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90 Splendid Nicknames For Penelope For A Dash Of Magic

90 Splendid Nicknames For Penelope For A Dash Of Magic

Penelope is a name that tells the story of faithfulness, commitment and love. Coming straight from the ancient world, the world of heroes and heroines, Penelope has magic and charm that are unmatched even to this day.

A name exquisite like this one deserves a nickname that’s equally astonishing, wouldn’t you agree?

Stick with me to the end and you’re about to discover a collection of the most wonderful nicknames for Penelope anywhere on the web!

Before we start exploring all the nickname ideas I’ve prepared, let’s say a word or two about the origin of this marvelous name.

The Origin And Meaning Of The Name Penelope

 woman in yellow dress and straw hat holding daisy flower

I’ll take you on a quick trip through time, straight to the world of Homer’s Odyssey.

The age is 1194 BC and the Trojan war is raging. While Odysseus is helping the Greeks defeat the Trojans, his wife Penelope is waiting for him to come home.

She’s known for her outstanding beauty and wisdom, so suitors are lining up to propose to her. After all, Odysseus has been gone for years and might as well be dead, for all that is known.

But Penelope wisely rejects all suitors, patiently waiting for her husband to come home.

The name Penelope translates to “weaver”, denoting the wise tactic Penelope used to avoid marrying while her husband was gone.

She promised to get married only after the burial clothes she was waving were finished. But little did the suitors know that Penelope was undoing the shroud every night, only to start doing it all over again in the morning.

It took Odysseus ten more years after the war had ended to safely return home to his wife, who remained faithful for all that time.

Quite a love story, right?

10 Loveliest Nicknames For Penelope

These nicknames for Penelope are the most popular ones, and that’s for a reason. They’re lovely, catchy and easy to remember. Check them out!

1. Penny

2. Elle

3. Pepita

4. Polly

5. Pipa

6. Ellie

7. Nelle

8. Poppy

9. Pie

10. Pepe

Cute Nicknames For Penelope

woman with white straw hat standing at beach

If you’re looking for a nickname that will perfectly fit your cute little girl, these cute ideas will tackle your fancy.

1. Peeps

2. Polly Lolly

3. Peppa

4. Pen Pen

5. Loli

6. Pippa

7. Noli

8. Nella

9. Elly

10. Pie

11. Punky

12. Pen

13. Nelly

14. Sweet P

15. Lola

16. Nellopie

17. Lala

18. Plum

19. Polina

20. Ploppy

Creative Nicknames For Penelope

Happy woman with bread on her shoulders laughs

Are you bold enough to try something a bit unusual? Check out these creative nickname ideas, perfect for unique girls that stand out from the crowd.

1. Lupe

2. Pia

3. Poe

4. Pepelope

5. Lopi

6. Posy

7. Calliope

8. Sweet Pen

9. Lopes

10. Penney

11. Eppie

12. Lenny

13. Pena

14. Posh

15. Nels

16. Pepina

17. Elsy

18. Popaki

19. Nellpipi

20. Miss P

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Cool Nickname Ideas For Penelope

girl having flying hair isolated on violent background

If your Penelope is a cool girl with a unique personality, these nicknames will suit her perfectly.

1. Nell

2. Penelops

3. Pops

4. Plopy

5. Penna

6. Sweet Pea

7. Pipsy

8. Oppie

9. Popita

10. Perpy

11. Lady P

12. Pineapple

13. Pe

14. Pandora

15. Peone

16. Loopie

17. Pippin

18. Elps

19. Pip

20. Pelly

Funny Nicknames For Penelope

happy beautiful woman blowing soap bubbles outdoor

The purpose of funny nicknames isto tease in a subtle, loving way. These funny nicknames for Penelope are perfect for showing affection while adding a dash of humor to it.

1. Pepsi

2. Lols

3. Pepper

4. Peanut

5. Pennylope

6. PercyPhone

7. Pina Colada

8. Henny Penny

9. Pilliopino

10. Lollipop

11. Pups 

12. Puppet

13. P-Bean

14. Pen Lo

15. Loop 

16. Pennesey

17. Nell Bell

18. PopIt

19. Pipsy Tipsy

20. P.Lopes

Famous People Named Penelope

Actress Penelope Cruz

Penelope has remained a popular name choice through time and across continents. In 2021, the name ranked 23 in the US. Here’s a list of the most famous people named Penelope.

Penelope Cruz – Hollywood’s full of amazing actresses, but not many have the talent, charisma and beauty of Penelope Cruz.

Penelope Fitzgerald – her writing skills made her one of the most famous British writers of the 20th century.

Penelope Ann Miller – actress known for her movie and Broadway performances;

Penelope Delta – she loved writing exciting stories for kids;

Penelope Spheeris – unlike two other Penelopes on the list, this one stays behind the camera as a director;

Penelope Trunk – this fierce lady is a successful businesswoman and an amazing role model for young women all around the world.

Penelope Lively – another Penelope with a passion for writing.

Penelope Dudley-Ward – British actress from the era of black and white films.

Penelope Houston – lady with an incredible voice, singer of the band Avengers.

Penelope Scotland Disick – one of the youngest members of the world’s most famous family. Of course, I’m talking about Kardashians.

To Wrap Up

Penelope is an excellent name choice. It also gives a lot of space for experimenting and creating exciting nicknames.

Now that you have this extensive list of nicknames for Penelope, I’m sure you’ll come up with a perfect pet name for your lovely girl.

Until next time!

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90 Splendid Nicknames For Penelope For A Dash Of Magic