Ever found yourself saying something unintentionally silly to your crush? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. That's why I've rounded up a collection of awesome smile pick-up lines for you to use next time your crush is nearby. Compliment their smile and watch them be swept off their feet!

Of all your beautiful curves,  your smile is my favorite.

I’m still wearing the smile  you gave me last week.

Did the sun come out,  or did you just smile at me?

Smile if you want me!

Your smile could sell a  half-million magazine covers.

People say I don't smile much.  Bet they haven't seen me talking  to you.

I was wondering if you had  an extra heart, someone has  just stolen my heart.

They asked me for drugs,  so I told them about  your smile.

There is something on your face. A beautiful smile. There it is again.

You better call life alert because  I’ve fallen for your smile,  and I can’t forget it.

With these smart and catchy smile pick-up lines, you’ll never be out of ideas about what to say to your crush anymore. click down for more!