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30 Ron Burgundy Quotes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

30 Ron Burgundy Quotes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Let’s reminisce about our favorite anchorman with these hilarious Ron Burgundy quotes that are sure to cause uncontrollable laughter.

30 Greatest Ron Burgundy Quotes

1. “You stay classy, San Diego. I’m Ron Burgundy.” — Ron Burgundy

Portrait of the famous anchorman representing the best of Ron Burgundy quotes.

2. “I’m not a baby! I’m a man! An ANCHORMAN!” — Ron Burgundy

3. “Mmm. I look good. I mean, really good. Hey, everyone! Come and see how good I look!” — Ron Burgundy

4. “Well, I could be wrong, but I believe, uh, diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.” — Ron Burgundy

5. “I’m in a glass case of emotion!” — Ron Burgundy

6. “Well if you were a man, I’d punch you. Punch you right in the mouth.” — Ron Burgundy

7. “I’m not quite sure how to put this, but…I’m kind of a big deal…I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” — Ron Burgundy

8. “Sweet Lincoln’s mullet!” — Ron Burgundy

9. “Son of a bee-sting!” — Ron Burgundy

10. “I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.” — Ron Burgundy

Iconic Ron Burgundy quote about scotch.

11. “It’s so damn hot! Milk was a bad choice.” — Ron Burgundy

12. “Oh, I can barely lift my right arm ’cause I did so many. I don’t know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand… Just watch out for the guns, they’ll getcha.” — Ron Burgundy

13. “You know how to cut to the core of me Baxter. You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered with hair.” — Ron Burgundy

14. “By the beard of Zeus!” — Ron Burgundy

15. “It is anchorman, not anchorlady. And that is a scientific fact.” — Ron Burgundy

16. “Knights of Columbus, that hurt!” — Ron Burgundy

17. “I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That’s what kind of man I am. You’re just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It’s science.” — Ron Burgundy

18. “I’m gonna punch you in the ovary, that’s what I’m gonna do. A straight shot. Right to the baby maker.” — Ron Burgundy

19. “It’s a formidable scent… It stings the nostrils. In a good way… Brian, I’m gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.” — Ron Burgundy

20. “Okay, before we start, let’s go over the ground rules. No touching of the hair or face. And that’s it. Now, fight!” — Ron Burgundy

Famous Ron Burgundy quote from Anchorman.

21. “What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole wheel of cheese? How’d you do that? Heck, I’m not even mad; that’s amazing.” — Ron Burgundy

22. “If you want to throw down in fisticuffs, fine, I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waitin’ for ya…right here!” — Ron Burgundy

23. “I immediately regret this decision.” — Ron Burgundy

24. “Hello? Who’s there, I’m talkin? Hello? Who is this? Baxter… is that you? Baxter! Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee… Is this Wilt Chamberlain? Have the courage to say something! Hello?” — Ron Burgundy

25. “It’s terrible, she has beautiful eyes and her hair smells like cinnamon!” — Ron Burgundy

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26. “I wanna say something. I’m gonna put this out there: if you like it, you can take it. If you don’t, send it right back … I want to be ON you.” — Ron Burgundy

27. “I saw that. Brick killed a guy. Did you throw a trident?” — Ron Burgundy

28. “Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means ‘a whale’s vagina’.” — Ron Burgundy

29. “You look awfully nice tonight. Hmm? Maybe don’t wear a bra next time. No, I was talking to you. No, not her. I don’t know her name. What is it? Lanolin. La – Lanolin? Like – like sheep’s wool?” — Ron Burgundy

30. “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.” — Ron Burgundy

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30 Ron Burgundy Quotes To Tickle Your Funny Bone