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60 Extraordinary Ways To Wish A Happy Early Birthday

60 Extraordinary Ways To Wish A Happy Early Birthday

Better late than never is true in some cases, but when it comes to birthdays, it’s definitely better early than belated.

In this article, you’ll find a collection of ultra-cute happy early birthday wishes for your loved ones and yourself.

If the birthday of someone dear to you is coming up soon, you can use these early birthday wishes to start the celebration on time.

Or you can use them to wish yourself a happy birthday and start a countdown to your own birthday.

I’ve collected 60 best birthday wishes to wish a happy early birthday to your favorite person or yourself.

Let’s explore!

Top 10 Happy Early Birthday Wishes

Here are my 10 absolute favorite ways to wish someone a happy early birthday.

1. “My love for you outweighed my patience, so I couldn’t wait to send this. Let this birthday be the best one.”

illustration of a cupcake representing a happy early birthday wish

2. “For everything else in life, I may be late. But for my best friend’s birthday, I will always be early. Happy bday!”

3. “The fact that I can’t wait for your birthday shows how important you are to me! Sending you advanced happy birthday wishes.”

4. “Early birthday wishes are better than belated ones. So, happy birthday in advance!”

5. “Ready or not, it will be your birthday in a few days. I know you will be even more fabulous at this age. Happy early birthday!”

6. “Happy birthday! Oh, I am a week early. Well, even better, that means you get two birthday wishes instead of one.”

7. “Pamper, wine, chocolate truffle, repeat! Greatest of early birthday wishes; you know I got just the present for you when we see each other.”

8. “Life is too awesome to be celebrated just once every year. Here are tons of hugs for your birthday, even before it’s here.”

9. “Birthdays are special, but they are not as special as you. Here’s to an enjoyable pre-emptive birthday.”

10. “There is a special place in my heart for you, so I want to wish you before everyone else. Happy early Bday!”

pre bday greeting represented by a cupcake illustration

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Sweet Happy Early Birthday Wishes

Check out these sweet birthday wishes you can use to wish a happy early birthday to your favorite people.

1. “Create your own destiny this year. Dance because it’s almost your birthday. Best wishes!”

happy almost birthday wish represented by a cupcake illustration

2. “Tell happy early birthday to the little tyke. I know he/she will enjoy their first birthday!”

3. “Here’s to the first man I loved: my dad. Happy Almost Birthday, Pop!”

4. “The perfect early birthday gift is a virtual hug. Here’s until I see you and bring you the real gift I got for you (hugs). Best of wishes on your special day.”

5. “Recline, booze, chips, repeat! You know what I’m bringing over tomorrow night for you. Have an enjoyable almost birthday celebration.”

6. “Let’s not celebrate your birthday with a birthday card. Let’s do a countdown and a race to greet you first!”

7. “I’m blasting off your special day this week with early birthday wishes. It’s Monday, but make it a fun day!”

8. “Why celebrate your birthday only on the day itself instead of celebrating it twice by having an early celebration with me? Happy early birthday, best friend!”

9. “Birthdays are an amazing way to celebrate all your achievements thus far. As such, I think it would be okay to wish you a happy early birthday as well! Celebrate yourself today!”

10. “Given a choice between advance and belated, I’d pick the latter any day. Happy birthday.”

Given a choice between advance and belated, I’d pick the latter any day

11. “I know I will miss the one day of the year when you would really want me by your side, but I promise I’ll make it up in the 364 days that follow. Happy birthday in advance.”

12. “These early birthday wishes go out to the most special person of all: the one who has my heart. Happy birthday in advance to my love.”

13. “You are a special person to me, and that makes me celebrate you even before the birthday. Happy birthday in advance.”

14. “Hey bro, never forget how much I love you. Happy Almost Birthday to you!”

15. “The best time for me to wish you a happy birthday is now, I’m sure to forget later in the day. May the good Lord bless and enrich you in all your ways.”

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Touching Happy Early Birthday Wishes

If your loved one’s birthday is approaching, you can use these touching birthday wishes to wish them a happy early birthday.

1. “Your birthday is a race, and I am going to beat everyone else to it. Happy birthday in advance.”

Your birthday is a race, and I am going to beat everyone else to it

2. “This may be an early birthday wish, but that definitely does not mean that I will not be there for your actual birthday. Look forward to a fun celebration!”

3. “Grandma, don’t bake your own birthday cake again. It’s your special day this week, so I’ll pick up one at the bakery for you. Best early birthday wishes!”

4. “Grandpa, get out of your recliner, put down the newspaper and come get some early birthday party cake. You deserve it.”

5. “Well then, isn’t someone’s birthday coming up real soon? Happy birthday in advance! I think you’ll find many more wishes in your inbox in the days to come, so here’s mine to start it off.”

6. “Happy birthday in advance, my dearest friend! May you enjoy your special day in a couple of days, and remember to keep some of the awesome cake slices for me!”

7. “In case I forget to greet you this year, here’s my happy early birthday message that should make you feel special and loved! I can waive the birthday present now, right?”

8. “I like to think that the timing of a birthday wish doesn’t matter much as long as the genuine intentions are there. Happy early birthday, my friend!”

9. “On your coming birthday, I hope that you have the time of your life. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy early birthday to you!”

10. “I didn’t want my special wishes to be lost amongst the other hundreds that you will receive on your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.”

I didn’t want my special wishes to be lost amongst the other hundreds that you will receive on your birthday

11. “You know that I will always be there for you whenever you need me. I’m sending you some early love because I won’t be able to be at your birthday. But, I will be there in spirit! A very happy birthday in advance.”

12. “It’s common for people to wish you late on your birthday. But I’m different! So, here are my advanced birthday wishes to you!”

13. “As you know that I crave to do something super-special and unforgettable, I am sending the cutest happy birthday wishes to you wrapped in unconditional love and bliss. Happy birthday in advance, dear!”

14. “Sweetheart! You are very special to me, which is why I wanted to send you my love ahead of others. Advance happy birthday, my love!”

15. “Good friends always wish you a happy birthday on time. The best buddies always wish you before anyone else. Advance happy birthday to my lovely buddy!”

Funny Happy Early Birthday Wishes

Funny birthday wishes are always a good idea!

1. “Let me wish you a happy early birthday, just in case Facebook suffers tech problems tomorrow.”

Let me wish you a happy early birthday

2. “Just wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday so I can feel superior to your other well-wishers.”

3. “Turning older isn’t something to be happy about. So I will not add to your misery when that day actually comes. Happy birthday in advance.”

4. “If this birthday card gets to you late, do me a favor – just think of me being waaay early for your next birthday!”

5. “I’m going to wish you a day-early happy birthday because I’m pretty sure you won’t remember anything that happens tomorrow.”

6. “When I looked at the date, I realized your birthday is fast approaching, my friend! When I thought about the year in which you were born, I almost fainted! You don’t look a day over a hundred! Advanced Happy Birthday to you!”

7. “I could have taken a day off on your birthday, but since you don’t pay my bills, I will, unfortunately, have to work and miss your party. Happy birthday in advance.”

8. “Your birthday is just another chance to do what we do every single day – live like there’s no tomorrow. Happy birthday to my bff.”

9. “Here’s my happy early birthday greeting for next year, in case I forget it again. I hope you have a blast!”

10. “Just wanted to wish you an extremely early happy birthday so I can get back to thinking about myself.”

Just wanted to wish you an extremely early happy birthday so I can get back to thinking about myself.

Happy Early Birthday To Me

Let the whole know your birthday is approaching with one of these early birthday wishes for yourself. You can use them as birthday captions on your social media to invite people to celebrate with you.

1. “I will raise my glass to my birthday today! Ok, I know I’m early, but this is my birthday week. I start celebrations early.”

I will raise my glass to my birthday today

2. “The day all about me is coming soon: my birthday. Best wishes to me, and I look forward to you all celebrating with me.”

3. “I will put a smile on my face and won’t let the troubles of life get me down because it’s my birthday in two days. A very happy birthday to me!”

4. “Hey, something special is happening tomorrow! Guess what?? It’s my birthday, please wish me well and pray for me. Thanks.”

5. “Get ready, the gifts, the cakes, and the wishes. My birthday is in a few day’s time. Happy early birthday to me!

6. “I don’t just want to walk this earth like everyone, I just want to make impart and create improvement in the lives of everyone I meet. I’ll be a year older in some days and it feels so good.”

7. “It’s been a beautiful year and transiting to another new age feel so good. Can’t wait for my birthday. It will be glorious.”

8. “Dear friends and family, it’s my birthday in a couple of days! You can drop off all presents at my doorstep or just take me out to lunch. Thanks in advance for all the gifts!”

9. “Today marks the day a rare diamond was birth, the diamond grew and became gold… happy born day to the diamond, Happy birthday to me!”

10. “It’s my birthday week so let’s start the countdown. Party at my place every day this week. Catch us on Zoom if you’re busy.”

It’s my birthday week so let’s start the countdown

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Final Words

That was all for today’s article. I hope you liked my collection of happy early birthday wishes.

Until next time!

60 Extraordinary Ways To Wish A Happy Early Birthday