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Fabulous List Of 120 Cute Names To Call Your Crush

Fabulous List Of 120 Cute Names To Call Your Crush

The mere thought of your crush makes you feel all warm and fuzzy – it’s fascinating how one person can suddenly make your world magical!

Life gets better, everything seems to make sense, and there you are picturing the two of you as a lovely couple.

However, as you’ve found your way to my article, you’ve obviously been searching for cute names to call your crush since plain ones certainly do not fit!

To save you from the hassle of searching the web to find the cutest ideas, I have made this exciting list so you can pick a cute name in seconds!

Now let’s get down to business and check it out!

Top 10 Cute Names To Call Your Crush

happy couple standing outside

I’ll kick things off with my top 10 cute names to call your crush:

1. Estrella

2. Mademoiselle

3. Elf

4. Luna

5. Fluffy

6. Wonder woman

7. Love muffin

8. Foxy

9. Heartthrob

10. Blue sapphire

Lovely Names To Call Your Crush

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Your crush’s nickname can be lovely with a little help from this list below:

1. Munchkin

2. Light of my life

3. Snuggle bunny

4. Dimples

5. Mi amor

6. Darling o’ mine

7. Cutie pie

8. My boo

9. Bubba

10. Cupcake

11. Buttercup

12. Sunshine

13. Cutie patootie

14. Sugar dumpling

15. Love bug

16. Gumdrop

17. Angel

18. Adorbsy

19. Fruit cake

20. Pumpkin

Totally Cute Nicknames For Your Crush

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Find amazingly cute names to call your crush right here:

1. Niña 

2. Squirrel

3. Koala

4. Butterfly

5. Sparkle

6. Candy

7. Hot chocolate

8. Strawberry

9. Cherry pie

10. Bebe

11. Chicita

12. My cherie

13. Bonita

14. Smiley

15. Miss smiley

16. Lolly

17. Spice bomb

18. Swan

19. Bellissima

20. Señorita

Sweet Names To Call Your Crush

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Picking a perfect nickname or a sweet pet name for your crush has never been easier! Just keep reading:

1. Peach

2. Bamboo

3. Panda

4. Violet

5. Rose

6. Pickle pie

7. Ruby

8. Shooting star

9. Starlight

10. Sugar lips

11. Honey bun

12. Princess

13. Baby boo

14. Hot cake

15. Long legs

16. Stud muffin

17. Blue eyes

18. Puppy

19. Cuddle cake

20. Angel face

Adorable Names To Call Your Boy Crush

happy couple flirting while having breakfast

The guy you like is good-looking, charming and has the most beautiful brown eyes (at least mine does!)… Find flirty and adorable names to call your boy crush below:

1. Romeo

2. Dreamboat

3. Teddy bear

4. Prince Charming

5. Lover boy

6. Tiger

7. Bae

8. Honey bunny

9. Hot stuff

10. McDreamy

11. Hottie

12. Jellybean

13. Amour

14. Baby face

15. Corazón

16. Champ

17. Squishy

18. Pookie bear

19. Hunk-A-Lunk

20. Big guy

Cute Names To Call Your Girl Crush

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The best nickname for a girl crush should be 100% cute and unforgettable. Let’s check out a few amazing ideas:

1. Mrs Right

2. Mermaid

3. Doll face

4. Baby doll

5. Juliet

6. Mi linda

7. Queen

8. Angel eyes

9. My heart

10. Ruby rose

11. Babycake

12. Sweet cheeks

13. Kitty

14. Snuggle girly

15. Cookie

16. Hummingbird

17. Lily

18. Emerald

19. Peony

20. Daisy

More Cute Names To Call Your Crush

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My collection ends with more cute, catchy and cool nickname ideas for your crush! Let’s have a look:

1. Fairy

2. Mariposa

3. Superman

4. Marshmallow

5. Unicorn

6. Rainbow

7. Avatar

8. Iron Man

9. Heaven sent

10. Guapa

To Wrap It Up

couple sitting outside while talking

That’s all, folks!

Now that you’ve read my unique list of 120 cute names to call your crush, I hope you have found a perfect one (or more) for your dreamboat!

If you ask me, the cutest terms of endearment are in Spanish and French – I just love them! 🙂

Finally, thank you so much for reading my article! Stay tuned for more brilliant content and be sure to check out our page since there’s so much more to discover!

Until next time! 

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Fabulous List Of 120 Cute Names To Call Your Crush