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80 Nicknames For Elijah That Will Add To His Charm

80 Nicknames For Elijah That Will Add To His Charm

If you have a friend or a dear person named Elijah, you might want to give him a cute nickname. You will find loads of amazing ideas in this article, so keep scrolling!

Top 20 Nicknames For Elijah

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​Check out this name list of the 20 best nicknames for this unique name.

1. Elijoe

2. Lij

3. Elipotpot

4. Yah

5. Eliyahu

6. Widgeon

7. Elibreum

8. Elijia

9. Aynon

10. Elijaah

11. Ligey

12. Lie lie

13. Lija

14. Chill-e

15. Jah

16. Pablo

17. Elias

18. Lijah

19. Jahle

20. Elisha

Cute Nicknames For Elijah

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1. Jewel – This guy has a lot of value you appreciate, and he means a lot to you.

2. Jonah – Also the name of the Old Testament prophet, just like Elijah.

3. Elixir – This guy must be something special, he gives you strength and makes you feel alive. Just like a powerful elixir of life.

4. Hachi – If you feel that a guy loves you unconditionally like Hachi loves his human friend in this movie, then this is the perfect nickname for you.

5. Angellic – A pet name for Elijah who is as good as an angel.

6. ILU – A perfect nickname for Elijah who you are in love with.

7. Deli – Your Elijah must be so sweet that you call him Delicious or Deli. A good way of telling him how cute he is.

8. Jolly – This nickname is for that person who always knows the right words to cheer you up in no time.

9. Elitism – This guy is so stylish and elegant, and a name like this should go well with his personality.

10. Hallo – Another cute nickname I thought you might find cute. I did for sure.

11. Olaf – This common Scandinavian name and a character in “Frozen” is perfect for Elijah who is a good friend.

12. Jalopeño – This one has a short temper, so be careful with him. You do not want to get burned by that fire.

13. Waka Waka – This name sounds so cool and it’s perfect for a baby name.

14. Lily – A beautiful name for a beautiful Elijah.

15. LV – Reserved for the people who are addicted to shopping and buying expensive brands.

16. Eliza – Stylish name for sure, could be used for guys.

17. LOL – You would probably want to give this nickname to a guy with whom you laugh a lot.

18. Calligraphy – This Elijah is quite an artist, he amazes everyone just by writing his name on a piece of paper.

19. Elie – A nice short variant of the name.

20. Joel – Sounds good, this name is getting more popular so why not use it for your special person?

21. Obadiah – Actual meaning of this name is “worshiper or servant of Yahweh.” You should only use this name for a religious person.

22. Elah – Great name for that special friend Elijah who is strong and who handles everything that life throws at him.

23. Ila – Sounds good when pronouncing it and most of the guys will like being called this.

24. Pal – He is a great guy, he has always been there for you and deserves a good nickname for sure.

25. Ellory – This is actually a unisex name, it could be used for guys and girls. Use it for a friend who is always happy.

26. Li – It is just a cute and short name. Sounds perfect.

27. Eli – If you split the original name in half, this is what you get. A cool name that sounds modern.

28. Alley – Another nice nickname, perhaps your friend will like it.

Funny Elijah Names

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1. Loophole – A way of calling someone who is a bit of a scammer.

2. Eel – This is a nickname for a guy you find horrific.

3. Elon Musk – Just like Elon, this guy is into the latest technology and news.

4. Elmo – This guy loves everything about kids, even cartoons.

5. Elephant – Do not need to explain this one too much, this guy is not the average size for sure.

6. Jellyfish – Just like a jellyfish, this guy is so pleasant and friendly and you love being in his company.

7. Delilah – Another funny nickname for someone named Elijah.

8. Pariah – A name that could be used for someone who does not like to socialize too much.

9. Loco – If your friend is “crazy” then this nickname is quite suitable for him.

10. Lego – This nickname is perfect for an adult who likes all the things that kids like. One of the cutest baby boy names for sure.

11. Edible – Cute and funny name for a little Elijah who is so adorable. A nice boy name.

12. Hulk – You should probably stay away from him, he has a bad attitude.

13. Hallelujah – Adequate name for a religious type of person.

14. Eggy – This is an unusual name, not so common, and sounds good.

15. Alvin – Come on, do I really have to explain  who this name reminds you of?

16. Abel – This one is also best to use for a religious Elijah.

17. Hydrangea – Beautiful name for a nice and elegant guy.

18. ETA – Best to be used for a friend who you always have to wait for.

19. Helipad – Cool name for your friend.

20. Jello – Nice name for a cool and funny guy. Use this one instead of his full name.

21. Ouija – Unusual nickname but very cool.

22. Electra – This one should be used only for a guy who is into reading. Also could be one of the few Elijah girl names.

Famous People Named Elijah

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1. Elijah Wood – An American actor who became famous as being the protagonist in “The Lord of the Rings” movie.

2. Elijah Wald – A US guitarist and historian.

3. Elijah Pitts – A late American football player who played in the position of halfback in the NFL.

4. Elijah Muhammad – A late leader of The Nation of Islam.

5. Elijah McGuire – Famous American football player who now enjoys as a free agent.

6. Elijah Mikaelson – Popular actor, famous for his role in the hit series “The Vampire Diaries”.

7. Elijah Lee – Well known American football player.

8. Elijah Lovejoy – A popular US journalist.

9. Elijah Cummings – A former US politician and civil rights advocate.

10. Elijah Holyfield – An American football player.


Elijah is one of the most beautiful Biblical names. I hope you chose an equally beautiful nickname for him.

I hope he will like it too. There are lots of great choices of nicknames for Elijah, so choose wisely. Some of them even could be used as middle names.

Thank you for reading this article, stay tuned for more interesting stuff.

Until next time!

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Nicknames For Elijah 80 Cool And Popular Nicknames