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List Of 80 Heart Touching Happy 78th Birthday Wishes

List Of 80 Heart Touching Happy 78th Birthday Wishes

The celebration of life is holy. The celebration of our nearest and dearest is a must. What makes a perfect opportunity for both? 

You already know the answer, but since you’re reading my article, I guess you need some help regarding the birthday wishes and messages you want to send on their 78th birthday! Am I right?

So, welcome to my collection of the warmest and most touching wishes for such a special occasion that I gathered from various online sources! 

In this article you’ll find plenty of happy 78th birthday wishes for your parents, grandparents, friends and everyone that’s particularly special to you!

What’s more, I’ve also included funny birthday wishes and made completely unique and fabulous images you can send them!

If this sounds good, keep scrolling to check them out!

10 Sweetest Happy 78th Birthday Wishes

1. “My circle is small, but you’ll always have your place in it. Happy 78th birthday to a friend who keeps shining and inspiring everyone around!”

My circle is small, but you’ll always have your place in it

2. “Growing old with you is all I’ve ever prayed for. Happy 78th birthday to my one and only. I love you with all my heart.”

3. “Happy 78th birthday to the person who keeps inspiring everyone, even in the darkest moments. Your wisdom is a treasure not many are blessed to see. Enjoy your day!”

4. “I remember when you told me that life starts passing so quickly when we get to our thirties. You were so right! I believe it happens in the blink of an eye! See, you’re 78 today! Happy birthday and stay happy, healthy and wise!”

5. “As the time goes on, we want to make sure we spend as much time as possible with our nearest and dearest. You are very special to me and I hope you cherish our time together as much as I do. Happy 78th birthday! You’re amazing!”

6. “You never liked birthdays, I know… But, hey, don’t they make a perfect opportunity to celebrate the people we love most? You’d most certainly agree! Happy 78th birthday, my friend! May we spend more time together in the future!”

7. “Making precious memories with you during all these years is a true blessing from above. I’ve never met someone like you. You touch my heart and soul in the most amazing ways possible. Today I just want to wish you a very happy 78th birthday! May God bless you!”

8. “Roses are red, violets are blue, today I want to wish the happiest 78th birthday to you! Keep shining! You rock!”

9. “Happy 78th birthday! You’re still young! Just don’t listen to other people. Your energy and positive attitude are everything! Never stop being yourself! You’re amazing!”

10. “Nobody can make me smile like you do. You’re that ray of sunshine everyone appreciates. Happy 78th birthday to the most amazing person I know!”

Nobody can make me smile like you do

Have An Amazing 78th Birthday, Mother!

1. “Happy 78th birthday to the most influential woman in my life, my beloved mom. May your special day be just as phenomenal as you are, Mom.”

Happy 78th birthday to the most influential woman in my life, my beloved mom.

2. “Happy 78th birthday to the mom who’s literally the most fascinating woman I’ve ever met. I’m proud to be your daughter. May God bless you today and every day.”

3. “With you by my side, I know that I am capable of anything. Thank you for always making me feel invincible, Mom. I hope your 78th birthday is as wonderful as you are.”

4. “Mom, you are not just the most special mom in the world. You are the light on my darkest day and the brightest smile in any room. You do so much for our family – I think you’re a superhero! Happy 78th birthday, SuperMom!”

5. “Whenever someone asks me how I turned out so fabulously, I always tell them, “I got it from my mama!” Happy 78th birthday to the most fabulous woman I know.”

6. “Happy 78th birthday, mom. Enjoy another 365 days of an all-expense paid trip around the sun!”

7. “Mom, the more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. I might not be there with you today, but today I am celebrating you. Happy 78th birthday!”

8. “Happy birthday to the woman who loved every cardboard gift I gave you when I was just a kid. The best part? You never threw them out, or did you? Happy 78th birthday, mom!”

9. “Happy 78th birthday, Mom! I want you to know that I am nothing without you, but I can be everything with you by my side. Love you!”

10. “Mom, no matter where I go, you will always be the home I will come back to. Thank you for nourishing and spoiling me with love and care. Happy 78th birthday!”

Mom, no matter where I go, you will always be the home I will come back to

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Have A Lovely 78th Birthday, Father!

1. “I still look up to you. I’m aware that not everyone is blessed to have a dad like you. I’m more than grateful to have you in my life. Happy 78th birthday! I love you!”

I still look up to you. I’m aware that not everyone is blessed to have a dad like you.

2. “If one ever had a reason to be grateful to God for a good father, that person is me. I am truly blessed because of you, Dad. May you age in grace and wisdom and may the goodness of the Lord be with you all the days of your life. Happy 78th birthday.”

3. “May you never feel discouraged or empty in life. May you enjoy a wonderful life filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. Happy 78th birthday, sweet father.”

4. “Dad, you are the most loving and caring person I have ever known, and I am so proud and blessed to be your son/daughter. May God bless you with happiness, contentment, prosperity, peace and abundance on your 78th birthday and always. Have a joyful day, Dad.”

5. “The most precious things in life are inner peace and happiness, and these are the things that I pray for you as you celebrate your 78th birthday, dear father. Have a beautiful day.”

6. “Happy 78th birthday! Before you blow out the candles, take a moment to remember what a wonderful father and friend you are!”

7. “On your Big Day, dear Dad, I just wanted to let you know that you have no rival. I assure you that all the love you gave was felt and still is. I will continue thanking God for your life until the end of time. Happy 78th birthday.”

8. “I have been blessed with so many things in this life, but none of my blessings can be compared to the blessing of having you as my father. I can never stop thanking God for your presence in my life. You gave me everything I ever needed in life and formed me into the man/woman that I am today. May God never stop pouring His amazing love, kindness and blessings on you. Have a wonderful 78th birthday.”

9. “Sending birthday blessings to you, dad. May God’s blessings keep your heart and soul happy all the days of your life. Have a memorable 78th birthday. Love you.”

10. “Not every dad is as amazing as you are. I’m proud to call you my parent. Happy 78th birthday! I can’t wait to see you!”

Not every dad is as amazing as you are

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Happy 78th Birthday, Grandma!

1. “Happy 78th birthday to a grandma who’s absolutely the coolest grandma around! I’m sure you have no competition! Just keep being yourself! We love you so much”

Happy 78th birthday to a grandma who’s absolutely the coolest grandma around

2. “Happy 78th birthday wishes to the most stylish person I know! Grandma, you are such an icon and will forever be my one and only role model. I hope you have a lovely birthday and continue to stay in good health, sending all of my very best wishes your way Grandma!”

3. “Happy 78th birthday, Grandma! One more year has passed, and you’ve gained yet another year of wisdom! We are so grateful to have you in our lives, constantly cheering us up and reminding us that there’s more to life than work. We hope you have an awesome birthday!”

4. “Happy 78th birthday, Grandma! I hope that today brings as much happiness for you as you have brought for everyone else. Whether through your volunteer work, the work you do for the church, or even family dinners, you show me what it’s like to bring joy into other people’s lives. I love you, Grandma!”

5. “Happy 78th birthday, Grandma! You are the sweetest, kindest, funniest person I know, and I’m grateful to have you in my life. I hope that this birthday has lots of laughter, joy, and cakes in store for you!”

6. “Happy 78th birthday, Grandma! Thank you for reading me all of those bedtime stories when I was a little kid. You’ll be pleased to learn that I’ve carried on the tradition by reading the same bedtime stories to my son! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love and happiness!”

7. “All grannies are cool, but you are surely the coolest! Happy 78th birthday to my role model!”

8. “Happy 78th birthday, Grandma! Thank you for all of the hugs and kisses you have given me over the years! Your affection has blessed my life in more ways than you can imagine, and I hope that life repays you in one way or another. May the Lord bless you and keep you healthy and happy so you can keep on spreading around joy to everyone you meet!”

9. “Happy 78th birthday to a grandma who is skilled in everything! I’m thankful I can learn so much from you. I hope I’ll see you soon! I love you!”

10. “Happy birthday, Grandma! 78 years old?! And yet, you’re still rocking it day after day and showing us young ones exactly how it’s done. Just don’t overeat birthday cake.”

And yet, you’re still rocking it day after day and showing us young ones exactly how it’s done

Happy 78th Birthday, Grandpa!

1.  “As your birthday comes around again, Grandpa, it’s time to remember how much you mean to all of us. Happy 78th birthday!”

As your birthday comes around again, Grandpa, it's time to remember how much you mean to all of us

2. “Happy 78th birthday to the best grandpa in the whole wide world! Your smile warms my heart. Your eyes sparkle with wisdom. Your hug is the sweetest place. Enjoy your day today. We love you so much.”

3. “Dear Grandpa, you’ve always been there for me, guiding me and teaching me many things. May this year be filled with everything you love. Happy 78th birthday.”

4. “Grandpa, we are lighting the candles and celebrating your special day. It’s only once a year, so let me take this opportunity to remind you how important you are. Thank you for all you do for me. Happy 78th birthday Grandpa.”

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5. “Grandpa, today is your day. You can do whatever will bring you the most joy and delight. You do so much for everyone else, now is the time to let me spoil you all day long. Happy 78th birthday.”

6. “Thank you, Grandpa, for the many sweet memories you have given me. May the year ahead be filled with many more sweet memories we can cherish forever. Happy 78th birthday.”

7. “It’s your 78th birthday, Grandpa! We’ve spent so many years together and shared so many memories. May this day bring you joy as you celebrate. In the coming year, may we make many more precious memories together.”

8. “Keep smiling, Grandpa. I love you and I want to wish you a very happy 78th birthday. May the coming year bring you every happiness.”

9. “Grandpa, may your day be filled with happiness and the year ahead with never-ending joy. You deserve it so much. Thank you for the thoughtful way you care for me. Happy 78th birthday.”

10. “I’m 100% sure I have the wittiest grandpa around! I hope you never change. Happy 78th birthday!”

I’m 100% sure I have the wittiest grandpa around

Lovely Happy 78th Birthday Wishes For Your Friend

1. “A true friend is worth more than all gold, silver and diamonds in the world. I’m blessed to call you my best friend. Happy 78th birthday! I wish you all the very best today and always!”

A true friend is worth more than all gold, silver and diamonds in the world.

2. “Happy 78th birthday to a friend who has a heart of gold! You’re simply one of a kind and you always make sure we spend quality time together. I appreciate it so much. Have fun day!”

3. “You’ve lived a life that’s full and hearty, now is the time to start the party. Light the candles, slice the cake, good times together we will make. Although you’re now 78, that’s true, happy birthday and many more to you.”

4. “How quickly the years have all come and gone, you’ve always been sweet and caring, yet strong. You’ve survived all of life’s highs and lows. You’re fabulous at 78 years-old, this I know.”

5. “You look fantastic at 78, being around you is always great. My love for you will always grow as our days together continue to flow. You’re someone I never want to be without. Happy birthday to you I say with a shout.”

6. “You’ve been such an inspiration everywhere you go, you’ve been loving and kind to everyone you know. You’re still full of life with much more to do, happy 78th birthday and wishing many more for you.”

7. “Of course it so obviously appears, you’ve gotten better with the years. You’re like fine wine with age. You’re at a wonderful new stage. You make 78 look good, this is true, so happy birthday wishes for you.”

8. “It’s amazing how quickly speeds the time. At 78 you’re still fabulous and fine, so wear that smile we all love to see, and enjoy happy birthday wishes from me.”

9. “Don’t think for a moment that now you’re old, for you lots of life and vitality the future holds. Happy birthday to you, you’re 78 years young. May your day be full of family, friends, and fun.”

10. “We met a long time ago, but nothing has changed much since. You’re still always there for me, just like I am always there for you. Today, on your 78th birthday, I wish you only the best!”

We met a long time ago, but nothing has changed much since

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Birthday Wishes For Someone Special That Turns 78

1. “It’s your 78th birthday today! Well, you don’t look a day older than 60! I hope you special day is filled with everything you’ve prayed for!”

It’s your 78th birthday today

2. “Happy 78th birthday to someone very special! May we make more precious memories together!”

3. “To a wonderful person who’s always giving, you’ve shown us all the right way of living. Your time on this earth has been worthwhile, you’ve lived each day with class and style. On this day there’s nothing left to say but the best to you, happy 78th birthday.”

4. “To so many people you are so dear, your family and friends now are near, so happy 78th on your special day. May all the best come your way.”

5. “Reaching 78 years is quite a feat, each difficulty in life you did meet with strength, character, and grace. Now that you’re here I’ll state my case. You’re one of a kind, this is true. Happy 78th birthday wishes to you.”

6. “You’ve endured all the good times, as well as the bad. Most were happy, but there’s been some that were sad. And now that you’ve lived an amazing 78 years, I’m sending you lots of warm birthday cheers.”

7. “You’re finally 78, here’s to all you’ve done! May there be even more great days to come! Birthday wishes I’m sending straight your way, all the best to you on your special day.”

8. “You’ve been through so much, you’ve accomplished even more. Wishing you a wonderful 78th with much happiness in store.”

9. “You’ve gained wisdom through all your years. You’ve lived through joy, trials, and tears. As you approach 78 years of a great life lived, happy birthday wishes to you I personally give.”

10. “Happy 78th birthday! Let’s keep it simple: I wish you health and happiness today and very day! See you soon!”

Happy 78th birthday

Funny Wishes For An Unforgettable 78th Birthday

1. “Happy 78th birthday! I think it’s great… how you used to be young.”

Happy 78th birthday! I think it’s great… how you used to be young

2. “You think you are old? You’re not old… you were old last year, this year you’re ancient. Happy 78th birthday!”

3. “If you believe in it, you can be anything! Unless you want to be young again, then I’m afraid you missed that train old pal! Anyway, happy 78th birthday!”

4. “Don’t worry about getting older. You’re still going to do stupid stuff, just a lot slower. Happy 78th birthday!”

5. “Its nice to be young, healthy and full of energy… do you remember what that feels like? Happy 78th birthday!”

6. “Can you let me know if you’re going to be blowing your candles out? I want to have the hospital on speed dial. That much effort at your age, you can’t be too careful. Happy 78th birthday oldie!”

7. “Some words of wisdom for your birthday – smile while you still have some teeth! Happy 78th birthday!”

8. “I was sure I would get the right amount of candles to put on your cake this year, but quickly ran out of space! Happy 78th birthday!”

9. “I wish I could figure out how old you are but I hate long math. Happy birthday!”

10. “You don’t look a day over 50! From a distance, with my eyes closed… Anyway, happy 78th birthday!”

You don’t look a day over 50

To Wrap It Up

What a fantastic collection, right? Did you find what you were looking for? 

If you did, and liked this post as well, make sure you check out my page for more inspirational content like this!

Now it’s high time you wished them a very happy 78th birthday and joined their celebration! 

See you next time!

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List Of 80 Heart Touching Happy 78th Birthday Wishes