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100 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Unlock Your Inner Harmony

100 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Unlock Your Inner Harmony

Unlock the transformative power of your heart chakra with these empowering affirmations.

 In the realm of spiritual and energetic practices, the heart chakra holds a unique significance as the center of love, compassion, and connection. 

Whether you’re seeking to heal emotional wounds, deepen your relationships, or cultivate a greater sense of self-love, heart chakra affirmations can be a powerful tool on your journey.

Imagine a life where love flows freely, where you radiate joy and acceptance towards yourself and others. It’s within your reach. 

By regularly practicing affirmations that resonate with the heart chakra, you can create a profound shift in your energy, opening yourself up to a world of love and abundance.

Let’s go through the most important information about heart chakra, as well as the most important part- the best heart chakra affirmations that I could find online.

What Is A Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra represents one of your seven energy points, or chakras. Each of these energy points has a different functional purpose and aids in the regulation of the circulation of energy, or prana, within the body.

The heart chakra, which is related with love and relationships, is positioned in the center of your torso, approximately around your heart area. This energy center regulates sentiments of love and, when functioning properly, this aspect of your life ought to remain balanced.

When everything is in balance, you should feel peaceful and love ought to move freely through you. You will be receptive to receiving and offering love.

Ultimately, our chakras can become blocked as a result of traumatic life events. When you experience this, your romantic feelings will be unbalanced.

Negative love encounters and toxic relationships, among other things, can cause the heart chakra to start getting blocked. This heart chakra obstruction can then lead to additional love barriers and issues in your relationships, causing a downward spiral that must be overcome.

How Do I Know If I Have Heart Chakra Blockage?

Before you start working on healing your heart chakra, it’s a good idea to understand how to recognize a heart chakra blockage in yourself in the very beginning.

This guarantees that you understand precisely which emotions and sensations you’re dealing with, as well as which activities and heart chakra affirmations happen to be best aligned for your specific scenario.

You may encounter the following symptoms if your heart chakra is not in balance:

  • You are feeling really lonely, as if there is nobody in this world here for you.
  • You are being unconventionally shy.
  • You are anxious around other people, especially the opposite gender.
  • You are really judgemental towards others, even if that was not your practice before.
  • You became extremely self-critical.
  • You hold grudges as if you are holding for dear life.
  • You don’t trust others. At all.
  • You are afraid of being vulnerable.
  • You are afraid of being in a relationship, and opening yourself and your heart up to somebody.

Do any of these or a few of these sound familiar to you?

Maybe it is time to slowly heal yourself with these heart chakra affirmations.

10 Best And Most Powerful Heart Chakra Affirmations

1. “I am worthy of the purest love.”

I am worthy of the purest love

2. “My heart space radiates a powerful green light.”

3. “All of the purest love of this world fulfills my heart.”

4. “My heart is full of love. I am capable of receiving and giving love.”

5. “I direct love and light towards myself.”

6. “I live in harmony with all other beings. Every other being perceives me as a loving being.”

7. “I release and let go of all resentment.”

8. “I forgive myself for my mistakes and I grow from them. My mistakes are my past, not my future.”

9. “There is an infinite supply of love for me.”

10. “I am fully open to giving and receiving love.”

I am fully open to giving and receiving love.

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20 Heart Chakra Affirmations For Self-Love

1. “I love myself unconditionally.”

I love myself unconditionally

2. “My love towards myself can easily overcome every obstacle that comes in my way.”

3. “My heart is open.”

4. “Love is my guiding truth and I follow it.”

5. “I choose love every single day.”

6. “My heart is free from past hurt.”

7. “I find love everywhere I go.”

8. “I am surrounded by love.”

9. “I fully and unconditionally embrace the profound love that I am inherently worthy of, allowing it to permeate every aspect of my being and radiate outwards.”

10. “With each breath, I consciously release and let go of all past hurts and wounds, allowing the gentle waves of love to wash over me, heal my spirit, and nurture my soul to wholeness.”

With each breath, I consciously release and let go of all past hurts and wounds,

11. “I deeply acknowledge and affirm that I am inherently deserving of boundless love, respect, and kindness from both myself and those who surround me, as I set healthy boundaries that honor my self-worth.”

12. “The magnetic force of love emanates from my heart, drawing towards me harmonious and nurturing relationships that reflect and amplify my own self-love, enriching my life in immeasurable ways.”

13. “With compassion as my guiding light, I forgive myself for any past mistakes because I am recognizing that I am a beautifully imperfect human being on a journey of growth and self-discovery with my heart being wide-open.”

14. “I consciously prioritize and honor my emotional well-being, attentively listening to the whispers of my heart, and nurturing its needs.”

15. “Love flows effortlessly from the depths of my being, embracing all those who cross my path, leaving an imprint of warmth, kindness, and positivity in their lives. My heart is powerful enough to do so.” 

16. “I consciously choose to see and celebrate the intrinsic beauty and goodness that resides within me, embracing my unique qualities, talents, and strengths with deep love and acceptance.” 

17. “I know that, in order to come to the place I am in right now, I had to fight many battles. I am grateful to my heart for having the power to do so, and I am letting my heart know that it is okay to open up. No one can hurt it in any way.”

18. “My heart is powerful enough to overcome all of my fears. It knows the way to love, and I am capable of guiding my heart to loving myself again.”

19. “Self-love comes naturally to me, because I deeply cherish and truly love my own being. I am grateful to be an owner of such a beautiful soul that needs loving from within. And I can give my soul all the love it needs.”

20. “I got me. That is the most powerful gift that I have. Myself. And I know how to love myself in a way nobody else knows how.”

I got me. That is the most powerful gift that I have

20 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Help You Forgive Others

1. “I choose to see myself and others in a compassionate light.”

I choose to see myself and others in a compassionate light.

2. “I release any resentment or anger held in my heart, replacing it with forgiveness and compassion.”

3. “I choose to let go of past hurts and embrace forgiveness as a pathway to healing and freedom.”

4. “In this sacred moment, I choose to let go of the heavy burdens of past hurts and grievances, and with an open heart, I invite forgiveness to flow, washing away all pain and bitterness, and creating a spacious place within my soul where love, understanding, and acceptance can flourish.” 

5. “I acknowledge that forgiveness is a gift I give myself, liberating me from emotional unavailability and harshness.” 

6.  “I choose to see the humanity in others. I understand that we all make mistakes and deserve forgiveness. My heart is strong enough to process all of that” 

7. “My heart is strong enough to forgive others.”

8. “I understand that all humans are imperfect, and thank God my heart has the capacity to forgive and forget all of the hardships others have caused me.”

9. “Having a heart as powerful as mine can help me open many doors. Even those on which I never thought I would knock.”

10. “Forgiving others is a trait of strong people, and I am one of them.”

Forgiving others is a trait of strong people, and I am one of them

11. “I let go of past resentments, and am thankful for the lessons I learned.”

12. “I am not attached to things that were wrongfully done to me.”

13. “The things that I did to myself there were not of any fortune or good to me, I let go of.”

14. “Everytime I wake up, my heart is at peace.”

15. “My heart is peaceful towards everybody, and open to every truthful and loving person.”

16. “I forgive myself. And I forgive others. It was the way it was supposed to be.”

17. “I am in the process of forgiving myself and those who hurt me.”

18. “I have the willingness and ability to forgive, let go.”

19. “I forgive instantly, completely, and unconditionally.”

20. “My heart is not attached to the ones that did me wrong. I forgive them, and I forgive myself.”

My heart is not attached to the ones that did me wrong. I forgive them, and I forgive myself

20 Heart Chakra Affirmations For Simulating Happiness And Joy

1. “My heart is filled with joy and gratitude.”

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude

2. “I deeply, and completely, love and accept myself and my true being.”

3. My heart, an infinite reservoir of love, is open wide to both giving and receiving love in its purest, most authentic form, nurturing the connections that enrich my existence.”

4. “Today and every day, I joyously celebrate my inherent worthiness and embark on the sacred journey of self-love, guided by the compass of my open heart, as I cultivate a profound and lasting love affair with myself.” 

5. “I deserve love, happiness, and prosperity in all areas of my life.”

6. “I am worthy and deserving of love.”

7. “I choose joy and happiness.”

8. “I feel unconditional love in every single cell of my body.”

9. “I listen to my heart above everything else.”

10. “I fully love the strong, powerful, divine human staring back at me in the mirror.”

I fully love the strong, powerful, divine human staring back at me in the mirror.

11. “I am a loving and powerful force in the world that makes others happy as much as it makes myself happy.”

12. “I am focusing on this intense green light that radiates from my heart.”

13. “Everything I do, I do with love.”

14. “I radiate pure love, light, and positivity.”

15. “I am releasing the trauma within my heart chakra and I am allowing it to heal.”

16. “I nurture my inner child. I am wanted and loved.”

17. “I am helping my heart chakra to get in balance.”

18. “I release my feelings of hatred, resentment, and revenge.”

19. “I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude.”

20. “The happiness and joy that radiates from me is contagious.”

The happiness and joy that radiates from me is contagious.

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30 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Help You Find A Special Someone

1. “It is safe for me to love and be loved.”

It is safe for me to love and be loved

2. “I am grateful for all of my blessings and I know I deserve to share them with my soulmate.”

3. “I create loving, soulful and supportive relationships.”

4. “I deserve love and being loved.”

5. “I love myself to the fullest and I let others love me.”

6. “Love is all around me, it’s everywhere I go.”

7. “I am open to a healthy, loving relationship that is right for me.”

8. “It is love that opens my eyes to my potential.”

9. “I am open to love and kindness.”

10. “I am loved, and the loving divine provides all I need.”

I am loved, and the loving divine provides all I need

11. “Love and compassion are my superpowers, and they will carry me as far as I want to go.”

12. “I will stay tuned into the needs of my heart chakra.”

13. “I am open to meeting somebody who has the same emotional wants and needs as myself.”

14. “The right person is there for me. I feel that person deeply in my heart, and I am opening my heart for my soulmate.”

15. “I direct love and light towards myself.”

16. “Unconditional love sets me free.”

17. “I am limitless in my capacity to give and receive love.”

18. “I allow the abundance of the universe to pour into my heart.”

19. “I choose today to receive the higher energies of Love to heal and strengthen me.”

20. “I am creating loving and balanced relationships that are good for me.”

I am creating loving and balanced relationships that are good for me

21. “I cultivate deep courage and compassion within my body, mind, and spirit.”

22. “I am open with my feelings in all my relationships.”

23. “I sense that everything is interconnected.”

24. “My loving relationships with others are allowing me to grow and develop to my fullest potential.”

25. “I empathize with strangers.”

26. “I have grown and expanded in positive ways every day.”

27. “I am creating loving and supporting relationships.”

28. “All of my relationships are loving, fulfilling and meaningful.”

29. “I am open to experiencing new fulfilling relationships.”

30. “My heart is ready to feel love and give love.”

My heart is ready to feel love and give love

Final Word

I hope that you have read these beautiful, heart-touching heart chakra affirmations. And in the spirit of heart chakra affirmations, there is a song I’d like to share with you!

This song is completely made out of affirmations, and it is great to get your confidence up! Listen to it while you are getting ready to go somewhere. It’s a game changer!

Taking these baby steps, you will eventually end up as the best version of yourself.

Believe in yourself as much as I do.

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100 Heart Chakra Affirmations To Unlock Your Inner Harmony