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150 Emotional Birthday Prayers To My Daughter For Good Luck

150 Emotional Birthday Prayers To My Daughter For Good Luck

With these birthday prayers to my daughter, beautiful emotions and tender words are intertwined to express all the love you feel for her.

Top 40 Birthday Prayers To My Daughter

1. “My lovely daughter, as it is your birthday, may God open the doors of opportunities for you.”

may God open the doors of opportunities for you

2. “Your daughter is a blessing and an answer to all your prayers. You prayed for a child, and you got the most beautiful girl in the world.”

3. “I would forever cherish that I have you; you would always be beautiful in my heart, wishing you God-ending love and care, happy birthday my beautiful daughter.”

4. “It is your day and as a family, we pray that all your going out and coming in be blessed.”

5. “As the Lord lives, you will be the head and never the tail.”

6. “I have always told you this and I will always tell you that you are the intelligent, beautiful and caring daughter in the whole world, cheers to your new age, God bless you.”

7. “I love you, my angel, I pray for your path to be free of obstacles and be filled with miracles.”

8. “My dear daughter, on your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I pray that you will have a beautiful and blessed life—happy birthday, sweet daughter.”

9. “Thank God for another addition of years to your age, you have always been a beautiful girl, may the Lord always guide you and protect you every moment of your life.”

10. “You should never be afraid of any storm because it has been rolled away.”

You should never be afraid of any storm

11. “To my beloved daughter, I pray that you will have a beautiful day. I hope this will be the best birthday you’ve had ever since you came to this world. Know that I love you, and I am so happy you are part of my family.”

12. “You are an angel of light and you can never be hidden, happy birthday dear, keep shining!”

13. “I wish my daughter a happy birthday and wonderful moments. I cherish you.”

14. “Happy Birthday my little angel, you have been the most adorable girl I cherish most, I pray for you to be safe.”

15. “Though I celebrate you every day, but today is more special to my heart, it is the day that you bring endless joy to our heart, happy birthday to my sweet daughter, who doubles as my best friend, there can never be another you, you are beautiful and unique, God bless your life, I love you.”

16. “On the day of your birth, I asked the heavens to protect you in all your ways. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.”

17. “You have always been the joy of our heart and you would always be, may the Lord bless and protect you all through your life my little angel.”

18. “On this day of your birth, you are blessed, protected, and heavily secured by angels.”

19. “Dearest daughter, thank you for being an amazing child since you were born, every moment of your growing up is packed with memories, I place you in the safe hands of God.”

20. “Today’s date is your birthday and I love this special day, I pray that my Lord continues to keep you safe and enrich your heart with divine blessings. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!”

I love this special day

21. “It is a privilege to live to celebrate your birthday with you.”

22. “Today we count your new age with you, may it be full of blessing and brings you joy and harmony, you would be my adorable girl, happy birthday my flower.”

23. “Daughter, I am grateful to have you in life. Your smile, your laugh, and your very presence in my heart are a blessing from God. You are the best daughter anyone can ask for. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! I wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you have a wonderful birthday ahead. I love you so much!”

24. “Today God will show you mercy and love. Amen. Happy Birthday!”

25. “My dear, never fail to pray to God for guidance and protection, for your prayers are heard and answered.”

26. “On your birthday, I pray that the Heavens bless you with the most important thing in this world – true love. I love you!!”

27. “As you turn a year older, I pray for nothing but more life for you.”

28. “God has been so good to us that he gave us a beautiful girl like you, you are more precious than gold and diamond, I want to assure you by God’s grace that more amazing years await, happy birthday angel.”

29. “My daughter, I feel that my prayers have been answered with you. Every year you unravel a beauty you had not seen in the previous year. You have always been a blessing to my life and will be remembered in every breath of mine.”

30. “My love, Be happy today, celebrate your day to the fullest. Happy Birthday! I love you most!”

celebrate your day to the fullest

31. “When I see the star glittering at night, it reminds me of when you were a little girl, how beautifully you used to sing the twinkle twinkle little star, but today you are a grown little woman, I thank God for your beautiful life, you have made us proud and today I can’t be less happy than I am, happy birthday my lovely daughter, wishing you everlasting joy.”

32. “Today marks another start in your life, may beautiful things never cease to happen in your life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!”

33. “Cheers! It is my daughter’s birthday. I pray that you get the best from God.”

34. “Of all the daughters, none can come near you, my daughter! You are gorgeous beyond words and will stun the world. May God continue to bless you and make you glow with smiles on your face throughout your journey in your life!”

35. “My daughter, thank God for gifting me with such a beautiful creature. I think of you every day while away; I miss you every minute you’re not by my side.”

36. “My dearest daughter, I pray that God gives you more health and strength each day. I love you so much, and it would be amazing to have you back in my life one day.”

37. “To my best gift from God. Happy Birthday!”

38. “May the Lord strengthen you in everything that you do, may your new age bring you knowledge and wisdom, wishing a life filled with God’s grace, happy birthday my baby angel.”

39. “My dearest daughter, I have seen you grow from a child to a beautiful woman. I learn something new about you whenever I see your face. I love you so much for your kindness and beauty! May God continue to bless you with good health, prosperity, success in all the endeavors you take, and abundant joy in your life. Please don’t stop making me proud!”

40. “Your birth brought joy and happiness to the family and you have grown to be a source of joy to us. I pray that you live to keep the joy alive.”

Your birth brought joy and happiness

Emotional Birthday Prayers To My Daughter

Here are some more birthday prayers for my daughter that are very sweet.

1. “We are so proud and amazed at the woman you have become and we hope the future smiles at you with blessings and favors. Happy birthday, our lovely daughter.”

We are so proud and amazed at the woman you have become

2. “As parents, we never knew we could love this much but the day you came into our lives, your presence overwhelmed us. Thank you for showing us how wonderful being a parent can be. Happy birthday, darling daughter.”

3. “Make merry and have lots of fun today, sweet daughter, because it’s your day. I pray for happiness and fulfillment in all you do in the next 365 days. Happy birthday to you.”

4. “You celebrate your birthday every year, but this year, favor, God’s blessings and mercy, love, success, and more are all I wish for you now and forever.”

5. “Today marks the day you were born, we wish you a birthday that’s as beautiful, incredible, and unique as you are and we love you so much.”

6. “May you receive countless blessings of prosperity, success, and excellence as you celebrate this special day in your life. Mummy and Daddy love you. Happy birthday, Our Treasure.”

7. “May the goodness and mercies of the heavens be poured abundantly on you, as you clock another year. May God continue to bless you and keep you. Happy birthday, baby.”

8. “I have watched you grow into a woman God wants you to be on earth. Now, it’s your birthday, I pray God perfects all that concerns you.”

9. “It isn’t often that mum and dad will have a daughter who they relate with as their friend. You are a gift from God to us and we wish you heaven’s best in this new year.”

10. “May you forever sparkle and shine like the star you are and may you continue to flourish and grow amazingly.”

May you forever sparkle and shine

11. “Happy birthday, amazing daughter. My prayer for you today is that this special day will give way for an abundance of prosperity, happiness, good health, peace, wealth and love in your life. Have a fun-filled day.”

12. “Daughter, you’ve achieved so much in life, and I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become. May the next 365 days of your life be filled with continued success and unending love. Happy birthday to you, baby girl.”

13. “Every day you continue to amaze me. You are such a confident, cute, and caring daughter. May your birthday unlock happiness and joy to you in the next 365 days. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter.”

14. “I am grateful to God for blessing my life with a wonderful daughter like you. As you celebrate your special day, may all your days be bright, filled with contentment and cheerfulness. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.”

15. “Happy birthday to my beloved daughter who deserves only the very best on her special day. I promise to devote the rest of my life, providing you with undying love and affection because you are the best thing that happened to me. I love you.”

16. “My beloved daughter, we cherish you and it is our great desire that you attain greatness far beyond what I have achieved for myself as your father (mother).”

17. “The day you were born was the greatest moment of my life. I am so grateful that I have a daughter as beautiful and intelligent as you. Happy birthday to my baby girl.”

18. “Happy birthday to you, my sweet daughter. It is my prayer that you will live long on this earth to see all the desires of your heart. May the divine light of God always shine on you wherever you go.”

19. “Ever since you came into our lives, they have taken a wonderful turn for the best. We can’t describe how much joy you’ve given to us. You are everything we desired. Thank you for being a blessing. You will live a long life.”

20. “Dear daughter, I pray that God will shower favor upon your life. You complete me, baby. Have a beautiful birthday celebration and never forget, I love you. Happy birthday.”

I pray that God will shower favor upon your life

21. “We celebrate your new age today as your parents and we are looking forward to celebrating more beautiful years in your life.”

22. “As you celebrate your birthday, may your day be as bright as your smile and as lovely as you. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.”

23. “Dear daughter, you have brought smiles and happiness into my life. On your special day, I pray that you will receive divine grace and protection. May all your dreams and wishes be granted. Have an amazing birthday.”

24. “A daughter as sweet and loving as you are scarce and I am so fortunate that I was blessed with a wonderful daughter like you. May your birthday be filled with lots of presents and surprises. Happy birthday.”

25. “Today marks an end to your worries of insecurity because you are blessed. Have a bliss birthday dear.”

26. “God has indeed done his best, and he has given us a beautiful gift. Today is the day you came into this world; happy birthday, sweetheart, shine on in the light of God.”

27. “Happy Birthday my dearest. I pray for you to have unending smiles, a cheerful heart, and a lovely day.”

28. “May Jehovah continue to be the provider of all your needs as you continue your amazing journey of life. Happy birthday my love!”

Birthday Prayers For Daughter From Mother

Below is a list of wonderful birthday prayers to my daughter for all the mothers who want to make their daughters feel special.

1. “My love, You are a blessing to my soul and our family. God bless you! Happy Birthday!”

You are a blessing to my soul and our family

2. “My princess, you are the queen of today’s date and I pray to the heavens to obey your command of good things. Happy Birthday!”

3. “Darling daughter, today marks eighteen years of your life. What more can I think? I love you, I cherish you. Please live longer for me. Happy birthday, Queen!”

4. “My dear, your home is blessed from today henceforth. Happy Birthday, sweethearts!”

5. “My dear, I join the host of heaven to give a shout of joy. Happy Birthday to the princess!!”

6. “Happy birthday, baby girl. You are a year older, wiser, smarter, cuter and better. May you run with grace without stumbling or falling in the race of life. May the Lord direct your steps as you seek His will and follow the path of greatness in fulfilling destiny. Have an awesome new year, my pumpkin.”

7. “My beloved, do not be afraid of what is written in this new chapter but be happy, for it is a new beginning. Happy Birthday!”

8. “Your love for me has made me stronger, and your friendship has brought joy to my life. I am so proud to be your mother, and I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing daughter like you! Happy birthday my angel. May the Lord bless and protect you always.”

9. “My best daughter, you are the smartest and the only reason for my living. I pray for life to you and blessings in your work. Happy Birthday!”

10. “Dear one, I beseech the supreme God, who sees into the very depth of every heart, to look into your heart and help you achieve all your burning desires nesting in there. Happy birthday!”

I beseech the supreme God

11. “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this special day. You have made my daughter a wonderful child. Thank you for making me her mother. Help me to be the best mom I can be. My prayer is that she will develop into a beautiful person who will be loved and happy!!!”

12. “My love, you are special and you have been favored to see this day. I pray that God should continue to favor you in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday!!”

13. “My dear, I am very happy that you are getting old and your womb is blessed with fruitfulness. Happy Birthday!”

14. “I wish you a blessed birthday, my dear child! Every day you come out, and every day you have changed the world around me. You are my source of strength, and I know that your life will go from strength to strength.”

15. “My dear, as you celebrate your birthday today, it is my sincere prayer that you will be guided by the unfailing and powerful arms of the Lord in everything you do. Happy Birthday!”

16. “My angel, on this great day of yours, may the Lord give you all the things you need in life so that happiness will always be in your heart. Happy birthday!”

17. “My love, more strength, money, and wisdom is my prayer for you. Happy Birthday!”

18. “My queen, see what the Lord is doing for you, you are blessed beyond boundaries. Happy Birthday!”

19. “My dear, God is about to change your story for the better. Just believe! Happy Birthday!”

20. “My beloved, don’t bother anymore about your problems for God has answered your secret prayers. Happy Birthday!”

don't bother anymore about your problems

21. “My dear, I wish nothing from God this year than to prosper and bless you beyond boundaries. Happy Birthday my princess!”

22. “My love, God said, “your worries and problems are over today, your sickness has been healed and life has been redeemed for you”. Happy Birthday!”

23. “My dear one, May today mark the end of your worries and the beginning of a new life. I love you. Happy Birthday!”

Happy Birthday Blessings For My Daughter

1. “I have prayed for your helpers to locate you and change things positively for your benefit. Happy Birthday, dear.”

I have prayed for your helpers to locate you and change things positively for your benefit

2. “I thought of writing many words, but I ended up telling you that success is your portion in this new year.”

3. “Don’t panic about means of survival, because the door of blessings and breakthroughs has been opened for your sake. Happy Birthday my daughter.”

4. “On this special day of yours, I pray that the good Lord gives you all the joy and happiness that your heart can contain. Have a very memorable birthday.”

5. “You are a year older and I pray for many more ahead. Happy Birthday my love.”

6. “May live longer to see what God has destined for you!! This is wishing my princess a Happy Birthday.”

7. “I will continue to pray for you, to be superior, to conquer, and be on top of the world. you will surely succeed where others are failing. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.”

8. “Happy Birthday my love, I prayed that God grant your secret prayers.”

9. “I thought, I will write many things on your birthday but I just pray to God to grant you all your requests.”

10. “Eventually, the most anticipated birthday is here! Cheers! Happy Birthday!”

Eventually, the most anticipated birthday is here

11. “May God grant my precious daughter countless more years of healthy life and bless her with a long life of numerous blessings.”

12. “I told you that God has done it! So be happy! Happy Birthday to my princess!”

13. “I have watched you grow into a woman, God desired. Happy birthday, my love.”

14. “Happy Birthday my love, I pray from this your birthday, may your hidden blessings, favor, and success be released.”

15. “I bless God for blessing me with a wonderful daughter, who makes me smile at all times. May you never be sad. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

16. “As you grow old today, may God help your wisdom grow too. Happy Birthday!”

17. “May God help you succeed in what you are doing. Today is your birthday!”

18. “Dear God, today I bring my loved one before you on their birthday and pray for your blessings and guidance over their life. Thank you for leading them and guiding them in life. Amen.”

19. “As my loving daughter, I pray for your fruitfulness and peace of mind in your life. Have a blessed birthday.”

20. “Your age is not just a number but a sign of maturity.”

Your age is not just a number but a sign of maturity

21. “Surely, His goodness and mercy will continue to be your portion. Have a blessed new chapter in life.”

22. “Be ready to start this new age with a heart full of joy, never give up on your dream, God is with you.”

23. “Today makes you a year older and I pray for your fortune to increase. Happy Birthday my daughter.”

24. “You celebrate your birthday every year. But this year is exceptional, favor, blessings, mercy, love, and success. Happy birthday my darling.”

25. “You don’t have to tell me what you need, because I have prayed that you receive a double portion of your heart’s desires. Happy Birthday.”

26. “I’m happy to be alive today, to celebrate your birthday with you. I pray for you, you shall go from glory to glory, in the name of Jesus.”

27. “No amount of words will express the blessings, favor, and happiness; I pray should be your portion. Have a blessed birthday.”

28. “Be watchful! God has ordered a lot of good things for you. Happy Birthday!”

Lovely Birthday Prayers To My Daughter

1. “God Almighty, I am forever grateful for my beautiful daughter. On her birthday, I pray to you for her health and prosperous future. Bless her in everything.”

I am forever grateful for my beautiful daughter

2. “Why do you panic? It is God’s plan. His thoughts are good. Happy Birthday my princess!”

3. “Stop by and get the best out of your birthday. Happy Birthday!”

4. “Believe what God told you. He will surely make it happen! Happy Birthday my love.”

5. “My sweet daughter, as you mark this milestone in your life, my joy, love, success, and happiness will be your companions everywhere you go. Have a fabulous birthday and stay blessed.”

6. “Do not be sad about what has not been done yet… Be happy that beautiful moments await you in your life, happy Birthday!”

7. “God bless you as you turn a year older.”

8. “God please bless my daughter from now henceforth. Happy Birthday.”

9. “Why are you tired? Continue striving, you are almost there. God help you. Happy Birthday!”

10. “Darling daughter, as it’s your birthday, my God opens doors of opportunities to you. I cherish you, my daughter. And don’t forget to have a blast and I wish you the best of God.”

I cherish you, my daughter

11. “Be patient, it is going to happen soon. God bless you. Happy Birthday!”

12. “Today, I pray for a greater you. Happy Birthday!”

13. “Happy Birthday to my lovely princess. As you turn a year older, I wish you God’s favor, blessings, and peace. Amen!”

14. “God I beseech you that you continue to preserve my daughter in her journey to success and prosperity. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you.”

15. “My dear, you are getting to my level soon, you are now a wife, mother, and very soon, a grandma. Happy Birthday, I wish you more life!”

16. “Happy birthday, my baby girl. I lift you up before the Lord, the God of heaven and the earth; I speak His mercy and favor into your life in Jesus’ name. You shall fulfill your purpose and live a blessed life in the presence of God. May the Lord keep His angels around you. Have a joyous day, my sweetie.”

17. “Life is what I earnestly wish for you. Happy Birthday.”

18. “Nobody will ever be able to make it happen but God. Happy Birthday!”

19. “All I can say is that may your hope never be put to shame. Happy Birthday my love!”

20. “You are positioned for the next level today, may God see you through everything that would bring happiness to your heart.”

You are positioned for the next level today

21. “Believe in his word of God and meditate on it daily. Happy Birthday!”

Cute Birthday Prayers For My Daughter

1. “My little princess is gradually becoming a queen. Happy birthday to you darling, may you soar high.”

My little princess is gradually becoming a queen

2. “Today I’m celebrating the most amazing daughter of all time. I’m so glad to have you in my life; you always bring a smile to my face. Happy birthday, God bless your new age.”

3. “My love, on this, your special day, I pray the heavens be opened for your sake to bless you in all your endeavors. Happy Birthday!”

4. “You’re the source of my strength. You don’t like to see me sad. You’re my daughter, and also my confidant. Happy birthday to your daughter.”

5. “It’s my love’s birthday today. Happy Birthday! More joy, happiness, good health, and prosperity.”

6. “Happy Birthday to my lovely queen, the kings of the earth shall bow for you, princes and princesses shall come from you.”

7. “The greatest gift life has ever given me is you, I am glad you are my daughter, happy birthday love.”

8. “Today is a special day for a special lady, you will always be special to us, happy birthday beauty, lots of love from mum and dad.”

9. “I will never compare the bond we have with anything on this earth. You’re my best friend. Happy birthday, my love.”

10. “Are you surprised? More is coming…God will continue to surprise you with blessings this new year. Happy Birthday my daughter.”

God will continue to surprise you with blessings this new year.


A daughter is every parent’s greatest joy, but sometimes it’s really hard to know exactly what she wants for her birthday.

I hope these prayers will make her happy and loved, knowing that she has parents who would give everything for her.

Those were some of the best birthday prayers to my daughter, so parents have a big choice of prayers and wishes to congratulate their dear daughter on her special day.

Daughters will always stay children to us, no matter if they are 5 or 35 years old.

Until next time!

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