7 Cutest Happy 10th Birthday Wishes For Your Favorite Boy&Girl

“This is your first double-digit age. Everything you wish for, shall come in double fold. You’re totally going to rock this whole preteen stage. Happy bday, dear!”

“Happy 10th birthday! You've just finished your very first decade. This calls for a BIG celebration — because you're officially a BIG kid now.”

“Blow out the 10 candles on your birthday cake and make 10 birthday wishes. After all, you're 10 today! Happy 10th birthday!”

“This is, without a doubt, a very important day in your life, my dear, because it is the day you join the prestigious Double Digit Association. Happy 10th birthday!”

“Turning 10 is the definition of a real milestone! I hope this extraordinary time of your life brings you all the blessings in the world. Happy birthday to a very special kid.”

“Happy 10th birthday, boy. The most amazing part of your life has just begun. I hope you enjoy every blessed moment of this awesome chapter to the fullest.”

“Bravo, you are 10 and now a big girl! May you live long and be happy all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you, princess!”

If you need some great happy 10th birthday wishes for a birthday boy or girl, rest assured because here you'll find the best ones!