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120 Adam Sandler Quotes To Show Why We Love Him So Much

120 Adam Sandler Quotes To Show Why We Love Him So Much

One of Hollywood’s most lovable actors has been making us laugh for decades now, and we always want more!

Not only is he extremely funny, but Adam Sandler is also an unbelievably kind and gentle soul, and you can’t help but love him.

Today’s article brings you 120 Adam Sandler quotes, from funny to inspirational, to brighten up your day.

10 Most Famous Adam Sandler Quotes

1. “With the amount of money I have, it’s difficult raising children the way I was raised.” — Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler quote on a background with his image

2. “I wanted to make sure that I did one movie in my career that mothers hug me for.” — Adam Sandler

3. “My comedy is different every time I do it. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.” — Adam Sandler

4. “My intention is never to hurt anybody. I’m happy when people are having a good time.” — Adam Sandler

5. “One thing I do know about being a parent, you understand why your father was in a bad mood a lot.” — Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler quote on being a parent

6. “Kids end up seeing my movies anyway but some of the mothers get mad at me so I figured I’d make one that I can’t get yelled at for.” — Adam Sandler

7. “It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.” — Adam Sandler

8. “My name is Adam Sandler. I’m not particularly talented. I’m not particularly good-looking. And yet I’m a multi-millionaire.” — Adam Sandler

9. “I’m not making every decision due to my children. But I do hope they never see some movies I’m doing.” — Adam Sandler 

10. “I immediately said yes for one reason and one reason only… Netflix rhymes with Wet Chicks.” — Adam Sandler

funny words of wisdom by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Funny Movie Quotes

1. “I can’t run a company… I can’t even run my own life!” — Adam Sandler, Mr. Deeds

Adam Sandler movie quote from Mr. Deeds

2. “You don’t have to lie, just tell her to ignore when I’m lying.” — Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery

3. “Now that’s what I call high-quality H20!” — Adam Sandler, The Waterboy

4. “What? I didn’t break it, I was just testing its durability, and then I placed it in the woods because it’s made of wood and I just thought he should be with his family.” — Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore

5. “I don’t know anything about plants except that you make cakes out of them!” — Adam Sandler, Bedtime Stories

Funny uplifting quote by Adam Sandler from Bedtime Stories

6. “Gee, you know, that information really would have been more useful to me…” — Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

7.  “Well, we’re living in a material world, and I’m a material girl… or boy.” — Adam Sandler

8. “Sir one more comment like that and I will strangle you with my microphone wire!” — Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

9. “I am good. You know what, you’re a lousy kindergarten teacher. I’ve seen those finger-paintings you bring home and they suck.” — Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore

10. “Well I have a microphone and you don’t so you will listen to every damn word I have to say!” — Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

image of Adam Sandler representing Wedding Singer quote

11. “Worrying about your kids is sanity, and being that sane…can drive you nuts.” — Adam Sandler, Spanglish

12. “I do not want to go to jail…I’m fragile!” — Adam Sandler, Airheads

13. “For the record, every time I laughed at one of your jokes, I was faking it.” — Adam Sandler, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

14. “Some might call it luck. I like to call it.. well, luck, I guess. So what?” — Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore

15. “Please get out of my Van Halen t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.” — Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler image with a funny quote from Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler Funny Inspirational Quotes

1. “I finished a big book the other day. 421 pages. That’s a lot of coloring when you think about it.” — Adam Sandler

Funny inspiring quote about books by Adam Sandler

2. “I shouldn’t be near Vegas and have money in my pocket.” — Adam Sandler

3. “On this lovely, lovely Hanukkah, drink your gin and tonica.” — Adam Sandler

4. “Comedy, such a lovely lady, she’ll pick you up, you your feeling blue.” — Adam Sandler

5. “Chemistry can be a good and bad thing. Chemistry is good when you make love with it. Chemistry is bad when you make crack with it.” — Adam Sandler

Inspirational funny quote on chemistry by Adam Sandler

6. “Some of us will never ever find true love. Take, for instance, me. And I’m pretty sure that guy right there. And that lady with the sideburns. And basically everybody at table nine.” — Adam Sandler

7. “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.” — Adam Sandler

8. “As a kid, I’d go into the bathroom when I was having a tantrum. I’d be in the bathroom crying, studying myself in the mirror. I was preparing for future roles.” — Adam Sandler 

9. “Alright, remember, alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you.” — Adam Sandler 

10. “My kids don’t have a trust fund, they have a debt fund. And when I die, they’re $4 million in the hole.” — Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler image with a quote about kids and debts

11. “I’ve always liked older ladies, ever since my mother would have B’nai B’rith at our house.” — Adam Sandler

12. “I drew the duck blue because I’ve never seen a blue duck before and, to be honest with you I wanted to see a blue duck.” — Adam Sandler

13. “I sing seriously to my mom on the phone. To put her to sleep, I have to sing ‘Maria’ from West Side Story. When I hear her snoring, I hang up.” — Adam Sandler

14. “God gave me some weird, beautiful scent that makes men and women go crazy. People compare it to Carvel. It is a whale of a smell.” — Adam Sandler

15. “Mama says that happiness is from magic rays of sunshine that come down when you’re feeling blue.” — Adam Sandler 

quote by Adam Sandler on happiness

16. “My name is Adam. My father’s name is Adam. Having the same name as your father, it’s alright until your voice changes. My friends would always call up, ‘Is Adam there?’ My father would say, ‘This is Adam.’ My friends would say, ‘Adam, you were so wasted last night.’” — Adam Sandler

17. “I sang a song at my sister’s wedding. My mother forced me into that, too. But that one felt all right.” — Adam Sandler

18. “When I do stand-up shows at colleges, girls will talk to me after the show, and that always feels good. I like talking to them.” — Adam Sandler

19. “I’ve been called a moron since I was about four. My father called me a moron. My grandfather said I was a moron. And a lot of times when I’m driving, I hear I’m a moron. I like being a moron.” — Adam Sandler

20. “How do I speak Spanish? Not too well.” — Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler image with a funny quote on Spanish language

21. “I was a big fan of Kurt Russell growing up and I always wanted to be the modern-day Kurt Russell.” — Adam Sandler

22. “When I’m up there, and I know the show’s coming to a close, in my head I’m saying to myself, Oh man, you gotta get off and be a normal person again. That’s what I don’t like so much.” — Adam Sandler

23. “I’m not great at bedtime stories. Bedtime stories are supposed to put the kid to sleep. My kid gets riled up and then my wife has to come in and go, ‘All right! Get out of the room.’ — Adam Sandler

24. “I prefer musicals because I am the best dancer who ever lived. The best plies, the best sashays, and by far the best-smelling Capezios.” — Adam Sandler

25. “I kinda feel like an idiot sometimes. Although I am an idiot, so it kinda works out.” — Adam Sandler

funny quote by Adam Sandler on being an idiot

Adam Sandler Quotes On Life And Love

1. “I’m 31 now. I think I’m beginning to understand what life is, what romance is, and what a relationship means.” — Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler relationship quote

2. “My father learned about life, but the thing that he taught my whole family was that family was the most important thing and, no matter what, if a family member needs you, you go and help them out; you get there.” — Adam Sandler

3. “I was raised by a mother who told me I was great every day of my life.” — Adam Sandler

4. “I’m not comfortable being around too many people. I don’t like being out in public too much. I don’t like going to bars. I don’t like doing celebrity stuff. So most of the characters I play are people who don’t always feel comfortable beyond their small circle of friends.” — Adam Sandler

5. “I do love the films I’ve done in the past. I work hard in my movies and my friends work hard and we’re trying to make people laugh and I’m very proud of that.” — Adam Sandler

quote by Adam Sandler about the movies he's done

6. “I don’t think about that. I wasn’t a kid growing up saying one day I’ll get an Oscar and make a speech. That wasn’t on my mind. So what I do is the best work I can do.“ — Adam Sandler

7. “It’s important I surround myself with people who make me happy.” — Adam Sandler

8. “I have a love in my life. It makes me stronger than anything you can imagine.” — Adam Sandler

9. “I don’t know what drives me to succeed.” — Adam Sandler

10. “Sometimes you can’t prioritize family and you feel guilty.” — Adam Sandler

quote about neglecting family by Adam Sandler

11. “I mean, I look at my dad. He was twenty when he started having a family, and he was always the coolest dad. He did everything for his kids, and he never made us feel like he was pressured. I know that it must be a great feeling to be a guy like that.” — Adam Sandler

12. “So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink, put you to bed when you’ve had too much to drink. Oh, it could be so nice to grow old with you, I wanna grow old with you.” — Adam Sandler

13. “My buddies, we’ve always just tried to make each other laugh. I mean, just like all friends hanging out – that’s the goal.” — Adam Sandler

14. “A lot of critics object to what I do, but I got into comedy to make people laugh, and I’ve always worked hard.” — Adam Sandler

15. “I think I’m playing grown-up because I have kids now. But I don’t feel grown up yet.” — Adam Sandler

Funny positive quote by Adam Sandler about being an adult

16. “Feels good to try, but playing a father, I’m getting a little older. I see now that I’m taking it more serious and I do want that lifestyle.” — Adam Sandler

17. “In one day, I have times where I’m feeling great, I feel like I love my life, and then 2:30 rolls around and I’m the angriest man alive. My wife sees it.” — Adam Sandler

18. “Sixth grade was a big time, in my childhood, of hoops and friendship, and coming up with funny things.” — Adam Sandler

19. “When you’re shooting a movie you are away from home most of the time. It’s an amazing thing that we get to do what we get to do, but you definitely are away from the family more than you’d like to be.” — Adam Sandler

20. “I think when I bought a house, that’s when I thought I felt like that’s a grown-up thing to do.” — Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler image representing his quote about adulthood

21. “I grew up in a house that liked to be funny. Everybody liked to be funny. My family’s been, we’ve been enjoying each other’s comedy for years.” — Adam Sandler

22. “I don’t know who I touch and who I don’t. I work hard trying to make people laugh. I try to do the kind of stuff that made me laugh growing up. I don’t have any secrets. I don’t know the reasons I’ve been so well received.” — Adam Sandler

23. “To be honest with you, when I got into this I never thought about reviews. I never thought about what people would say about me. I grew up cursing a lot. It felt natural. My parents told me to stop.” — Adam Sandler

24. “Through my films I’m eventually trying to one day tell the truth. I don’t know if I’m ever going to get there, but I’m slowly letting pieces of myself out there and then maybe by the time I’m 85, I’ll look back and say, ‘All right, that about sums it up.’ — Adam Sandler

25. “I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.” — Adam Sandler

quote on being a comedian by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Quotes To Make You Think

1. “I definitely connected to the fact that life gets out of control and you end up doing things and wishing you were doing other things instead.” — Adam Sandler 

wise words on life by Adam Sandler

2. “You’ve just got to give yourself time – that’s good advice I think. Give yourself time to figure out what you’re good at and what you’re not good at.” — Adam Sandler

3. “I’ve always just had troubles with my family because I’m psychotic. It had nothing to do with that.” — Adam Sandler

4. “When the kids are laughing in the audience, I tear up, I’m so happy I did a nice thing.” — Adam Sandler

5. “I do feel good doing them (family-friendly movies), but it’s not going to be my way of life. I’m a comedian.” — Adam Sandler

quote by Adam Sandler on doing family-friendly movies

6. “I think the reason I don’t read is because, when I’m reading, I feel like I’m missing out on something else. You know, what are my friends doing? Where’s my girlfriend?” — Adam Sandler

7. “I had my moments of being humiliated, and then I had moments of doing something humiliating. I’m glad I lived out both roles.” — Adam Sandler

8. “I know I want to always do the best I can.” — Adam Sandler

9. “I still get very scared when I step in front of a live audience.” — Adam Sandler

10. “I did rocks, all this dumb stuff. But now it’s just trying to stay afloat and just get through the days.” — Adam Sandler

quote on going through life by Adam Sandler

11. “I’m not looking to get away from anything. I like what I’ve done. I like what I get to do and I enjoy working with my friends. I loved those movies, but this is incredible.” — Adam Sandler

12. “It definitely has learning a lesson about the way you’re living your life. I wouldn’t compare our movie to that, but it has a structure where it’s about a man who doesn’t appreciate all that he has and finds out at the end that life has been great and he has to enjoy that.” — Adam Sandler

13. “Never seen my friends do more push-ups, trying to challenge Cruises’ manhood. It was like, I can be strong, too!” — Adam Sandler

14. “I enjoy doing all different types of movies even though I am the most comfortable with comedy.” — Adam Sandler

15. “I go to sleep thinking about my kids being spoiled and I wake up thinking about it.” — Adam Sandler

quote by Adam Sandler on spoiling kids

16. “I do want children. I study dads more. I watch what they go through. I admire my father more than I ever did and my brother and my sister.” — Adam Sandler

17. “My movies just kind of sneak up on you. I don’t have to worry too much about what everybody is going to say. Anyway, I really don’t pay attention to what the world says about my movies. I just care about what my buddies think.” — Adam Sandler

18. “I bought my parents some stuff. That feels kind of good to be able to do that. I got them a place in Florida. I think I’m allowed to say that – I hope my dad doesn’t get mad at me. But I don’t spend money on myself. I don’t like myself enough yet. But the people I love, I like spending the cash on them.” — Adam Sandler

19. “I’ve always just had troubles with my family because I’m psychotic. It had nothing to do with that.” — Adam Sandler

20. “I never had a speech from my father ‘this is what you must do or shouldn’t do’ but I just learned to be led by example. My father wasn’t perfect.” — Adam Sandler

The End

I hope this collection of the 120 most epic Adam Sandler quotes has inspired and made you laugh. 

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120 Adam Sandler Quotes To Show Why We Love Him So Much