Top 10 Paragraphs For Your Ex You Want Back

“The sun rises and sets every day, but my world has stopped. It will move only when you come back to me again.”

“I wish I could hold you tight again in my arms. I wish I could feel the warmth of your heart now. I wish I could change the time to make it happen again. Missing you too much.”

“There is no one who makes me feel alive like you do. You make me appreciate life. Sweet love, I know how much I hurt you. Now I regret my actions. I am really sorry.”

“It’s my heart which still beats only for you, which still expects the presence of you beside me. It’s the heart that still misses you a lot! I can never forget you.”

“Our breakup should have shattered me, but it has actually made me stronger by making me realize that you are the one my heart wants. Girl, I love you.”

“I know I have caused this mess. I know I have stolen your happiness. I know I have given you stress, but I truly beg for your forgiveness. I love you, my princess.”

“How can I call you my ex when my heart still beats for you? How can you say that our relationship has come to an end when in my mind, I am still yours? I love you.”

“There is so much hope in giving love another try. I’d like to do life with you again if given another chance. The more I try to get over you, the more difficult it becomes.”

“How easy was it for you to say that you did not want me in your life? I wish I could do that, but I can’t because you were, you still are… and you will always be my life. I love you.”

“Since the day you left, I am still waiting for you. My heart has never moved on, hoping one day you will come back. I miss you, baby.”

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