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Best 100 Work Friends Quotes To Celebrate Friendships

Best 100 Work Friends Quotes To Celebrate Friendships

Let’s celebrate a wonderful bond between people who work together by sharing work friends quotes that will make them feel inspired, loved and recognized!

Best Work Friends Quotes

1. “A friend at work is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.” ― Unknown

two colleagues laughing together representing work friend quote

2. “A work friend may become a friend for life.” ― Unknown

3.“Strangers turning to colleagues to eventually turn into a nest of friends is the best thing that could have happened to us.” ― Unknown

4. “It’s not just about the job, it’s about the people you work with.” ― Unknown

5. Motivation comes from working on things we care about. It also comes from working with people we care about.” Sheryl Sandberg

a man and a woman working together representing work friendship quote

6. “We may not have chosen each other, but we’re lucky to have become coworkers and friends.” ― Unknown

7. “When I speak with people who love their jobs and have vital friendships at work, they always talk about how their workgroup is like a family.” ― Tom Rath

8. “Time for reflection with colleagues is for me a lifesaver; it’s not just a nice thing to do if you have the time. It’s the only way you can survive.” ― Margaret J. Wheatly

9. “The pleasure we found in working together made us exceptionally patient; it is much easier to strive for perfection when you are never bored.” ― Daniel Kahneman

10. “The best kind of work environment is where friends are made.” ― Unknown

two girls working on a laptop representing work bestie quote

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Work Friendship Quotes

1. “Coworker friendship is more precious than gold and silver. You will always enjoy every day at work.” ― Unknown

a girl smiling while working represenitng work friends quotes

2. “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is the progress, and working together is the success.” ― Henry Ford

3. “Office best friends are very hard to find, but if you find them, then cling to them and never leave them.” ― Unknown

4. “Working with friends makes the job feel less like work.” ― Unknown

5. “A smile from a colleague-friend can make all the difference in a tough day.” ― Unknown

two girls laughing and looking at a macbook representing work friendship quotes

6. “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. Lucky to have you as my friend. You are the best co-worker I have ever known.” ― Unknown

7. “Happiness is having a coworker who becomes a friend.” ― Unknown

8. “The best team is one that not only works together, but laughs together too.”  ― Unknown

9. “We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work, it doesn’t matter. But work is third.” ― Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

10. “Life can be uncertain, work can be unpredictable. But by having good friends around you, support is guaranteed.” ― Kishan S Chauhan

two girls drinking coffee by their laptop representing quote about work friends

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Silly And Funny Work Friends Quotes

1. “When my friend doesn’t show up for work: 5% I hope they’re okay; 95% how dare you leave me alone?” ― Unknown

three colleagues drinking coffee on a break representing friends at work quotes

2. “Nothing is better than having a great friend to work with so you can vent to each other to make the day go faster.” ― Unknown

3. “Chance made us colleagues. Our craziness made us friends.” ― Unknown

4. “Having a friend at work will make you hate your job less.” ― Unknown

5. “Colleagues by chance, friends by choice.” ― Unknown

two guys working together representing quote about work friends

6. “You’re the only coworker I don’t complain about to my other coworkers.” ― Unknown

7. “Even when we are working alone, our absent friends accompany us on the roads and trails.” ― Mina Samuels, Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Year: A Practical, Personal, Inspirational Guide for Women Athletes

8. “Working under pressure becomes fun when you’re working with friends.” ― Unknown

9. “I’m friends with everybody in this office. We’re all best friends. I love everybody here. But sometimes your best friends start coming into work late and start having dentist appointments that aren’t dentist appointments, and that is when it’s nice to let them know that you could beat them up.” ― Michael Scott (The Office)

10. “You’re my favorite co-worker. (Don’t tell anyone!)” ― Unknown

three girls working at an office representing coworker friend quote

11. “I love how we can look at each other and, without saying anything, know we are making fun of the same person at work.” ― Unknown

12. “Work friends are so funny. Do we see each other outside of work? Almost never. But do I know details about your sex life? Do I know your financial situation? Do I know your deepest, darkest secrets? Have I seen you in every mood imaginable? Hell yeah.” ― Unknown

13. “I’m so glad you work here, so I have someone to talk to every day about quitting.” ― Unknown

14. “Finding a great coworker is like finding a four-leaf clover – rare and lucky!” ― Unknown 

15. “Colleagues are like Christmas lights. They may not always make the work brighter, but they sure make it more colorful!” ― Unknown

two colleagues laughing in office representing colleagues quote

Cute Work Friends Quotes

1. “Good offices do not necessarily provide good friendships, but mine are exceptional.” ― Unknown

two girls laughing aloud at the office representing coworker friendship quote

2. “What I love most about my job is my amazing coworkers.” ― Unknown

3. “When you like the people you work with, you never want to miss a day of work.” ― Unknown

4. “Having a friend in the workplace will make your day brighter.” ― Unknown

5. “When you’re working with your friends, it doesn’t feel like it’s work.” Ken Jeong

a woman showing a man something at work representing colleague friend quote

6. “Chance made us colleagues. But the fun and laughter made us friends.” ― Unknown

7. “Awesome coworkers — they are the only reason you regret having to call in sick to work.” ― Unknown

8. “There is nothing better than a friend at work unless it’s a friend with chocolate.” ― Unknown

9. “It’s like a dream job to work with your friends.” ― Unknown

10. “It’s a very special thing when you go and get to work with your best friend every day.” Nick Frost

two girl colleagues on a break representing work best friend quotes

11. “I never face Monday morning blues because of fun colleagues like you. Thank you!” ― Unknown

12. “I always say I’m not going to work; I’m going to play with my friends.” ― Brian Tyree Henry

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13. “Getting any work done is difficult when your coworkers are so friggin’ awesome.” ― Unknown

14. “Work BFF (noun): Someone you love dearly, and also happen to work with.” ― Unknown

15. “When you have friends at work, you always have someone supporting you.” ― Unknown

a girl with glasses smiling at work representing friend colleague quote

16. “The best kind of friendship always arises from coworkers being friends.” ― Unknown

17. “There is nothing as sweet as having a precious coworker as your friend.” ― Unknown

18.  “Finding peace can be equated to good friendships in the office.” ― Unknown

19. “Strangers turning to colleagues to eventually turn into a nest of friends is the best thing that could have happened to us.” ― Unknown

20. “The best part of the workday is spending time with colleagues who have become friends.” ― Unknown

two brunette girls smiling while looking at the laptop representing co worker friend quote

Coworker Friendship Quotes

1. “Work is much more than a paycheck when you have colleagues that feel like friends and friends that feel like family.”  ― Unknown

two beautiful colleagues drinking coffee on a break representing work with friends quote

2. “Work is more than just a place to earn a paycheck, it’s a place where true friendships are made.” ― Unknown

3. “Work is better when you’re surrounded by friends who inspire, support, and occasionally bring snacks.” ― Unknown

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4. “A successful team is not just about the tasks completed but the friendships cultivated along the way.” ― Unknown

5. “You make the office feel less like a workplace and more like a second home. Grateful for your friendship.” ― Unknown

three work friends enjoying coffee on a break representing office friends quote

6. “Behind every successful project is a team of colleagues who support and uplift each other.” ― Unknown

7. “In the corporate jungle, it’s comforting to have coworkers who are more like companions than competitors.” ― Unknown

8. “A great team is not just about skills but the genuine friendships that make the journey memorable.” ― Unknown

9. “Work may be about deadlines, but friendship is about the timeless moments we create together.” ― Unknown

10. “Work is where we spend most of our waking hours, and it’s a blessing to spend them with awesome coworkers such as yourself.” ― Unknown

two bearded guys laughing representing work best friend quotes

11. “Work is a voyage, and it’s reassuring to have coworkers like you on the same ship.” ― Unknown

12. “To the colleagues who add the ‘extra’ to the ordinary – you’re the spice that makes work flavorful.” ― Unknown

13. “Work is where we meet, but friendship is what makes the journey memorable.” ― Unknown

14. “To my amazing coworkers: Your friendship is the best perk of this job.” ― Unknown

15. “In the professional orchestra, you’re the note that makes the workplace symphony truly beautiful.” ― Unknown

three work besties dressed in white representing great coworker quotes

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Work Bestie Quotes That Can Be Sent As Messages

1. “Dear friend, there is no me without you. Having you as my colleague and friend gives me more joy in my job.”

two colleagues standing and talking representing quotes about coworkers

2. “If only friends like you could be found in every phase of life.”

3. “How about a toast to the friends that we have grown into over the years?”

4. “Thanks for being not just a great colleague, but a better friend.” 

5. “The most valued time in this whole office is always with you.”

two work friends having fun in office representing work bestie messages

6. “The good thing about our association is that we are not only the best of colleagues, but also really good friends who are there for each other when the times are rough. To my best colleague, a very Happy Friendship Day.”

7. “We only met as coworkers but now we are more like sisters. Your support, giggles, and laughter are my motivation every day in the office.”

8. “You are truly a sister, friend, and co-worker to me because you have stood by me through each and every difficult time on the professional front like the strongest pillar…. Happy Friendship Day.”

9. “Today we are more friends than co-workers. Thanks to our bosses for giving us challenges and giving us the opportunity to unite as a team and work with each other… Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day.”

10. “Working together makes us co-workers but spending so many hours together and sharing our good times and bad times with each other makes us friends, friends who stand by each other… Best wishes on Friendship Day to you.”

two colleagues talking about work representing happy friendship day work colleague

11. “Blessed are those who find a friend in their colleague… And I consider myself as the most fortunate one as I have a colleague who is my best friend… Cheers to our amazing association and equation… Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you.”

12. “The only thing that has helped us manage through all the projects in the office is our friendship. Thank you for always being there for me, dear colleagues.”

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13. “Dear Colleague, I am glad that we are friends now. I hope our friendship bond gets stronger and better during our work tenure.”

14. “I am very fortunate to have you as a colleague. I have found a good friend in you. Your companionship is most valued by me.”

15. “A circle is round; it has no ends; that is how long I want to be your friend. I have found a true friend in you.”

two girls chatting about work at a break representing quotes about colleagues

16. “I know even if things go bitter, you guys have got my back.”

17. “Dear Colleague, our friendship is most valued for me. In a very short time we have become good friends. Hope our friendship remains the same forever.”

18. “Friendship day is just another excuse to express how much you mean to me.”

19. “Friends like you people make work easier and a lot more fun. Thank you for always being by my side.”

20. “A good colleague makes the office environment better, and a great colleague makes your life better. I’m blessed to have one in you!”

three coworkers at a break representing co worker quote

21. “I don’t stress out like I used to just because I have got friends like you to support me till the end.”

22. “Life in the office can become extremely stressful and hectic, but thanks to people like you, I’m able to take on every day and not get mentally exhausted.”

23. “I pray for you to achieve the heights of success and everything you have ever dreamt of, just because you are a wonderful soul and someone who has made it easier for me to cope with my professional life.”

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24. “Working together with you is the only happy part of the day.”

25. “Unexpected friends always turn out to be the best.”

two girls relaxing at work representing when colleagues become friends quote

26. “To my work bestie, you make the 9 to 5 feel like a breeze. Thanks for being the sunshine in the office!”

27. “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly at work – essential and a perfect match. Thanks for being an amazing friend and co-worker!”

28. “In the midst of deadlines and meetings, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for being an incredible friend at work. Your kindness means the world!”

29. “Your work ethic, kindness, and friendship don’t go unnoticed. Just wanted to express my gratitude for having such an amazing friend in the office!”

30. “Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your hard work and positive attitude. Lucky to have you as a colleague and friend!”

two colleague friends enjoying break representing work friendship quote

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Final Thoughts

These inspirational work friends quotes can turn an ordinary day into one you’ll remember for a long time. 

Not just for yourself, but for your work besties also. They will appreciate hearing all of these wonderful things you truly think about them.

Because with the help of others and hard work we can achieve all of our dreams. And it is necessary to sometimes say a little thank you to them.

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Best 100 Work Friends Quotes To Celebrate Friendships