Nicknames For Elijah:  The Ultimate List Of The Coolest Names

Meaning And Origin Of The Name Elijah

The name Elijah is a Hebrew name derived from the name Eliyahu, which means my God is Jehovah. Other sources state that Elijah means "Yahweh is my God”.

Top Nicknames For Elijah

Top Nicknames For Elijah

1. Elijoe 2. Lij 3. Elipotpot 4. Yah 5. Ligey

6. Lie lie 7. Lija 8. Chill-e 9. Jah 10. Pablo

Cute Nicknames For Elijah

Jewel - This guy has a lot of value you appreciate, and he means a lot to you.

Jonah - Also the name of the Old Testament prophet, just like Elijah.

Cute Nicknames For Elijah

ILU - A perfect nickname for Elijah who you are in love with.

Jolly - This nickname is for that person who always knows the right words to cheer you up in no time.

Cute Nicknames For Elijah

LOL - You would probably want to give this nickname to a guy with whom you laugh a lot.

Elah - Great name for that special friend Elijah who is strong and who handles everything that life throws at him.

Funny Elijah Names

Pariah - A name that could be used for someone who does not like to socialize too much.

Edible - Cute and funny name for a little Elijah who is so adorable. A nice boy name.

Funny Elijah Names

Abel - This one is also best to use for a religious Elijah.

Jello - Nice name for a cool and funny guy. Use this one instead of his full name.

Famous People Named Elijah

Elijah Wald -  A US guitarist and historian.

Elijah Mikaelson - Popular actor, famous for his role in the hit series "The Vampire Diaries".

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