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160 Nicknames For David: Amazing Collection Of Names

160 Nicknames For David: Amazing Collection Of Names

If you have a loved one named David and you need an ideal nickname for him, you are in the right place.

You can find some of the best nicknames for David in the text below, the archive is really extensive so you will not have trouble finding a perfect nickname.

Origin And Meaning Of The Name David

This beautiful and famous name comes from Hebrew tradition. The meaning of the name is quite remarkable – David means beloved by God.
There are records of this name even before Jesus Christ.

It’s the third most popular name after Moses and Abraham appearing in the Bible, and almost always signifies David, the King of Israel who united the 12 tribes of Israel.

According to Bible, he was the father of Solomon, a famous prophet and an important history figure.

Davud is a name of Arab origin and has the same meaning as the name David from Hebrew origin.

Another famous story from the Bible tells of David who defeated Goliath, a much powerful warrior.

Best Nicknames For David

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Perhaps I can give you some name ideas of how you can call your favourite guy whose given name is David.

1. Davo

2. Daffy

3. Tavi

4. Dai

5. Bae-Vid

10. Dav-Vinci

11. Davy Dovy

12. Davey

13. Becks

14. Dav-Olipop

15. David Amit

16. Diva

17. Diggles

18. Davi-Jiggy

19. Daveth

20. Davud

21. Davida

22. Davidoff

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23. Dev

24. Davis

25. Davinchi

26. Dudi

27. Davi-CoCo

28. Dav

29. Davidew

30. David Caramel

31. Dr waffles

32. Davit

33. Dashing Davi

34. Davilocks

35. Davith

36. Lil-D

37. Davidde

38. Dawood

39. Daven Haven

40. Papi D

41. Dawid

42. Dandy David

43. Davey Boy

44. Davy-Jazzy

45. Dawid

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Cute Nicknames For The Name David

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Check out some of the cutest nicknames for David. There are many variants.

1. Dewberry — fresh and young David.

2. Double Chocolate — if you find your David sweet as chocolate, then this could be a name for you.

3. Dumpling — this baby boy name implies mom is a big fan of dumplings.

4. Doughnut — perhaps this is the way to express the cuteness of your David.

5. Daisy — nice nickname for a sweet soul.

6. D’amour — use it for a David you are in love with.

7. Dreamboy — he sure likes to dream about beautiful things.

8. Daffy — he reminds you of “Daffy the Duck”.

9. Dreamy — one of the most adorable baby names.

10. Baby D — simple, cute and effective.

11. Bae-vid — for a David who always comes early.

12. Fav Dav — he is your favourite.

13. Dawidy — cuter than usual nicknames.

14. David Dibble-Dabble — this name is also cute so why not use it.

15. David Caramel — handsome and cute dark-skinned David.

16. Davy Babyface — he looks so young and has a baby face.

17. Davidy Woobly — this David still doesn’t know how to stand on his feet.

18. Davi-Jiggy — this nickname is for David who is always on the move.

19. Dawid — polish version of a name.

20. Ta-Da — he could be a magician.

smiling man talking on cellphone

21. Davey boy — strong name for a young boy David.

22. Davie Bun-Bun — another cute way to call your David.

23. DaGrin — this David has the weirdest grin.

24. Davilocks — perfect for a blonde guy David.

25. Davi-CoCo — this guy is loco all the time.

26. Taavid — a Finnish version of the name David.

27. Dave Patootie — his teeth are so cute.

28. Davidy-Bear — this is probably the cutest David you will ever meet.

29. Daven Haven — for your David who is like an angel to you.

30. Daa Dreads — for your friend who likes a different hairstyle than others.

31. Dashing Davi — he is your one stylish and elegant friend.

32. Dubba Hubba — hubby and bae are over-rated; this one is perfect for your husband.

33. Dav-olipop — he is such a sweetie.

34. Davy Dovy — sounds cute definitely.

35. Bae-vid — if you have a bae.

36. Davis — this one is quite popular.

37. David the Barbarian — Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fan.

38. Acid-D — nice name for someone who loves chemistry.

39. Davy Doozy — great name for a David who loves to sleep.

40. Daffyd — if you know a David that reminds you of a cool cartoon character.

41. Davina — she is a female version of David in Scotland.

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Funny Nicknames For The Name David

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1. Davon

2. Davido

3. Davin

4. Psychodave

5. Dave Claws

6. David Haye

7. Diva

8. Dawidy

9. David Dibble

10. Doofy Ball

11. Davy Babyface

12. Davidy Woobly

13. Davi-Jiggy

14. Da-vil

15. Dry-vid

16. Da-witch

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17. Da-wig

18. Dave-hid

19. Wave Dave

20. Diva

21. Davideck

22. Davilicious

23. Dollar Dave

24. Da-Bling

25. Dicy Dave

26. Drooly D

27. Dive-id

28. DVD

29. Shave-id

30. Dav-mid

31. Gangsta Da-Da

32. Dumble Dave

33. Freaky Dave

34. Da-Voodoo

35. Davy Dufus

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Cool Nicknames For David

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More nicknames for David you will like for sure. Perhaps you will find the perfect one in the list below.

1. Day-vid

2. Dewy

3. Don Vid

4. Dynamo

5. Davidenner

6. Dude

7. Da Vinci

8. Davidancer

9. Darter Dave

10. Dav-aid

Middle Names For David

1. Diva

2. Daveed

3. Miles

4. Doofy Ball

5. Alexander

6. Davian

7. Davidek

8. D-Dawg

9. Dave Barbarian

Original David Nicknames

1. Dave Chappelle — Could be a funny nick for a funny guy who’s name is David.

2. King — Who would not like to be called the King.

3. Dawg — A cool name for a guy from the hood.

4. King David — Famous King who united twelve tribes of Israel, father of Solomon.

5. Dawud — Arabic version of a name.

6. Daividh — Adds a dash of Scottish.

Famous People With The Name David

David Beckham playing football game

1. David Bowie – Actor, songwriter and singer from England.

2. David Schwimmer – Legendary actor who played Ross in the famous TV show “Friends”.

3. David Tennant – You probably know this guy from the series “Doctor Who”.

4. David Attenborough – Famous natural historian and writer.

5. David Hasselhoff – Who doesn’t remember that muscle lifeguard acting in Baywatch?

6. David Beckham – Very popular celebrity, famous soccer player and model.

7. David – King of Israel.

8. David Copperfield – Famous illusionist and magician.

9. David Guetta – One of the most famous DJs in the world, known for his house music.

10. David de Gea – Spanish goalkeeper for Manchester United.

11. David Williams – You probably know him from Britain’s Got Talent.

12. David Ortiz – Popular baseball player, played for Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Socks.

13. David Williams – Popular English writer, comedian and TV personality.

14. David Gilmour – Pink Floyd forever!


Did you know how popular this name really is?

It is one of the most popular names all over the world. In Europe, it is especially common in the Czech Republic, Spain and Britain.

Northern Europeans from Wales, Britain and Scotland discovered this name centuries ago – during the Middle Ages.

In America, David is the second most popular male name and every 28th man in America is named David.

You can really choose a nice name among the many nicknames for David in the content above.

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160 Nicknames For David Amazing Collection Of Names