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70 Best Nicknames For Richard That’ll Fit Him Perfectly

70 Best Nicknames For Richard That’ll Fit Him Perfectly

When you think about the name Richard, doesn’t it sound to you like a name for some influential leader from the past, or it’s just me?

Well, looking into its Proto-Germanic descent, the name Richard really does stand for ‘strong in the rule’. And oh boy, I’ve heard of so many Richards among the famous leaders and royals.

But what do you think would be a good nickname for Richard?

And please forget about the boring Rick or Dick. What is the nickname that everybody, including your Richard, would love?

I’ve searched the web to find out what is the nickname for Richard that’s worthy enough to be attributed to this mighty guy.

And I discovered a bunch of them. Here they are!

Top 10 Nicknames For Richard

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A nickname is not just a short version or variation of a name, it is also a great way to show your affection towards someone. 

So, when searching for good nicknames for Richard, don’t settle for simple and most common variants, chose the best one!

1. Richardo

2. Aldrich

3. Ringo

4. RJ

5. Risteárd

6. Rocky

7. Rickster

8. Riokard

9. Rocco

10. Hitch

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Cute Richard Nicknames

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Richard is one of the most traditional names. Let’s transform it into something cute and adorable!

1. Rickey

2. Richi

3. Ricky

4. Rory

5. Dickey

6. Tichy

7. Archie

8. Chip

9. Michi

10. Ardie

11. Richey

12. Duck

13. Ritch

14. Artie

15. Wicky

16. Tricky Ricky

17. Rix

18. Harry

19. Ricket

20. Chary

Cool Nicknames For Richard

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Richard is a pretty cool name, but we can always make it cooler!

1. Chard

2. Rich

3. Moby-Dick

4. Chuck

5. Richie Rich

6. Rocko

7. Tricky

8. Dickon

9. Rikkir

10. Riley

11. Kip

12. Rickard

13. Dickson

14. Richard Rider

15. Ritz

16. Card

17. Reeks

18. Richardson

19. Rio

20. Duke

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Creative Richard Nicknames

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If you want a creative nickname, something other than just ‘Richie’, take a look at the Richard nicknames below!

1. Ricotta Cheese

2. Ritsherd

3. Rickstar

4. Richart

5. Raechard

6. Big Red

7. Ryssy

8. Ryszard

9. Richerd

10. Hardy

Richard In Different Languages

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If you still haven’t found the perfect nickname for your Richard, let’s find out what people from around the world call this guy, maybe you can borrow one from them!

1. Riccardo (Italian)

2. Reku (Finnish)

3. Arri (Estonian)

4. Aric (German)

5. Riocard (Irish)

6. Juku (Estonian)

7. Rico (Spanish)

8. Rikard (Slovenian)

9. Rolli (Estonian)

10. Riczi (Hungarian)

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Famous People Named Richard

Richard Nixon

Many iconic figures from history, fiction, music, science, and things in between, share this name. Check out the more notable ones!

Richard Gere — US actor and producer

Richard Nixon — 37th US president

Richard Melville Hall aka Moby — Us musician, singer, and songwriter

King Richard (I, II, III) — England kings

Richard Arnold — NASA astronaut

Richard Strauss — German composer

Richard Pryor — US stand-up comedian

Richard Francis Burton — British explorer and writer

Richard Branson — British entrepreneur and business magnate

Richard Scarry — US children’s author

Wrapping It Up

See, not every Richard is Rich or Dick. There are many other, more creative, and more fun nicknames for Richard to compliment his personality.

I’d love to hear your favorites!

70 Best Nicknames For Richard That'll Fit Him Perfectly