“It might be just a lunch for some, but it means so much to me, especially when I know that you took your time to make it perfect for me. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. Thank you so much!”

“It was a delight to join you for lunch yesterday. Getting away from work is always welcome, but it was seeing you - that was the real joy. Thank you for meeting me and being such great company.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to take me to lunch, but it was a very nice surprise. Not only was the food excellent, but it was amazing to have a proper talk with you. I was also reminded of how good of a friend you are. Thank you so much for today.”

“You guys are incredible! It cheered my day when I arrived at work today and found the lunch you guys had brought me. I’m incredibly fortunate to have pals like you. Thanks a lot!”

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“My birthday lunch was exactly what I love – great food and all the people that mean the world to me by my side. Thank you so much for making it happen. I love you all!”

“Hey, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing vegetarian lunch you made just for me yesterday. I really appreciate it! Hope to see you soon!”

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