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100 Best Flower Pickup Lines That Will Make Everything Bloom

100 Best Flower Pickup Lines That Will Make Everything Bloom

Roses are red, violets are blue… these flower pickup lines will inspire you!

Looking for the perfect flower pickup line to impress your date? You are at the right place! Good job, by the way, because flowers will NEVER become outdated.

Flowers are a classic, yet a very beautiful gift for the person you truly care about. They are a showcase of respect, gentleness, and gratitude. And why would we spice it up and add a flower pickup line with that gift? 

Without further ado, let’s dig into the best flower pickup lines!

10 Best Flower Pickup Lines

1. I know you can buy yourself flowers, but it is better if I buy them for you.

a couple holding flowers representing flower pick up line

2. I’d love to plant a garden with you, so we can watch our love bloom.

3. If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be walking through my garden forever.

4. Are you a garden? Because I want to be lost in you.

5. Are you a bouquet? Because I can’t resist picking you up.

6. If you were a flower, you’d be a forget-me-not. Because I could never forget you.

7. Are you a flower? Because you’re so bloomin’ beautiful.

8. I may not be a botanist, but I know for a fact that you’re one of a kind.

9. Do you have a green thumb? Because you’ve made my heart grow.

10. Are you a flower? Because you’ve been growing on me all night.

a girl smiling besides her boyfriend representing flower pickup line

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30 Cheesy Flower Pickup Lines

1. Are you a sunflower? Because you brighten up my day.

two people holding colourful flowers representing flower pick up line

2. Are you a rose? Because you’re beautiful and delicate.

3. Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material. Let’s go pick out some flowers for our future garden.

4. Are you a sunflower? Because you turn my world around.

5. If you were a flower, you’d be a dandelion. Because you’re dam(n) fine.

6. You’re like a rose. Beautiful, delicate, and prickly in all the right places.

7. Are you a cactus? Because I can’t stop poking you.

8. If you were a flower, you’d be a sweet pea. Because you’re sweet and lovely.

9. Are you a daisy? Because I’m crazy about you.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again with a bouquet of flowers?

two cheerful people holding bouquets representing pick up line with flowers

11. Do you know what my favorite flower is? Yours.

12. You must be a flower because you’re blossoming before my eyes.

13. If I were a flower, I’d want you to be the gardener.

14. You’re the missing piece to my garden puzzle.

15. If love were a flower, I’d pick you every time.

16. I’m like a bee, and you’re the sweet nectar that I can’t resist.

17. If flowers could speak, they’d ask you to be their queen.

18. I’m like a flower without sunlight, I can’t grow without you.

19. If you were a flower, you’d be a black-eyed Susan. Mysterious, captivating, and impossible to forget.

20. I’m not a florist, but I can’t resist the chance to pick you up.

two well dressed people holding flowers representing flower pickup line

21. Roses are red, violets are blue. My heart began to beat when I first saw you.

22. If you held a rose up in front of a mirror, you would see two of the most beautiful things in the world.

23. Roses or Daisies my love?

24. Can you feel our love blossoming into a stable relationship? 

25. Although I can control the wind like I’m a god, don’t let that disturb you because I’ll be gentle with you. 

26. Roses should learn what it means to be perfect from you.

27. My rosebush or yours? 

28. Flowers for you for being there when I rose to face my challenges. 

29. Hey baby, (give her 10 real roses and 1 plastic rose) 11 roses for you. I promise to love you until the last rose dies. 

30. Tomatoes are red, roses are red too. We both know what I truly love is you. 

cheesy flower pickup line represented by two people holding flowers

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30 Funny Flower Pickup Lines

1. I’m a bee and you’re a flower. Can I buzz your lips?

a couple dancing with roses representing pick up lines about flowers

2. I must be a bee because you’re the flower I want to pollinate.

3. Are you a bouquet of flowers? Because you’re breathtaking.

4. I’m not a gardener, but I think I could grow to love you.

5. Are you a blooming flower? Because you’ve caught my attention.

6. Are you a Venus flytrap? Because you’ve got me trapped in your beauty.

7. Are you a flower? Because I can’t stop picking you up and putting you back down.

8. I’m like a flower, and you’re the sun that I need to survive.

9. Want to hear a flower joke? Why did the flower take back her cheating ex? She rose above it.

10. Are you a rose? Because you’re worth all the suffering with your thorns.

two people dancing holding red roses representing flowers pick up line

11. If I was a flower, did you know what I would write on your Valentine card? Aloe you vera much.

12. You’re as sweet as a flower, and not a daisy goes by when I don’t think of you.

13. Do you want to hear a cheesy flower pick-up line? Let’s put our tulips together.

14. If you were a flower, I would pick you. Choose you. Love you.

15. If I’d give you eleven roses, what would you see in the mirror? A dozen roses.

16. If we’d share a garden, we’d put our tulips together.

17. Roses are red, violets are blue. There’s no lady fairer than you.

18. Roses are red, water is colorless. Without you, my life is just the same.

19. Roses are red. Sunflowers are yellow. I’m good in bed, will you be my bedfellows?

20. I would hate to see you go, but I love watching your leaves.

a young couple embracing representing plant pick up lines

21. Help, I’m trapped in your rose bush and I’m feeling all thorny. 

22. By the way, my Roses aren’t the only things with long stems.

23. Can I interest you in some of my compost?

24. Hi there, I heard you were looking for something locally grown? How about some organic and 100% locally grown flower stem?

25. My flower blooms whenever I see your beautiful face, I hope you know what I mean.

26. Know what? I dig you, really!

27. I saw a flyer about a missing flower, would you call your florist and let him know you are safe?  

28. Your plants have taken roots deep within my heart. 

29. Your hold on my heart is perennial, I’ll keep coming back always. 

30. If you were any kind of flower, you would be a damnnndelion.

couple being close together representing dandelion pickup line

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30 Cute Flower Pickup Lines 

1. You’re the only rose in my garden.

a couple at a wedding representing rose pick up line

2. I’m like a tulip bulb. I’ve been waiting for the right person to plant me in the right spot.

3. Are you a florist? Because I’d like to pick you up at 8.

4. If you were a flower, you’d be a hibiscus. Because you’re hot and tropical.

5. Are you a gardenia? Because I’m drawn to your fragrance.

6. Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes, and I need to find my way back to your heart.

7. You’re like a garden full of surprises. Every time I’m with you, I discover something new.

8. If you were a flower, you’d be a gardenia, because you’re exotic and captivating.

9. Do you know what would look great with your outfit? A bouquet of flowers, picked by me.

10. I’d love to plant a garden with you, so we can watch our love bloom.

a couple about to kiss while holding bouquet of flowers representing lines on flowers

11. If I had a garden, I’d want you to be the center of it.

12. Do you know what the best thing about flowers is? They remind me of you.

13. If you were a flower, you’d be a lotus, because you’re pure, beautiful, and full of promise.

14. You’re like a rare flower that I’d love to keep in my collection forever.

15. If you were a flower, you’d be a firework. Explosive, bright, and impossible to ignore.

16. If you were a flower, you’d be a rainbow rose. Colorful, unique, and one of a kind.

17. You’re like a flower that only blooms once in a lifetime. I want to be there to witness it.

18. If I had a nickel for every time I thought about you, I could buy you all the flowers in the world.

19. I like you a lily bit more every day.

20. If I were a flower, I’d want you to be my sun, so I could always grow towards you.

just engaged couple wearing white representing plant pickup lines

21. Like a bouquet tied with twine, I can be yours if you will be mine.

22. You’re as beautiful as a flower, but I think I rose to the challenge.

23. The earth laughs in flowers, so it must have been extremely happy the day you were born.

24. [Pick up a flower and walk over to girl.] I was just showing this flower how beautiful you are.

25. Roses are red, violets are blue. I would really love to run away with you.

26. Your beautiful face looks like a field of flowers. 

27. I’m missing half of my heart and so are you. 

28. Roses are red, sunflowers are yellow. Both are beautiful but I prefer you. 

29. Hello darling, I never want you to leaf me. 

30. They say the earth laughs in flowers, it must really be happy when you were born. 

a beautiful couple in all white representing flower pickup lines

Final Word

I hope that you have found my collection of the best flower pickup lines that I could find online, both funny and useful!

Enjoy your blooming love and spark it up with these flower pickup lines.

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100 Best Flower Pickup Lines That Will Make Everything Bloom