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80 Nicknames For Thomas That’ll Fit Him Perfectly

80 Nicknames For Thomas That’ll Fit Him Perfectly

Thomas is a widely popular name, and the fact that many famous people also have this name says a lot. Did you know that you can increase the chances of your son becoming famous and rich by naming him Thomas?

I’m kidding! But there’s no harm in trying.

Here are 80 incredible nicknames for Thomas you should check out if you’re looking for the perfect nickname for your dear person.

Top 10 Nicknames For Thomas

smiling man posing at camera

This short list contains the ultimate best nicknames for Thomas. You can use them as a middle name too.

1. Timmy

2. Tommy

3. Tom

4. Thanos

5. Tam

6. Tizzy Tomi

7. Tomzy

8. Thom

9. Tomo

10. Toma

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Hilarious Nicknames For Thomas

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1. T-Rex – he seems angry, but it’s just his face.

2. Tamzy – not everyone will like this nickname.

3. Thomas The Talented – for a boy with a beautiful angelic voice; or he simply has a talent for spending money; it’s a skill, you know!

4. Tomato – basic guy, but everybody loves him.

5. Tommy Doggie – he’s loyal to the bone.

6. Jerry – Tom’s forever enemy.

7. TomTom – quirky guy.

8. Traumas – he needs therapy.

9. Rich T – he has money, obviously.

10. Torturous – he can be annoying at times.

11. Doubting Thomas – being skeptical can be a virtue, but he’s a little bit too skeptical.

12. Tabbospeez – definitely not a compliment.

13. Thomie – a good friend, you can always rely on him.

14. Torosaurus – he’s older than you.

15. Makis – Thomas from The Hellenic Republic,

16. Turd – he’s a nerd.

17. Thomars – not an ordinary Thomas.

18. Mars – doesn’t fit into society.

19. Teddy Bear – he’s affectionate…a little bit too much.

20. T-Bone – skinny guy.

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Unusual Nicknames For Thomas

handsome man smiling and looking at camera while walking at city street

If you’re searching for something a bit more teasing and humorous, check out these funny nicknames for Thomas.

You may notice that some of them sound like girl names. Well, we did say “unusual nicknames”!

1. T Dawg – Thomas from the hood.

2. Thor – he’s powerful and very protective.

3. Tornado – he’s calm and relaxed…not!

4. Magotty – when you want to tease someone.

5. McThomas – his favorite food is anything from McDonalds.

6. Tomska – he is very friendly and knows a lot of people.

7. T-XYZ – he’s an enigma.

8. Oma – the oldest of the crew.

9. Toe – never wears socks.

10. TT – solid nickname for solid guys.

12. Tomama – funny and unusual nickname.

13. Tomasz – not easy to pronounce, and the guy is not easy to deal with.

14. Toxic T – he can be manipulative and petty.

15. Tamango – his favorite fruit is Mango.

16. Thomas The Tank Engine – he always complains about the gas prices.

17. Tomz – almost an ordinary name, but the letter “z” adds a spark to it.

18. Margot – he takes everything seriously.

19. Maggy – Maggy is naggy.

20. Timmie – he brings his guitar everywhere he goes.

Cute Nicknames For Thomas

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These nicknames for Thomas are cute enough to be used as baby names as well!

1. Tomkin – he was born in October.

2. Tizzy – is dizzy.

3. Teetee – a guy with a big beautiful smile on his face.

4. Tomasso – next Picasso.

5. Tominho – cute little boy.

6. Timmy T – when Timmy is not enough, add the letter T and you’ll have a super cute nickname.

7. Twinkle – this one is the cutest!

8. TeeHee – has a surprised face all the time.

9. Mr. Tom – a nice and polished guy with good manners.

10. Homie T – you love this guy.

11. Max – he was a really big newborn.

12. Tomey – he’s very charming.

13. Tango – seductive Thomas who knows his way around women.

14. Mr. T – he wears suits very often.

15. Thomassy – use this for a guy who is a little bit sassy.

16. Eliot – classic.

17. Tommy H – if his middle name or last name starts with H.

18. Tamas – interesting variant of the name Thomas.

19. Big T – corpulent guy.

20. Tinny Boo – a perfect pet name for your boyfriend (but don’t call him that in front of his friends!)

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Famous People Named Thomas

Tom Cruise on the movie premiere

1. Tom Cruise – I still think he and Penelope Cruz were a great couple.

2. Tom Brady – US sportsman.

3. Thomas Jefferson – a diplomat and philosopher, and last but not least, president of the USA.

4. Tom Brokaw – author, among other things.

5. Thomas Stearns – essayist and literary critic.

6. Tom Hanks – The Green Mile is my absolute favorite movie ever.

7. Tom Hiddleston – I will just say Loki!

8. Tom Holland – you know him as Spiderman.

9. Thomas Edison – if it wasn’t for him, we’d watch TV in darkness today.

10. Tom Wilkinson – if you watched The Kennedys, you know this guy. If not, what are you waiting for?


So there you have it, the complete collection of incredible nicknames for Thomas!

Choosing a good nickname is very important because nicknames usually stick a long time. So before choosing, make sure you’ve done your research.

Nicknames should represent a person’s most prominent feature, something that makes them unique. Some nicknames are teasing, but my advice is not to be too mean.

Have fun choosing and let me know which one you like the most.

Until next time!

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80 Incredibly Fancy & Catchy Nicknames For Thomas