7 Sweetest Happy 17th Birthday Wishes For Your Favorite Person

“17 is a great age to be as you’re in the prime of your teenage years! Take in every moment, enjoy every minute, and make many magical memories! Happy birthday!”

“I know that you don’t like cheesy and sappy birthday messages, so I’m going to make it as non-cheesy and non-sappy as possible. Happy 17th birthday, you old person!”

“Happy 17th birthday to you! This is your year to shine, so go out into the world and spread your wonderfulness for all to see!”

“The older you get, the more I see of the man you are becoming, and the world will be better for it. May you enjoy your 17th birthday.”

“For the sweetest, most beautiful birthday girl in the world, I’m wishing you the best as you turn 17 years old! I hope you enjoy your special day today!”

“My amazing daughter, you have blessed me with 17 years of watching you grow into a beautiful woman. May your birthday be as special as you are.”

“I don’t think any parent could ask for a better son than you. You are the paradigm of perfection. I hope you’ll keep growing on this path. Happy 17th birthday.”

Here’s the best list of happy 17th birthday wishes to help you include the loveliest words in your birthday greeting for a 17-year-old!