Let's get inspired and set the tone for a month filled with optimism with these new month quotes!

“It is worth taking the time to stop and contemplate at the beginning of each new month.” ― Nadine Locke

“Drop the last month into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.” — Brooks Atkinson

“Every month brings pleasure bright if the heart is only right.” — Palmer Cox

“From this month onwards, let your days become happier, fulfilling, purposeful, satisfying & joyful.” — Rajesh Goyal

“If life was a book; every day would be a new page, every month would be a new chapter, and every year would be a new series.” — Elizabeth Duivenvoorde

“You can start anew at any given moment. Life is just the passage of time and it’s up to you to pass it as you please.” ― Charlotte Eriksson

“For last month’s words belong to last month’s language, and next month’s words await another voice.” — T. S. Eliot

“Each new breath and moment is a gift. We can choose to start with a clean slate in the here and now.” ― Kaleb Kilton

“I wish you a beautiful new month from the first day of this month to the last day.” — J. K. Rowling

“Let us make each day our birthday — every morning life is new, with the splendors of the sunrise, and the baptism of the dew.” ― S.A.R.

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