Top 5 Happy 8th Birthday Wishes For Your Little Boy & Girl

“You are no longer a child, yet you are also not an adult. You will experience the taste of both worlds. Make the best out of this sweet and short phase while it lasts. Happy birthday!”

“Eight years ago, you entered our world miraculously. Today, you turned 8 years old and are a greater miracle than ever! Happy 8th birthday!”

“Wow, you’re EIGHT! That means you’re Extraordinary, Impressive, Great, Hip, and Terrific. Best birthday wishes to an awesome kid turning 8!”

“The art of the tweeting birds and a singing mass, the whistling wind and bowing trees, a blooming flower, and the daffodils are beautiful. But baby, yours exceed them all. Happy bday.”

“True leaders are born, not made. Your display of true leadership, even at a tender age, shows you have great potential for the future. Grow up and excel.”

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