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100 Absolutely Best Nicknames For Alex Everyone Will Love

100 Absolutely Best Nicknames For Alex Everyone Will Love

Are you finding it challenging to develop a good nickname for a baby boy or guy named Alex or Alexander?

Your struggles are over because this is the best collection of nicknames for Alex on the web

Top 10 Nicknames For Alex

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1. Alix

2. Anders

3. Axel

4. Sasha

5. Alec

6. Alexis

7. Lexi

8. Xander

9. Aleck

10. Zander

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Cute Nicknames For Alex

These cute baby names are perfect for newborns and toddlers, but will also serve well as a loving pet name for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Check them out!

1. Xandy

2. Ally-boo

3. Ally

4. Lexie

5. Alexito

6. Ally-Darlin’

7. Alyx

8. Alesky

9. Alissandre

10. Sandy

11. Lexie Lou

12. Alexina

13. Ali-Belle

14. Andy

15. Allie-Cat

16. Lexi

17. Dexy

18. Alexy

19. Alek

20. Zane

21. Alexie

22. Allie

23. Aylie

24. Axl

25. Axy

26. Axa

27. Akin

28. Aleksei

29. Alica

30. Allix

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Funny Nicknames For Alex

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A nickname that’s both teasing and loving at the same time is hard to find. Here are some awesome ideas on how to combine humor with affection!

1. T-Rex – looks more dangerous than he actually is.

2. Tough Guy – I wouldn’t say the same or this one.

3. Alexander The Weak – the force is not strong with this one.

4. The Great – someone to look up to.

5. Alexa – play my favorite song.

6. Fed-Ex – loves online shopping so much that Fed-ex visits them every day.

7. Stupidex – a little mean, if you ask me.

8. The Lion – for the brave ones.

9. A-Licks – lovely nickname for a baby.

10. Ale-ien – not from this world.

11. A-Bell – for someone who is on the phone 24/7.

12. Al-oha – joyful and cute.

13. Lexurious – a perfect nickname for someone who loves designer clothes.

14. Bro-Lex – only for cool guys.

15. Al-ligator – reptile-inspired nickname for an Alex who looks tough, but is a baby inside.

16. Ex – he’s not over his ex.

17. Ginger Ale-X – sweet and refreshing and you can never get enough of them.

18. Alex-Flex – he’s down for whatever.

19. Fergie – Manchester United fan.

20. Al-choo – poor baby is fighting allergies all the time.

Cool Nicknames For Alex

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If you want something creative and original, you’ll love these cool nicknames for Alex.

1. Alejandro

2. Alexei

3. Alessandro

4. Lexter

5. Sacha

6. Alexandre

7. Alexandros

8. Lexman

9. Sander

10. Lexan

11. Alyosha

12. Baxxel

13. Xela

14. Ender

15. Eskandar

16. Lexatron

17. Lander

18. Lexicon

19. Alexandria

20. Xanders

21. Xandria

22. Sanders

23. Lexina

24. Lexicii

25. Exy

26. Alexandro

27. Zandro

28. Xandro

29. Alax

30. Axxl

Short Boy Names For Alex

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Short nicknames are always a good and safe idea. You’ll find some of the cutest and most popular nicknames for Alex right here.

You only need a couple of letters to create the magic!

1. Lex

2. Ales

3. Alz

4. Dex

5. Axx

6. Zan

7. Dria

8. Xan

9. Al

10. Ali

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Famous People Named Alex or Alexander

The name Alex or Alexander is commonly found among famous people and historical figures. Here are a few of them.

1. Alexander The Great – the most famous Alexander ever. Even if you were not a fan of history class in school, I’m sure you were impressed by the story of this great emperor.

2. Alexander Graham Bell – when your mother hands you the phone to say hello to a relative you barely remember, it’s all because of this guy. We wouldn’t have phones if it weren’t for him.

3. Alexander Hamilton – a historical figure of great importance for the USA.

4. Alex Trebek – if you’ve ever watched any quiz game shows, you know this guy.

5. Alex Haley – you know the story of Kunta Kinte? This incredible author wrote it.

6. Alex Salmond – the second Scottish-born person on this list, the first being Alexander Graham Bell. Salmond is an influential politician.

7. Alex Ferguson – you don’t have to be a Manchester United fan or soccer fan to know about him.

8. Alexander Fleming – we have reached the fourth Scottish-born person on the list! Thanks to Fleming, we can successfully fight bacteria.

9. Alex Harvey – famous rock star, and the leader of the band named after himself.

10. Alex Rodriguez – a famous sportsman also known for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

Middle Names For Alex

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If you’re looking for boy names to use as a middle name for Alex, check out these ideas.

1. Blake

2. Finn

3. Jack

4. Kai

5. Richard

6. Luke

7. Quinn

8. Zane

9. Kent

10. Trevor


That was the ultimate list of nicknames for Alex, and it contained plenty of awesome nickname ideas.

Nicknames are a fantastic way to show affection and add some magic to the original name. When choosing one, keep in mind that nicknames usually stick for a long time.

That’s why you should choose something that will be good for many years.

I hope you liked this article and found it helpful. If you have more interesting ideas I didn’t mention in this article, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.

Until next time!

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100 Absolutely Best Nicknames For Alex Everyone Will Love