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90 Fantastic Congratulations For New Car Wishes & Messages

90 Fantastic Congratulations For New Car Wishes & Messages

Getting a new car is a big deal, so don’t hesitate to congratulate the proud owner.  Here are 90 great congratulations for new car wishes you can use.

Top 20 Congratulations For New Car Wishes

1. “You’re never beaten in your selection of cars. The latest of your line of beauties is great. Congrats.”

You’re never beaten in your selection of cars

2. “Now is the best time for us to go on long night rides with your brand new car. Congratulations on getting a new car.”

3. “Now, you are truly unstoppable! Congratulations on making a huge step and purchasing your first car!”

4. “Adding four new wheels and another achievement on your list.”

5. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a car that creates awe everywhere you go around with it. Congratulations on getting a new car.”

6. “Your new car is here! Now everyone can see what you have been going on and on about for so long. It’s exactly like you said it is, and I know I speak for everyone when I say W-O-W. It was certainly worth the wait.”

7. “Congratulations on your new car. May you enjoy adventurous cruising with the new car and experience the high speed of life.”

8. “So, how are you feeling now after seeing ‘a dream car’ parked in your own garage?”

9. “Your hot new car will get you a lot of new dates. I just hope you don’t forget your old mates. Congratulations!”

10. “Your car is going to be super amazing now since it has found such a cool dude to ride it.”

Your car is going to be super amazing now

11. “Many car owners found themselves becoming more attracted to their cars than to their friends. I do hope you won’t be among the many. Congratulations on buying your first car!”

12. “Just look at it. This car suits you perfectly.”

13. “May your new car be an impressive experience of your life! Experience the most abundant every twist and change that you face. All the very best.”

14. “A new car is a lot more than just a new set of wheels. It is something with which you will associate beautiful memories. Congratulations.”

15. “May the joy of owning a car never fade away! Congratulations on this triumph!”

16. “Congratulations, dear, on getting a new car! All I hope is that you’d go to new destinations and make friends with new people and know the world more.”

17. “I hope your car takes you to all the good places and opens up new opportunities for you. Congratulations!”

18. “I must appreciate your choice as your new car symbolizes your great rich taste. Wish you good luck with your new ride and next new journeys.”

19. “Your new car shows that you have expensive taste, a luxurious sense of style, and a die-hard need for speed. Congratulations.”

20. “The story of your new car has made my morning. I don’t remember if I’ll be able to eat breakfast because I’m now full. Congratulations, honey.”

The story of your new car has made my morning

Congratulations On Your New Car My Friend

1. “Finally, the day has come for you to ride your own car. I am so happy for you.”

Finally, the day has come for you to ride your own car

2. “Your car is again a new addition to the long list of desires fulfilled by you. May you have great memories across the years.”

3. “Congratulations on your first car ever. I’m really proud of you!”

4. “I know how much this car means to you because you have been saving for quite some time to get it. Now that it’s finally in your garage, I hope that it’s the first of many luxury vehicles in your collection! Congrats, bro!”

5. “Congratulations on your new car. I had waited expectantly for this day to come.”

6. “This took so long. I thought they were shipping it from Mars! I’m happy everything is sorted, and the car of your dreams is finally here. You deserve it! Congrats, my friend!”

7. “I know how much you worked hard for this day. Buying a car was always your dream. Finally, you bought it. I hope you will be able to fulfill your other dreams too.”

8. “You are the first among us to buy a new car. We are happy as well as challenged by your focus and determination. Congratulations, dude.”

9. “Congratulations on your shiny car. Don’t go too fast!”

10. “Thinking about the sweet memories that you have spent with your loved ones in your first car is the best thing. Cherish them completely, and congratulations.”

Thinking about the sweet memories that you have spent with your loved ones

11. “When I thought it was insane for you to give out your solid car, I never knew you had underground plans to purchase a wonder on four wheels. You’re an enigma, man. Congratulations!”

12. “That isn’t a sound from the engine, your car roars!”

13. “Life is a long journey, and you need a great companion to go through it. Congratulations on having a new car, dear friend.”

14. “Feeling so proud of you. I know the dedication you put into this dream car.”

15. “Do you know the common thing between your first love and your first car? You will forget neither. Congratulations on such a sweet ride.”

16. ”I hope that your new car makes your journey smoother and takes you near and far. Best wishes.”

17. “To this day, you’ve never stopped distinguishing yourself as a man of excellence. Congratulations on your elegant car. As long as you use it, may it be a source of relief and comfort for you.”

18. “Today, I’m so happy for you, my friend. In the end, you bought a car on your own. Congratulations buddy!”

19. “Congratulations on your new car! May you have lots of delightful drives with it!”

20. “Your car is way cooler than what I had ten years back when you were a kid. Take the entire family on a long ride now.”

Your car is way cooler

21. “Having saved for years to acquire new wheels, it’s safe for me to say that persistence is a basic key to glorious success. Congratulations, bro.”

22. “Hey, don’t forget that you promised me to give you a ride in your new car. Btw congratulations!”

23. “I recently saw your new car just speeding down the street. Congratulations, I know you are happy now but don’t give up on your evening walk. Be healthy and stay safe.”

24. “Life is too short to be wasted on jalopy cars. I am glad that you’ve come to realize that. Congratulations on the brand new car.”

25. “I am glad to know that God has gifted you with a sweet little car. I wish you joy and happiness and a new adventure together with your family. Congratulations!”

Funny Congratulations For New Car

1. “Congratulations on getting a new car. Just don’t screw it as you did with your old one.”

Congratulations on getting a new car

2. “Congratulations on the appearance of your highly anticipated ride. Get ready to take me riding.”

3. “This is just a friendly reminder that this brand new car belongs more to me than you. I am going to travel a hell lot of places with you now. Congratulations!”

4. “It is great to be driving, but don’t give up on walking. Congratulations on your new Honda, but I hope you don’t become a lazy panda.”

5. “I’m really glad that you have bought a car that will solve our transportation needs. This is good news. Congratulations!”

6. “I avoid you for purchasing such a cool pickup dolly. Now my car is just going to absorb. Congratulations anyway.”

7. “Congrats on getting your first car. Just remember, officers, don’t write tickets to pretty girls.”

8. “If you understand you won’t take great care of your new car, you will completely donate it to me. Thanks in advance.”

9. “I hate you for buying such a cool pickup truck. Now my car is just going to suck. Congratulations anyway.”

10. “Before riding on the road in your new car, first learn all the traffic rules for safety. Congratulations, dude!”

first learn all the traffic rules for safety

11. “Unlike you, I am a follower of low-budget cars. But that doesn’t prevent me from salivating over rare ones such as your newest. Congratulations!”

12. “You may owe money to the bank for your car loan, but I hope you remember that you owe me a ride too. Congratulations.”

13. “You may call your new car your sweetheart, but your girlfriend sincerely hopes that she will remain the number one sweetheart in your life. I love you.”

14. “This is just a friendly reminder that I am more than happy to babysit your new Mercedes every time you are out of town. Just don’t forget to top up your insurance. Congratulations.”

15. “I was drunk when I dared you to change your old car. I didn’t know you took it seriously. Congratulations, anyway.”

16. “I think I don’t need to spend money on gas/oil for the upcoming months because I am going to ride in your new car. Congratulations, my friend.”

17. “You spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a new car. I hope you will spend a fraction of that amount to celebrate the purchase with your old friends. Congratulations, mate.”

18. “My days of walking and using public transport seem to be over with the arrival of your posh car. Isn’t God wonderful?”

19. “Is there such a thing as a car warming party? It’s big enough to fit quite a few people in there! Just kidding- congratulations, though!”

20. “Hope you will take better care of your new car than you did in your old car. Congratulations on your new car!”

Hope you will take better care of your new car than you did in your old car

Congratulations Messages For Buying New car

1. “You’re unstoppable, an achiever of a family. I rejoice you this day on the recovery of your powerful ride.”

You’re unstoppable, an achiever of a family

2. “If my car looked that good, I’d be in it all the time. You did good!”

3. “May your new car take you to new places with new opportunities waiting to serve you. All the best wishes for your new car.”

4. “This may be your first car, but it will definitely not be your last car. I expect more cars as you desire. Congratulations!”

5. “Nice ride, man! Talk about pampering yourself! I hope I can splurge on something this nice when I retire. You’re living the dream!”

6. “You have always got what you desire. We hope that this new car brings a lot of success to you. Many wishes.”

7. “May your new car be an awesome experience of your life! Enjoy to the fullest every twist and turns that you face. All the very best.”

8. “First, you learned to stand on your own two feet. Now you are riding on your own wheels. I wish that success follows you everywhere you go. Congratulations for new car.”

9. “Your new car is lucky to have a mindful and skillful driver like you. Congratulations!”

10. “Life is a journey, and I hope that your new car will add a more thrilling experience to your life. Congratulations, dear, on your new car.”

Life is a journey

11. “May all your rides with the new car be as exciting and smooth as you make the lives of everyone around you.”

12. “This is by far the sleekest, most luxurious, and of course, priciest car on the block. You’re the envy of the neighbors but in a good way! We’re all proud of you, and we love the view of it passing by! Congrats on your big purchase!”

13. “As a car owner myself, I can attest to the comfort that awaits you in your new ride. I’m really happy about this elevation and wish you more blessings in your household.”

14. “Congratulations, dear! Your new car is a great choice of yours. May you enjoy traveling through this to the unknown places and enjoy your life.”

15. “Congrats, dad, on your powerful car. I am so proud of you.”

16. “There comes a time in every girl’s life when she decides to pamper herself extravagantly to compensate for years of hard work and labor. Congratulations on the arrival of your brand new car. Live your best life!”

17. “Hours of hard work have paid off, congratulations on having a new car. Drive safely!”

18. “Congratulations on your new car, my friend. This will be a perfect vehicle for you and your wife. You both are a newly married couple, and it will be perfect for your long trip honeymoon.”

19. “If I ever want to be motivated, I’ll just look at your garage.”

20. “Best wishes for buying a new car.”

Best wishes for buying a new car

21. “Your new car is a great choice of yours. May you enjoy traveling through this to unknown places and enjoy your life. Congratulations!”

22. “Today, you have brought a new member to your family, and I hope you really take care of it. Let’s celebrate this joyful moment. Congratulations for new car!”

23. “May the joy of owning an efficient car be yours. May you make fantastic memories with your car and never lack the resources to keep it up and running. Congratulations on your new car.”

24. “This car is really outstanding. You have a great choice.”

25. “Let’s go racing. Let the adrenaline pumping. Get that heart beating and hands gripping onto the wheel. Congrats for your new car!”

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To Sum Up

I remember the joy and excitement I felt when I passed my driving test and got my first car! The world seemed to be at my feet. Later, I got the same feeling when I finally bought my new home.

Even though every first time is special, when you change your car and get a new one it is an equally exciting experience. You’re upgrading, evolving, and going higher.

Those are significant life events, and therefore should be celebrated in a proper way.

I hope you liked the congratulations for new car wishes you found in this article. I want to hear about your experience with getting a new car. Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

See you soon!

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90 Fantastic Congratulations For New Car Wishes & Messages