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180 Awesome Instagram Captions For Pasta Lovers

180 Awesome Instagram Captions For Pasta Lovers

Are you one of those people who wouldn’t trade their bowl of pasta for anything? Then these Instagram captions for pasta are just perfect for you!

Top 20 Instagram Captions For Pasta

1. There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food. Like Pasta.

There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food. Like Pasta

2. Life is beautiful with pasta.

3. Finding pasta in the cupboard is a real comfort.

4. Humans disappoint, pasta doesn’t.

5. Don’t be upsetti, eat some spaghetti.

6. The pasta, the sauce, and the holy meatballs.

7. Keep calm and enjoy pasta.

8. The only thing I am testing positive for is pasta or cheese.

9. Nothing is impastable.

10. Come and spaghet it.

Come and spaghet it

11. There’s always enough room for pasta.

12. Whatever kind of pasta it is, I never discriminate.

13. I sprinkle pasta on my Parmesan cheese.

14. Dressed to impesto.

15. Pasta just spaghets me.

16. I only like food without color, like potatoes, bread, and pasta.

17. Are you ready for spaghetti?

18. If you love pasta, it means you have a great taste in choosing food.

19. Do you want to know my weakness? It is pasta with melted cheese.

20. Old Italians never die, they just pasta way.

Old Italians never die, they just pasta way

Pasta Captions For Instagram

Here are some more awesome Instagram captions for pasta that you can use when posting about this delicious food.

1. Would choose pasta over skinny any day.

pasta over skinny

2. The pastabilities are endless!

3. A pasta made with love is all I need.

4. Penne for your thoughts.

5. Lasagna is basically a spaghetti-layered cake.

6. This dish is so good. It is pre-pasta-rous.

7. Feed me lasagna, and I’ll never be mean to you.

8. So where did self-blaming and self-loathing take me? Back to a satisfying bowl of pasta.

9. No one is ever alone-y with some macaroni.

10. Just gnocchi it down and start over.

Just gnocchi it down and start over

11. We are getting pasta the point of no return.

12. Eat pasta and stay happy.

13. Saucy pasta makes even bad days feel good.

14. Not gonna lie, I would sleep in a bed of lasagna.

15. Dying for a bowl of pasta.

16. On my way to the carb side.

17. Perfect for a carb-oholic!

18. Hope our connection is like spaghetti, a lot sticky with each other.

19. Extra Parmesan cheese, please!

20. I live for pasta. It’s my happy place.

I live for pasta

21. Life is short—have some pasta!

22. This is pastably the worst pasta pun ever.

23. There is no one in this world who says no to pasta.

24. Saucy pasta makes even the worst days better.

25. You’re an im-pasta!

26. I did it for fusilli reasons.

27. Life is about exploring pasta-bilities.

28. Eating spaghetti to forgetti all my regretti.

29. Let’s stick a fork in the bowl of pasta and call it a day!

30. Noodles are part of my daily rotini.

Noodles are part of my daily rotini

31. You’re pasta-tively awesome.

32. Meatball, meatball, spaghetti underneath.

33. Holy Cannelloni!

34. And that’s the way the pasta tumbles.

35. It’s not just al dente; it’s art dente!

36. I love you fusilli reasons.

37. Pasta la vista, baby!

38. Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.

39. I’m feeling a little saucy today.

40. Making good pasta is a whole lot easier than making bad deeds.

Making good pasta is a whole lot easier than making bad deeds

41. Pasta is proof that colorless food rocks!

42. Every fiber of my being is made of pasta.

43. A penne saved is a penne earned.

44. No man is lonely eating spaghetti, it requires a lot of attention.

45. Want fancy? Get some campanelle.

Pasta Captions For Pasta Lovers

Check out these cool Instagram captions for pasta that you can pair with photos of your Italian meal. These pasta captions will boost your social media interactions.

1. This dish is so good, it’s pre-pasta-rous.

This dish is so good, it’s pre-pasta-rous

2. Burying my problems in pasta.

3. Hope our connection will be like spaghetti; it will always stick with each other.

4. Angel hair pasta has a way of filling your soul with heavenly delight.

5. The pasta army is ready to invade.

6. Tell me your favorite pasta and I’ll tell you your persona.

7. Me, pasta, and headphone = best combination.

8. Can you pasta sauce please?

9. You, some pasta and good wine is all I need.

10. So you spaghetting older?

So you spaghetting older

11. Inhaling pasta like I’m a suction machine.

12. Italian food is lit!

13. That is tortellini accurate.

14. I love only three things, pasta, pasta, and more pasta.

15. This too shall pasta.

16. When I want the day to be great, I eat pasta.

17. Keep calm and enjoy the pasta.

18. If you can’t pass the ball properly, a bowl of pasta isn’t going to make that much difference!

19. Because he had gnocchi.

20. Everything I am, I owe to pasta.

Everything I am, I owe to pasta

21. Pasta does not make you fat, how much you eat pasta makes you fat.

22. Pasta dinner—Italian group therapy.

23. Easy to prepare, delightful to eat — pasta it is!

24. Started eating pasta and my problems just went away.

25. Everyone should have olive oil, pasta, canned tomatoes, and cheese in their pantry.

26. Good food choice is a good investment for your health.

27. Come and spaghett it!

28. Easy to cook, great to taste. Yes! I am talking about pasta.

29. This dish is so scrumptious, it’s pre-pasta-rous!

30. Melted cheese and pasta sound like a plan!

Melted cheese and pasta sound like a plan

31. Like unrinsed spaghetti pasta, good friends stick together.

32. Watch my mouth turn into a vacuum cleaner.

33. Saucy pastas make even the worst days feel good.

34. Good food choices are good investments.

35. Live. Laugh. Linguine.

36. That new guy looks Cannelloni (kind of lonely).

37. All the answers lie in the sauce.

38. Eat pasta, live longer.

39. Just gnoccing around.

40. Holy macaroni.

Holy macaroni

41. Hope you gnocchi how awesome you are.

42. Pasta is where I find happiness.

43. Paste with melted cheese is the only thing I can eat over and over again.

44. You’re pasta-tively amazing.

45. Ooh look, A lambourguini.

Pasta Captions For Instagram Pics & Selfies

I bet you love taking photos of your pasta and sharing them on Instagram! With the list of pasta captions for Instagram found below, you’ll have the best pasta captions to pair with your pics and selfies.

1. This is the secret to not spaghetting older.

This is the secret to not spaghetting older

2. It cost a pretty penne.

3. All I care about is pasta and like two people.

4. Me, pasta, and selfie.

5. A plot without substance is like pasta without garlic.

6. There’s too much cheese on my pasta? Buzz off!

7. Pasta party!

8. In heaven, after antipasti, the second course will be pasta.

9. He drank too much and is totally sauced.

10. As long as there’s pasta, I’m fine.

As long as there’s pasta, I’m fine.

11. Homemade pasta.

12. Life is a combination of some magic and pasta.

13. No such thing as too many strands.

14. I would like to thank Dariel Pasta.

15. I believe gnocchi simply fantastic.

16. Mission impastable!

17. Olive oil, pasta, garlic, and cheese are meant to be together.

18. Feeling saucy right now.

19. Duct tape and pasta are alike. They fix everything!

20. My taste buds are tantalized!

My taste buds are tantalized

21. When there is pasta, I don’t need anything else.

22. I Cannelloni laugh at my mistakes.

23. Pasta-abilities are everywhere.

24. Tastes great and fun to make.

25. Getting full but I’ll keep pushing.

26. Romantic relationships are cool, but have you heard of mac and cheese?

27. Swimming in pasta would be such a thrill!

28. Happy noodle day!

29. My kink is being tied up with pasta.

30. Of course I can cook! I usually boil water and drop the pasta in it.

Of course I can cook

31. Ravioli, ravioli, gimme the formuoli.

32. How do I unlock it? There’s gnocchi hole in this door.

33. Tomatoes, basil, and olive oil are the secret ingredients to a better life.

34. What a lovely bowl of pasta.

35. I’m alfredo no ghost.

36. Who wants to challenge me in a spaghetti-eating contest? Bring it on!

37. Some things are just beautiful and so difficult to refuse, I mean just look at this pasta.

38. Spaghett out of my way.

39. Oh, the endless pasta-bilities!

40. Routinely slurps noodles.

Routinely slurps noodles

41. The taste of pasta is just awesome.

42. If the sauce is clinging, then it’s good pasta.

43. Heading to the big ziti!

44. Is there a spaghetti monster or a meatball monster? I’ll take them on!

45. When there is pasta, there is hope.

46. But, first taking a selfie with pasta.

47. Let’s enjoy spaghet.

48. Sorry, this gift is pasta due.

49. Eating noodles for a long life.

50. Pasta than a speeding bullet.

Pasta than a speeding bullet

Cool Pasta Quotes

Now we’ve seen loads of great pasta captions, lets look at some great pasta quotes that will help pasta lovers share their love of this delicious Italian food.

1. “When I’m traveling, I won’t miss an opportunity to try great pasta.” — Meghan Markle

I won’t miss an opportunity to try great pasta

2. “Pasta with melted cheese is the one thing I could eat over and over again.” — Yotam Ottolenghi

3. “Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner.” — Sophia Loren

4. “It’s a comfort to always find pasta in the cupboard and garlic and parsley in the garden.” — Alice Waters

5. “Only thing I am testing positive for is pasta or cheese.” — Joe Lauzon

Only thing I am testing positive for is pasta or cheese

6. “Pasta is the one food I can’t live without.” — Joe Bastianich

7. “The only guilty pleasure I have is pasta.” — Allison Janney

8. “Carbs – especially pasta – are the fuel my body needs to maintain an athletic lifestyle.” — Joe Bastianich

9. “As long as there’s pasta and Chinese food in the world, I’m okay.” — Michael Chang

10. “Life is not worth living if I cannot have pasta or bread again.” — Monica Seles

Life is not worth living if I cannot have pasta or bread again

11. “I’m a huge pasta and pizza lover. I can eat those every single day.” — Shay Mitchell

12. “I only like food without color, like potatoes, bread, and pasta.” — Emma Roberts

13. “I love pasta with the homemade marinara sauce I had as a kid.” — Bernadette Peters

14. “Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat.” — Giada De Laurentis

15. “What does Karl Marx put on his pasta? Communist Manipesto!”— Stephen Colbert

Communist Manipesto

16. “Life is too short not to have pasta, steak, and butter.” — Iman

17. “I love England, especially the food. There’s nothing I like more than a lovely bowl of pasta.” — Naomi Campbell

18. “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” — Federico Fellini

19. “If I start feeling down I’ll gorge myself on pasta. That usually does the trick. It’s the Italian blood in me.” — Natalie Imbruglia

20. “Good food choices are good investments.” — Bethenny Frankel

Good food choices are good investments

To Conclude

I hope you liked my collection of Instagram captions for pasta! I bet you now feel a bit saucy after reading these pasta captions.

Go ahead, get yourself a nice bowl of pasta, take a good pasta pic, and pair it with one of the Instagram captions for pasta from this list.

These pasta captions and pasta quotes will add fun to your pasta picture and more meaning to your clicks.

Pasta La Vista, baby!

180 Awesome Instagram Captions For Pasta Lovers + Quotes