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80 Brutal 21 Savage Quotes That Will Shift Your Perspective

80 Brutal 21 Savage Quotes That Will Shift Your Perspective

His name says it all, 21 Savage is savage af!

This controversial young rapper may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we must admit he’s intriguing.

Check out these absolutely brutal 21 Savage quotes that will, without a doubt, impress you and change the way you see things.

Let’s start!

10 Greatest 21 Savage Quotes

1. “I just feel like a lot of people lose their spot trying to take somebody else’s.” — 21 Savage

Image of 21 Savage representing the best 21 Savage quote.

2. “I don’t think people really understand how hard it is to be black. Especially when you coming from nothing.” — 21 Savage

3. “I don’t care about what nobody say or how nobody feel. I’m happy, I’m living my life, and that’s what it is.” — 21 Savage

4. “We don’t gotta tear each other down to win, there’s enough rings for everybody.” — 21 Savage

5. “Whatever you’re doing, think fifty steps ahead.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage Iconic rapper from Atlanta.

6. “I don’t have any competition. I don’t really care about other artists. I care about me.” — 21 Savage

7. “I wanna make it cool for kids to get into tech, startups, and entrepreneurship – cooler than buying a bunch of jewelry.” — 21 Savage

8. “You can’t get taught how to manage money by somebody that’s poor.” — 21 Savage

9. “I just create. I don’t have expectations. I just make music.” — 21 Savage

10. “That’s why I get the blessings I get, because I move in a genuine way.” — 21 Savage

Rapper 21 Savage in his element represennting the best 21 Savage quote.

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21 Savage Quotes About Life

1. “I’m a reality rapper. I write about things I know about.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage A force in hip-hop.

2. “I’m humble and got a brain.” — 21 Savage

3. “You can have all the fame in the world / All the money in the world, won’t stop no cry.” — 21 Savage

4. “You just gotta take risks.” — 21 Savage

5. “It would be kind of messed up if they treated rich immigrants better than poor immigrants, I think.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage, a rising rap superstar.

6. “I feel like I done been through so much in my life, like, I learned to embrace the times when I’m down ’cause they always build me up and take me to a new level in life.” — 21 Savage

7. “It’s always gone be problems. And as soon as we figure out that it’s always gone be like that, everybody gone be able to live a better life.” — 21 Savage

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8. “I might rap about a lot of stuff, but that’s just a reflection about what I’ve been through. But in real life, everything I do is positive.” — 21 Savage

9. “I like to reflect on the past.” — 21 Savage

10. “I started doing more positive things, positive things started happening for me.” — 21 Savage

Atlanta rapper known for lyrical prowess.

11. “If you’re from the hood and you black, you’re going to have some type of music in your life.” — 21 Savage

12. “I stopped wearing jewelry for a couple of reasons. One is because everybody wears jewelry. I outgrew it; I’m getting a little wiser and growing, so…” — 21 Savage

13. “I just feel like I’m becoming a better person. My music is just getting better. Learning the game better, learning how to move, learning how to create – everything’s just growing.” — 21 Savage

14. “I was seven when I first came here. I knew I wasn’t born here but I didn’t know what that means as far as how I transitioned into an adult.” — 21 Savage

15. “Be smart with your money because money can make life a little easier.” — 21 Savage

Rapper 21 Savage's distinctive hip-hop presence

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16. “The way you dress says a lot about you and your character.” — 21 Savage

17. “Music for sure changed the way I live. I have financial freedom; my family is good. It changed the way I think, too, because now, I’ve got a lot to lose.” — 21 Savage

18. “I rap about what I rap about, but my mindset different.” — 21 Savage

19. “Giving back is especially important to me, because I feel like I’m blessed with a lot of the stuff I have, so that I could give back to people.” — 21 Savage

20. “Getting shot made me want to change my life, and my career.” — 21 Savage

Music sensation 21 Savage with captivating charisma.

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Absolutely Savage 21 Savage Quotes

1. “Say what I want, do what I want… I rather deal with consequences than live in fear.” — 21 Savage

Savage Mode creator exudes confidence on stage.

2. “I always put a lot of effort into my albums… Not no microwave sh*t.” — 21 Savage

3. “Don’t be no idiot.” — 21 Savage

4. “I don’t really think voting changes nothing, personally.” — 21 Savage

5. “I might as well rap about it, ’cause I really do it.”21 Savage

21 Savage's signature style and swagger.

6. “I had to change. I was a wild nigga. And I knew one day karma was gonna come back around.” — 21 Savage

7. “That’s the only thing I don’t like – people always got something to say about my life. I don’t know nothing about their life. People just judge you when they don’t even know you.” — 21 Savage

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8. “I had a accent, ’cause my first day of school they was making fun of me so I beat somebody up, and they was calling me “taekwondo kid.” — 21 Savage

9. “What you eat don’t make me shit. That might work for you, that don’t mean it’s going to work for me.” — 21 Savage

10. “The goal is creating generational wealth.” — 21 Savage

The enigmatic 21 Savage captivates audiences.

11. “Every day that I’m alive, I’ma ride with the stick I’d rather be broke in jail than be dead and rich.” — 21 Savage

12. “I’ve been here… 19 years. This is all I know. I don’t feel that you should be arrested and put in a place where a murderer would be, just for being in the country too long.” — 21 Savage

13. “I’ll go to Mars, even if I got there and died on the way back. It’s just the opportunity. How many people can say they went to Mars?” — 21 Savage

14. “But I don’t like recording in front of people. I will make the engineers put on headphones, because if I’m recording out loud and there’s 20 people in the studio and everybody ain’t bopping their heads like this is the hardest shit they’ve ever heard in their life, it’s going to throw me off.” — 21 Savage

15. “Went through some things but I couldn’t imagine my kids stuck at the border.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage's magnetic stage performance.

21 Savage Quotes On Fame & Success

1. “Keep da money, cars, fame, and jewelry, and jus give me all the happiness – I’ll be good forever.” — 21 Savage

Rapper 21 Savage in a striking pose.

2. “Never stop hustling.” — 21 Savage

3. “It’s really important for me to show kids that there are other ways to get rich beyond rapping.” — 21 Savage

4. “I’d rather just keep trying to outdo myself over and over.” — 21 Savage

5. “I stay focused on moving forward and not letting stuff put me in a hole or make me feel depressed.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage Hip-hop's rising star.

6. “Ever since I’ve been saving money and not spending it on jewelry, I’ve been getting way richer.” — 21 Savage

7. “You know in school, when you get to a certain age, your clothes make you popular? I learned how to be popular without that. People respected me just for me.” — 21 Savage

8. “With my music, I don’t listen to it. I record it, and if I like it, I know it’s going on the album, but I don’t overly drive around to my music because I will stop liking it.” — 21 Savage

9. “I’m still building on what I got.” — 21 Savage

10. “People get a taste of success and lose their appetite.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage's bold, unapologetic presence.

11. “All business partnerships are just me wanting to do things I like to do anyway, so it does not feel forced.” — 21 Savage

12. “I think that’s why I have so much success because I don’t chase sh*t.” — 21 Savage

13. “I don’t think too hard when I’m making music, it just comes naturally.” — 21 Savage

14. “Rapping just gave me something to do versus the streets.” — 21 Savage

15. “The richest people don’t wear jewelry.”  — 21 Savage

21 Savage Atlanta's rap game powerhouse.

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16. “I got kids that I just gave a thousand dollars apiece to who are in school, for inspiration and financial literacy. So, it’s like I’m still in the hood, it’s just you gotta change what you do in the hood.” — 21 Savage

17. “I make music for my fans. It comes from the heart, they come first to me.” — 21 Savage

18. “I started messing around with music and then I started to like it, so I kept on and kept on, and I got better and better. As I got bigger, more people heard me, and my career grew and just kept on growing,” — 21 Savage

19. “At the end of the day, this how I eat.” — 21 Savage

20. “It makes me feel good because I know my influence can change the cycle.”21 Savage

Rap star 21 Savage owns the spotlight.

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21 Savage Quotes On Love & Loyalty

1. “Hard to tell the real from fake ‘cause nowadays, they got masks on.” — 21 Savage

Striking image of rapper 21 Savage

2. “Building Black-owned businesses is a powerful way to shift the narrative – and sustain wealth in our communities.” — 21 Savage

3. “I feel a responsibility. My situation is important ’cause I represent poor black Americans and I represent poor immigrant Americans. You gotta think about all the millions of people that ain’t 21 Savage that’s in 21 Savage shoes.” — 21 Savage

4. “I made sure I made certain songs just so people couldn’t say every song sound the same.”  — 21 Savage

5. “You can show somebody all the love in the world but that don’t mean they gonna show it back.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage's confident and charismatic pose.

6. “My music is my music, that’s what people want to hear, so I’m going to give ’em what they want to hear.” — 21 Savage

7. “I feel like certain people, when you lose them or they’re not physically able to be present, certain people just aren’t replaceable. There’s nothing you can do to fill that void. I really don’t think there’s nothing we can do for real, but hold on to what we have left and cherish what we have left.” — 21 Savage

8. “Now that I do have money in my bank account, I want to help kids with a background similar to mine to get smart about their money.” — 21 Savage

9. “Even if I ain’t the famous-est, the richest, the best – as long as I know I kept it real and didn’t backstab nobody – I sleep good at night.” — 21 Savage

10. “It made me who I am. I wouldn’t write it no other way if I had the choice.” — 21 Savage

Iconic pose by rapper 21 Savage.

11. “If you tell me, “I’ll give you 20 million to go stay somewhere you ain’t never stayed,” I’d rather be broke. I’ll sit in jail to fight to live where I’ve been living my whole life.” — 21 Savage

12. “I want to give back to the community, help the kids, get them uniforms, books, book bags, everything they need… just do better. That’s where it starts: the kids.” — 21 Savage

13. “It makes me feel good just to know that I’m touching people.” — 21 Savage

14. “It was what was at stake. It’s like, I got three kids, my mama, everything that I know is here in Atlanta. I’m not leaving Atlanta without a fight.” — 21 Savage

15. “If your goals and my goals aren’t the same we shouldn’t be on the same team.” — 21 Savage

21 Savage in a powerful pose.

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Final Words

Whether you like his music or not, these 21 Savage quotes can teach you a couple of things about love and loyalty.

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80 Brutal 21 Savage Quotes That Will Shift Your Perspective