Top 7 Birthday Wishes For Ex Boyfriend You Care About

“You are not the only ex I have, but you are definitely the only ex that I don’t regret having. Happy birthday.”

“Your birthday is always bittersweet to me because it reminds me of how much I loved being with you. I hope you have a great day.”

“We’ve had a quirky past but let’s face it… having each other as exes is much better than not having each other in our lives at all! Happy B-day.”

“Happy birthday, dear, it’s your day, and I wish you all the best. May this birthday bring you love from all around; you are an ex-boyfriend I am proud to be close to.”

“We don’t love each other anymore. However, I still have a lot of respect and admiration for you. Wishing happy birthday to a great man and a fantastic lover!”

“We will never know why we had heartbreak written in our fates, but I will always remember the beautiful memories of our amazing dates. Happy birthday to my ex.”

“The best part of your birthday is seeing you happy, my dear ex-boyfriend. I have no hard feelings, just wishing that you are always happy. Have fun!”

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