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70 Best Happy 10th Birthday Wishes For Your Tween Wonder

70 Best Happy 10th Birthday Wishes For Your Tween Wonder

For your favorite 10-year-old, nothing but the best birthday wish is allowed! Wonder where to find the best happy 10th birthday wishes? Well, right here in this article!

Amazing Happy 10th Birthday Wishes

1. “Ten cheers for ten years! Wishing the most fantastic tween a day filled with giggles, games, and all the things that make your heart dance with joy!”

A blue number 10 balloon and party decor popping out of a white box representing an amazing happy 10th birthday wish

2. “Now that you’re almost a teenager, hang on to the wonder of childhood as you start this new phase of life. Enjoy today while growing toward tomorrow.”

3. “You know what day it is today? It’s the day that you will be most pampered and spoiled and treated like a celebrity. I wish you a very wonderful 10th birthday!”

4. “It’s your day to celebrate! It’s your day to cheer! Now you can eat more birthday cake than you could hold last year! Now you can laugh louder and enjoy it even more ‘cause this is a bigger birthday than you’ve ever had before!”

5. “You are our pride and joy, and we wish you all the happiness in the world on your special day. Have a fantastic 10th birthday!”

6. “This is your first double-digit age. Everything you wish for shall come in double fold. You’re totally going to rock this whole preteen stage. Happy birthday, dear!”

7. “Turning 10 is the definition of a real milestone! I hope this extraordinary time of your life brings you all the blessings in the world. Happy birthday to a very special kid.”

8. “Happy 10th birthday, my special little human! Now you’re getting older and I just want you to know that you’re not the only one getting bigger — my love for you grows, too!”

9. “Happy birthday to the coolest 10-year-old in town. Enjoy every second of this amazing day of yours!”

10. “The milestones in life, how fast they do come. From christening to toddler fun, then school, and now a tween, you are one. Enjoy this milestone!”

Number 10 candle placed on a cake representing an amazing happy 10th birthday wish

Celebrating Your Son Clocking 10

1. “Happy 10th birthday, son! You’ve just finished your very first decade. This calls for a BIG celebration — because you’re officially a BIG boy now.”

A golden number 10 floating above an open gift box with presents around it

2. “Just like the rivers always go to the sea, I will always be where you are to love, protect, support, and guide you. Happy 10th birthday, son!”

3. “As you blow out the 10 candles decorating your birthday cake, do know that you make me exceedingly happy. I will love you til the end of the universe. Happy birthday!”

4. “Dear son, as you open your birthday gifts today, never forget that you are the gift that I open every single day. You are the biggest blessing from above, and I will take care of you and love you until the day I die. May this tenth birthday be another unforgettable one.”

5. “The only thing better than your birthday is seeing what an amazing person you are turning out to be. Happy 10th birthday to an incredible son!”

6. “You are finally 10! In my eyes, you will always be the little child that I love and adore. Happy birthday to you, my sweet boy!”

7. “Happy 10th birthday, my beloved son! The most amazing part of your life has just begun. I hope you enjoy every blessed moment of this awesome chapter to the fullest.”

8. “Our family is better and stronger because you’re here; it’s so awesome to be with you to celebrate your 10th year!”

9. “Happy birthday to a truly exceptional boy who just got even more exceptional today! May you enjoy your big day, son, and may your biggest wishes come true today!”

10. “Happy 10th birthday, my dearest son. May you see life through the eyes of a child but with the heart of an angel.”

A decorative number 10 above a frosted cupcake with blue and white balloons and gifts around

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Wishing Your Daughter A Happy 10th Birthday

1. “10 years ago today, we were given a precious gift of love that just keeps getting more lovable and loving every day. That gift is you. Happy birthday, daughter!”

A golden number 10 balloon with two pink and one golden heart-shaped balloons around it

2. “My sweet daughter, I wish you a happy 10th birthday. You are my baby and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I still wonder what I did right because you are such a good girl with so much care for others. My heart wishes, above all things, that you will not have sorrow in life.”

3. “We definitely cannot call you a “little girl” anymore. You are now in the double digits, so we should start calling you a “teenager in training” today! Happy double-digit birthday, daughter!”

4. “The journey of raising you to this 10th year has been a fulfilling one. You double every effort with goodness. I just can’t thank God enough for you. Happy birthday, my daughter.”

5. “You are a marvelous human being and I’m so happy to be your dad. Sending you the biggest birthday hug in the universe! Happy 10th birthday.”

6. “Happy 10th birthday, honey! May you get the best of everything today – from the best presents and best friends to the best hugs and kisses – enjoy your day, sweetie!”

7. “It brings so much joy to my heart to be wishing you a sweet 10th birthday, my dear! May all the happiness in the world come your way today, brightening up your birthday party even more than the 10 candles on your cake will!”

8. “I can’t believe the toddler I held in my hands 10 years ago is now a young, beautiful girl. Have a fabulous birthday, daughter!”

9. “Dear daughter, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how proud I am of the young woman you are becoming. You have such a bright future ahead of you. Happy tenth birthday!”

10. “My special girl, the road ahead of you is wide open. Go forward with excitement, and know that I’ll always be there for you. Much love on your 10th birthday.”

A pink number 10 balloon, two heart-shaped and one round balloon on a pink background

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Happy Birthday To Your Grandson Turning 10

1. “If anyone is destined to achieve greatness, it’s you, my dearest grandson. My best wishes for your tenth birthday!”

A red number 10 candle on a white cake top

2. “Happy 10th birthday, boy. The most amazing part of your life has just begun. I hope you enjoy every blessed moment of this awesome chapter to the fullest.”

3. “Happy 10th birthday my dear grandson! Here is a wish for your birthday: may you receive whatever you ask for, and may you find whatever you seek. I love you.”

4. “Congratulations on turning into a fine young man. I can’t believe how tall, strong, and handsome you have become. Happy 10th birthday to the most phenomenal kid in the neighborhood!”

5. “It’s birthday time again, and wow! You’re a whole year older now! So clown around and have some fun to make this birthday your best one. Happy 10th birthday grandson!”

6. “Happy 10th birthday, grandson! You deserve to be treated more like a grownup — because that’s what you’re beginning to look like to me.”

7. “As you turn 10 years old today, my only wish for you is that you continue to be the happy child that you’ve always been. May you always have a smile on your face, enough laughter to lift your soul, and as much love as possible to warm your heart.”

8. “You’re officially in the dapper double-digit club! Congrats to the best 10-year-old ever. Hope your special day is befitting of such a prince.”

9. “Happy 10th birthday to the greatest grandson I could ever wish for. Ever since you entered the world a decade ago, you have been filling my days with joy and warming my heart with love. I wish the best for you always, my dear.”

10. “You are amazing, and I know that you will continue to grow into an incredible young man. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will do this coming year.”

A golden number '10' balloon surrounded by golden party decorations such as stars and ribbons

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Wishing Your Granddaughter A Happy Big 10

1. “You have always made us so proud. We hope you will continue to set goals for yourself, and we have no doubt you can achieve them. Here is to an awesome 10th year!”

A golden number '10' balloon, a gold heart-shaped balloon, and a pink round balloon on a beige background

2. “Happy 10th birthday to the most beautiful 10-year-old girl in the whole wide world. Sweetheart, I hope you will enjoy this beautiful and very special occasion of your existence with great joy and happiness.”

3. “Being your grandmother is a title so dear to me — it always has been, and it always will be. You fill me with pride, happiness, and joy, so my only wish for your birthday is that you have many more to enjoy. Happy 10th birthday, my dear.”

4. “Happy 10th birthday! Bravo on turning one decade old! I realize it sounds old, but that only makes you 10 and means you have 10 birthday wishes to make. Hope each one comes true!”

5. “Happy 10th birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful girl around! May your special day be as marvelous as you are, and may your cake be just as sweet!”

6. “Happy birthday to my dear granddaughter who turns 10 years old today! Each year you continue to fill my heart with so much love and joy, sweet girl.”

7. “My best wishes to the most amazing girl in the world as she celebrates this super significant day of her life. Keep blooming with each passing day. Happy 10th birthday to my granddaughter.”

8. “May you receive the greatest of joys and everlasting bliss. You are a gift yourself, and you deserve the best of everything. Happy 10th birthday to my granddaughter!”

9. “I am bursting with pride as today my granddaughter becomes a 10-year-old. Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true, my princess.”

10. “Never forget how much you are loved. You are an amazing young woman with a bright future ahead of you. Wishing you all the best on your special day!”

A stack of colorful macarons with a birthday candle in the shape of number 10

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Birthday Cheers To Your 10-Year-Old Nephew

1. “Blow out the 10 candles on your birthday cake and make 10 birthday wishes. After all, you’re 10 today! Happy 10th birthday, nephew!”

A blue number 10 balloon and blue party decorations popping out of a white box on a light blue background

2. “Happy 10th birthday! Starting today, you shouldn’t be treated like a kid anymore. You’re too much of a tweener for that.”

3. “Dearest nephew, I wish you nothing but good luck and happiness as you take your first steps into this truly amazing chapter of your life. Happy 10th birthday.”

4. “Out of all the 10-year-olds I know, you have to be the coolest one! I hope your birthday this year is just as awesome as you are, my nephew!”

5. “Happy 10th birthday to the most wonderful kid in the world — my dear nephew! Every passing year of your life is making you more sharp and bright. Wishing you good luck for your future.”

6. “As the sun shines in the morning, may God’s goodness and kindness shine upon you from this year, and forever. Happy birthday, nephew.”

7. “A sweet nephew like you — there are simply very few, so a boy as wonderful and utterly unique deserves more than one day of celebration! You should have a whole birthday week! Happy 10th birthday!”

8. “Happy birthday to the world’s coolest 10-year-old. May you live long and achieve some of the most remarkable things in this world.”

9. “May this first day and all the days of your membership in the great Double-Digit Club be filled with happiness and lovely smiles. Happy 10th birthday, nephew!”

10. “Today is a very special day as we celebrate 10 years of you being totally awesome! May your 10th birthday be truly wonderful and one-of-a-kind, my sweet nephew!”

Number 10 birthday candle placed on top of a cake, against a dark background

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Celebrating Your Niece’s 10th Birthday

1. “Don’t ever forget you are a unique girl with her own unique gifts and talents. Here is wishing you a year full of blessings and all that you hope for and deserve.”

A golden number 10 placed above an open gift box with two more closed gift boxes next to it

2. “This is, without a doubt, a very important day in your life, my dear niece, because it is the day you join the prestigious Double Digit Association. Happy 10th birthday!”

3. “Happy 10th birthday to a truly perfect young lady. May happiness be with you from dusk to dawn all the days of your life.”

4. “Bravo, you are 10 and now a big girl! May you live long and be happy all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you, princess!”

5. “May your 10th birthday be as you planned, may it bring you a lot of presents and candy that you will share with auntie. Happy Bday, my beautiful niece.”

6. “Here are all the glittery and sparkly wishes for you, dearest birthday girl. May this day be as brilliant and radiant as you are. I love you! Happy 10th birthday!”

7. “We are certain you will keep impressing us in all that you do. Just make sure you keep working hard. Very happy birthday to my dearest niece!”

8. “Turning 10 is a major milestone — not just because it’s your first double-digit birthday, but also because it’s the first year you can proudly call yourself a BIG KID.”

9. “As you get older, your view of the world and life changes. Whatever happens, never lose your sense of wonder and your kind heart. Happy 10th birthday to my dearest niece!”

10. “May your birthday be as sweet as your favorite treats and as awesome as your favorite adventures. Here’s to a year filled with happiness, growth, and endless fun!”

A blue number 10 placed above a cupcake with blue and white balloons and presents around

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Wrapping It Up

I hope this article enabled you to create the perfect happy 10th birthday wish for your dear 10-year-old marking the end of their childhood phase and the beginning of the exciting pre-teen delights!

70 Best Happy 10th Birthday Wishes For Your Tween Wonder