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Nicknames For Daniel: List Of 190 Original Nicknames

Nicknames For Daniel: List Of 190 Original Nicknames

If you’ve been looking for the best nicknames for Daniel, then you’ve come to the right place.

On this list you will find an extensive archive of awesome nicknames for this classic moniker.

Origin And Meaning Of The Name Daniel

First, let’s talk a bit about the name itself.

A person with this name is an enormous empath who always takes care of others while respecting and loving his family.

You can call him Dani or Neil since these two nicknames describe his easy going nature so well.

The most famous owner of this name is a biblical character, the prophet Daniel, who knew how to correctly interpret dreams and see the hidden meaning in them.

The name Daniel in old Hebrew means “God is my judge”.

According to The Bible, King Darius threw the prophet Daniel into the lion’s den to execute him.

This person will never betray you and he will always go the extra mile to make you happy and pleased. He is truly a blessing in everyone’s life.

Best 30 Nicknames For Daniel

young man smiling while posing to camera

1. Danial

2. Danyel

3. Daneal

4. Danny

5. Danilo

6. Dan

7. Danyal

8. DJ

9. Niel

10. Danjal

11. Daniyyel

12. Daniyehl

13. Danitza

14. Danita

15. Daniilu

16. Daniil

17. Danihel

18. Daniels

19. Daniella

20. Danielius

21. Danielek

22. Dania

23. Dani

24. Danel

25. Ani

26. Danchuco

27. Dancho

28. Daenerys

29. Dodo

30. Tanylo

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Cute Nicknames For Daniel

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There are a lot of cute nicknames on this list that could be used actually as baby names.

1. Dansy

2. Little Dan

3. Daffodil

4. Danko

5. Danzilla

6. Dang

7. Grand Dan

8. Dannyboy

9. Kiss Daniel

10. Dazzo

11. My-niel

12. Danielboom

13. Darlin’ D

14. Daniel-San

15. Danno

16. Dee Dee

17. Din Din

18. Danka

19. Daniellon

20. Danielle

smiling man looking at distance outdoor

21. Daniamals

22. Dannywho

23. Danone

24. Dandelion

25. Dana

26. Dant

27. Ani

28. Naniel

29. Lion

30. Double N

31. Dizzy

32. Danyboo

33. Dannyboo

34. Dannie-annie

35. Dannay

36. Dazzle

37. Dangle

38. Dannio

39. Danielson

40. D-Boy

attractive man sitting at cafe outdoor

41. Dano

42. Taniel

43. Dee

44. Duke

45. Dranka

46. Denn

47. Deniel

48. Deiniol

49. Doy

50. Danuska

51. Danushka

52. Danuse

53. Dants

54. Danjiela

55. Dearo

56. Doe

57. Danya

58. Nie Nie

59. Delish

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Funny Nicknames For Daniel

smiling young man looking at distance

1. D-Dog — Cool nickname for a dude from the hood.

2. Dannibal — it is quite spooky nickname for sure.

3. Danail — Bulgarian name.

4. D’amour — You are probably in love with him, so you decided to call him this way.

5. Dan the Man — You obviously need this guy for something, therefore he is your man.

6. BAEnny — if you have a bae and his name is Daniel, then this is the perfect nickname for you.

7. Detective Dan — he sure is a type of person who tries to hard to know everything about everyone.

8. Danylo — Ukrainian name.

9. Diarrheal — Get him some probiotics, for God’s sake.

10. Daan — Dutch name.

11. Don — He is probably a tough person that reminds you of a real mobster don.

12. DN — Sometimes is better to keep it simple, just like this simple nickname.

13. LAN Dan — He often plays computer games via LAN cable.

14. Big D — This is a good nickname if your Daniel is a big person.

15. Danibetes — this one sure loves to eat a lot of sugar, or he is just as sweet as sugar.

16. Dancer — Suitable for a guy who is a great dancer.

17. Nelly — Sounds good for a middle name.

18. Dan Vinci — This one has to be really smart in order to be called like this.

19. Danny Whizz-Bang — UK show character

20. Danny boy — is it just me or does this name remind you of the Backstreet boys era?

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21. Danosaur — Could be an elderly person, or a big guy, just like a dinosaur.

22. Danek — You will hear this one very often if you find yourself in Czech Republic.

23. Dani California — Every Red Hot Chili Peppers fan knows this song.

24. Dannystroyer — This one likes to destroy things, so get out of his way when he is angry.

25. DannyDroid — could be a smart guy, or just a smartphone addict.

26. D-Nice — Your guy sure is a nice person with a nick like this.

27. Daniél — Spanish version of this name.

28. Daniela — Most often a female version of Daniel, could be his sister.

29. Doughnut — he must be as sweet as a doughnut.

30. Danini — This Daniel reminds you of a cute little panini. Who can resist them?

31. Divi-Dan — Some Daniel dude who likes math.

32. Daniel Craig — An actor who is quite popular among James Bond fans all around the world.

33. Danicake — Yummy and sweet guy; also a good fit for a baby boy.

34. Dan-Ube — He is smooth and beautiful, just like this famous river.

35. PakisDani — Just a regular Daniel but from Pakistan.

36. Man-with-a-Plan — Dan always has a plan.

37. Danco — Macedonian name.

38. Lil’ D — Something about him is small so you get to call him like this.

39. Grand Dan — Such an adequate name for your grandfather, if he is a Daniel of course.

40. Dewberry — Something sweet like strawberry.

41. Danzilla — This is probably one giant Daniel you do not want to mess with.

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Cool Daniel Nicknames

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1. Shyniel

2. Pan-niel

3. Sodan

4. Dopey D

5. Diva

6. Daffy

7. Danny Duck

8. Dan-ill

9. Dandid

10. Dairy-al

11. Dan-druff

12. Faniel

13. Done-ial

14. Dandy Dan

15. Dane

16. Dantique

17. Dantiperspirant

18. Baby Da

19. Dewball

20. Dasher

21. Darlin’D

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22. Ella

23. Lieutenant Dan

24. Jella

25. I-Can Dan

26. Manual Danual

27. Dan-San

28. Dan-droid

29. Dan-atomic

30. Dan Shan

31. Tan Dan

32. Tali-Dan

33. Pie-niel

34. Dancing Dan

35. Daniel the Maniel

36. Daniel Saurus Rex

37. Danyer

38. Danny Whammy

39. Danny Whizz-Bang

40. Danisnotonfire

41. Dan-U-Be

42. Danny Kinz

Famous People With The Name Daniel

Daniel Radcliffe posing on film festival

1. Daniel Defoe — We all know this famous author for his magnificent novel Robinson Crusoe.

2. Daniel Webster — Politician and American statesman .

3. Daniel Tosh — Very funny American comedian.

4. Daniel Mendoza — Could be easily one of the best sportsmen ever in England.

5. Daniel O’Connell — Irish politician.

6. Daniel Radcliffe — A very popular English actor, became famous after his role as Harry Potter.

7. Daniel Boone — probably the most deserving person for the formation of the state of Kentucky.

8. Daniel Day-Lewis — An actor from England who even won the Oscar for the movie “Lincoln”.

Nicknames For Danielle And Daniela

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1. Dizzle

2. Netty

3. Ellie

4. Daneil

5. Danelle

6. Dannible

7. Dandroid

8. Danarchy

9. Danelley

10. Alex

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Now you’ve checked out all these awesome nicknames for Daniel from the lists above, it’s almost certain you’ve found what you were looking for.

This is probably the biggest archive of Daniel boy names you could have hoped to find! Just make sure your favorite Daniel likes the nickname you have chosen for him.

If your name is Daniel, then even better. I hope this list helps you to find a name you would like to be called.

Stay tuned for more interesting content. Thank you for reading.

Until next time!

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Nicknames For Daniel List Of 190 Original Nicknames