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110 Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother

110 Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother

Your cousin’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to show him how much he means to you and that he’s your favorite family member. You can easily do that with one of the heartwarming birthday wishes for cousin brother you’ll find below!

Top Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother

1. “Our mothers are different, but our souls are twins, just like real brothers. Wish you a very happy birthday!”

Our mothers are different, but our souls are twins, just like real brothers.

2. “Happiness is having a brother like you. Sending you lots of love today.”

3. “Want to say happy birthday to my almost brother – for you cousin. Wish you to spend this day as well as possible because you are a really good person. Love and be loved!”

4. “My brother, I know you want to do something unique, something life-changing. I wish you that on your birthday. Love you and enjoy!”

5. “The warmest greetings are for my dear cousin. Your smile and warm manner will conquer the world. You are the best! Happy birthday!”

6. “Friend, gaming partner, soul soother, heart healer – I almost forgot that you are my cousin too. Happy birthday.”

7. “Happy birthday to a man who understands me without words. Cousin, our adventures were the most memorable in life! I propose to repeat them soon! Do you like this offer?”

8. “I will always be there for you whenever you need me in life. Cousin brother, wishing you a happy birthday!”

9. “In you, I found a true friend and a brother, and that’s why this day means so much to me too. Happy birthday, cousin! May your life be blessed with joy and success.”

10. “Destiny is the reason that we were born as cousins, but love is the reason we became lifelong buddies. Happy birthday.”

Destiny is the reason that we were born as cousins

11. “Growing up with you was sheer fun, When we were together, we needed nothing and no one. I miss you, brother. Happy birthday, my partner in crime!”

12. “A cousin is a ready-made friend for life. Happy birthday, my beautiful cousin!”

13. “Always stand firm on your ground, cousin brother. Never forget your values and try to be a virtuous man. Happy birthday!”

14. “I know that I will not find a better friend than you. You’re like a diamond among millions of other ordinary people. I am proud that you are my cousin!”

15. “Your motivational words and creative thoughts are always encouraging me to achieve something exceptional in my life. Thanks for being my brother. Have a great birthday!”

16. “My dear cousin brother, you remind me of my childhood. I love you and wish you a dearest happy birthday. Love and prayers for you.”

17. “It is such a blessing to have a caring, encouraging, and supporting cousin like you. Wishing you the greatest joy on your Big Day!”

18. “Cousin, it’s a second brother, but you are my true friend. I know that you are worth the best. Congratulations!”

19. “Amidst a big family, I get understood by only a few. My dearest cousin, one of them is you. Happy birthday.”

20. “May you be forever youthful, grateful, full of high hopes. Happy birthday to my proud brother from another mother. Your sis loves you!”

May you be forever youthful, grateful, full of high hopes

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Funny Birthday Wishes For A Male Cousin

If you’re looking for a goofy way to wish your cousin a happy birthday, check out these funny birthday wishes for cousin brother.

1. “Happy birthday to my little brother! Mom said it would happen one day, and she was right – you’re hardly annoying at all anymore!”

Happy birthday to my little brother!

2. “Thank god you are my brother from another mother, otherwise I would have had to share half of my property with you. Jokes aside, I am always ready to share everything with you. Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!”

3. “You’ve always been my cousin, but as the years go on, you’ve become more like a bro to me, because, just like a brother, you love to irritate me! Happy birthday!”

4. “Brothers like you definitely feel more than blessed when they land up with colossally intelligent and beautiful sisters like me. Happy birthday my super dapper brother!”

5. “Just like a fine wine, we get better with age. Okay, technically, we just feel better about our age when we drink lots of wine, so that’s why I bought you some for your birthday! Happy 30th birthday, brother!”

6. “Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have such an awesome cousin wish you a happy birthday today.”

7. “Happy birthday to the world’s most awesome cousin! Wait, I meant to say happy birthday to the world’s most awesome cousin! You’re lucky to have someone as wonderful and as cool as me in your life, cuz!”

8. “I was trying to think of a funny birthday message for you, my cousin brother, but everyone knows that you’re the one with all the jokes. So, why don’t you just go ahead and wish yourself a happy birthday from me!”

9. “As your younger cousin, it’s only right for me to remind you on your birthday that you’re still older than me. Ha!”

10. “I used to have a sweet, cute little brother. Now I have you. I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong. Happy birthday!”

I used to have a sweet, cute little brother. Now I have you.

Cute Happy Birthday Cousin Brother Wishes

I’ve got plenty more cute birthday wishes for cousin brother, I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for you!

1. “You are just one of the best cousins I could have had. You have also been a great friend, and I hope you have a great day. Wishing you a fabulous birthday.”

You are just one of the best cousins I could have had.

2. “Cousin brother, on your birthday I want to give you the best mantra for living life. And it is – live as you want to. Happy birthday!”

3. “My dear brother, thank you for being a brilliant mentor and friend rolled into one! I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with joy and delight!”

4. “The happiest and warmest birthday wishes to my dearest cousin brother. You should throw a lavish party as I am sending you such a heart-warming birthday wish. Bday wishes to you, brother!”

5. “Keep doing good things in your life, and continue filling your life pages with wisdom and good deeds. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.”

6. “I remember all the moments from the past in which you were present. Thank you for those jokes! My smile did not have time to get off my face! Happy holiday!”

7. “I wish you a happy birthday cousin brother. May your life all be wonderful and surprising and full of happiness. Love you and celebrate well!”

8. “I am so lucky I have a cousin like you: one who inspires greatness. I hope your year is filled with happiness, love, and exciting exploits. Happy birthday cousin!”

9. “Having a sensible and super-smart brother like you means no problem can touch me and trouble me even a bit. To my dearest cousin brother, tons of happy birthday wishes!”

10. “No matter how much time goes by since we saw each other, I feel like we were just together. Happy to be your cousin, have a great birthday!”

No matter how much time goes by since we saw each other, I feel like we were just together.

11. “Your grandma was my grandma’s favorite cousin. Your mom is my mom’s favorite cousin, and you are my favorite cousin, too – some things are hereditary, after all. Happy birthday.”

12. “Every birthday is a new page in your book of life. Make sure to fill your pages with generosity, kindness, and love. You should start with generosity and share that delicious cake with your favorite cousin!”

13. “I want you to know, on your special day, just how important you are to me and how very much I appreciate you always being there for me. Your brotherly love and the way in which you have cared for me over the years have truly touched my heart. Have a fantastic day, bro!”

14. “You are my favorite cousin and the closest thing to a brother I could have. You are my friend and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I hope you live for many great years! May your birthday be filled with joy!”

15. “Dear brother, I remember our school days, how much you were scared of math and gave me the grievance of doing your homework! Now you are a successful engineer today. Hope you are doing your projects by yourself. Happy birthday to my scary cousin brother!”

16. “Most cousins are a dime a dozen, but not you, my man, you’re more like a brother! Have an awesome birthday, bro!”

17. “You are really special to all of us!! You have made our life brighter, you have filled it with more laughter and more joy with your perfect character. I want you to know that we love you so much. Happy Birthday, take care of yourself.”

18. “Thanks for supporting me and being a real brother when you could easily cruise through life by being just another cousin. Thank you for all your care. Happy birthday.”

19. “If I wanted to have fun, I would definitely call you first. You do not need anyone to make the party enchanting! But now it’s my turn! Let me make your birthday the best day of the year!”

20. “Remember, brother, we share a special bond between us. Whenever you need me, I’m there for you. Wishing happy birthday wishes to cousin brother!”

Remember, brother, we share a special bond between us.

21. “The chocolates in the shops might be expensive, and the cards may not add value to your life, but my prayer is that you live your entire dreams, cousin, as you celebrate this day.”

22. “Thanks for always being the kind of person I could look up to. Someone who is constant no matter what life throws their way. For all the years of friendship, support, and love you’ve given me, I am a truly blessed cousin. I hope to give the same to you.”

23. “Happy Birthday to the coolest and the funniest boy on this planet. Your funny nature is an asset. Cuteness and fun make you as hot as the Sun!”

24. “Thanks for always loving me and supporting me. You are not only my cousin but my closest friend too. Have a fantastic birthday!”

25. “I am so grateful to God that he made you my elder cousin brother. You always guide me and stop me from making mistakes. Lastly, I want to wish you a year of happiness and love you deserve.”

26. “There is no difference in how close a relative is. A relationship is determined not by kinship but by deeds. I want you to know that you are my favorite person ever! Happy birthday!”

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Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother

Even the cutest birthday gift is not complete without a birthday card. Use one of these sweet happy birthday wishes for cousin brother to make the sweetest birthday card ever.

1. “My dear cuz, you are so strong but also so sweet. Your future wife will be happy together with you. Happy birthday my cousin!”

My dear cuz, you are so strong but also so sweet

2. “My dearest cousin, you are part of my family, and I’m really happy to have such a wonderful cousin. You are like a second brother to me. Happy birthday, my perfect one!”

3. “No matter how much you grow up, for me you are always going to remain the youngest, the dearest, and the smartest cousin!”

4. “May God shower His blessings upon you now and always. Happy birthday, brother!”

5. “Often crazy but always great fun to be around, you’re my cousin brother, and I wouldn’t have you any other way! Happy birthday to you!”

6. “Big thank you, brother, for all those cranky and cherished childhood memories. Without you, my childhood would be humdrum and lackluster. Best birthday wishes for you, brother!”

7. “Cousin, whenever I talk about someone who’s talented, cool, smart, and witty, it can only mean that I’m talking about one person: you. Happy birthday!”

8. “Who needs a real brother when they have a cousin more genuine than any real brother in the world? Happy birthday.”

9. “We might only be cousins, but I think of you as one of my best friends. You are definitely the coolest cousin, and I hope we share lots more unforgettable moments.”

10. “Happy birthday, cousin! You always show me such unconditional love and support. It makes me tear up every single time. I love you so much, and I’m glad we’re family.”

11. “Wishing you a happy birthday, even if we don’t talk much, but I still wish you the best of luck, I hope you live an amazing life! Have an amazing birthday celebration!”

12. “I pray to the Lord that he bestows you with the abundance of all forms of love. You may never be hungry of it. Awesome wishes to you my cousin sister!”

13. “A very happy birthday to my cousin brother! I love you more than words could ever say. I can’t wait to be old enough to surprise you with the words “I love you.” You make me feel like a princess, and I am so glad we are family.”

14. “Brotherhood is not just a word. This faith, the strongest of all that I know, I am committed to its principles, so I swear to be honest and fair to you. You can reach any peaks, but if you do not have enough strength, know, I’m always in the grip! Happy birthday!”

15. “Having an amazing cousin like you is literally a gift for a lifetime. Thank you so much, handsome, for bringing so much happiness and love to my life. Happy birthday!”

16. “Happy birthday to my brother from another mother: my dear cousin! I hope your special day is an awesome one this year!”

17. “Dear cousin brother, on your birthday I pray to God to shower blessings, success, and good luck in your life. Keep moving, keep rocking. Happy birthday to my brother!”

18. “Happy Birthday to my handsome cousin! They say guys get better looking with age, but you’re taking it to ridiculous extreme.”

19. “You are a blessing to have. We are happy and grateful every day to have you as a cousin. Thanks for being such a good listener, and I hope you have a birthday you will always remember.”

20. “I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with warm wishes and a whole lot of chicken and beer. Also, tacos. Everyone should have tacos on their birthday.”

21. “Despite the fact that we rarely see each other in life, I follow you on social networks. I am happy to see how your business is going well. But today is an excellent occasion to offer you to arrange joint meetings more often!”

22. “I sometimes fail to realize how and when you became my best buddy from my biggest and adorable enemy. May we always have fun together, happy birthday to my dear cousin brother.”

23. “Hooray, it’s your birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn’t have to share as kids! Today it’s all about you – have fun and enjoy your special day!”

24. “Have a wonderful birthday, cousin! Family means so much to me, but you especially. You are such a kind and good person that I only can admire you. Always be so no matter how old you get. Congratulations, dear!”

25. “All our meetings were so vibrant and so fleeting. Let’s repeat them more often! I want to communicate with you as often as possible! Happy birthday, special cousin and friend!”

26. “No matter how close our parents are. The important thing is that we will never leave each other in trouble. I’m in touch, brother! Happy holiday and all the best!”

27. “Dear cousin brother, I know that you have a great wife you’re proud of, so on this day I wish you to have great kids. You will be a perfect father. Happy birthday!”

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care about them.

If you want to express your love and appreciation to someone you care about, these heart-touching birthday wishes for cousin brother are just what you need.

1. “Happy birthday to my sweet cousin! You are all kinds of wonderful. I am wishing you the most delicious and joyful birthday.”

2. “Happy birthday to the only man I would ever call my brother. Our lives are so different, but our hearts are made of the same stuff. I’m proud to call you family.”

3. “You are more adored than you could possibly realize. I hope that on your birthday you receive enough love to last a lifetime, cousin. You can start with mine. Happy birthday!”

4. “When all my friends turned their backs on me, you did everything to help me turn my life around. Happy birthday.”

5. “My cousin’s very special and loved a whole lot too. Because my cousin is you because my cousin is wonderful. Friends are forever, cousins

are for life.”

6. “I cannot forget my childhood memories when I didn’t have any single friends, you were always there for me as my best friend. You are special to me. Happy birthday!”

7. “I want you to know that I have always looked up to you, cousin, no matter whether or not you’re taller than me! I always have done, and I always will! I hope you have an incredible birthday this year, bro!”

8. “Happy birthday to the guy who can know how to read between my sentences, look beyond the expressions on my face and glance inside my heart to really know what I am thinking.”

9. “Happy birthday to my wild and crazy big brother. Thanks for keeping mom and dad so busy dealing with your antics when we were kids so that I was never punished!”

10. “Sending twice the amount of love and birthday wishes to my cousin today, as he is also like a brother to me!”

11. “When I was in deep trouble, brother, you were the only one who saved me from nasty situations and told me to never give up in life. Undeniably, you are the greatest big brother in the entire world. Happy birthday to my brother!”

12. “Cousin, today is a very special occasion – your birthday! We all hope you have a happy one, may all our sorrows come to an end and all of your dreams come true!”

13. “Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin brother! It has been such a long time since we have seen each other, and now that you are here, I can’t stop thinking about how proud I am of the man you have grown into.”

14. “I am one of those lucky guys who have the blessing of being a younger brother to the most caring and remarkable elder brother. Happy birthday to the loveliest brother ever!”

15. “Whenever I had problems with friends, my boss, a cheating ex or a backstabbing co-worker, I always knew that I could trust your advice, cousin. It’s such a blessing to have a friend like you in my life. Happy birthday.”

16. “If you have happiness in your life, everything else will come with it. I wish you all the happiness in the world on this special day. Best wishes, my cousin.”

17. “I never have the regret of not having a younger or elder brother because you are always here for me to support unconditionally and in every aspect. A very mesmerizing birthday to my dashing brother from another mother.”

18. “I miss the days when I would count the hours before your visit. Now that we are all grown up, we might be separated a bit. But you can still count on me. On this special day, I hope you make your dreams come true.”

19. “My lovely cousin, may you get all the love and care from everyone around you. I wish all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to my one and only cousin, brother.”

20. “Brother, my friend. Always remember that your destiny is in your hand. Make your life as you want to. Happy birthday and have a wonderful day!”

21. “Friendships come and go, but family is for life. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. One thing is for certain, though, having a cousin as wonderful as you has brought nothing but joy into my life.”

22. “Shimmering birthday wishes to you, my dearest cousin. I wish you all the good adventures and memorable untraveled roads in your life. I wish you the happiest birthday, dear!”

23. “Cousin, on this day I want you to remember our jokes and hilarious moments in our childhood… It was a perfect time! But now I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you not to lose your hilarity!”

24. “I am one of those lucky individuals in the world who found a best friend and solace in his cousin. I love you from the core of my heart, brother. Happy birthday brother!”

25. “My belief that superheroes are only in fairy tales dissipated when I met him in real life among relatives. Cousin, you had to act in films with your abilities! Happy birthday!”

26. “You are a wonderful cousin and a great friend. You are a rock I can hold on to whenever I’m in trouble. Thank you for putting up with me and for always being by my side. Have a great and wonderful birthday as you deserve!”

27. “On your strong shoulders, I love to rest. More of a brother than a cousin, you are the best. Happy birthday.”

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110 Heartwarming Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother