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150 Beautiful Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

150 Beautiful Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

If you’ve been searching for some long paragraphs to express your love for that special lady in your life, this article is perfect for you! Here you’ll discover the very best long paragraphs for her copy and paste in the world!

Best Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

1. “True love comes at the most unexpected moment, and it costs nothing at all. But what is even more interesting is that for some people, it comes with a package full of cuteness. I belong to those lucky ones. I love you!”

True love comes at the most unexpected moment, and it costs nothing at all

2. “My heart skips a beat just thinking about being in your presence, and the music that is playing in my thoughts makes me want to jump up and dance. All of this is to say that you complete me, and I consider myself tremendously blessed to have you as a member of my family. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I’m fully and utterly head over heels in love with you.”

3. “There are no words or love paragraphs that can adequately convey my emotions towards you, but I will not give up trying; you are the love of my life and the apple of my eye, and I would go to any length to ensure that you are content in your relationship with me. My relationship with you extends beyond that of a crime-fighting partner to one in which you are also the answer to my prayers.”

4. “If you ask me a million times how much I love you, my answer will remain the same; that I love you too much in a million ways. Your love in my heart is fresh and preserved each day for the next day to come. Since I met you, I’ve had no regrets, and I’m positive there won’t be one, ever. With you in my life, my days are much better. To the woman of my dreams, the one that calms my spirit always, the only woman that holds my heart locked, I love you too much, babe. I don’t care what anyone says or whatever happens, you will always be my one and only woman.”

5. “Loving you is like an addiction to me. Every moment I spend loving you is like the moments I spend in heaven. The day I will stop loving you is the day I die. I love you more than myself. keep that sweet smile on your face always!”

6. “I didn’t realize this earlier, but now I’m sure of it. With each day, I love you more. You’re my one and only princess charming, that’s if there’s anything like that. I love the perfect blend that makes you up as a woman, my woman. Just like the first time we met, you still successfully make my heart race and send signals to my brain. I love that I am spending the rest of my life with you, that’s the fulfillment of an age-long dream I’ve had since we met. You have created beautiful times and experiences for us, and I am just glad that my life is with yours every day. I love you so much, darling, you’re my baby girl no matter how old we grow together.”

7. “He that finds a wife has found a good thing, but I think it should be “He that finds a good woman has found heaven” because that’s what you make me feel. My life is blessed to have you. My home is blessed to have you in it. With each new day, I love you more than the previous days. You compliment me and bring out the best that I’ve got to offer. Having you close to me is the best feeling ever. It will cost me nothing to promise you that I will love you forever and ever because you’re deserving of that and more. With you in my arms and in my heart, there’s nothing in the world that I cannot face. And I will do just anything for you. That’s the extent of my love for you, every day.”

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8. “The day I don’t wake up seeing your beautiful face is a day so fruitless and futile. If you knew how much my heart craves for you, you would never keep yourself away from me. I love you truly, madly, and deeply!”

9. “Come over here, my love. Read through me with passion. Feel the depth of my words and find meaning in the things I try to say. In a thousand ways, I’ll prove my love for you, so pay attention to the things I do. First, with the look in my eyes, the tone of my voice, and the stretch of my hand, I’ll deliver my love to you. On another day and time, I’ll give up my life for you just to show you how much I care. I’m intoxicated by your kisses. Give me more, and I’ll be drunk in love with you for the rest of my life. I love you.”

10. “It’s a pleasure for the eyes to see you smiling. I have never known anyone with such a cute smile on her face. I would die and come back a thousand times to see you smiling in this way. I love you, cutie pie!”

It’s a pleasure for the eyes to see you smiling

11. “My life was incomplete before you came into it. Since I met you, my life has changed completely. You are like a flower that has many fragrances in it. Thanks for decorating my life with the colors of your love.”

12. “In you, I found love, a friend, a companion, a mother, a role model, a perfect human, in short, you’re my total package. I’m glad you’re not just in my life but that you’re my better half. You complete me in all ways. I have so many things today for you, but the most important is that I’m going to live my life proving to you with each day that you’re my one true love. Always and forever, we’ll be together with nothing to come between us. I love you, my woman, always.”

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13. “I rush out of the house every morning to get to work, and sometimes I don’t remember to remind you of my love for you. You are my queen, baby, no matter what life throws at us, never doubt that. It’s your love that’s kept our home going. There’s no dispute about it, you’re the strong one here. Waking to your lovely face is the perfect gift from God to be, and I’ll forever cherish that. You are the only reason for my existence, and I love you to the ends of the world and back.”

14. “I never thought of falling in love with someone I barely knew. Then suddenly, I met you one day, and something in my ear whispered that this is the girl that I have ever wanted in my life. Since then, all I know is that I love you and want to be with you forever.”

15. “I lack the right words that can best describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me. There are no expressions which can best show how you make me feel every day of my life in this world.”

16. “You happened to me, and now my life is a bundle of pleasant surprises and amazing opportunities. I know you’re not perfect, and I’m not too, that’s why our imperfections came together to be real love. The most important part of my life is you. I had no regrets about giving my heart to you because if you’ve done a better job at keeping it better, then I could have done it myself. You’re the right one for me today and forever. The only one that my heart will love endlessly. You don’t have to wonder why I am so in love with you this way, I can’t hold back any part of me for you either. In this life, it is you or no one else. My world is perfect and peaceful because that’s what you do to me. The day you came into my life is the best for me, and I’ll love to leave it that way.”

17. “Every morning when I wake up, the first thing that hits my mind is you. I close my eyes and picture your beautiful face in my head, so I can start the day full of positivity. I feel lucky to have you in my life. You are a blessing that I will be thankful to God for the rest of my life.”

18. “If God had ever made a Barbie doll, it would be you. But he created you as a girl. I think God wanted to balance out the roughness in me by sending a cute angel into my life. I love you so much, dear!”

19. “My love, I’m crazy about you, and I want to spend the remaining days of my life with you. I desire to always be with you every day, to hold your hands when you want a grip, to be your shoulders to lean on, and to be my all-time friend. I will love you dearly to my last breath.”

20. “Love is not something that you can express in words. Love is something that is expressed by actions and felt with the heart. I don’t know how much love I make you feel, but trust me, dear, you are the most precious thing in my life. I love you!”

Love is not something that you can express in words

Heart Touching Long Love Paragraphs For Her

If you want to send your soulmate a love paragraph that will touch her heart, take a look at these awesome long paragraphs for her copy and paste!

1. “When I first saw you, I was attracted by your beautiful face and your charming smile. But it was the beauty of your heart that I fell for. I found an angel in you that is more amazing than what’s visible from outside.”

When I first saw you, I was attracted by your beautiful face and your charming smile.

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2. “I know what I’m saying when I tell you that my life has never been the same since you came into it. It’s a blessing for me that you’re mine. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. With you is where I want to be at all times. You came into my heart and got yourself a space that no one can replace. My love for you is strong, pure, and absolutely exceptional. Your love makes me vulnerable, but I love it so. I think you should place me on a salary plan already because thinking of you is what I do on a full-time basis.”

3. “In hard times and on stormy days, my heart is at peace because I realize that you’re my anchor, my brightly shining light at the end of the tunnel, my succor, and my rest. Your heart is so sweet that you’ve steadily become more than my sweetheart. You can lay claim to my heart, it’s all yours for keeps. And yes, I’ll always remind you that you’re a blessing to my life in every way. For bringing me beauty, peace, and more than enough happiness, I just want to say thank you. And it is straight from my heart too. I love you always, my dearest woman.”

4. “The only person that brings joy to me, extraordinary excitements to my life, the only woman I want to be with every moment of the day, the one who holds my heart in her hands in a steady, the only strength and energy booster I’ve got; that’s you, baby. Do you remember when you asked me the reason I love you, and I seemed lost for words? It’s because you’re not just my baby, you’re my woman, you’re love in person. With you in my mind every minute of the day, there’s no balance for negativity. That’s how much I love loving you, my darling woman.”

5. “I woke today, and the thought of my schedule for the day hit me, I quickly switched to thinking of you. I can’t allow bad energy at the beginning of my day. See babe, there’s nothing I long for then the time I’ll be seeing your beautiful face and holding your beautiful body again. You’re a perfect woman made perfectly for me. You’ll always have beautiful days because you’re beauty personified, my own princess Diana.”

6. “Some nights, the thoughts of the day I’ll get to have you sleeping beside me and waking the next morning keeps me awake for hours. I’m drunk on your love, my darling, because, with you, I’m a better man. I promise you that as long as I live, I will always hold you in my heart and keep you there till eternity. You’re my best heart desire, and I’m glad I found you. Best friends and lovers forever, that’s what we’re going to be, and nothing can change it.”

7. “Don’t entertain the thoughts that I did nothing today. I thought of you every single moment, and that’s a blessing for me. Our love is made in heaven, no one can tell me otherwise, and that’s why it’s very easy for me to hold onto you and never let you go. You mean so much to me in several ways. Trust me when I feel you that every moment with you is very memorable. I am grateful for life with you and for the blessings that came with it. I’m lucky to have you, and I know it. So, don’t even doubt it when I tell you that I love you in a million ways.”

8. “Whenever you’re bored and tired, just note that it’s because you’re always ringing in my head and running through my heart. Just like plants, you’re the sunlight, air, and water that I need to survive. You are the only one that can make me have a beautiful day and give me a good rest at night. You’re a total package, more than I ever dreamt of. You are my happiness and the source of my confidence always. You’re my eternal love and my heart’s resting place.”

9. “You are the sunshine that fades all the darkness in my life. You are my road to redemption. I have never loved someone so deeply as you. I love you more than I can say. Nothing can ever change my love for you!”

10. “You and I, both ending up together, was not an accident. Our story was written in the stars even before we met each other. I thank god every day from the core of my heart for this! I wish you knew how much I adore you. I love you!”

You and I, both ending up together, was not an accident.

11. “I promise you to forever care for you, I give you my word that I will move mountains for you if need be, I will keep you out of harm’s way, I will be anything you need at any given time. No matter what you ask of me, I will do it because you are the love of my life. You are my everything. Forever.”

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12. “Whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. Your smile radiates into me, Your touch sends little shivers through my body, Your presence pleases my mind, and your soul pours peace on mine. I love you… madly, sincerely, completely, and with no reservation, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.”

13. “Your presence in a room makes my light feel so much lighter, and my heart yearns for you when you are far away from me. Now that we are miles apart, I cannot wait until we are together again. When I see you again, I will never want to leave your side.”

14. “You are the only person in the world I can imagine building a life with. From the bumps in the road to the wonderful times, with our fair share of both heartbreak and laughter, I know that there is no one I would rather spend my future with than you.”

15. “Do you wonder why it seems I can’t get you out of my mind? Well, it’s because we have a deep connection that runs from the deepest part of us. I know you can feel it, the way I feel for you. The fact that you’re in my life right now gives me more than enough joy that it is completely inexplicable. You are the perfect square peg in my square hole, the only one that completes me. If we had ended up with different persons, it would have been a disaster because now, it is flaring that I was made just for you and you for me too. You made every new day better than the previous one, and that is a very good thing because it only makes me love you more. I can’t stop loving you, ever.”

16. “It’s with the sincerest of hearts that I say; you’re my life support. When I need real loving and care, you’re always there to give me the best. You deflect my faults and dazzle my heart with your perfect and beautiful ways. There’s nothing I could have done without you. Thank you for coming to me and making me stop loving in circles. You’re my dream come true, my destiny, and my life’s greatest blessing. I love that I spend my days with you because it’s worth it! If they could talk to you, every element of nature will let you know that you’re the love of my life from now till when life ends.”

17. “Love is real, love is west, love is kind, love is beautiful, love is complete, love is powerful, love is awesome but then love is you. In you, I found my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my desire. Anytime I get asked how life is with me, I always answer with “She’s fine” because you’re my life. I’m sold out and addicted to loving you. On days when we’re not together, life feels so boring and tiring, that’s why I don’t want to imagine not being with you because my days are definitely very off. I know what love really is with you, and now I’m positive that I don’t ever want to let you go. I am addicted to you, and I want to be forever.”

18. “My heart desire is that I should love you as beautifully and perfectly as you deserve. By now, you know you’re my comfort and happiness. And even though I wish I had met you earlier in my life, it is still safe now because I’m more mature, and I know how best to treat you. I should thank God for giving me the opportunity to go through heartbreaks, now I have you, and I can give anything just to make you feel loved and special always. Thank you for filling the void in my life.”

19. “The only woman that speaks the only language that my heart understands, that’s you. We are so attached to each other that no matter how far away we are, our hearts will always be together. If I’m a better person right now, it’s because I have you in my life. You’re the one that quenches the thirst of my world and the longings of my heart. There is nothing I could ever do without you, I’ll say it over and again. Your love gives me hope and the idea of what I should long for, which is the time when we will be together forever. Without a doubt, I love you endlessly.”

20. “I wish I could be a star. I would look at your beautiful face the whole night, and I would sing love songs to you. Only I would be afraid of the dawn that would separate me from you for a whole eternity.”

I wish I could be a star.

21. “You have inspired me to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and I hope that I can somehow repay you for everything that you have done for me. Without you, I would be a completely different person. You have taught me so much about life, and because of you, I truly know what love is.”

22. “You are my match made in heaven. There is never a second where you aren’t there to lift me up when I need you to. I am so incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with you in the beginning. It has brought us to this beautiful point in our lives. You are everything I could ever want in a woman. I will never want anything or anyone else. That I can promise.”

23. “What we have together is unique. It is a special bond that is strong and unbreakable. We can make it through anything we encounter, and we only grow stronger from the trials we face together. Together, we are strong. Being with you has made me a better person, and I can’t believe that I found you.”

24. “Your sweet smile is my inspiration for starting every day with new hopes and dreams. Your sweet voice is the reason why my life is so peaceful. Thanks for coming into my life and making it more wonderful than ever. I owe you everything!”

25. “Whenever I look at your pictures, they turn me on and make me fall more in love with you. The sound of your voice brings endless joy to my heart and sends me to the perfect land of happiness and boundless passion. You are indeed my future wife, and there is no doubt about it because I have found in you all that I need in a woman. Your beauty will forever be celebrated in my heart till the end of time.”
26. “Everything you do… The way you eat, the way you smile, the way my name rolls off of your tongue… That is what keeps me going. It gives me so much joy to watch you be you. I would never give my attention to anyone else because I love giving it to you. The day when you were born, it was raining. Actually, it wasn’t raining itself, but heaven was crying for losing the most beautiful angel!”

27. “I can create another odyssey describing my love for you. You have such a profound influence on my life that I cannot erase the memories of you even if I live for a million years. I am lucky to be part of your life. I will love you till my last breath!”

28. “You’re my best friend. The person I can tell all my secrets to, the first person I want to talk to when I wake up, and the last person I want to talk to before I drift off to sleep. When something good happens to me, you’re the first person I want to tell. When I’m troubled by something or if I get bad news, you’re the one I go to for comfort and support. But you’re so much more to me than a friend, you’re the love of my life. You’re my friend, my lover, my comfort, and my strength. I am so lucky to have you. I just wanted you to know how happy I am to have you in my life.”

29. “Honey, you know that with you by my side, my day seems brighter and full of love. When I first saw you, I just wanted to be with you, to hug and kiss you, until we both ran out of breath. I must be the luckiest man in the world because I have your love. Every time I think about you, I can’t help but smile. You’re the reason I smile all the time now. I love you, Honey. I heard that you cherish everything between you and me. That’s really great. I never thought I would have such a lasting influence on you.”

30. “You can find a thousand definitions of love in the dictionaries, but trust me, the kind of love I have for you is different. Even an entire lifetime will not be enough to make you understand how much I love you. Just know that you are special to me!”

You can find a thousand definitions of love in the dictionaries

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Cute Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

If you feel the urge to send your girlfriend or wife some sweet words of love in the form of charming text messages, you’ll simply adore the long paragraphs for her copy and paste in the list below!

1. “I hope you have the best day imaginable, I hope everyone you meet is as kind as you are to me, I hope the sky is as bright and beautiful as your smile, I hope that work goes as smoothly as your skin, To put it simply, I hope the day is as wonderful as you are.”

I hope you have the best day imaginable

2. “The happy first day of spring! I haven’t looked at the calendar, so I don’t know what day it is. All I know is that the world seems warmer, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and a spring in my step. So, whatever the calendar says today might as well be the first day of spring to me!”

3. “It took me ten years to find a wonderful angel like you, so imagine that I will let you go. Never can it happen because this treasure I have just discovered will be held in high esteem. You are special, and for this reason, no matter what happens, my heart will cherish you till the end!”

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4. “How does it feel to know that your boyfriend is the luckiest man in the world? Forget all of the lottery winners who’ve ever walked this earth, none of them has ever won a prize as valuable as even one kiss from your lips.”

5. “I know that I couldn’t have found a better person than you to live my life with. You are truly one of a kind, a diamond in the rough, a golden ticket that I am lucky to have won. I am so lucky and so grateful that you chose me.”

6. “You are more beautiful than a summer sunset on the ocean horizon, You are more breathtaking than the lush landscape on a mountain, You shine brighter than the stars in the country sky, You are more alluring than any song that was ever sung. I had not seen what the real meaning of beauty was until I found you.”

7. “If I can’t cry for you, who else will I shed my tears for? If I can’t stand for you, is there anyone else I can support again among other ladies? You are my joy, so it has become my responsibility to stay by your side when you need me most. I love you, baby!”

8. “What we have together is unique. It is a special bond that is strong and unbreakable. We can make it through anything we encounter, and we will only grow stronger from the trials we face together. Together, we are stronger. Being with you has made me a better person, and I can’t believe that I found you. Ever since I met you, I never wanted to let you go. The attraction that you and I share is one that is so intense, and I never want to be separated from you.”

9. “Until I met you, I had no idea that life could be full of happiness. There are so many new things and feelings that I have experienced with you. You brought into my life so much warmth and love that I have learned to live a life beyond my insecurities. You have become my biggest strength and my most precious asset. I will love you till my last breath, and I will always stand by you till eternity.”

10. “Love of my life, you are the first thing I think of when I wake up, and I’m looking forward to a life where I will wake up next to you, not needing to imagine you because you will be sleeping right there next to me.”

Love of my life, you are the first thing I think of when I wake up

11. “I will always pray for that moment that I’ll be the last person you will kiss goodnight, hug at midnight when It’s cold, and wake up to a good morning hug. I want to exist for your love because life has a different meaning with you in it. I can’t wait to have you as my wife officially.”

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12. “I used to think that true love has gone not until I met a very amazing person like you—every day I used to wonder in my heart that despite all the wrong I have done to you, my love never ceases to flow in your heart. I just want to say: I love you!”

13. “Hey there, gorgeous! I just had the greatest dream about you. I really want to tell you about it, but I’m not sure if I can put it into words. Maybe we should meet up so I can show you how it went in person.”

14. “You have to hurry over and see me! I’m not sure if I’m awake, I might still be dreaming. You have to pinch me so I can know for sure. But then again, getting pinched by you is something I dream about a lot. Oh well, as long as you are with me, I don’t care if it’s a dream or not.”

15. “Last night, I looked up at the heavens above me and wondered if there were any stars missing from the sky. After all, there must be at least one missing, where else could a heavenly body as yours have come from?”

16. “Every morning when I wake up, the first thing that hits my mind is you. I close my eyes and picture your beautiful face in my head, so I can start the day full of positivity. I feel lucky to have you in my life. You are a blessing that I will be thankful to God for the rest of my life.”

17. “Good morning, beautiful! I hope your night was great because mine was terrific. Every morning I’m grateful to have the thought of you in my mind, and I’m blessed to have you in my life. I’m honored to have someone as adorable as you are. Since you walked into my life, you have filled every moment with sweet memories. You transformed me from being ordinary to something special. With you by my side, life is worth living. Have a beautiful day ahead of you, honey! Lots of love.”

18. “You and I were meant to be together from the beginning. Your presence is always there to lend a helping hand when I need it most. I consider myself quite lucky to have crossed paths with you at the outset of our friendship. I consider myself fortunate to have you as my girlfriend. We have arrived at this awe-inspiring juncture in our existence as a group. I’ve reached a point where I can’t wait to start working with you, to see you grow, and confront the challenges of the future. What a wonderful person you are. You are all I could ever hope for and more. I will never be able to stop thinking about you. I can assure you of that.”

19. “Everything you do is a waste of time. How you eat, how you smile, how my name flows off your mouth… That is everything that keeps me going. It brings me great pleasure to observe you being yourself. For the simple reason that I like giving you my attention, I would never give it to anybody else. It was pouring on the day of your birth, as you recall. Although it was not raining, heaven was weeping because it had lost the most beautiful angel on earth!”

20. “I went to sleep last night dreaming of the next time we’d meet, and I woke up this morning thinking about the last time I saw you. Ever since I met you, time’s all out of order, I can only live in the present when you’re beside me.”

I went to sleep last night dreaming of the next time we’d meet

21. “One of the most wonderful experiences in the world is becoming completely lost in your own eyes. Every single day of my life, I intended to be looking at you, and I’d do anything to be able to travel back in time and meet you sooner. Because you have the most gorgeous eyes, you can see right into my soul and thoughts, bringing out the best in me. For this reason, I would never trade you in for anything in the world. I adore you more than the very breath of existence.”

22. “You have always been my most ardent supporter and cheerleader. Since the beginning of time, you’ve always had my back, and in your eyes, there’s nothing I can do wrong, which has helped me to gain confidence throughout my life. Thank you, sweetie, for loving me without conditions and for the rest of your life! You have shaped me into the guy I am today, and I will always cherish the affection I have for you. You shall be the love of my life till the end of time.”

23. “Time to get out of bed, baby! I hate to think of you stepping out of your warm bed and into the cold air, but even worse than that is the thought that I wouldn’t get to see you soon. So, get up, no matter how much you want to stay in bed. I need you. Please don’t forget.”

24. “I woke up to the sound of a song about us playing on the radio. How did I know it was about us? It was obvious; it was a love song! What other love is worthy of a song? As far as I’m concerned, every love song is about you and me, baby.”

25. “I will do anything to keep that beautiful smile on your face. You are a blessing to my life. An indispensable part that I can’t do away with in life. I don’t worry about how things go because I will do anything humanly possible to keep you smiling all day and night.”

26. “I feel highly honored, dear, to have you as my girlfriend. I will gladly show you off to the rest of the world so that everyone can see that you are my lady. I enjoy watching their tongues waggle, and their faces light up as they marvel at the beauty you carry and possess. You are beautiful on the outside, and you are beautiful on the inside. You are gorgeous and have exemplary qualities. You are the best woman in my life. I wish you, dear, a happy birthday. I wish you a fruitful year filled with God’s blessings and spiced with tantalizing adventures. I celebrate you today.”

27. “Good morning my princess! The queen of my heart, you are my strength when I’m weak, my lover, my best friend. When I look back at how far we’ve come, I didn’t think I could feel this way about any other woman. You have become a virtual part of my life. Many beautiful things are walking to welcome you to this new day you have woken up to. Let the morning see your beautiful smile and energetic activities. Have a wonderful morning, darling.”

28. “Arise and shine, honey! I like the sunshine in the morning because it reminds me of how bright you have made my life. My mornings have turned into happy beginnings. You were the last thing I thought about last night before sleeping and the first thing that came to mind when I woke up this morning. You are my sunshine and my light. You make everything feel alright. I’m so lucky to have you. You are beautiful inside and out. This morning I want to let you know that I am nothing without you, and I love every bit of you. Good morning. Have a lovely day.”

29. “It is a new day. It is a new dawn. It is a new phase. It is all-new for my baby girl. It is all-new for my sweetheart. It is a new beginning for the love of my life. Happy birthday to you, my dear. May this new chapter of your life be filled with your deepest heart desires. May your life always be a beauty to behold. May you be highly celebrated.”

30. “Let’s live every day like it is our last because no one knows when the last day will be. I want to show you the best love and care now that I am breathing. You should know that you are the girl of my dreams, and I love you.”

Let’s live every day like it is our last because no one knows when the last day will be

Romantic Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste

If you want to impress your special lady with some romantic love paragraphs, these wonderful long paragraphs for her copy and paste will help you achieve just that!

1. “Every time you walk into a room, I can feel my heart skip a beat, You make the blood in my veins rush through me with a fiery passion, You bring color to my cheeks, You are everything that keeps me going.”

I can feel my heart skip a beat

2. “For the rest of my life, I want to adore you with my gentle heart. I want to become that pillow that warms your head, that comb that brushes your beautiful hair. I am willing to live with you until the end of time because I love you!”

3. “Thank you for doing all those amazing things for me. Thank you for accepting me with all my imperfections, thank you for caring, and thank you for your unconditional love. I am happy to have you in my life, and I love you more than you will ever know!”

4. “Seems like a joke when I think of all the food I have eaten in the past before I met you; honestly, your cooking has taken over my senses, to be completely honest, oh man! You cook so great, this kind of cooking you do, I don’t look elsewhere for food, your meals are sumptuous, thank you for creating magic in the kitchen for us, I am one lucky dude.”

5. “Given a chance, I would like to be the sun that heats your warm smile, the air you breathe in those cute lungs, but most of all, I am glad my favorite wish has come to pass; to be the love of your life. I will forever be indebted to you for teaching me how to love.”

6. “You have been my closest partner, friend, and wife in my world of love. You have been my light when there was darkness, my energy in moments of weakness, and my smile in times of sadness. And the truth is that I will forever love and cherish you, my sweetheart.”

7. “I swear each time I look into your eyes, I get lost. I believe that you were meant to look only at me, and I only look at you. That’s why God gave you the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen; to captivate me and to look into my soul. I want to wake up every day looking into your eyes.”

8. “I wish I were able to describe how I feel when you smile. Your smile brightens up my whole world, I cannot explain. The best moments I know in my life are when you are laughing at me. I promise to always keep that smile blooming every day, and even though we are far from each other, keep smiling because I can feel it anywhere I will be.”

9. “Baby, I’ve never been scared of letting go of something until you came into my life. The thought of a day without you kills me slowly. Never will I ever let go of this newfound addiction. I love you with all I have.”

10. “Your smile sets my heart on fire and brightens up my life. You got the key to my heart, and you rule my whole world, baby, and it’s the best feeling I have ever felt in my entire life. You make me feel like I’m in heaven with your unwavering love.”

Your smile sets my heart on fire and brightens up my life

11. “You have a gift, a gift for a language that no one understands. It’s as if you’re a translator, someone who knows the silent language of my heart’s longing. You know and understand what I need in a way nobody else can. You recognize what I’m feeling when even I have a hard time recognizing what it is I’m going through or what it is I need. Your love, patience, and care have allowed me to grow. I feel so full of my love for you. It’s as if my heart has expanded to let it all in, as if my world’s grown bigger so it can make room for all the good that’s come to me through you.”

12. “Thanks to you, my life has never felt this good. Perfection is your second name, and beauty is your complete definition. I promise to keep your heart safe from heartbreaks and any other emotional baggage. I promise to love you all my life.”

13. “I wish you could understand the depth of my love for you. Perhaps you would shed tears of passion to know that a heart like this still exists. I am so addicted to love with you that I can no longer control how I feel for you. I just want to say I love you!”

14. “The moon cannot shine without the sun as this resembles my love for you. You are the sun to me, and I’m your moon so that I can only shine when you give me your light. I cannot survive in this world without you, my dear. You are that particular part that makes my day lively and my night sweet.”

15. “Darling, you came into my life as a blessing, you made me feel more alive as the days went by. You’re the best gift nature has given me. I just want to use this opportunity to tell you how much I love and cherish you.”

16. “Because of you, my darling, I have known how it feels actually to care and love someone more than anything one can ever think of in this world. I have got the chance to experience the most beautiful feeling of knowing that there will always be a person who will never give up on me and will always love and care for me no matter what happens. You’ve made me feel strong and built confidence in me to face life more courageously and achieve my dreams in life. You have turned around my life most adorably, my sweetheart. I owe you a lot, love you forever and always.”

17. “For the entire joy you have brought into my life, I am wishing you the most beautiful things on this earth that will console your heart with every good sensation. Your passion brings about my love foundation, and I will always be yours as long as you make my life joyful. In the rain and storms, my hands will never cease to hold you tight. My sweetheart, I love you till the end of time.”

18. “Darling, whenever I look at you, I feel like I’ve met an angel in person. No one can ever be as sweet as you are. You light up every part of me, and I will never stop looking at you. Please be mine for the rest of our mortal days. I love you, queen of my heart.”

19. “You’re all I ever want and all I could ever ask for. You made me feel loved in ways I couldn’t even expect. I would never ask for more, my love, I just want you and me together forever. Till my last breath, I will continue to cherish you. I love you, sweetheart.”

20. “Everything you do, the way you eat, the way you smile, the way my name rolls off of your tongue. All of it is what keeps me going. It gives me so much joy to just watch you be you. I would never give my attention to anyone else because I love giving it to you.”

Everything you do, the way you eat, the way you smile, the way my name rolls off of your tongue

21. “One paragraph is not enough for me to tell you just how much you mean to me. It would take me thousands of pages to tell you just how much I love you. If I spent the rest of eternity writing, I still could not accurately portray how amazing you are and all of the reasons why I love you.”

22. “Baby, I am honestly, sincerely, and madly in love with you, and I feel like shouting it loudly on the highest mountain for the whole world to hear. We have faced a lot together, and we still have a long way to go. I want you to always be by my side every time, for I have found my eternity in you, my love.”

23. “I had believed there was no real love until that blessed day when you walked into my world, and I began to understand how much it feels to be in love with a pure heart. I appreciate all your endurance and sacrifices to see me smile, and definitely, you are an angel in my life. I love you!”

24. “The first time I set my eyes on you, I could not stop crying because it occurred to me as though I had never met a strange creature like you before; as beautiful as a white angel. Your hair is as black as a freshly refined coal-tar, your teeth so white like snow, they all melt my heart together. I love you, my superstar!”

25. “Every morning I am being treated like a king, I wake up next to the most beautiful woman, I am being pampered even on my bed, I am filled with happiness when I return home tired, because I am returning to the most caring woman, I appreciate all your efforts in making me happy, and making our home lovely.”

26. “Every day of my life, you give me endless joy each night I go to bed happy, knowing I will kiss the sweetest lips before I fall asleep, but I feel even happier when I wake up because I wake up to see the most beautiful eyes, you are my angel, and I so much love and cherish you, sweetheart.”

27. “I have to be honest with you, my angel, you are one rare gem, your beauty has laid a song in my heart, I sing it every day with joy in my heart, I feel whole having you as my life partner, I am not teasing you when I say you are perfect for me in every form and proportion, spending my life with you is my utmost desire.”

28. “Today is so special in my life, and the reason being that I am able to see your beautiful face once again. Baby, it brings tears to the eyes, and it is a pity that for so long, I did not see the queen of my heart. That beautiful lady I cherish with passion. I love you, my sweetheart!”

29. “You have inspired me to be the best version of myself. I am grateful for all the laughs we’ve shared and the great times we have had. You’ve always been my strength in tough times and my sunshine when it’s cloudy outside. You have brought so much light into my life. You make everything else feel meaningless because the only thing that matters is you. You’re my soulmate, and I love you so much. You are the love of my life. Without you, I don’t know what I would do. Together, we have created a beautiful world.”

30. “I had a dream about you last night. Heck, I have dreamed about you just about every day. It seems like I could spend every waking hour of the day with you, and it still wouldn’t be enough. Even when I close your eyes, I want you near.”

I had a dream about you last night

Long Paragraphs For Long Distance Love

Here are some long paragraphs for her copy and paste to show the depth of your love even when there’s a great distance between you.

1. “The distance is only temporary because my heart keeps beating for the most awesome person in the whole world. Forget the miles between us; you will be there, and I will be here, but our hearts will still beat for each other.”

The distance is only temporary because my heart keeps beating

2. “In spite of my gift of eloquence, with you, I’m always short of the right words to say to best express my feelings. No distance can quell the love I have for you, it will only grow bigger with each day. You are the most wonderful thing in my life, and I’ll love to keep it that way. You build me, raise me, brace me, help me, motivate me and usher me with all the love that I had never dared to dream of. Thank you for making memories when you were here, it’s a perfect substitute now that you’re far away from me. But that would never stop the love I have for you. It will grow bigger with each day. I am madly in love with you, and I want to stay that way.”

3. “No matter how much it feels like we don’t have enough time to talk, like I don’t always reach out to you, that we’re far away from each other, that we’re not sure when we’ll get to see each other again, that the memories of the times we spent together is starting to fade away, one thing is constant and I want you to hold on to it, just like I did; I love you so much and beyond words. I love you completely. You are my dream come true, though I might not get to say it to you at the time, it’s true. My heart will beat for you only.”

4. “If I had to close my eyes to choose, I wouldn’t even have a problem because it’s going to be you, over and over again. You know how I can be speechless sometimes when you do things that trigger my love the most, that’s the impact you have on me, baby. You love me unconditionally that my heart skips beats sometimes. The more I try to think about why I got to love you, I realize there’s no point to it other than to keep loving you because that’s the only way I can also live happily.”

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5. “Each new day, I realize that the day I’ll get to see you again is approaching, so I hold on to our love tightly. With you is bliss, it doesn’t matter whether you’re here or not. You are my lover that no one can take away from me. In the rain and sunshine, I’ll always be there with you, and you are right here in my heart. I can’t wait to see you again and have you all to myself because that’s what you are. Take care of yourself, my lovely angel.”

6. “When you were here with me, every moment spent talking to you was blissful. Now that you’re far away, every memory is as beautiful and as fresh as the day we made them. See, you’re the joy in my life and the sweetest thing that found its way through life to my world. My love for you is beyond time, and it is boundless. I am so madly in love with you that sometimes I wish I could retract the distance between us. I hope you want me and long for me as much as I do you. You belong in my heart forever, baby.”

7. “My love, my heart desire, the only one that holds the keys to my heart. Loving you has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far because no day passes by without reminding me of you. You’re the first person on my mind in the morning and the last I think of at night. Your thoughts bring so much joy and happiness to my life, and nothing compares to this feeling. We’re apart at the moment, but we won’t be forever. I hope to see you soon, dear. I love you!”

8. “I have your heart with me, you have mine with you, and I don’t want it back. I want you to handle it with the best care in the world. No matter where you are, no matter where you go, I’ll still be here for you. I’ll always love, cherish and adore you. Distance never separates two hearts that care. It’s only a test of true love. I believe our love can stand through all odds. I can’t wait to see you again.”

9. “You are the joy that I found in the midst of the stress and badness of this world. You’re the ray of light in the midst of the glum around me. You’re the happiness that my life hangs onto, my succor, my resting place, and it doesn’t matter at all that you’re not here because hearing you speak to me is more than enough that I need. You being in my life has filled me up with sweet and lovely times and moments. You are the treasure that my heart cherishes now and always. The way you took me, loved me, blurred my imperfections, and made me feel warm all the time is remarkable, I guess that’s one of your hidden talents. In all this earth and beyond, I love you so much, babe.”

10. “Dearest, my body is simply crazy about wanting you. If you don’t come tomorrow, I don’t see how I can wait for you. I wonder if your body wants to mine the way mine wants yours; the kisses, the hotness, the wetness, all melting together, being held so tight that it hurts, the strangle, and the struggle.”

Dearest, my body is simply crazy about wanting you

11. “A love critic, I was. Then, with you came a love to last and to nurture in my heart. Therein, I believed in love because you were all shades of love. You appeared unblemished and without a fault. You are the only woman I know that makes love a beautiful thing to give. For once in my life, I never felt the pain of love. Some say, “love is wicked!” But because I have tasted your love, I, therefore, exclaim, “Love is the greatest!” My heart doesn’t fit into its space anymore because it grew bigger when it started loving you. You’re my true love. I miss you, baby.”

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12. “I’m very grateful to God for making you, and I see another day. I hope you have the strength to start the day properly, as usual. I want you to stop thinking about yesterday, as what happened cannot be altered. A new day is here to renew your strength and provide you with another chance to do better than yesterday. Good morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you.”

13. “The greatest blessing of my life, the very essence of my love and loving, the only one that understands me and loves me completely with no restrictions, that’s what you are and more, baby. Since the day you came into my life, you’re the sweetness that fills me all the time. I would love to see you every day, in fact, I’ll give anything to you, but right now, I guess I have to hold onto our memories and wait till the day you’ll get to be with me. I love that I love you always.”

14. “Our love was made in heaven, there’s nothing that can make me think otherwise. You won my heart, and since then, it’s been scenes and series of pleasantness. I know I can’t explain how I started to love you because it doesn’t matter at all. I love you like there’s no tomorrow for me, like that’s what my life depends on. It’s as if we’re each a half of a perfect one. Having you is my life’s blessing. And I love you with every being in me.”

15. “You possess a special trait of lifting my spirits when I’m down, holding my bass when it feels I’m about to fall apart, saying words that uplift my spirit, and giving my reassurance. All these and more is what you do for me, and I can’t help but be grateful to God for placing you in my life. You’re not here with me right now, and I miss your encouraging words and actions when I’m at my lowest. Despite everything, I love you so much, babe, that I don’t care how far away we are from each other. Thank you for coming into my life and carting away my heart, if you hadn’t, it would have been smashed and shattered since. I love you, and I mean it with all the sincerity in me.”

16. “Being far away from you is the most awful and hardest thing I have endured to this moment. Every day without you is one I spend heartbroken. I know we are destined together, and being apart brings me great pain, and I will not be normal until I see your beautiful face, for I feel a piece is missing in my body. Until I hear your sweet voice of silk once again, I will keep on missing you more than I have ever missed any person in my life. Goodnight, my love.”

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17. “Like a treasure, I’ll store up your memories in my heart. I’ll say it a million times and over a millennium: you mean so much to me. Each of my gazes on you is to let you know that I’m trapped within your heart. I’ll always let you be the queen you’ve always wanted to be. I’m not in your life to control you but to love you. Love will lead us together, and it will make things right between us. The small things of love, I’m willing to do for you; likewise, the big things of love. My baby, I’ll do it all for you.”

18. “Many couples seem to regret getting into long-distance relationships. Ours has withstood the test of time; it brings both of us so much joy and hope. You are wonderful. Happy birthday, darling. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more years with you!”

19. “Beyond the gaping distance that exists between us, one thing I’ve come to understand is that my love for you is here to stay. I’m content with seeing you in my mind even though I don’t get to see you as much as I want to and at all times. Well, it doesn’t matter because love is a matter of the heart, and as long as our hearts are together, we are one. You’re my happiness, the rainbow that appears on my stormy days. You are the only lover of my heart and the woman that is best for me. It’s not too fair that you’re not here, and that’s why I make sure I don’t let a day go by without talking to you. You will always and forever be the only one in my heart, my love.”

20. “Though I may not see you as much as I would love to, I may not have you in my arms as often as I would want, but deep in my heart, I know for a fact that you are the only one for me, and I will not let you go.”

Though I may not see you as much as I would love to

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Sweet Love Messages To Make Her Feel Special

If you still haven’t found the perfect love paragraph from my list of long paragraphs for her copy and paste, check out all the cute love messages below.

These are the sweetest true love messages a girl could hope to receive from her man!

1. “Getting to know you felt like a class about how angels operate because, in the real sense, you are angelic in every aspect. Thank you for calling me yours and for accepting me for who I am, with all my imperfections. In you, I find peace, comfort, and bliss.”

Getting to know you felt like a class about how angels operate

2. “I want you to know that there’s no one who can replace you. The way you look, the way you always know what I am thinking about, the way you give me a hug when I need it the most, and the way you listen to me are all priceless. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could. I love you.”

3. “I will keep loving you every single day because you are the one for me. My love keeps growing stronger every second, and I can’t explain how happy I am. Will you please explain to my heart what you did to it that I can’t stop thinking of you?”

4. “Every day, I wish you laughter, sweet memories, and helpful adventures to make you the most enlightened person. Nothing brings me joy like knowing I have a smart woman for a partner. Thank you for holding me down this whole time.”

5. “You share my dreams, baby, and I share yours. In you, I found someone stronger than anyone I know, I found love deeper than I ever expected. You surprise me with everything you do, and I just want to be your man forever. Be mine always.”

6. “Most times, I lie around wondering whether love is worth fighting and dying for. Then I sit back and think about us, and I get ready for you because I would die for you without a second thought. That is how much I love and treasure you. You are simply the best.”

7. “Call me crazy because I’m about to write your name in the sky for the whole world to see how much you mean to me. I love you!”

8. “I don’t know how many years I have left, but I know I’ll always spend every moment with you. No one on the planet makes me as happy or as lively as you do. Every second spent with you is worth more than a thousand lifetimes without you.”

9. “I have tried my best to be the best hubby in the whole wide world. As a soldier in this love affair, my greatest mission is to make you the happiest and most fulfilled woman. Let me love you endlessly till the end of our days. Feel appreciated, dear one.”

10. “If I was a lion, I would roar so majestically in the jungle to let you know how much I love you. If I was a dancer, I would break my waist to show how much you mean to me. I love you, my heart’s desire!”

If I was a lion, I would roar so majestically in the jungle to let you know how much I love you

11. “Each time my phone rings or vibrates, you are the first person that comes to mind. If there was a way to spend every minute of every hour with you for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest person alive.”

12. “Before I fall asleep, I always picture what it would feel like to fall asleep in your arms. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

13. “You know I really want you to come over, but you’re so hot my air conditioner bill would skyrocket the second you stepped foot in the door!”

14. “Your love is so fascinating because you gathered and mended my broken heart together into one piece with your sweet love.”

15. “I am truly, crazily, and deeply in love with you. I feel like shouting it out loud on the top of the mountain. We have been through so much together, and we still have a really strong bond. I just want you to always be by my side. I have found mine forever in you.”

I am truly, crazily, and deeply in love with you

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16. “I lack the right words that can best describe how much I love you and how much you mean to me. There are no expressions which can best show how you make me feel every day of my life in this world.”

17. “True love comes at the most unexpected moment, and it costs nothing at all. But what is even more interesting is that for some people, it comes with a package full of cuteness. I belong to those lucky ones. I love you!”

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18. “It doesn’t matter the distance between us, but the most important thing every day is that your love dwells in my heart and cannot be broken easily. As long as I am the boss, only your attachment will be secure in my heart.”

19. “With you, I realized what it meant to be in love and to be loved in return. I’ve become so selfish that I don’t want to stay a day without you. You are my dream, my prize, and my heart’s desire.”

20. “It’s a pleasure for the eyes to see you smiling. I have never known anyone with such a cute smile on her face. I would die and come back a thousand times to see you smiling in this way. I love you, cutie pie!”

It’s a pleasure for the eyes to see you smiling.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this collection of long paragraphs for her copy and paste, which I truly believe are the loveliest declarations of love in the world!

I am sure these love paragraphs will definitely leave an impression on your special lady and bring a smile to her face.

Now it’s time to choose your favorite long paragraph for her copy and paste and share it with your soulmate.

Until next time!

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150 Beautiful Long Paragraphs For Her Copy And Paste