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100 Nicknames For Robert That He Will Find Cool

100 Nicknames For Robert That He Will Find Cool

Believe it or not, this name is not as popular as it used to be! I am pretty sure that you know at least one Robert. And that your Robert is a wonderful man!

Being as it is, I know that you need to find a more convenient way to refer to Robert, because this name does sound a bit rough. 

Therefore, I have made a list of all kinds of nicknames, and I know that you will find at least one that will suit the personality of your Robert.

But what is interesting for me, that according to statistics, the name Robert reached its peak in 1937! That means that there are many grandpas named Robert, at the moment!

History Behind The Name Robert

The meaning of the old German name Robert is “bright fame.” The name is derived from Hrodebert, an old German name. 

The name is composed of the two words “Hrod,” meaning fame, and “Beraht,” which represents light. In the Middle Ages, the Normans brought the name to the English people.

Throughout the middle ages, the name Robert was commonly given to European monarchy and nobility. This is believed to be a factor in its current phenomenal growth in the United States and throughout Europe. 

Given the fact that in many cultures, the name is associated with aristocracy and monarchy, many people would like their child to carry the name of a future aristocrat, per se. 

Best Nicknames For Robert

handsome man smiling and looking at camera while walking at city street

1. Rob

2. Robby

3. Bob

4. Bobby

5. Robbie

6. Robi

7. Robyn

8. R.J.

9. Robs

10. Roberto

11. Robin

12. Robusto

13. Bertie

14. Bert

15. Boo Boo

16. Bo Bo

17. Bobby Lee

18. Bobby Jo

19. Bobert

20. Bobson

21. Bobster

22. Bobby B.

23. Bobby G.

24. Berties

25. Robt

26. Roe

27. Mob

28. Rubert

29. R

30. Trebor

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Funny Nicknames For Robert

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1. Robinator 

2. Rob Dylan

3. Robby-Doo

4. Robzilla

5. Robmeister

6. Bobert

7. Bobblehead

8. Robsterino

9. Rob-Bob Square Pants

10. Boba Tea

11. Robosaur

12. Robbo-Ranger

13. Robbing Hood

14. Robbimantic 

15. Bertie Bananas

16. Bertie Burrito 

17. Bubble brain

18. Bobberino

19. Robertias

20. Robberitto 

smiling man posing at camera

21. Alert Robert

22. Bob The Builder

23. Blobbert

24. Riobard

25. Roberta

26. Roberto

27. Boob

28. Robo Bob

29. Glob

30. Rocky

31. Schnobert

32. Slobbert

33. Snobbert

34. Reboot

35. Radar

36. Dirty Bertie

37. Bobble Belly

38. Bobble Brainiac

39. Bertie Bandit

40. Robozooka

Cool Nicknames For Robert

smiling man looking at distance outdoor

1. Birdie

2. B-Dawg

3. Robi

4. Bobs

5. Dob

6. Dobby

7. Dobin

8. Knob

9. R-Dawg

10. Obert

11. R to the T

12. Ro

13. R.T.

14. Bobby Blue

15. Bobalicious

16. Robalicious

17. Bobblehead

18. Blaze

19. Robster

20. Bobster

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Creative Nicknames For Robert

smiling man sitting on the floor and typing on the mobile phone

1. Roburgundy

2. RoboRocket

3. Rob-O-Rama

4. Bobalooza

5. Bobbybling

6. Robust Robbie

7. Robaroo

8. Bobapalooza

9. Bertie Brew

10. Bobadoodle

Famous People Named Robert 

One thing is for sure: there are many successful Roberts out there. And what is interesting, most of them are in some creative industries, such as acting, songwriting, philosophy, and some of them are professional athletes or politicians.

Having that in mind, I am sure that the Robert whose future nickname you are searching for is, least to say, good at what he does.

Therefore, I have made a list of some famous Roberts that you can look at.

  • The star of the Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson is definitely one of the most famous people named Robert. This is a well-known actor for all of us that were teenagers around the first decade of 2000s. 
  • Those who like watching soccer, probably know who Robert Lewandowski is. WHat is interesting is that Robert is a name of German origins, and this soccer player was at a certain period, the best player of Bayern Munchen.
  • Watched the Godfather? If so, you will know who Robert De Niro is. He is probably the actor that you firstly think of when someone mentions Italian mafia. 
  • For all my literature lovers, I saved the best for last – Robert Burns. The man that loved combining women and wine, wrote some poetry aside from that, and became so famous that we regard him as one of the most famous Scottish poets.

Final Word

I hope that you have been able to find the perfect nickname for your dear Robert. And I am sure that, whichever you choose, your Robert will be content.

For more cool nicknames, you should definitely check out our page!

100 Nicknames For Robert That He Will Find Cool