations

1. “I am stronger than I think.“

black woman and violet flowers image representing self confidence positive affirmation

2. “There is nothing I am afraid of.“

3. “I learn something from every experience.“

4. “I am motivated to become the best version of myself.“

5. “I see myself walking confidently into every situation.“

6. “I look forward to the future.“

7. “I do my best every day.“

8. “I let go of anxiety and self-doubt.“

9. “The road to improvement is paved with challenges; I can overcome all of them.“

10. “I have the right to feel confident.“

image of flowers and a black lady representing positive self-confidence affirmation

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Self-Esteem Affirmations

1. “My happiness and well-being are important.“

image of flowers and blonde lady in yellow dress representing self esteem affirmation

2. “Every day is another chance to shine.“

3. “I don’t have to waste time on people whose company I don’t enjoy.“

4. “Every day is an opportunity to be better.“

5. “I am grateful for everything I’ve accomplished so far.“

6. “I create my destiny.“

7. “I believe in my abilities and decisions.“

8. “I constantly aspire to improve myself.“

9. “I throw away all negative thoughts.“

10. “I am strong and act with confidence.“

lady in yellow dress and flowers image representing positive affirmation for self esteem

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Self-Worth Affirmations

1. “Nobody has the right to make me feel less worthy.“

image of red flowers and a brunette representing self-worth affirmation

2. “I am a valuable human being.“

3. “I celebrate and reward myself for every win, no matter how small it may seem.“

4. “I am just as worthy as anyone else.“

5. “I know I’m making the right choices in life.“

6. “I am surrounded by good people I love, and they love me back.“

7. “I am loved for who I am.“

8. “I have a right to my own opinion, and it doesn’t have to align with anyone else’s.“

9. “My emotions matter.“

10. “I don’t have to stay around people that don’t make me happy.“

long-haired woman and red flowers image representing affirmation for self-worth

Affirmations For Self-Care

1. “Taking care of myself is my first responsibility.“

“Taking care of myself is my first responsibility.“

2. “I take tender care of myself.“

3. “Every day I make progress in taking care of myself.“

4. “I enjoy my body and take good care of it.“

5. “I deserve the best care.“

6. “I am the only self I have, so I’d best take good care of myself.“

7. “I take excellent care of myself.“

8. “Taking care of myself brings me mental health.“

9. “When I’m kind to myself, it’s easy to be kind to others.“

10. “I’m smart enough to treat myself right.“

“I’m smart enough to treat myself right.“

Confidence Affirmations For Success

1. “Every challenge I overcome is a success.“

“Every challenge I overcome is a success.“

2. “I have everything I need for success.“

3. “I am full of vitality. My confidence, positive attitude, and self-belief are my biggest assets to take me a step closer to my success.“

4. “When I set my mind on something, I won’t stop until I reach it.“

5. “I already have everything I need to achieve my goals.“

6. “I can overcome every setback.“

7. “I am not scared of taking risks.“

8. “I am not afraid of the unknown.“

9. “Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.“

10. “It’s okay to fail because that’s the road to success.“

“It’s okay to fail because that’s the road to success.“

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Self-Love Affirmations

1. “I deserve to feel good about myself.“

roses and black woman image representing self love affirmation

2. “I accept compliments from others.“

3. “I am my own favorite person.“

4. “I don’t need validations from others to know how good I am.“

5. “I am beautiful inside and out.“

6. “I can let go of my insecurities.“

7. “I can embrace my flaws and imperfections.”

8. “I love how I look.“

9. “My family and friends enjoy spending time with me.“

10. “I am a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.“

“I am a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.“

Final Thoughts

I like to practice these confidence affirmations every single day.

You can do it too, or you can turn to them when you have a bad day and you feel low on self-esteem.

You can also create some of your own affirmations, depending on the situation you’re going through.

Not only will they boost your self-esteem the moment you need it, but they will also affect your personal growth in the long run!

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80 Inspirational Confidence Affirmations To Empower You