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50 Must-Read Fortnite Quotes For Aspiring Gamers

50 Must-Read Fortnite Quotes For Aspiring Gamers

It’s time to level up your game and unleash your full potential and these inspiring Fortnite quotes will be your guide!

1. “You can’t half-try. You have to put in full effort.” — Gerard ‘Sparebow’ Gimenez

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2. “I think a lot of people hold this belief that the average gamer and especially a pro gamer, is unfit and unhealthy. However, I feel it doesn’t have to be that way because there is always enough time in the day to do all the things you have to do.” — Jake Filicicchia

3. “Gaming is impactful; it’s crazy the number of things that have changed with gaming. I also think Fortnite was a great game to show that younger players, anyone above the age of 13, can literally make thousands of dollars playing a video game if they’re good enough at it. I think the future of gaming is incredible, and people just need to buy into it a little and trust the process.” — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

4. “In many ways ‘Fortnite’ is like a social network. People are just in the game with strangers; they’re playing with friends and using ‘Fortnite’ as a foundation to communicate.” — Tim Sweeney

5. “So, what I saw when I give someone advice – I immediately tell them not to gauge their skill or their progress on wins.” — Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

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6. “Games like ‘Fortnite’ are way more fun to play with your real-world friends, and they’re so accessible that anybody can play.” — Tim Sweeney

7. “I’ve always liked the competitive games. It’s hard for me to play games that are just kind of casual. It gives me another outlet for competition, and that’s what ‘Fortnite’ does.” — Gordon Hayward

8. “You have to live and breathe the game if you want to even catch up, especially if you start now, where everybody is years ahead of you.” — Gerard ‘Sparebow’ Gimenez

9. “Not many people can make a living or afford to be playing the game as much and as long as I am, so I encourage a lot of kids to make sure to get good grades, and do well in school, then they can play Fortnite.” — Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

10. “A lot of players log TONS of hours into the game, but they are mindless hours. Use the time you have in-game effectively to grow.” — Panda

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11. “Always been a big fan of MrSavage, still my favorite player. I didn’t really have any other inspirations other than him. Outside of Fortnite, I’d say my dad, real-world characters don’t do it for me, never had any posters or anything, I kind of had my Dad’s inspirations Rocky films and lots of rugby players and David Goggins etc.” — Harry Pearson (Veno)

12. “Put yourself on a routine, aim training, mechanics training, scrims, vod reviews, if you want to be a professional you have to put in the time and effort it takes to be one.” — Fifty

13. “’Fortnite’ really is just the perfect storm of a game. You have the fact that it’s free to play on almost every platform, and everything about the game is enjoyable.” — Ninja

14. “When you get higher up the ladder you get bigger rewards and I was invited to bigger servers with better players – the pros and the content creators – and that’s what really motivated me to keep pushing at the time.” — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

15. “Stop trying to win right away when you don’t know how to play.” — Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

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16. “Fortnite has so much opportunity for really any niche, so if you have a vision all it takes is hard work and problem solving and you can go out there and execute it.” — Fifty

17. “You want to stop playing ‘Fortnite,’ man, because you aren’t having fun anymore? Good. Go watch someone else. Go play another game.” — Ninja

18. “I first got into gaming with Minecraft. I don’t know why. I think it’s because my friend had Minecraft, and he showed me, and I was like, ‘I really want to play this.’” — Gerard ‘Sparebow’ Gimenez

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19. “I started when I was a kid as a form of escape. I wasn’t someone that really enjoyed school and games provided a way to forget about studies and stresses that school life brings.” — Jake Filicicchia

20. “For aspiring Fortnite players and managers hoping to follow in our footsteps, I’d say do not be afraid to go against the norm.” — Fifty

21. “’Fortnite’ has, I think, the most positive gamer community that’s ever emerged from a game at this scale. I think it’s partly because of the great community and partly because of the tone set by the game.” — Tim Sweeney

22. “The games were tough zones but we played the games exceptionally well regardless of the obstacles.” — Harry Pearson (Veno)

23. “My dad got me into gaming really early on – he had a major impact on me. I played a lot of the Call of Duty games on console when they first came out, I think Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest one I started with, but aside from that I’d play all kinds of smaller games with my dad as well.” — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

24. “Whatever game you’re playing, just play for fun…Having fun, at the end of the day, is the most important thing.” — Pokimane

25. “My best advice for players looking to improve is this: Play with a purpose.” — Panda

26. “If you really care about a game, spending a couple of minutes setting up payment is perfectly reasonable. It’s certainly happened with ‘Fortnite’.” — Tim Sweeney

27. “I’ll play anything Mario- or Zelda-related, but Fortnite is one step beyond me. I don’t get anything from it but motion sickness and an increased sense of anxiety about how violent future generations are going to be.” — Romesh Ranganathan

28. “One of the most important tips that I’d give would be to practice and grind the game. Everyone knows the saying “practice makes perfect” and it does.” — Adam ‘Neymar’ Bhamjee

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29. “’Fortnite’ is cartoony, if you want to use that word, and that’s going to a good turn-on for parents when they see their kids playing a game like that.” — Ninja

30. “Better to start a marathon with small, solid steps, but stick with it for the long haul, than to tear it all up overnight by taking a high risk.” — Semio88

31. “So I guess the sacrifice I make is that I give up high-level gameplay for gameplay that allows for more interaction with my fans.” — Jake Filicicchia

32. “I want to see how that feels. That’s the main goal I have for this year. To meet people I’ve played with for years at a LAN. Like, playing with my teammate, that I’ve known for months. How does that feel? Winning a game next to him in person.” — Gerard ‘Sparebow’ Gimenez

33. “When I first started I was really just playing for fun. I never expected to get that far.” — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

34. “Fortnite recognizes the importance of fostering a vibrant community – not many do it better – and the platform is actively enhancing its social elements.” — Matt Zanazzo

35. “Have a goal in mind and believe that you can achieve that goal.” — Adam ‘Neymar’ Bhamjee

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36. “It feels incorrect to group all Fortnite players and viewers into a singular fanbase, as the beauty behind this title is that there are so many different likes, interests, and communities involved in making the game what it is.” — Fifty

37. “I have a huge responsibility on my back to show what this organization can achieve in Fortnite! I’m hoping to accomplish something I’ve never achieved before, to win a major event, I’ve come 2nd more than enough times, now it’s time to come 1st.” — Harry Pearson

38. “Of course, I’m not perfect, but I try my best to balance streaming and competitive play. At one point, I was streaming for a long time and streaming most competitive events, but it was getting kind of hard with stream snipers, and it’s also hard to improve when you are always playing on stream and you’re more focused on entertaining than you are competing. I took a bit of a step back and learned a lot more when I did. I just try to find the perfect balance that works for me.” — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

39. “We envision a future where Fortnite’s metaverse transcends conventional gaming experiences, attracting creators and brands from diverse industries seeking to shape the future of immersive entertainment.” — Matt Zanazzo

40. “As someone deeply involved in the Fortnite Esports scene, I genuinely do see the industry changing for the better in the coming years.” — Fifty

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41. “I play pretty much every day. I do it as a hobby but it’s also become a job now, with streaming and everything.” — Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

42. “Every Fortnite session, look to improve in some way, shape, or form. If you aren’t sure how, don’t worry. Watch creators like Reisshub or Somebodysgun to help dive into the mind of the pros.” — Panda

43. “We’re really proud of the game and are just glad people are connecting with it.” — Eric Williamson

44. “It’s a much more enjoyable and personal and empathetic medium than today’s social networks, for example. Of all the ways you can engage with your friends, it’s awesome to be together in person, it’s awesome to be together in Fortnite, either playing battle royale or going to a concert.” —  Tim Sweeney

45. “I always emphasize the importance of organization and consistency.” — Irina Reddysh/Red

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46. “Fortnite’s design doesn’t have any emotes that are super negative where you can grief people. It’s all fun emotes. They’re whimsical or entertaining or fun. And you’re not voice chatting with the entire world about politics. It’s your party. Most of these experiences are designed to be fun and not things that can be hijacked.” — Tim Sweeney

47. “I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for the ‘Fortnite’ Community.” — Ninja

48. “Of course (I have encountered challenges streaming) – especially as a girl in the streaming world! There are people who assume a lot of bad things about us, but I like proving them wrong.” — Irina Reddysh/Red

49. “A lot of people come to the Fortnite concerts because they love the musicians, but then they leave because they’re not shooter players.” — Tim Sweeney

50. “The key to success is hard work and surrounding yourself with the right people.” — Panda

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To Conclude

I hope these Fortnite quotes have inspired and motivated you to go further and achieve more. But don’t forget to have fun along the way!

50 Must-Read Fortnite Quotes For Aspiring Gamers