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90 Adorable Nicknames For Margaret You Can’t Go Wrong With

90 Adorable Nicknames For Margaret You Can’t Go Wrong With

Who is your very special Margaret? Is she your daughter, sister, sweetheart or maybe your best friend? Whoever she is, one thing is for sure – you hold her near and dear to your heart!

Since you’re reading my article, you want to make sure that you’ll pick the best nickname for her!

So, welcome to my collection of 90 nicknames for Margaret that’ll help you find at least one that’s absolutely perfect for her!

To make it even more interesting and exciting, I’ve also included the following in my article: etymology and popularity of this beautiful name, middle names for Margaret and a list of famous and notable Margarets!

If this sounds good, just keep scrolling!

Meaning And Origin Of The Name Margaret

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First things first – what do we know about the meaning and origin of this amazing name? 

Well, its roots are in the Greek language – it basically comes from the word μαργαρίτης (margarites), which means pearl. Earlier origins aren’t that clear, and it is assumed that the Greeks borrowed it from Middle Persian – marvarit (pearl).

Now that you know a little bit more about the etymology of the name Margaret, I suggest that we jump to my list of nickname ideas for Margaret!

Are you ready?

Top 10 Nicknames For Margaret

I’ll start off with my 10 best nicknames for Margaret. Let’s take a look:

1. Mila

2. Magda

3. Perla

4. Margery

5. Mattie

6. Maggie

7. Margo

8. Gia

9. March

10. Minx

Cool Nicknames For Margaret

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How cool is your Margaret? Would any of these nicknames fit her?

1. Mango

2. Mia

3. Magnificient

4. Mega

5. Megan

6. Marley

7. Mini

8. Argarette

9. MaGoo

10. Mahilton

11. Princess Marg

12. Margdor

13. Goga

14. Gita

15. Egg Megg

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Funny Nicknames For Margaret

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Does your Margaret appreciate a good joke more than anything or are you yourself a little quirky? We’ve got you covered.

1. Minnie

2. Magstar

3. Magneto

4. Ett

5. Mmax

6. Gretchen

7. MC

8. McGret

9. Mars

10. Garrett

Cute Nicknames For Margaret

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This section brings you cute nicknames for Margaret:

1. Ari

2. Gaby

3. Emi

4. Marge

5. Perle

6. Little M

7. Margs Adorbs

8. Marta

9. Minx

10. Peg

11. Margarita

12. Mays

13. Margy

14. Peggy

15. Marit

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Brilliant Nicknames For Margaret

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Here are some brilliant nickname ideas for her:

1. Ara

2. May

3. Mags

4. Mar

5. Marg

6. Miss M

7. Mimi

8. Arty

9. Missy

10. Rita

11. Mae

12. Mara

13. Meta

14. Etta

15. Marty

Creative Nicknames For Margaret

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If you’ve been searching for creative nicknames for your dearest Margaret, you can find a few below:

1. Mari

2. Gitta

3. Margaux

4. Maizie

5. Ettie

6. Pearlie

7. Daisy

8. Gigi

9. Gogo

10. Maisie

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Middle Names For Margaret

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So far you’ve explored my exciting list of nicknames for Margaret, but now it’s time to have a look at some amazing middle names for her, too! 

1. Margaret Bella

2. Margaret Ava

3. Margaret Riley

4. Margaret Leah

5. Margaret Hope

6. Margaret Jennifer

7. Margaret Demi

8. Margaret Emma

9. Margaret Reese

10. Margaret Nora

11. Margaret Amber

12. Margaret Lily

13. Margaret Olivia

14. Margaret Sage

15. Margaret Chloe

Baby Name Margaret: Popularity

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If you’re curious about the popularity of this girl name, just read on!

Well, it’s been used in the USA since 1880, but it gained most popularity in 1901. Throughout history, there have been various queens and princesses with the name Margaret!

What’s more, Saint Margaret of Antioch, the patron saint of pregnant women and women in labour is among the most famous saints.

If you’re thinking about naming your little girl Margaret, all I can say is that you can’t go wrong with this classic name!

Although it isn’t as popular as before, this shouldn’t discourage you – it’s an amazing name!

Now that we know a little bit more about the popularity of the name Margaret, we can proceed to next section! Just keep reading!

Famous People Named Margaret

Who are some of the famous Margarets? Let’s find out:

1. Margaret LeAnn Rimes – have you watched Coyote Ugly? I bet you have! Can’t Fight the Moonlight is actually one of my favorite songs ever!

2. Margaret Hamilton – if you’re into computer science, then you’ve probably heard of this amazing lady!

3. Margaret Mitchell – the legendary novel Gone with the Wind is an absolute classic! Have you read it?

4. Margaret Thatcher – definitely one of the most important Margarets in our history!

5. Dame Margaret Natalie Smith – Minerva, anyone?

6. Margaret Truman – President Truman’s daughter and an author, sopranist, actress, etc.

7. Margaret Taylor – another notable Margaret, in fact the American first lady!

8. Margaret Atwood – have you read anything by this marvelous author?

9. Margaret Cho – are you a fan of stand-up comedy? If you are, then you must adore her!

10. Margaret Lockwood – an extraordinary actress, you’ll agree!

11. Margaret Tudor – her son is King Henry VII and she is known as the matriarch of the Tudor dynasty.

To Wrap It Up

That’s all, folks!

I hope you liked my collection of 90 nicknames for Margaret

Nicknames are an essential part of our lives, and it’s no wonder we want to make sure that we’ve picked one that perfectly fits that very special person.

So, have you chosen one from my list for your Margaret? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Until next time!

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90 Adorable Nicknames For Margaret You Can't Go Wrong With